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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 29995

Chapter 29995 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lau, G.; Chui, P.P., 1994:
Amniotic fluid embolism: a review of 10 fatal cases

Russell, W.S.; Jones, W.N., 1965:
Amniotic fluid embolism. A review of the syndrome with a report of 4 cases

Malvino, E.; Mcloughlin, D.; Muryan, S., 2008:
Amniotic fluid embolism Diagnostic criteria in two fatal

Harvey, C.; Hankins, G.; Clark, S., 1996:
Amniotic fluid embolism and oxygen transport patterns

Koutsky, J.; Bednar, B.; Dejmal, V., 1961:
Amniotic fluid embolism and the associated changes in blood coagulation

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Amniotic fluid embolism following blunt abdominal trauma in pregnancy

Peitsidou, A.; Peitsidis, P.; Tsekoura, V.; Spathi, A.; Tzaneti, A.; Samanta, E.; Siampalioti, G.; Kioses, E., 2007:
Amniotic fluid embolism managed with success during labour: report of a severe clinical case and review of literature

Dashow, E.E.; Cotterill, R.; Benedetti, T.J.; Myhre, S.; Kovanda, C.; Sarrafan, A., 1989:
Amniotic fluid embolus. A report of two cases resulting in maternal survival, R.; Marinoni, E.; Picca, A.; Letizia, C.; Cosmi, E.V., 1996:
Amniotic fluid endothelin-1 levels in patients with gestational diabetes mellitus

Chang H.C.; Jones O.W., 1989:
Amniotic fluid enhances attachment of amniocytes in culture

Callegari, C.; Gonzalez, E.; Herrera, J.L.; Florez, A.; Leake, R.D.; Brasel,, 1994:
Amniotic fluid epidermal growth factor may be a marker for fetal renal function

Peng T.C.C.; Mccoy S., 1992:
Amniotic fluid erythropoietin in the small for gestational age fetus

Moya, F.; Ballard, P.; Adzick,; Thomas, V.; Romaguera, J.; Freund, M.; Bernard, A., 1996:
Amniotic fluid fetal lung protein in congenital diaphragmatic hernia

Chen C.; Roby P.V.; Benedetti T.J.; Tait J.F., 1991:
Amniotic fluid fluorescence polarization and lecithin to sphingomyelin ratio as predictors for fetal lung maturity

Shiffman R.L.; Faustin D.; Johnson G.S.; Schutta E.; Wolf M.; Mejia F., 1991:
Amniotic fluid glucose and gestational diabetes

Dildy G.A.; Pearlman M.D.; Smith L.G.; Tortolero Luna G.; Kirshon B.; Faro S.; Cotton D.B., 1991:
Amniotic fluid glucose as a predictor of intraamniotic infection in preterm labor and preterm rupture of membranes

Ricart, W.; Bach, C.; Fernandez Real, J.M.; Cabrero, D.; Obon, M.; Cebria, J., 1997:
Amniotic fluid glucose at 14-16 weeks predicts subsequent gestational diabetes

Romero, R.; Jimenez, C.; Lohda, A.K.; Nores, J.; Hanaoka, S.; Avila, C.; Callahan, R.; Mazor, M.; Hobbins, J.C.; Diamond, M.P., 1990:
Amniotic fluid glucose concentration: a rapid and simple method for the detection of intraamniotic infection in preterm labor

Malatyalioglu, E.; Kokcu, A.; Cil, E.; Coksenim, S., 1994:
Amniotic fluid glucose concentration at the early diagnosis of intra-amniotic infection

Romero R.; Ramirez M.; Sepulveda W.; Brandt F.; Gonzalez R.; Behnke E.; Mazor M., 1992:
Amniotic fluid glucose concentrations are reduced in term parturition and in cytologic amnionitis

Hoskins, I.A.bbasi; Zandieh, P.; Schatz, F.; Lee, C., 1997:
Amniotic fluid granulocyte colony stimulating factor levels A rapid marker for diagnosing intraamniotic infection

Callan, F.T.; Jaekle, R.K.; Karpel, B.M.; Meyer, B.A., 1996:
Amniotic fluid index Comparison of curvilinear and linear transducers

Kramer, W.; Wagner, E.; Belfort, M.; MoiseK.Jr.; Saade, G., 1996:
Amniotic fluid index Which cutoff to use?

Kilpatrick S.J.; Pomeroy T.; Johnson C.; Main E.; Scheerer L., 1991:
Amniotic fluid index afi and outcome in postdates pregnancies

Macmillan W.; Mann S.; Shmoys S.; Saltzman D., 1992:
Amniotic fluid index afi as a predictor of latency after pre term prom

Grubb D.K.; Paul R.H., 1991:
Amniotic fluid index and antepartum fetal heart rate prolonged deceleration

O'reilly Green, C.; Divon, M.Y., 1997:
Amniotic fluid index and clinical oligohydramnios as predictors of neonatal outcome in patients with prolonged pregnancy

O'reilly Green, C.; Divon, M.Y., 1997:
Amniotic fluid index as a predictor of perinatal outcome in patients with prolonged pregnancy

O'reilly Green, C.; Divon, M.Y., 1997:
Amniotic fluid index as predictor of neonatal outcome in patients with prolonged pregnancy

Porter, T.F.; Dildy, G.A.; Blanchard, J.R.; Kochenour, N.K.; Clark, S.L., 1995:
Amniotic fluid index during uncomplicated twin pregnancy

O'reilly Green, C.; Westgren, M.; Divon, M.Y., 1998:
Amniotic fluid index evaluated as a test for predicting neonatal outcome in prolonged pregnancy by receiver operating characteristic curve analysis

O'reilly Green, C.; Divon, M.Y., 1998:
Amniotic fluid index evaluated as a test for predicting perinatal outcome in prolonged pregnancy by receiver operating characteristic curve analysis

Mathai, M.; Thomas, S.; Jasper, P., 1996:
Amniotic fluid index in South Indian pregnancies

Bowen-Chatoor, J.S.; Kulkarni, S.K., 1995:
Amniotic fluid index in the management of the postdates pregnancy

Gravett M.G.; Haluska G.J.; Edwards J.L.; Cook M.J.; Baggia S.; Witkin S.S.; Novy M.J., 1992:
Amniotic fluid infection afi and preterm labor in rhesus macaques

Eschenbach D., 1991:
Amniotic fluid infection and chorioamnionitis among patients who deliver markedly preterm

Hack Patteet, I.; Laurini, R.N., 1993:
Amniotic fluid infection syndrome Epidemiological study based on standardized microbiological examinations of the placenta

Yoon, B.H.; Romero, R.; Park, K.H.; Koo, J.N.; Choi, S.T.; Choi, J.; Choi, J.H., 1997:
Amniotic fluid inflammatory cytokines and the risk for the development of bronchopulmonary dysplasia

D.P.rro J.M.; Thompson A.C.; Kristal M.B., 1990:
Amniotic fluid ingestion enhances analgesia produced by the central action of morphine

Thompson A.C.; D.P.rro J.M.; Dickerson C.D.; Kristal M.B., 1991:
Amniotic fluid ingestion inhibits contralateral circling after unilateral morphine injection into the ventral tegmental area

Haeusler, M.C.; Konstantiniuk, P.; Dorfer, M.; Weiss, P.A., 1998:
Amniotic fluid insulin testing in gestational diabetes: safety and acceptance of amniocentesis

Mazor M.; Romero R.; Kleinman D.; Wiznitzer A.; Glezerman M., 1992:
Amniotic fluid interleukin 6 and prostaglandin e 2 are increased in term human parturition

Greig, P.; Roinette, B., 1995:
Amniotic fluid interleukin-10 levels in preterm labor with and without intrauterine infection

Yoon, B.H.; Chun, C.K.; Kim, C.J.; Lee, J.H.; Kim, K.S.; Lee, J.H.; Kim, K.S.; Syn, H.C.; Kim, S.W., 1994:
Amniotic fluid interleukin-6 A sensitive test for prospective diagnosis of acute inflammatory lesions of the preterm placenta and prediction of perinatal morbidity

Sorokin, Y.; Brandt, F.; Gonzalez, R.; Gomez, R.; Yoon, B.H.; Sepulveda, W.; Baumann, P.; Romero, R.; Cotton, D., 1993:
Amniotic fluid interleukin-6 determinations A simple and rapid method for the differential diagnosis between true microbial invasion and contamination of the amniotic fluid with exogenous bacteria

Menon, R.; Camargo, M.Constanza.; Thorsen, P.; Lombardi, S.J.; Fortunato, S.J., 2008:
Amniotic fluid interleukin-6 increase is an indicator of spontaneous preterm birth in white but not black Americans

Greig, P.; Ernest, J.; Teot, L.; Erikson, M.; Talley, R., 1993:
Amniotic fluid interleukin-6 levels in preterm labor associated with subclinical intrauterine infections

García-Fuentes, E.; Gallo, M.; García, L.; Prieto, S.; Alcaide-Torres, J.; Santiago, P.; Velasco, Iés.; Soriguer, F., 2008:
Amniotic fluid iodine concentrations do not vary in pregnant women with varying iodine intake

Garry, D.; Figueroa, R.; Sehgal, P.; Patel, K.; Aguero Rosenfeld, M.E.; Martinez, E.; Tejani, N., 1996:
Amniotic fluid lactate dehydrogenase and interleukin-6 in prediction of preterm delivery

Garry, D.; Figueroa, R.; Aguero Rosenfeld, M.E.; Martinez, E.; Tejani, N., 1996:
Amniotic fluid lactate dehydrogenase and preterm delivery prediction

Voxman, E.G.; Khouzami, V.A., 1998:
Amniotic fluid lamellar body count A rapid, practical, and inexpensive initial test of fetal lung maturity

Lewis, P.S.; Lauria, M.R.; Dzierckowski, J.S., 1997:
Amniotic fluid lamellar body count as a cost-effective screening test for fetal lung maturity

Sato, K., 1993:
Amniotic fluid leakage and miscarriage after genetic amniocentesis

Pankuch, G.A.; Cherouny, P.H.; Botti, J.J.; Appelbaum, P.C., 1989:
Amniotic fluid leukotaxis assay as an early indicator of chorioamnionitis

Cherouny P.H.; Pankuch G.A.; Botti J.J.; Appelbaum P.C., 1991:
Amniotic fluid leukotaxis assay as an early indicator of chorioamnionitis in patients with idiopathic preterm labor

Zach, T.L.; Tetrault, G.; Leuschen, M.P., 1994:
Amniotic fluid levels of the third component of complement

Hayashi, M.; Zhu, K.; Sagesaka, T.; Fukasawa, I.; Inaba, N., 2008:
Amniotic fluid levels of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor 1 before and after the onset of labor in normal pregnancies

Porto, M.H.; Ribeiro, M.A.; Cavanha-Neto, M.; Franco Júnior, J.G.; Zugaib, M.; Carneiro-Sampaio, M.M., 1990:
Amniotic fluid lysozyme activity in fetal distress

Walker, B.E., 1965:
Amniotic Fluid Measurement In Cortisone Treated And X-Irradiated Mice

Welborn J.L.; Lewis J.P., 1990:
Amniotic fluid mosaicism using the in situ technique a clinical classification

Elimian, A.; Figueroa, R.; Verma, U.; Patel, K.; Visintainer, P.; Sehgal, P.B.; Tejani, N., 1998:
Amniotic fluid neuron-specific enolase as a marker of neonatal neurologic injury

Hsu, C.D.; Aversa, K.; Barsheera, H.; Meaddough, E.; Hong, S.F.; Lee, I.S.; Jones, D.C.; Copel, J.A., 1997:
Amniotic fluid nitric oxide in pregnant women with intraamniotic mycoplasma infections A pilot study

Schaal, B.; Orgeur, P.; Marlier, L., 1995:
Amniotic fluid odor in neonatal adaptation A summary of recent research in mammals

Baumann, P.; Romero, R.; Gonzalez, R.; Cotton, D.B.; Mammen, E., 1994:
Amniotic fluid plasminogen activator/plasminogen activator inhibitor concentrations in preterm labor in the setting of infection

Baumann, P.; Romero, R.; Gomez, R.; Quintero, R.; Behnke, E.; Cotton, D.B.; Mammen, E., 1994:
Amniotic fluid plasminogen activators are increased in rupture of membranes at term

Saleh A.A.; Ozawa T.; Dombrowski M.P.; Isada N.B.; Johnson M.P.; Evans M.I.; Blessed W.; Bottoms S.F.; Mammen E.F., 1992:
Amniotic fluid platelet factor 4 and beta thromboglobulin do not predict lung maturity

Hendricks, C.H., 1966:
Amniotic fluid pressure recording

Merrill, D.; Weiner, C., 1994:
Amniotic fluid pressure/volume relationships during human pregnancy

Sadowsky, D.W.; Bethea, C.L.; Gravett, M.G.; Haluska, G.J.; Novy, M.J., 1997:
Amniotic fluid prolactin is decreased by intrauterine infusion of IL-1-beta in the presence or absence of prostaglandin blockade in pregnant rhesus macaques

Gjerde, K.K.; Korthank, A.J.; Blumberg, M.S.; Robinson, S.R., 1997:
Amniotic fluid promotes kappa opioid activity and alters interlimb coordination in the rat fetus

Carrion, V.; Inaba, M.; Lee, J.B.; Morin, F.C.IIi, 1994:
Amniotic fluid prostaglandin stimulating substance and labor

Wenstrom, K.D.; Miller, M.; Brumfield, C.; Davis, R.; Owen, J., 1997:
Amniotic fluid pulmonary maturity studies may be unnecessary in fetuses with meningomyelocele and hydrocephalus

Goldstein, P.J.; Rosenstein, D.L.; Bloomberg, G., 1966:
Amniotic fluid spectrophotometry

O'shaughnessy R., 1991:
Amniotic fluid spectrophotometry is useful after 20 weeks gestation in the care of pregnancies complicated by red blood cell isoimmunization

Michaels B.M.; Piscatelli S.; Siebert J.W.; Jennings R.; Longaker M.T.; Adzick N.S., 1991:
Amniotic fluid stimulates or inhibits fibroblasts depending on gestational age

Ogita S.; Imanaka M., 1989:
Amniotic fluid supplementing therapy

Moya, F.; Thomas, V.; Romaguera, J.; Mysore, M.; Arevalo, M.; Maberry, M., 1994:
Amniotic fluid surfactant protein A is decreased in pregnancies complicated by fetal congenital diaphragmatic hernia

Byrne, D.L.; Nicolaides, K.H., 1994:
Amniotic fluid temperature change during first trimester amnifiltration

Romero, R.; Gomez, R.; Munoz, H.; Galasso, M.; Acosta, L.; Ghidini, A.; Cotton, D.B.; Lockwood, C., 1994:
Amniotic fluid tissue factor in preterm and term parturition

Wilson, L., J.; Schumacher, B.; Parsons, M., 1994:
Amniotic fluid tumor necrosis factor alpha levels during gestation and infection in the baboon

Newton, E.R.; Siler Khodr, T., 1994:
Amniotic fluid tumor necrosis factor, labor duration and clinical infections at term

Hitti, J.; Krohn, M.A.; Patton, D.L.; Hillier, S.L.; Cassen, E.M.; Tarczy Hornoch, P.; Eschenbach, D.A., 1996:
Amniotic fluid tumor necrosis factor-alpha and risk of respiratory distress syndrome among preterm infants

Wolfe, H.M.; Dombrowski, M.P.; Zador, I.E.; Treadwell, M.C.; Sokol, R.J., 1993:
Amniotic fluid volume A major determinant of fetal visualization

Hashimoto, B.E.; Kramer, D.J.; Brennan, L., 1993:
Amniotic fluid volume: fluid dynamics and measurement technique

Schreyer P.; Sherman D.J.; Ervin M.G.; Day L.; Ross M.G., 1990:
Amniotic fluid volume and composition response to maternal dehydration

Gulienetti, R.; Kalter, H.; Davis, N.C., 1962:
Amniotic fluid volume and experimentally-induced congenital malformations

Gilbert, W.M.; Brace, R.A., 1993:
Amniotic fluid volume and normal flows to and from the amniotic cavity

Cullen J.; Abramowicz J.; Metlay L., 1992:
Amniotic fluid volume and prenatal growth disturbances in fetuses with monosomy x or xo mosaicism

Dildy, G.A.; Lira, N.; Moise, K.J.; Riddle, G.D.; Deter, R.L., 1992:
Amniotic fluid volume assessment: comparison of ultrasonographic estimates versus direct measurements with a dye-dilution technique in human pregnancy

Martinez, E.; Penso, C.; Jones, D.C.; Copel, J.A., 1998:
Amniotic fluid volume assessment in diamniotic twin pregnancies

Dildy G.; Lira N.; Mosie K.Jr; Riddle G.; Deter R., 1992:
Amniotic fluid volume assessment in human pregnancy comparison of sonographic estimates versus direct measurement using a dye dilution technique

Slattery M.; Druzin M.; Inglis S.; Wagner W., 1991 :
Amniotic fluid volume does not affect outcome in abnormal cord presentation

Divon M.Y.; Girz B.A.; Katz N.T.; Pollack R.N.; Green C.O.; Merkatz I.R., 1990:
Amniotic fluid volume does not decrease in prolonged pregnancy

Martin, Chester B.Jr, 1994:
Amniotic fluid volume does not predict adverse fetal outcome in diabetes

Thomas, S.J.; Nageotte, M.P., 1993:
Amniotic fluid volume during labor and delivery

Sherman S.J.; Medearis A.L.; Paul R.H.; Broussard P.; Platt L.D., 1990:
Amniotic fluid volume dynamics in patients with prolonged premature rupture of the membranes

Fischer R.L.; Mcdonnell M.; Bianculli K.W.; Perry R.L.; Scholl T.O.; Hediger M.L., 1992:
Amniotic fluid volume estimation in the postdates pregnancy a comparison of techniques

Bar Hava, I.; Scarpelli, S.A.; Barnhard, Y.; Divon, M.Y., 1994:
Amniotic fluid volume fluctuations reflect recent glycemic status in gestational diabetics

Sherer, D.M.; Spong, C.Y.; Salafia, C.M.; Ghidini, A.; Minior, V.K., 1996:
Amniotic fluid volume in preterm rupture of membranes Association with fetal presentation and incidence of clinical and histologic evidence of infection

Lombardi, S.J.; Stoney, D.; Tardiff, A.; Matthews, V., 1995:
Amniotic fluid volume index in normal twin pregnancy

Romero R.; Quintero R.; Nores J.; Avila C.; Mazor M.; Sabo V.; Hanaoka S.; Hagay Z.; Hobbins J.C.; Merchant L., 1991:
Amniotic fluid white blood cell count a simple test to diagnose intraamniotic infection and to predict response to tocolysis

Kassanos, D.; Salamalekis, E.; Panayotopoulos, N.; Loghis, C.; Vitoratos, N., 1998:
Amniotic fluid white blood cells in relation to placental lesions

Blanc, W.A., 1959:
Amniotic infection syndrome; pathogenesis, morphology, and significance in circumnatal mortality

Puangsricharern, V.; Pariyakanok, L., 1997:
Amniotic membrane for ocular surface reconstruction

Rao, A.; Sridhar, U.; Gupta, A.K., 2008:
Amniotic membrane transplant with superficial keratectomy in superficial corneal degenerations: efficacy in a rural population of north India

Gray, T.B.; Prabhasawat, P.; Tseng, S.C.G., 1997:
Amniotic membrane transplantation before limbal stem cell allografts for ocular surface reconstruction in patients with limbal stem cell deficiency

Ollivier, F.J.; Kallberg, M.E.; Plummer, C.E.; Barrie, K.P.; O'Reilly, S.; Taylor, D.P.; Gelatt, K.N.; Brooks, D.E., 2006:
Amniotic membrane transplantation for corneal surface reconstruction after excision of corneolimbal squamous cell carcinomas in nine horses

Nubile, M.; Dua, H.S.; Lanzini, T.Evb-M.; Carpineto, P.; Ciancaglini, M.; Toto, L.; Mastropasqua, L., 2007:
Amniotic membrane transplantation for the management of corneal epithelial defects: an in vivo confocal microscopic study

Barton, K.; Budenz, D.L.; Khaw, P.T.; Tseng, S.C.G., 1997:
Amniotic membrane transplantation in glaucoma surgery

Berry, D.; Montgomery, L.; Johnson, A.; Saade, G.; Moise, K., 1997:
Amniotic septostomy for the treatment of the stuck twin sequence

Borlum K G., 1990:
Amniotic sheet the benign amniotic band

Saade, G.; Olson, G.L.; Belfort, M.; Moise, K.Jr, 1995:
Amniotomy A new approach to the stuck twin syndrome

Fraser, W.D.; Sokol, R., 1992:
Amniotomy and maternal position in labor

Silva,H.G.deO.; Pires,A.J.V.; Carvalho,; Veloso,C.M.; Silva,F.F.da, 2008:
Amnonizated elephant grass and cocoa meal or palm kernel cake in growing sheep diet

Soucy, J.P.; Rouleau, I.; Robidoux, J.; Laflamme, K., 1997:
Amobarbital distribution during the intracarotid amobarbital procedure mapped by Tc-99m HMPAO SPECT brain perfusion imagings Relationship to behavioral performance

Klemm, E.; Brechtelsbauer, D.; Koehler, W.; Urbach, H.; Piotrowki, A.; Linke, D.B.; Elger, C.E.; Schramm, J.; Schild, H.; Biersack, H.J., 1997:
Amobarbital distribution in the medial temporal lobe during unilateral hemispheric anesthesia Correlation of high resolution 99mTc-HMPAO SPECT and angiography

Loring D.W.; Meador K.J.; Lee G.P., 1991:
Amobarbital dosage effects on wada memory

Kamano, D.K.; Powell, B.J.; Martin, L.K.; Ogle, M.E., 1967:
Amobarbital effects on extinction and spontaneous recovery of active avoidance

Ison, J.R.; Daly, H.B.; Glass, D.H., 1967:
Amobarbital sodium and the effects of reward and nonreward in the Amsel double runway

Walochnik, J.; Aspock, H., 2007:
Amoben paradebeispiele fur probleme der phylogenetik, klassifikation und nomenklatur

Bowden, J., 1997:
Amobia signata and Miltogramma punctatum Mg in NE Essex

Canaan, T.; Blomer, H.W., 1940:
Amobiasis in Palastina

Pascher, A., 1930:
Amoboide, animalisch sich er-nahrende Entwicklungsstadien bei einer Alge

Lautzenhiser T.V., 1983:
Amoco/ Lacoste and Romberg automated borehole gravity meter

Ahern T.K., 1983:
Amocos satellite system for seismic data transmission

Oliveira, L.; Volchan, E.; Souza, A.O.; Pantoja, J.H.; Penetra, L.J.S.; Marques, R.F.; Pereira, A.Jr.; Gawryszewski, L.G.; Bernardes, R.F.; Rocha Miranda, C.E., 1998:
Amodal completion in the opposum primary visual cortex

Shimojo S.; Nakayama K., 1989:
Amodal presence of partially occluded surfaces determines apparent motion

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Amodiaquin in the treatment of lupus erythematosus

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Amodiaquine and hydroxychloroquine resistance in Plasmodium falciparum

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Amodiaquine hydrochloride

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Amodiaquine in giardiasis

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Amodiaquine-induced neutrophil apoptosis

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Amoeba acid phosphatases. I. An intracellular inhibitor for particle-associated acid phosphomonoesterase

Rothschild, J., 1966:
Amoeba acid phosphatases. II. Distribution in cell fractions from Chaos chaos L

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Amoeba at attention: phylogenetic affinity of Sappinia pedata

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Amoeba disease of the honey bee, Apis mellifera Linnaeus, and an attempt at its chemical control

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Amoeba dofleini vs Mayorella bigemma a case of synonymy

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Amoeba lescherae Its morphology, cytology, and life-history

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Amoeba myosins regulation localization and possible functions

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Amoeba planaria and dreaming machines

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Amoeba proteus: Studying the Contractile Vacuole by Micropuncture

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Amoeba proteus and Amoeba dubia

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Amoeba vespertilio Penard; structure, fission of the amoeba and the nucleus; biology

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Amoeba-flagellate transformation

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Amoebae as exemplary cells: the protean nature of an elementary organism

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Amoebae-resisting bacteria in drinking water: risk assessment and management

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Amoebae/bacteria consortia and uses for degrading wastes and contaminants

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Amoebama of the Caecum associated with Hepatic Amoebic Abscess

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Amoebapore, a pore-forming peptide of the protozoan parasite Entamoeba histolytica

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Amoebapores, structure and function of archaic cytolytic effector molecules

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Amoebiases in Haiti

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Amoebiasis Emerging pathology Observations on 19 cases of Entamoeba histolytica hepatic abscess

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Amoebiasis: Some Difficulties of Diagnosis

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Amoebiasis a problem

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Amoebiasis an experimental study

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Amoebiasis and the role of virulence factors in Entamoeba histolytica pathogenesis

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Amoebiasis in Casablanca. Preliminary report on cultural studies on trophozoites and cysts

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Amoebiasis in Freetown, Sierra Leone

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Amoebiasis in Nebraska

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Amoebiasis in kittens infected with amoebae from acute and carrier human cases and with the tetranucleate amoebae of the monkey and pig

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Amoebiasis in man

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Amoebiasis in monkeys

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Amoebiasis in repatriates

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Amoebiasis in the African A report on the treatment of 600 cases

Gelfand, M.; Schnitzler, M.C., 1966:
Amoebiasis in the African infant in Rhodesia

Dodin, A.; Greljer, L., 1959:
Amoebiasis on Madagascar

Heilbrunn, A., 1950:
Amoebiasis vaginae

Smitskamp, H., 1965:
Amoebiasis without dysentery

Dormer, B.A.; Friedlander, J., 1941:
Amoebiasis-Pulmonary Complications

Garcia Martinez, J.M., 1960:
Amoebic abscess of the liver

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Amoebic abscess of the liver in patients infected by hiv report of 8 cases and revision of literature

Manson Bahr, P., 1947:
Amoebic abscess of the spleen

Botman, T.; Ruys, P.J., 1963 :
Amoebic Appendicitis In A Newborn Infant

Cooke, R.A.; Rodrigue, R.B., 1964:
Amoebic Balanitis

Olubuyide I.O., 1990:
Amoebic cases at autopsy and factors that might have contribution to death at ibadan

Yosezato, M., 1933:
Amoebic dysenter III Hydrogen-ion concentration of Entamoeba histolytica

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Amoebic dysentery I Investigations into the life-history of Entamoeba histolytica

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Amoebic dysentery and its effective treatment A critical study of 535 cases

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Amoebic dysentery in Southern Africa A comparison of Durban and Lourenco Marques

SalehUmair; AzharMaqbool; ZubairShabbir; Ahmad,M.D., 2008:
Amoebic dysentery in dogs and dog owners

Seneviratna, P., 1963:
Amoebic dysentery in dogs in Ceylon

Steck, Franz, 1961:
Amoebic dysentery in reptiles

Powell, S.J.; Maddison, S.E., 1966:
Amoebic gel-diffusion precipitin-test. Clinical evaluation in acute amoebic dysentery

Stewart, I., 1953:
Amoebic granuloma of the colon

Cleland, J.B., 1944:
Amoebic infection of the vulva complicating granuloma pudendi

Manson Bahr, P., 1938:
Amoebic invasion of the skin and subcutaneous tissues

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Amoebida Testacea

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Among floral aborigines

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Among the birds at Melville Bay

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Among the entomologists of Prague

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Among the hill tribes of Sumatra

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Among the penguins

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Among the scientific institutions of the German Democratic Republic

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Among women with late initiation of prenatal care, does earlier care in the next pregnancy make a difference in birthweight?

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Amount of DNA and volume of the nucleus

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Amount of NaCl and diastase in blood of diabetics

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Amount of active principle of the hypophysis present in cerebrospinal fluid in pregnant women

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Amount of asymmetry in grasp reflex depends on the grasp reflex of the left hand in human neonates

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Amount of available nutrients in soddy-podzolic medium loamy soil and crop productivity as a function of different soil tillage methods and systems, and application of fertilizers

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Amount of blood ingested by C, p fatigans

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Amount of bovine manure in the agronomic performance of Eruca sativa L, cv cultivada

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Amount of calyx fibres in Lamiaceae, relation to calyx structure, phylogeny and ecology

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Amount of carotene contained in the blood and lymph of hens and its dependence on the age, sex and breed

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Amount of cassava powder fed as a supplement affects feed intake and live weight gain in Laisind cattle in Vietnam

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Amount of cerebrospinal fluid in rabbits

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Amount of computation and free surface boundary condition in the acoustic pseudospectral modeling

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Amount of concentrates and protein source for dairy goats in hay based diets

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Amount of emergence of eastern Asia during the Middle Pleistocene time

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Amount of erosion and recent tectonics in the lower Volga region

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Amount of exercise necessary for the patient with coronary artery disease

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Amount of eye movement objectively perceptible to the unaided eye

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Amount of flesh food influences the number, larval duration, and body size of first brood workers, in a Japanese paper wasp, Polistes chinensis antennalis

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Amount of flowering of ladino clover lots from different sources

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Amount of free secretory component and secretory IgA in the saliva of patients with psoriasis vulgaris and other inflammatory dermatoses

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Amount of free sugar in the effusion produced by the intraperitoneal injection of various albuminoids

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Amount of grit taken by pheasants in southern Michigan

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Amount of immunoglobulin G in fresh and stored platelets

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Amount of incentive and performance on a black-white discrimination problem

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Amount of luteinizing hormone activity in extracts of sheep hypothalamus

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Amount of maternal rotavirus-specific antibodies influence the outcome of rotavirus vaccination of newborn mice with virus-like particles

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Amount of menstrual blood loss in lactating iucd users

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Amount of mercury vapor in air of dental offices and laboratories

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Amount of middle molecular weight molecules in the blood of patients with urinary bladder carcinoma

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Amount of mud displaced by some freshwater Oligochaeta in relation to the depth

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Amount of neutrophil elastase carried by neutrophils may modulate the extent of emphysema in alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency

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Amount of nitric oxide from lung is correlated with cardiac function in patients with cardiac failure

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Amount of nitrogen fixed by bean cultivars as affected by water stress

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Amount of occlusal enamel in ungulates correlates with body mass

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Amount of oocytes obtained from canine females at different ages in diestrous and anestrous

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Amount of organic matter in enamel from several types of human teeth

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Amount of pretraining as a factor in stimulus predifferentiation and performance set

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Amount of primary reward and strength of secondary reward

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Amount of progesterone in isolated human menstrual corpora lutea

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Amount of proteinase inhibitors in the seeds of certain legumes

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Amount of pteroylglutamic acid and related compounds in different yeasts

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Amount of reinforcement and free-operant responding

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Amount of residual blood in rabbit organs after acute lethal hemorrhage

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Amount Of Response-Produced Change In The Cs And Avoidance Learning

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Amounts of fixation and discovery in maze learning behavior

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Amounts of mRNA for the pituitary gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor are elevated prior to the preovulatory surge of luteinizing hormone in sheep

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Amounts of methionine in beans grown in northeast Brazil Amounts of inositol

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Amounts of nutrients recommended by the nrc abate the effects of a toxic alcohol dose

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Amounts of polio and Coxsackie viruses within the separate portions of bisected cultured cells

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Amounts of tPA and PAI-1 in the euglobulin fraction obtained at different pH: their relation to the euglobulin clot lysis time

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Amounts of throughfall and lysimetric water in a sub-mountain beech forest in the Kremnicke vrchy Mts

Janik, R.; Pichler, J., 2008:
Amounts of throughfall and lysimetric water in a sub-mountain beech forest in the Kremnicke vrchy Mts West Carpathian Mts, Slovakia

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Amounts of trace elements contained in grass produced in Japan

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Amoxicillin cross reacts with penicillin on first exposure

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Amoxicillin for endocarditis prophylaxis

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Amoxicillin update

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Amoxycillin/potassium clavulanate and its significance in the present therapy of infection

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Amperometric biosensors for detection of L- and D-amino acids based on coimmobilized peroxidase and L- and D-amino acid oxidases in carbon paste electrodes

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Amperometric carbon dioxide gas sensor based on electrode reduction of platinum oxide

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Amperometric cholesterol biosensor

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Amperometric choline sensor with enzyme immobilized by gamma-irradiation in a biocompatible membrane

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Amperometric detection for capillary flow injection analysis

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Amperometric detection in capillary electrophoresis with normal size electrodes

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Amperometric detection of action potential-evoked quantal secretion from pancreatic B-cells

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Amperometric detection of alcohol in beer using a flow cell and immobilized alcohol dehydrogenase

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Amperometric detection of aliphatic amines and amino acids on anodized silver-lead eutectic alloy electrodes

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Amperometric detection of carbohydrates and thiols by using a glassy carbon electrode coated with Co oxide/multi-wall carbon nanotubes catalytic system

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Amperometric detection of catecholamines with liquid chromatography at a polypyrrole-phosphomolybdic anion-modified electrode

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Amperometric detection of exocytosis at single adrenal cells from the mouse mutant Coloboma

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Amperometric detection of lactate A comparison between mediated and platinised carbon electrodes

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Amperometric detection of nadh using a film covered organic salt electrode

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Amperometric detection of nitrate via a nitrate reductase immobilized and electrically wired at the electrode surface

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Amperometric detection of peroxides with poly -modified enzyme electrodes

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Amperometric detection of purine nucleotides utilizing immobilized enzyme reactors and on-line amplification by substrate recycling

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Amperometric determination of N-nitrosamines in aqueous solution at an electrode coated with a ruthenium-based inorganic polymer

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Amperometric determination of alkaline phosphatase activity application to enzyme immunoassay

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Amperometric determination of ascorbic acid in real samples using a disposable screen-printed electrode modified with electrografted o-aminophenol film

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Amperometric determination of bilirubin with flow injection analysis system

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Amperometric determination of butanone peroxide and hydroxylamine via direct electron transfer at a horseradish peroxidase-modified plantinum electrode

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Amperometric determination of captopril in dosage forms

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Amperometric determination of dissolved oxygen in orange juice

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Amperometric determination of soluble mercapto groups in blood and tissues

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Amperometric determination of sulfhydryl changes in mouse epidermis and dermis during treatment with certain polycyclic hydrocarbons

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Amperometric determination of superoxide anions generated from a single phagocyte with femto-ampere sensitivity

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Amperometric determination of urea using an NADH-dependent coupled enzyme

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Amperometric differential determination of ascorbic acid in beverages and vitamin C tablets using a flow cell containing an array of gold microelectrodes modified with palladium

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Amperometric enzyme biosensor based on the controlled pore glass

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Amperometric enzyme biosensors for the analysis of drugs and metabolites

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Amperometric enzyme electrodes based on conducting polymers and modified enzymes

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Amperometric enzyme electrodes for nadph and urea

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Amperometric enzyme-based biosensor for direct detection of formaldehyde in the gas phase Dependence on electrolyte composition

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Amperometric flow injection method for determination of biogenic diamines and hypoxanthine by combined use of immobilized enzyme reactors and a peroxidase electrode

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Amperometric flow-injection analysis of purine nucleotides Comparison of selectivity for hydrolytic cleavage of purine nucleotides

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Amperometric flow-injection determination of glucose, urate and cholesterol in blood serum by using some immobilized enzyme reactors and a poly -coated platinum electrode, C.; Pariente, F.; Hernandez, L.; Lorenzo, E., 1995:
Amperometric flow-through biosensor for the determination of pesticides

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Amperometric gas sensors

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Amperometric gas sensors use in air pollution measurement

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Amperometric glucose biosensor based on an electrocatalytically bulk-modified epoxy-graphite biocomposite

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Amperometric glucose biosensor based on boron-doped carbon nanotubes modified electrode

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Amperometric glucose biosensor manufactured by a printing technique

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Amperometric glucose biosensors based on layer-by-layer assembly of chitosan and glucose oxidase on the Prussian blue-modified gold electrode

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Amperometric glucose sensor based on catalytic reduction of dissolved oxygen at soluble carbon nanofiber

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Amperometric glucose sensor fabricated by combining glucose oxidase micelle membrane and aminated glassy carbon electrode

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Amperometric glucose sensors based on electrically wired enzymes

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Amperometric high performance liquid chromatographic detection of nadh at a base activated glassy carbon electrode

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Amperometric immunoassay

Ivanov,A.; Evtugyn,G.; Budnikov,H.; Girotti,S.; Ghini,S.; Ferri,E.; Montoya,A.; Mercader,J.V., 2008 :
Amperometric immunoassay of azinphos-methyl in water and honeybees based on indirect competitive ELISA

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Amperometric immunosensor for detecting Schistosoma mansoni antibody

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Amperometric immunosensors for bioprocess control

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Amperometric internal enzyme gas-sensing probe for hydrogen peroxide

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Amperometric internal enzyme gas-sensing probe for lactate and cholesterol

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Amperometric ion sensors and their applications in food chemistry and clinical chemistry

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Amperometric measurement of organophosphate pesticides using a screen-printed disposable sensor and biosensor based on cobalt phthalocyanine

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Amperometric measurement of synaptic vesicle quantal release in midbrain dopamine neurons Modulation by L-DOPA

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Amperometric microbiosensors for food testing

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Amperometric microsensors for metal ion determination in single biological cells

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Amperometric microtitration of diamidines

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Amperometric monitoring of stimulated catecholamine release from rat pheochromocytoma cells at the zeptomole level

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Amperometric penicillin biosensor and its application in flow injection analysis system for determination of penicillin in broth

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Amperometric phenol sensor with immobilized bacteria

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Amperometric propellant-component detector

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Amperometric recordings of norepinephrine transporter activity

Galli, A.; Defelice, L.J., 1998:
Amperometric recordings of norepinephrine transporters channel-like activity

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Amperometric sensor for ethanol based on one-step electropolymerization of thionine-carbon nanofiber nanocomposite containing alcohol oxidase

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Amperometric sensor for hydrogen peroxide based on electric wire composed of horseradish peroxidase and toluidine blue-multiwalled carbon nanotubes nanocomposite

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Amperometric sensor for nitrite based on copper tetrasulphonated phthalocyanine immobilized with poly-L-lysine film

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Amperometric sensors based on poly -modified electrodes discrimination of white wines

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Amperometric sensors based on poly 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene-modified electrodes Discrimination of white wines

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Amperometric titration of -SH groups in purified clotting factors by improved method

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Amperometric titration of SH-groups of glycinin

Chou, T.H., 1965:
Amperometric titration of alkaloids HI Titration with sodium tetraphenylborate

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Amperometric titration of disulfide and sulfhydryl in proteins in 8 M urea

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Amperometric titration of organic compounds with nitrite XL Determination of aminophenols

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Amperometric titration of residual chlorine in sewage

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Amperometric titration of sulfhydryl and disulfide groups in milk protein

Kirk, Paul L., 1950:
Amperometric titration of sulfhydryl groups Microgram analysis

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