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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 29949

Chapter 29949 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Regnault, Michele, 1996:
Air exposure-induced increase in acetylglucosamine content of some soft tissues and haemolymph of a crab

Li, W.; Hayashida, Y.; Chen, Y.-Ting; He, H.; Tseng, D., Y.; Alonso, M.; Chen, S.-Yu; Xi, X.; Tseng, S., C.G., 2008:
Air exposure-induced squamous metaplasia of human limbal epithelium

Rovai, D.; Ghelardini, G.; Trivella, M.G.ovanna; Bjorklund, G.; Nevola, E.; Taddei, L.; L'abbate, A.D.stante And Antonio, 1992:
Air filled serum human albumin microspheres in the coronary circulation Divergence from a reference radioactive tracer

Klimczak, W.J., 1995:
Air filtration apparatus for the control of industrial air pollution

Haughney, Holly, 1998:
Air filtration applications in the pharmaceutical industry

Pyne, H.W.; Wilson, R.B.; Soole, B.W., 1967:
Air filtration by moving filaments

Roberts, A.H., 1963:
Air filtration in industry

Decker, H.M.; Buchanan, L.M.; Hall, L.B.; Goddard, K.R., 1963:
Air Filtration Of Microbial Particles

Hughes, W.T.; Vargas, S.L., 1992 :
Air filtration prevents primary pneumocystis carinii pneumonia pcp in immunosuppressed rats

Brown, R.C., 1989:
Air filtration: protection against respirable dust

Araujo, R.; Cabral, Jão.Paulo.; Rodrigues, Aácio.Gonçalves., 2008:
Air filtration systems and restrictive access conditions improve indoor air quality in clinical units: Penicillium as a general indicator of hospital indoor fungal levels

Anonymous, 1954:
Air findings on melon, lettuce, carrot diseases

Dimassimo, V.; Gelbien, M.J., 1989:
Air flotation patient bed us patent 4805626 february 21 1989

Matsui, E.; Uyeda, M.; Tanifuji, S.; Inouye, A., 1989:
Air flow and aerosol particle deposition in branching bronchi

Cunningham, J.; Waddington, E.D., 1993:
Air flow and dry deposition of non-sea salt sulfate in polar firn Paleoclimatic implications

Isshiki, N.; Ringel, R., 1964:
Air Flow During The Production Of Selected Consonants

Anonymous, 1949:
Air flow meter

Baltaxe, R., 1967:
Air flow patterns in the lee of model windbreaks

Simmons, J.D.; Lott, B.D.; Hannigan, T.E., 1995:
Air flow rate determination for large in-place ventilation fans

Kilis, D.; Stone, H.E., 1997:
Air flow recorder, generator and analysis system for inhalation device testing and modeling

Spaugh, O.H., 1948:
Air flow through beds of dehydrated vegetables

Castellano,S.; Mistriotis,A., 2008:
Air flow through net covered arched structures

Matsuoka Toshifumi; Watanabe Toshiki; Ashida Yuzuru; Murakami Hironori, 2002:
Air flow visualization and resistivity monitoring in soil for environmental remediation

Clark, R.P., 1989:
Air flows in open fronted containment facilities

McDougal, J.N.; Dodd, D.E., 1993:
Air Force approach to risk assessment for halon replacements

Mittermair, H.G., 1996:
Air force helicopters for transport of intensive care patients

Maher, E.F.; Hoak, M.V.; Bishop, E.C., 1989:
Air force radon assessment and mitigation program

Yaman, A.; Chafetz, L., 1991:
Air free injectables

Hogg, W.H., 1966:
Air frost in spring at Long Ashton

Abdel Rahman, T.M.A.; Salama, A.M.; Aly, M.I.A.; Abo Ellil, A.H. , 1992:
Air fungal population in the canopy of Portland cement factory at Helwan Egypt

Edrich, C.L.; Kranemann, C.F., 1998:
Air gun injury presenting as axial proptosis

Wride John, C.; Young Dewey, R.I.I., 1988:
Air gun interdependency; pursuit of the spectral limits

Ziolkowski Anton; Deknatel Jan, 1988:
Air gun modeling with an empirical pressure-radius relation

Dragoset, W.H.; Hargreaves Neil; Larner Ken, 1985:
Air gun source instabilities and shot-by-shot signature deconvolution

Parrish, J.F., 1985:
Air gun warmup

Parrish, J.F.; Kuehn, C.E., 1986:
Air gun warmup pressure and temperature measurements

Marshall, D.H.; Brownstein, S.; Addison, D.J.; Mackenzie, S.G.; Jordan, D.R.; Clarke, W.N., 1995:
Air guns: the main cause of enucleation secondary to trauma in children and young adults in the greater Ottawa area in 1974-93

Showalter, H.H.; Showalter, L.L., 1996:
Air handler to control air supply in confinement buildings for poultry and livestock

Weidenbach Gerbase, M.; Palombini, B.C.; Zamel, N., 1992:
Air helium oxygen flow volume curves in smokers and nonsmokers 10 years follow up

Schmitz Birger; Andreasson Fredrik, P., 2001:
Air humidity and lake delta super 18 O during the latest Paleocene-earliest Eocene in France from recent and fossil fresh-water and marine gastropod delta super 18 O, delta super 13 C, and super 87 Sr/ super 86 Sr

Mortensen, L.M.; Pettersen, R.I.; Gislerod, H.R., 2007:
Air humidity variation and control of vase life and powdery mildew in cut roses under continuous lighting

Higgins, M.; Sharma, A.; Guz, A., 1997:
Air hunger and respiratory motor output associated with raising end-tidal CO2 in awake humans

Blowers, R.; Bound, W.H., 1960:
Air hygiene and vacuum cleaners

Knights, H.T., 1959:
Air hygiene in the hospital environment its measurement and importance

Kuenzle, Thomas, 1991:
Air immissions in the urban area of Bern

Walker, C.E., 1991:
Air impingement drying and toasting of ready to eat cereals

Vidal Quintanar, R.L.; Walker, C.E., 1990:
Air impingement over advantages in baking applications

Ersahin, Y.; Mutluer, S., 1993:
Air in acute extradural hematomas: report of six cases

Balding, A.S.; Carter, N.F.; Frampton, P.F.; Rosso, V.A., 1989:
Air in line detector us patent 4829448 may 9 1989

Gignoux, C.; Bonaz, B.; Wolf, J.E.; Hostein, J.; Fournet, J., 1990:
Air in the esophagus may be the culprit in angina like chest pain alcp

Mascaro, T., 1952:
Air in the soil

Bianchi, W.C.; Haskell, E.E., 1966:
Air in the vadose zone as it affects water movements beneath a recharge basin

Malis, D.J.; Magit, A.E.; Pransky, S.M.; Kearns, D.B.; Seid, A.B., 1998:
Air in the vestibule: computed tomography scan finding in traumatic perilymph fistula

Dozier, Herbert, L., 1951:
Air inflation as an aid in pelting muskrats

Bartholomew, J., 1995:
Air inlet filter for burette top

Scarfone, F.A.; Turkel, D.; Gordon, D.P., 1998:
Air introduction system for medical needles

Jayaratne, E.R.; J-Fatokun, F.O.; Morawska, L., 2008:
Air ion concentrations under overhead high-voltage transmission lines

Lorenz, Philip, J., 1961:
Air ion densities in a smoke-filled room

Hicks, W.Wesley, 1956:
Air ion generation, separation, metering and physiological effects

Jordan, J.; Sokoloff, B., 1959:
Air ionization, age, and maze learning of rats

Krueger, A.P., 1962:
Air ions and physiological function

Dibona, G.F.; Jones, S.Y., 1994:
Air jet stress reverses exaggerated natriuresis in borderline hypertensive rats

Baylis, C.; Engels, K.; Beierwaltes, W.H., 1997:
Air jet stress stimulated renin release in blunted in old rats in association with diminished beta-adrenoceptor responsiveness

Rossiter, M.J.; Williams, T.T.; Bass, G.A., 1991:
Air kerma rate calibration of small sources of cobalt 60 cesium 137 radium 226 and iridium 192

Kawana, A.; Haraguchi, T., 1958:
Air layering of Japanese red pine III

Wyman, D., 1952:
Air layering with polythene films

Johnston, W.R.; Perrier, E.R., 1962:
Air leakage from porous plate apparatus and its effect on moisture retention data

Roberson, L.D.; Netherland, D.E.; Dhillon, R.; Heath, B.J., 1998:
Air leaks after surgical stapling in lung resection: a comparison between stapling alone and stapling with staple-line reinforcement materials in a canine model

Maker, M.; Manahan, J.; Olson, K.; Ritzinger, L.; Schaefer, B.; Thompson, R.; Wright, A., 1998:
Air management in a bone marrow transplant unit

Mitchener, T.A.; Hauret, K.G.; Hoedebecke, E.L.; Darakjy, S.; Jones, B.H., 2008:
Air medical evacuations of soldiers due to oral-facial disease and injuries, Operations Enduring Freedom/Iraqi Freedom

Davis, D.P.; Peay, J.; Good, B.; Sise, M.J.; Kennedy, F.; Eastman, A.Brent.; Velky, T.; Hoyt, D.B., 2008:
Air medical response to traumatic brain injury: a computer learning algorithm analysis

Jeffs, M., 1992:
Air medical transport in 1991

Benson, N.H., 1989:
Air medical transport services: a marriage of aviation and medicine

Biagini, M.; Ferlini, C.; Roscio, G.; Scorretti, M.; Arrabito, B., 1993:
Air medical transportation in cardiological emergencies 15 cases of prehospital thrombolysis

Gregoriadou, A., 1997:
Air microbiology

Kishko, Y.G., 1961:
Air microflora of the city of Lvov

Neves, N.M.S., 1996:
Air monitoring at Camacari petrochemical complex

W.C.F.; Frank, L.; Bisping, R.L.; Reed, L.L., 1992:
Air monitoring at an underground radioactive waste repository

Levine, S.P., 1991:
Air monitoring at remedial waste sites

Groninger, C.R.; Kanter Cronin, M.R., 1992:
Air monitoring equipment

Gubernskii, Y.D.; Dmitriev, M.T., 1991 :
Air monitoring in residential and public buildings

Jerpe, J., 1990:
Air monitoring with an ion trap mass spectrometer

Henderson, Y.; Oughter Son, A.W.; Greenberg, L.A.; Searle, S.P., 1936:
Air movement as a stimulus to the skin, the reflex effects upon muscle tonus, and indirectly upon the circulation of the blood; also the effects of therapeutic baths

Marston, Richard, B., 1956:
Air movement under an aspen forest and on an adjacent opening

Powers, N.E.; Wentworth, C.K., 1941:
Air movements and weather in the Mauna Kea-Mauna Loa saddle

Loitsyanskaya, M.S., 1959:
Air nutrition of bacteria in the rapid method of vinegar production

Frank, V., 1993:
Air palynology

Strebeyko, P., 1965:
Air passage capacity in leaves

ChangYuHern; LiaoMengYuan, 2008:
Air passenger perceptions on exit row seating and flight safety education

Allen, R.W., 1995:
Air percolating pad

Poulsen,T.G.; Blendstrup,H.; Schjonning,P., 2008:
Air permeability in repacked porous media with variable structure-forming potential

Kearl, P.M.; Zinkl, R.J.; Dexter, J.J.; Cronk, T., 1990:
Air permeability measurements of the unsaturated Bandelier Tuff near Los Alamos, New Mexico

Larin, P.A., 1963:
Air permeability of frozen soils depending on autumn tillage and moisture

Mettauer, H.; Hinsinger, P., 1989:
Air permeability of soils and its application to agronomy ii benefit on the air permeability for characterization of soil structure and root colonization

Kniest, F.M.; Blank, K.U.; Kalsdorf, N., 1998:
Air permeable fabric confers a positive benefit on mite and allergen-proof encasings

Goss David; Zlotnik Vitaly, A., 2007:
Air permeameter investigation of surficial dune structures in the Nebraska Sand Hills

Barbosa Jose Seguinot, 1983:
Air photo interpretation of the geomorphological changes in San Juan Bay area 1940-1980

Thomas Michael, R.; Kropp Alan, 1988:
Air photo interpretation; a consultants perspective

Murtha, Peter, A., 1967:
Air photo surveillance of Hungarian partridge habitat change

Losee, S.T.B., 1942:
Air photographs and forest sites I Mapplng methods illustrated on an area of the Petawawa Forest Experiment Station

Losee, S.T.B., 1942:
Air photographs and forest sites II Application of aerial site mapping methods to areas in Saskatchewan and Quebec

Evans, R., 1972:
Air photographs for soil survey in lowland England; soil patterns

Greenwood, J.E.G.W., 1965:
Air photographs in economic mineral exploration

Thomas, H.H.mshaw; Linton David, L.; Mott, P.G., 1949:
Air photography and geology

Gagnon Hugues, 1972:
Air photos in the study of landslides

Comerota, A.J.; Harada, R.N.; Eze, A.R.; Katz, M.L., 1995:
Air plethysmography: a clinical review

Woolfson, P.I.; Woolfson, L.A.M.; Pullan, B.R.; Lewis, P.S., 1997:
Air plethysmography revisited Forearm-hand blood-flow-response to exercise in healthy males

Clot, Bernard, 1995:
Air pollen analysis in Neuchatel and La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1994

Mohnen, V.A., 1989:
Air pollutant distribution patterns elevational gradients local chemistry

Wang, L.; Pinkerton, K.E., 2007:
Air pollutant effects on fetal and early postnatal development

Bocola, W.; Cirillo, M.C., 1989:
Air pollutant emissions by combustion processes in italy

Hamilton, R.S.; Mccrae, I.S.; Revitt, D.M., 1994 :
Air pollutant modelling at highway sites of restricted topography

Bardana, E.J., 1991:
Air pollutants

Santra, S.C.; Gupta, S.; Chanda, S., 1991:
Air pollutants and aeroallergens interaction

Daines, R.H.; Brennan, E.; Leone, I., 1967:
Air pollutants and plant response

Gong, Henry Jr, 1995:
Air pollutants as a provocative challenge in humans

Unsworth, M.H.; Colls, J.J.; Sanders, G.E., 1994:
Air pollutants as constraints for crop yields

Trozzi, C.; Vaccaro, R.; Nicolo, L., 1995:
Air pollutants emissions estimate from maritime traffic in the Italian harbours of Venice and Piombino

Ponce, D.P.; Hernandez, A.; Benarroch, L.; Perez, F., 1994:
Air pollutants exposure and susceptibility in the Caracas valley

Schramm, R.; Graffino, D.; Grubman, S.; Lefflein, J.; Holland, B.; Bielroy, L.; Oleske, J., 1992:
Air pollutants pollen counts and pediatric er visits for asthma in an inner city hospital

Regan, C.J., 1953:
Air pollution

World Health Organization, 1963:
Air pollution A survey of existing legislation

Smith, Alan, R., 1966:
Air pollution A survey, carried out for the Society of Chemical Industry, into the causes, incidence and effects of air pollution

Tattersfield, A.E., 1996:
Air pollution: brown skies research

Princl, Frank, 1963:
Air pollution Facts and fables

Anonymous, 1958:
AIR POLLUTION; fifth report of the expert Committee on Environmental Sanitation

Altshuller, A.P.; Cohen, I.R.; Sleva, S.F.; Kopczynski, S.L., 1962:
Air pollution: photooxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons

Wolman, A., 1968:
Air pollution: time for appraisal

Bozsin, M., 1966:
Air pollution abatement in the ceramic industry

Lahmann, E., 1990:
Air pollution air quality maintenance an introduction to an interdisciplinary science

Jalaludin, B.; Khalaj, B.; Sheppeard, V.; Morgan, G., 2007:
Air pollution and ED visits for asthma in Australian children: a case-crossover analysis

Lewis, R.; Gilkeson, M.M.; Mccaldin, R.O., 1962:
Air pollution and New Orleans asthma

Oravisjarvi, K.; Rautio, A.; Ruuskanen, J.; Tiittanen, P.; Timonen, K., L., 2008:
Air pollution and PEF measurements of children in the vicinity of a steel works

Pell, E.J.; Landry, L.G.; Eckardt, N.A.; Glick, R.E., 1994:
Air pollution and Rubisco Effects and implications

Davies, R.J.; Devalia, J.L., 1993:
Air pollution and airway epithelial cells

Pirilae, V.; Noro, L.; Laamanen, A., 1963:
Air Pollution And Allergy

Barnes, P.J., 1995:
Air pollution and asthma: molecular mechanisms

Bender, J.; Bergmann, E.; Weigel, H.J.achim, 1997:
Air pollution and biodiversity Effects of ozone on growth, development, and reproductive capacity in native wild plants

Kucera, J.; Lener, J.; Soukal, L.; Horakova, J., 1996:
Air pollution and biological monitoring of environmental exposure to vanadium using short-time neutron activation analysis

Doerner, A.A., 1965:
Air pollution and chronic lung disease

Szyszkowicz, M., 2008:
Air pollution and daily emergency department visits for headache in Montreal, Canada

Spix, C.; Heinrich, J.; Dockery, D.; Schwartz, J.; Völksch, G.; Schwinkowski, K.; Cöllen, C.; Wichmann, H.E., 1993:
Air pollution and daily mortality in Erfurt, east Germany, 1980-1989

Shafer, S.R.; Schoeneberger, M.M., 1994:
Air pollution and ecosystem health The mycorrhizal connection

D.V.ono Y.S.; Lopes, M.I.M.S.; Domingos, M., 1989:
Air pollution and effects on soil and vegetation of serra do mar near cubatao sao paulo brazil

Szyszkowicz, Mław., 2007:
Air pollution and emergency department visits for depression in Edmonton, Canada

Szyszkowicz, Mław., 2007:
Air pollution and emergency department visits for ischemic heart disease in Montreal, Canada

Guangjing, M., 1989:
Air pollution and forest decline in china

Bucher, J.B.; Bucher Wallin, I., 1989:
Air pollution and forest decline vols i and ii 14th international meeting for specialists in air pollution effects on forest ecosystems interlaken switzerland october 2 8 1988

Wellburn, A.R.; Wellburn, F.A.M., 1997:
Air pollution and free radical protection responses of plants

Barach, A.L., 1959:
Air pollution and health; a review

Landsberg, H.E., 1966:
Air pollution and health A statement by the Committee on Air Pollution

Weitzenfeld, H., 1992:
Air pollution and health in latin america

Yang, C-Yuh., 2008:
Air pollution and hospital admissions for congestive heart failure in a subtropical city: Taipei, Taiwan

Cheng, M-Fen.; Tsai, S-Shyue.; Wu, T-Neng.; Chen, P-Shih.; Yang, C-Yuh., 2007:
Air pollution and hospital admissions for pneumonia in a tropical city: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Shamova, A.G.; Malanicheva, T.G., 1996:
Air pollution and immunologic indices in children with allergic diseases

Duchiade, M.P.; Beltrao, K.I., 1994:
Air pollution and infant mortality by pneumonia in Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area- 1976/86

Kotin, P.; Falk, H.L., 1955:
Air pollution and its effect on health

Turri, E.; Benetti, M.P.a, 1960:
Air pollution and its influence on vegetable crops

Jacobs, M.B., 1965:
Air pollution and its relation to pulmonary disease

Katz, M., 1964:
Air Pollution And Lung Cancer

Ferraz, M.C.A.; Ferraz, M.C.F.; Ferraz, J.M.; Fonseca, P.I., 1989:
Air pollution and lung diseases in oporto area portugal

Canalis, A.; Sepulcri, P., 1961:
Air pollution and malaria

Batchvarova, E.; Teneva, M., 1989:
Air pollution and micrometeorological characteristics in a mountain valley

Tonne, C.; Beevers, S.; Armstrong, B.; Kelly, F.; Wilkinson, P., 2008:
Air pollution and mortality benefits of the London Congestion Charge: spatial and socioeconomic inequalities

Sunyer, J.; Castellsagué, J.; Sáez, M.; Tobias, A.; Antó, J.M., 1996:
Air pollution and mortality in Barcelona

Ostro, Bart, 1996:
Air pollution and mortality in Central and Eastern Europe

O'Neill, M.S.; Bell, M.L.; Ranjit, N.; Cifuentes, L.A.; Loomis, D.; Gouveia, N.; Borja-Aburto, V.H., 2008:
Air pollution and mortality in Latin America: the role of education

Garcia Aymerich, J.; Tobias, A.; Anto, J.M.; Sunyer, J., 1998:
Air pollution and mortality in a cohort of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients

Passali, D.; Lauriello, M., 1993:
Air pollution and nasal allergy

Way, J.L.; Baxter, L.; Cannon, E.P.; Pei, L., 1992:
Air pollution and ocular toxicity

Wing, S.; Horton, R.Avery.; Marshall, S.W.; Thu, K.; Tajik, M.; Schinasi, L.; Schiffman, S.S., 2008:
Air pollution and odor in communities near industrial swine operations

Zach, M., 1990:
Air pollution and pediatric respiratory disease: croup

Daines, R.H.; Leone, I.A.; Brennan, E., 1967:
Air pollution and plant response in the northeastern United States

Craig, L.; Brook, J.R.; Chiotti, Q.; Croes, B.; Gower, S.; Hedley, A.; Krewski, D.; Krupnick, A.; Krzyzanowski, M.; Moran, M.D.; Pennell, W.; Samet, J.M.; Schneider, J.; Shortreed, J.; Williams, M., 2008:
Air pollution and public health: a guidance document for risk managers

Oshima, Y.; Ishizaki, T.; Miyamoto, T.; Shimizu, T.; Shida, T.; Kabe, J., 1964:
Air Pollution And Respiratory Diseases In The Tokyo-Yokohama Area

Chapman, R.S.; Wilson, W.E.; Sun, C.W.; Zheng, N.T.; Lioy, P.J., 1990:
Air pollution and respiratory health in chinese cities design methods and pilot results

Castano-Vinyals, G.; Cantor, K., P.; Malats, N.; Tardon, A.; Garcia-Closas, R.; Serra, C.; Carrato, A.; Rothman, N.; Vermeulen, R.; Silverman, D.; Dosemeci, M.; Kogevinas, M., 2008:
Air pollution and risk of urinary bladder cancer in a case-control study in Spain

Ormrod, D.P., 1996:
Air pollution and seed growth and development

Reiter, Reinhold, 1965:
Air pollution and small ion density in relation to air current and exchange

Mejstrik, V., 1993:
Air pollution and some aspects of the ecotoxicological situation in Czechoslovakia

Lippi, G.; Guidi, G.C.; Maffulli, N., 2008:
Air pollution and sports performance in Beijing

Laskin, S., 1950:
Air pollution and the particle-size toxicity problem II

Meltzer, E.O., 1990:
Air pollution and the upper respiratory tract

Von Mutius, E.; Sherrill, D.L.; Martinez, F.D.; Fritsch, C.; Lebowitz, M.D., 1994:
Air pollution and upper respiratory tract infections in children in East Germany

Santosa, S.-Juari; Okuda, T.; Tanaka, S., 2008:
Air pollution and urban air quality management in Indonesia

Landsberg, H.E., 1967:
Air pollution and urban climate

Oguntoke,O.; Yussuf,A.S., 2008:
Air pollution arising from vehicular emissions and the associated human health problems in Abeokuta Metropolis, Nigeria

Davidson, C.I.; Willson, J.C., 1998:
Air pollution around the world Discussion summary

Blazogiannakis, G.; Marosis, K.; Gerogianni, A.; Dovolis, B.; Trakopoylos, G.; Tzannes, S., 1995:
Air pollution as a deteriorating factor in asthmatic patients

Phelps, A.H., 1967:
Air pollution aspects of soap and detergent manufacture

Kandlikar, Milind, 2007:
Air pollution at a hotspot location in Delhi Detecting trends, Seasonal cycles and oscillations

Caprioglio, Angelo, 1960:
Air pollution by cement Pulmonary alterations among cement-amianthus workers and among the population

Tolgyessy, J., 1993:
Air pollution by emissions from combustion engines

Yamate, Noboru, 1959:
Air pollution by exhaust ga IV Determination of exhaust gas in Kanmon vehicular tunnel

Yamate, Noboru, 1959:
Air pollution by exhaust gas II Determination of lead and carbon monoxide inside a garage and a repair factory in Tokyo city

Fidel'man, F.M., 1965:
Air pollution by mercury when using sulfuric acid

Payne, Willard, W., 1967:
Air pollution by ragweed pollen II The source of ragweed pollen

Harrington, James, B., 1967:
Air pollution by ragweed pollen III Atmospheric dispersion of ragweed pollen

Solomon, William, R., 1967:
Air pollution by ragweed pollen IV Aspects of human response to ragweed pollen

Griefahn, M., 1992:
Air pollution caused by livestock production in the vicinity of vechta

Lewtas, J., 2007:
Air pollution combustion emissions: characterization of causative agents and mechanisms associated with cancer, reproductive, and cardiovascular effects

Wronski, W.; Anderson, E.W.; Berry, A.E.; Bernhart, A.P.; Belyea, H.A., 1966:
Air pollution considerations in the planning and zoning of a large rapidly growing municipality

Anonymous, 1992:
Air pollution control Guidance on monitoring techniques

Gurvich, B.; Palkes, M.; Wesnor, J.D., 1996:
Air pollution control and heat recovery system and process for coal fired power plant

Pooperasupong, S.; Caussat, B.; Damronglerd, S., 2008:
Air pollution control by oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbon over supported metal oxide

Ross, C.R.; Rispler, L., 1966:
Air pollution control in Canada

Missoni, Guido, 1965:
Air pollution control station of the Institute of Health

Mutchler, J.E.; Golembiewski, M.A., 1991:
Air pollution controls

Ali, M.; Athar, M., 2007:
Air pollution due to traffic, air quality monitoring along three sections of National Highway N-5, Pakistan

Steubing, Lore, 1992:
Air pollution effects on heathland

Oljaca,R.; Govedar,Z.; Hrkic,Z., 2008:
Air pollution effects on percentage of stomata in leaves at tested species horse chestnut and birch in Banja Luka conditions

Migliaretti, G.; Dalmasso, P.; Gregori, D., 2007:
Air pollution effects on the respiratory health of the resident adult population in Turin, Italy

Lozano, E.R.; Melvin, W.W.; Hochheiser, S., 1968:
Air pollution emissions from jet engines

Saric, M.; Zuskin, E., 1995:
Air pollution epidemiology Principles and examples of respiratory effects studies

McIlvaine, R.W., 1967:
Air pollution equipment for foundry cupolas

Scott, H.M.; Soskolne, C.L.; Ellahoj, E.; Wilson, D.J.; Martin, S.W., 1998:
Air pollution exposure assessments in retrospective studies Complex dispersion modelling versus simple measures of promiximity

Battigelli, M.C., 1963:
Air pollution from diesel exhaust

Nikolic, B.; Barac, M., 1989:
Air pollution from lead smelters and refineries on the example of trepca yugoslavia

Faiz, A.; Gautam, S.; Burki, E., 1995:
Air pollution from motor vehicles Issues and options for Latin American countries

Ijlstra, T., 1990:
Air pollution from shipping

McCrae, I.S.; Hickman, A.J., 1990:
Air pollution from traffic in topographically complex locations

Etzel, R.A., 1996:
Air pollution hazards to children

Leone, I.A., 1960:
Air pollution headache grows now covering large urban areas

Triolo, L.; Binazzi, A.; Cagnetti, P.; Carconi, P.; Correnti, A.; De Luca, E.; Di Bonito, R.; Grandoni, G.; Mastrantonio, M.; Rosa, S.; Schimberni, M.; Uccelli, R.; Zappa, G., 2007:
Air pollution impact assessment on agroecosystem and human health characterisation in the area surrounding the industrial settlement of Milazzo (Italy): a multidisciplinary approach

Domingos, M.; Klumpp, A.; Klumpp, G., 1998:
Air pollution impact on the Atlantic forest in the Cubatao region, SP, Brazil

Hepting, G.H., 1966:
Air pollution impacts to some important species of pine

Samanta, G.; Chattopadhyay, G.; Mandal, B.K.; Chowdhury, T.R.y; Chowdhury, P.P.; Chanda, C.R.; Banerjee, P.; Lodh, D.; Das, D.; Chakraborti, D., 1998:
Air pollution in Calcutta during winter A three-year study

Wexler, Harry, 1949:
Air pollution in Donora, Pa Epidemiology of the unusual smog episode of October 1948 Preliminary report

Sichletidis, L.; Daskalopoulou, E.; Tsiotsios, J.; Gavriilidis, A.; Chloros, D.; Vamvalis, C.; Michailidis, C.; Ziomas, J.; Zerefos, C., 1997:
Air pollution in Eordea Valley The consequences on inhabitants health

Bozo, L.; Eerens, H.; Larssen, S.; Millan, M.M.; Moussiopoulos, N.; Papalexiou, S.; Samaras, Z., 1998:
Air pollution in European cities - An overview

Magill, P.L.; Benoliel, R.W., 1952:
Air pollution in Los Angeles County

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