A system of fertilization of vegetable grass-arable crop rotation on leached chernozem

Duka, V.I.

Vest Sel Skokhoz Nauki 12: 37-45


Accession: 029815080

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On the basis of prolonged field experiments (1947 to 1956), which were carried out in the Kiev Vegetable Selection Station under conditions of vegetable grass-arable crop rotation on leached chernozem, 2 systems of fertilization were recommended for an 8-field crop rotation (1 barley with additional sowing of grass; 2 and 3, grasses; 4, cucumbers; 5, tomatoes; 6, cabbage; 7, onion; 8, potato;) in a given soil-climatic region. With the application of 20 tons manure per hectare each for cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage, 1/3 NPK in holes, and top dressing by full dose NPK for potato, each kg of active component of the fertilizers produced 5.2 kg of absolutely dry matter in the yield of vegetable crops. With the application of 20 tons of manure per hectare for cucumbers and for potato, and additional application of organic-mineral mixtures, 1 kg of primary nutrient produced 5.1 kg of dry matter.