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Chapter 29,955

Alcoholic extraction of vegetable oils IV Solubilites of vegetable oils in Taqueous 2-propanol

Arnold, L.K.

Journal American Oil Chemists Soc: 401-404


Accession: 029954143

Solubilities of 14 vegetable oils in 4 different concentrations of aqueous 2-propanol at various temperatures were determined by a direct and simple method. Comprehensive solubility data of these oils and the critical solution temperature versus 2-propanol composition data were presented in tabular form. Solubility of each oil in aqueous 2-propanol increased with temperature until the critical solution temperature was reached, at and above which oil and the solvent were miscible in all proportions. Further the critical solution temperatures of all the oils with aqueous 2-propanol solutions increased with the increase in water content of 2-propanol solutions. There appears to be a general relation between fatty acid contents of the oils and critical solution temperatures.

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