Section 30
Chapter 29,905

Additions to the parasitic fungi of Nova Scotia

Savile, D.B.O.

Canadian Journal of Botany 35(2): 197-206


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4026
DOI: 10.1139/b57-019
Accession: 029904137

The following parasitic fungi are newly reported from Nova Scotia Peronospora cakiles Savile sp. nov. (on Cakile edentula), Taphrina tosquinetii (West.) Magn., Stigmatea robertiani Fr., Pucciniastrum potentillae Kom., Puccinia calcitrapae DC., Puccinia praegracilis Arth. var. cabotiana Savile var. nov. (on Hierochloe odorata, aecia on Habenaria psycodes), Uromyces ervi West, Cercospora pontederiae Ell. and Dearn., Isariopsis bulbigera (Fckl.) Savile comb. nov. (= Ovularia bulbigera (Fckl.) Sacc.), Ramularia oxalidis Farl., Ramularia pusilla Unger (= Ovularia pusilla (Unger) Sacc), Ramularia rubella (Bon.) Nannf., Ramularia subsanguinea (Ell. and Ev.) Savile comb. nov., Marssonina sennenis Gonz. Frag., Septo-gloeum potentillae Allescher, and Septoria levistici West. The status of the genera Ovularia and Ramularia is briefly discussed. A few new host records of other fungi are included.

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