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A survey of the Coast Cutthroat Trout, Salmo clarki clarki Richardson, in California

Dewitt, J.W.

California Fish and Game 40(3): 329-335


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-1078
Accession: 029812922

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In California the coast cutthroat has been recorded along the coast from Eel River north to Oregon. The morphological features of the fish vary greatly. Pyloric caecum counts for 71 specimens ranged from 23 to 60; scale rows along the lateral line varied from 122 to 188 for 78 specimens; hyoid teeth numbered from 1 to 34 for 73 specimens. Body markings and coloration are highly variable. Both migratory and resident breeding populations exist. Fish-of-the-year were found only in the very smallest tributaries and headwater areas.

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