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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 30003

Chapter 30003 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Marzouk, M.S.A., 2008:
An acylated flavonol glycoside and hydrolysable tannins from Callistemon lanceolatus flowers and leaves

Keck, G.E.; Romer, D.R., 1993:
An acylnitroso cycloaddition approach to the synthesis of highly oxygenated indolizidine alkaloids

Xiong, J-Wei.; Yu, Q.; Zhang, J.; Mably, J.D., 2008:
An acyltransferase controls the generation of hematopoietic and endothelial lineages in zebrafish

Kamei Atsushi, 2004:
An adakitic pluton on Kyushu Island, southwest Japan arc

Kleeman, A.W., 1934:
An adamellite from the Granites, Northern Territory

Vroman, L., 1952:
An adaptable and inexpensive animal operating board

Forrest, Helen, 1962:
An adaptable ant nest for culture and experiment

Reeve, R.M.; Makower, B., 1954:
An adaptable heating stage with electrically conductive glass for biological microscopy

Jongpaiboonkit, L.; King, W.J.; Lyons, G.E.; Paguirigan, A.L.; Warrick, J.W.; Beebe, D.J.; Murphy, W.L., 2008:
An adaptable hydrogel array format for 3-dimensional cell culture and analysis

Kaelbling, L.P., 1992:
An adaptable mobile robot

Ott, L.H.; Tennant, R.; Liebow, A.A., 1940:
An Adaptable Rotating Unit for Roller Tube Tissue Cultures

Reeve, R.M., 1948:
An adaptable staining schedule for plant tissues

Wiseman, R.Luke.; Powers, E.T.; Buxbaum, J.N.; Kelly, J.W.; Balch, W.E., 2007:
An adaptable standard for protein export from the endoplasmic reticulum

Davidor, Y., 1991:
An adaptation anomaly of a genetic algorithm

Brown, Morden, G., 1942:
An adaptation in Ambystoma opacum embryos to develop-ment on land

Kilborn, R.B., 1929:
An adaptation of Bergheims fecal indole method for the quantitative determination of indole in bacterial cultures

Holman, H.H., 1935:
An adaptation of Sheathers substitute for an automatic pipette

Munger, Francis, 1944:
An adaptation of a thermograph to regulate variable temperature

Lindeborg, Robert, G., 1950:
An adaptation of breeding Peromyscus maniculatus bairdii females to available water, and observations on changes in body weight

Batson, H.C.; Brown, M.; Oberstein, M., 1951:
An adaptation of quality control chart methods to bacterial vaccine potency testing

Wright, W.H.; Mccoy, E.F., 1927:
An adaptation of the Chambers microdissection apparatus for the isolation of single bacterial cells

Estela, L.A.; Arbogast, J.L.; Rubin, G.S.; Schlaegel, T.F., 1958:
An adaptation of the Middlebrook-Dubos hemagglutination test to the aqueous humor of the rabbit

Maclat, Nelma Forsyth, 1959:
An adaptation of the Powell method for serum bilirubin to micro and ultramicro use

Becker, R.F.ederick; Glick, H.N., 1940:
An adaptation of the Smedley hand dynamometer for use in measuring voluntary fatigue

Karel, Leonard, 1947:
An adaptation of the dosimetric method for use in smaller animals The retained median lethal dose and the respiratory response in normal, unanesthetized rhesus monkeys exposed to phosgene

Tempelis, C.H.; Lofy, M.F., 1965:
An adaptation of the immunoelectrophoretic method for the use of chicken-precipitating antisera

Kennedy, C.; Sokoloff, L., 1957:
An adaptation of the nitrous oxide method to the study of the cerebral circulation in children; normal values for cerebral blood flow and cerebral metabolic rate in childhood

Haag, J.R., 1934:
An adaptation of the paired-feeding method for the determination of the supplementary value of proteins

Titus, H.W.; Harshaw, H.M., 1935 :
An adaptation of the randomized block to nutrition experiments

Algire, Glenn, H., 1943:
An adaptation of the transparent-chamber technique to the mouse

Pollock, L.J.; Mayer, L.L., 1938:
An adaptation-like phenomenon of electrically produced phos-phenes

Galef, B.G.Jr, 1989:
An adaptationist perspective on social learning social feeding and social foraging in norway rats

Schor, C.M.; Mccandless, J.W., 1994:
An adapted association between vertical and horizontal vergence

Chapman John, B.; Mason Thomas, F.D.; Weiss Dominik, J.; Coles Barry, J.; Wilkinson Jamie, J., 2004:
An adapted column chemistry procedure for separation of Fe, Cu and Zn from geological matrices, and natural Zn isotopic variations in geological standard reference materials BCR-027, BCR-030 and NOD-P-1

Rakotoarisoa Hery; Guillaume Patrice; Blondel Patrick, C.; Charles Sylvestre, 1995:
An adapted geometrical criterion for 3-D tomographic inversion

Pachman, L.M.; Litt, D.L., 1993:
An adapted nailfold capillary photographic technique for children with juvenile dermatomyositis

Dhont, J., 1990:
An adapted technique for the bio enrichment of ongrown artemia as food source in marine larviculture

Prazanowski, Miroslaw, 1968:
An adaption of Lorbers method for the estimation of iron in blood serum

DeMarco, P.J.; Katagiri, Y.; Enzmann, V.; Kaplan, H.J.; McCall, M.A., 2007:
An adaptive ERG technique to measure normal and altered dark adaptation in the mouse

Jones, C.L.; Holmgren, E., 2007:
An adaptive Simon Two-Stage Design for Phase 2 studies of targeted therapies

Payot, E.; Guillemaud, R.; Trousset, Y.; Preteux, F., 1996:
An adaptive and constrained model for 3D X-ray vascular reconstruction

Pask, G.; Lewis, B.N., 1962:
An adaptive automaton for teaching small groups

Cullimore, D.R., 1966:
An adaptive butyrase enzyme system in alga Prototheca zopfii

Hooke, N., 1991:
An adaptive computational technique for simulating action potential propagation in a heterogeneous bidomain

Ballow, C.H.; Forrest, A.; Nix, D.; Schentag, J.J., 1991:
An adaptive control algorithm for ciprofloxacin

Korin, H.W.; Felmlee, J.P.; Ehman, R.L.; Riederer, S.J.; Farzaneh, F., 1990:
An adaptive correction method for 3d thoracoabdominal mri

Reichle,R.H.; Crow,W.T.; Keppenne,C.L., 2008:
An adaptive ensemble Kalman filter for soil moisture data assimilation

Ward, T.J.; Clear, R.M.; Rooney, A.P.; O'Donnell, K.; Gaba, D.; Patrick, S.; Starkey, D.E.; Gilbert, J.; Geiser, D.M.; Nowicki, T.W., 2007:
An adaptive evolutionary shift in Fusarium head blight pathogen populations is driving the rapid spread of more toxigenic Fusarium graminearum in North America

Rao, P.V.N.rasimha; Vidyadhar, M.S.R.R.; Rao, T.C.M.lleswara; Venkataratnam, L., 1995:
An adaptive filter for speckle suppression in synthetic aperture radar images

Qian Jianliang; Symes William, W., 2002:
An adaptive finite-difference method for traveltimes and amplitudes

Mastryukov, S.I.; Verenchikov, N.N., 1997:
An adaptive hydrodynamic model of tidal variations of the White Sea level

King Smith, P.E.en; Earley, M.J.; Pierce, G.E.; Preston, J.L., 1995:
An adaptive method for measuring both threshold and slope of the psychometric function

Couñago, R.; Wilson, C.J.; Peña, M.I.; Wittung-Stafshede, P.; Shamoo, Y., 2007:
An adaptive mutation in adenylate kinase that increases organismal fitness is linked to stability-activity trade-offs

Lee,S.Y.; Hanna,M.A.; Jones,D.D., 2008:
An adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for modeling mechanical properties of tapioca starch-poly nanocomposite foams

Seeley, H.W.; Vandemark, P.J., 1951:
An adaptive peroxidation by Streptococcus faecalis

Downs, J.; Cross, S.S.; Harrison, R.F.; Stephenson, T.J., 1995:
An adaptive resonance theory mapping neural network provides confirmation of criteria cited by human experts in the cytodiagnosis of breast fine needle aspirates

Marrelli, S.P.; Childres, W.F.; Bryan, R.M.Jr, 1997:
An adaptive response to ischemia/reperfusion of the rat middle cerebral artery

Srivastava Kirti, 2000:
An adaptive scheme for processing multitrace marine seismic data

Chern, S.J.ng; Lin, S.N.ng, 1994:
An adaptive time delay estimation with direct computation formula

Brown, J., A.; Salehi, M.-Mohammad; Moradi, M.; Bell, G.; Smith, D., R., 2008:
An adaptive two-stage sequential design for sampling rare and clustered populations

Ludwig, F.L.; Salvador, R.; Bornstein, R., 1989:
An adaptive volume plume model

Netter, K.J.; Seidel, G., 1964:
An Adaptively Stimulated O-Demethylating System In Rat Liver Microsomes And Its Kinetic Properties

Mccarthy, K., 1960:
An adaptor for examining tissue cultures in test tubes by phase contrast microscopy

Carli, P.; Carsuzaa, F.; Solacroup, J.C.; Fabre, A.; Moulin, O.; Broustet, H., 1996:
An add balanitis in a group of men

Mcfadden, P.W.; Gayon, F.A., 1990:
An add on photodiode detector for the collection of wide angle light scatter

China, W.E., 1929:
An addendum to Mr F D Goldrings Notes on the bionomics of cotton stainers in Nigeria

Kvitek, R.G.; Beitler, M.K., 1989:
An addendum to a case for sequestering of paralytic shellfish toxins as a chemical defense

Johnson, W.W.; Johnson, M.L., 1939:
An addition compound of histidine

Klecker, D.; Puschoglova, J.; Zeman, L., 1995:
An addition of crushed and uncrushed wheat in chicken fattening

Linsley, E.G., 1958:
An addition of the known cerambycid fauna of the Revillagegedo Archipellago

Gunder, J.D., 1929:
An addition to Cynthia carye Hbn

Kahle, H.G.; Talwani, M., 1973:
An addition to Gravimetric Indian Ocean Geoid

Schweinfurth, Charles, 1946:
An addition to South American Telipogon

Abe, T.; Hotta, H., 1962:
An addition to the Japanese Piscifauna

Takai, Fuyuji, 1954:
An addition to the Mammalian fauna of the Japanese Miocene

Malkin, B., 1941:
An addition to the New York State list of Coleoptera No 5 Long Island records

Hanan, Blake, B., 1952:
An addition to the Ohio records of millepedes

Nicholls, W.H., 1940:
An addition to the Orchidaceae of Victoria

Asahina, Y., 1952:
An addition to the Satos Lichenes Khinganenses

Brown, A.C., 1954:
An addition to the South African Tanaidacea

Eads, R.B.; Dalquest, W.W., 1954:
An addition to the Texas flea fauna

Maramorosch, Karl, 1956:
An addition to the biography of D Y Ivanovski, 1864-1920

Mukkada, A.J., 1964:
An addition to the bisporic embryo sacs The Dicraea type

Kalbe, Lothar, 1963:
An addition to the diatomflora of the Tatra waters

Morton, Kenneth, J., 1927:
An addition to the dragonfly fauna of Europe, Aeschna subarctica Walker

Klauber, L.M., 1934:
An addition to the fauna of New Mexico and a deletion

Bogert, C.M.; Degenhardt, W.G., 1961:
An addition to the fauna of the United States, the Chihuahua ridge nosed rattlesnake in New Mexico

Barnard, K.H., 1955:
An addition to the faunal list of South African barnacles

Anderson, L.E.; Bannister, T.T., 1952:
An addition to the fern flora of North Carolina

Ames, Oakes, 1931:
An addition to the flora of Honduras

Safonov, G.E., 1992:
An addition to the flora of the Astrakhan Oblast

Wolf, Fred, T., 1941:
An addition to the fungus flora of Barro Colorado Island

Ames, O., 1938:
An addition to the genus Lepanthopsis

Benjamin, R.K., 1955:
An addition to the genus Magnusia

Barneby, R.C., 1942:
An addition to the genus Swertia

Ames, Oakes, 1934:
An addition to the genus Vanilla

Hill, J.E., 1931:
An Addition to the Herpetological Fauna of Kansas

Shaw, C.E.; Breese, P.L., 1951:
An addition to the herpetofauna of Hawaii

Richmond, Neil, D., 1952:
An addition to the herpetofauna of Nova Scotia, and other records of amphibians and reptiles on Cape Breton Island

Hatusima, S.; Koyama, T., 1956:
An addition to the knowledge of the Mono-cotyledones from Liukiu

Mosely, Martin, E., 1931:
An addition to the known British Ephemeroptera

O'dell, Herman, 1961:
An addition to the list of ferns found growing naturally in Tennessee

Miwa, Y., 1929:
An addition to the list of lucanid-species from the Japanese Empire

Brown, N.R., 1953:
An addition to the list of mammals of Nova Scotia The Eastern Red Bat

Smith, Philip, W., 1955:
An addition to the list of pallid animals occurring in White Sands National Monument

Tinkham, E.R., 1934:
An addition to the odonatan fauna of Alberta

Murthy, T.S.N.; Rao, K.V.R., 1989:
An addition to the ophidian fauna of the chilka lake india typhlops acutus new record dum and bibr with notes on its current distribution

Andriyashev, A.P., 1958:
An addition to the review of the genus Lycenchelys Gill with a description of 3 new species from the Kurilo-Kamchatkan Trench Problems of Ichthyology

Kaminskaya, L.D., 1966:
An addition to the sponge fauna of the Black Sea

Bilsing, S.W.; Eads, R.B., 1947:
An addition to the tick fauna of the United States

Wood, Sherwin, F., 1944:
An additional California locality for Trypanosoma cruzi Chagas in the western cone-nosed bug, Triatoma protracta

Ewing, W.H., 1946:
An additional Shigella paradysenteriae serotype

Eads, R.B.; Strom, L.G., 1957:
An additional United States record of Haemagogus equinus

Smith, M.R., 1927:
An additional annotated list of ants of Mississippi with a description of a new species of Pheidole

Smith, M.R., 1931:
An additional annotated list of the ants of Mississippi

Patchen, M.L.; Macvittie, T.J.; Souza, L.M., 1991:
An additional application for hemopoietic growth factors use with cytoprotective agents in the mitigation of radiation induced myelosuppression

Meric Engin, 1971:
An additional aspect of reproduction in the Orbitoididae

Mcduffie, George, T., 1963:
An additional buff-colored Opheodrys v vernalis

Yano, O., 1989:
An additional checklist of brazilian bryophytes

Podas, T.; Oldham, R.; Roy, S.; Sheehan, N.; Nightingale, J.; Playford, R.; Mayberry, J.F., 1997:
An additional clinical role for elemental diets in the treatment of chronic disease

Ludwig, Kurt, S., 1961:
An additional contribution to the structure of the gorilla placenta

Well Roland; Roether Wolfgang; Stevens David, P., 2003:
An additional deep-water mass in Drake Passage as revealed by super 3 He data

Lisovskii, G.M., 1959:
An additional discussion on mathematical processing of data of field experiments

Dorairaj, M.S.ephen; David, B.V.santharaj, 1961:
An additional evidence for the prophyllar nature of cucurbitaceous tendrils

Tonomura, Y., 1996:
An additional experiment on the effects of microwaves on oocytes of Drosophila melanogaster

Uhrin, M.; Stollman, A.; Dudich, A., 1992:
An additional find of the field vole, Microtus agrestis L, in the protected landscape area Slovensky Kras

Wetmore, Alexander, 1949:
An additional form of the South American grasshopper sparrow

Sturgeon, M.T.; Merrill, W.M., 1949:
An additional fossiliferous member in the Allegheny formation of Ohio

Bass, A.; Berkman, S.; Saunders, F., 1941:
An additional growth factor needed by some hemolytic streptococci

Iodice, C.; Novelletto, A.; Malaspina, P.; Persichetti, F., 1990:
An additional HindIII polymorphism at the coagulation factor XIIIA locus

Lindenmayer, D.B.; Dixon, J.M., 1992:
An additional historical record of Leadbeaters possum, Gymnobelideus leadbeateri McCoy, prior to the 1961 rediscovery of the species

Mensah, A.; Mulligan, C.; Linehan, J.; Ruf, S.; O'Doherty, A.; Grygalewicz, B.; Shipley, J.; Groet, J.; Tybulewicz, V.; Fisher, E.; Brandner, S.; Nizetic, D., 2007:
An additional human chromosome 21 causes suppression of neural fate of pluripotent mouse embryonic stem cells in a teratoma model

Hong, H.J.; Hoe, K.L.; Ryu, C.J.; Yoo, O.J., 1992:
An additional human serine tRNA gene

Rehman, J.; Kreutezer, E., 1998:
An additional indication for the short rigid ureteroscopy

Watanabe, N.; Kijima, M.; Sato, E.; Yamaguchi, N.; Miura, E.; Ikeda, K.; Maruyama, Y., 1996:
An additional intracoronary thrombolysis on reperfusion with PTCA assessed by myocardial perfusion imaging in patients with acute myocardial infarction

Ferguson, Edward, 1952:
An additional locality record of the ostracod, Physocypria pustulosa

Dharmaraj, S.; Robitaille, J.M.; Zhu, D.; Li, Y.Y.; Maumenee, I.H., 1998:
An additional locus for Lebers congenital amaurosis maps to chromosome 6

Fahlbusch Volker; Schmidt Norbert, 1969:
An additional lower Oligocene fissure filling at Weissenburg in Bavaria

Aykut, A.; Cogulu, O.; Ekmekci, A.Y.; Ozkinay, F., 2008:
An additional manifestation in acrocallosal syndrome: temporal lobe hypoplasia

Kauvar, A.J. , 1959:
An additional method for recording intubation studies of the human intestine

Herrmann, K.O., 1952:
An additional method of treating liver and bile duct diseases and postoperative conditions

Kern, J.H., 1952:
An additional note on Viburnum clemensae Kern

Mittleman, M.B., 1945:
An additional note on a supposed specimen of Hyla phaeocrypta

Ouchi, Yoshio, 1940:
An additional note on some stratiomyid flies from eastern Asia

Pickerill, R.K.; Mccann, T., 1989:
An additional note on spirocosmorhaphe seilacher 1989

Stevenson, Paul Huston, 1930:
An additional note on the calculation of the surface area of Chinese subjects The technique of measurement and a modified arm constant

Earle, Alvin, M., 1961:
An additional note on the ear of Holbrookia maculata

Gerstel, D.U.; Hammond, B.L.; Kidd, C., 1953:
An additional note on the inheritance of apomixis inguayule

Tamiya, Hiroshi, 1951:
An additional note on the kinetics of algal growth

Tilden, J.W., 1960:
An additional note on the life history of Mitoura spinetorum

Tedrow Allen, R.; Baskin Jon, A.; Robison Steven, F., 1999:
An additional occurrence of Simocyon Mammalia, Carnivora, Procyonidae in North America

Zhang, Z.; Naughton, D.; Benjamin, N.; Winyard, P.; Blake, D.; Symons, M., 1998:
An additional pathway for nitric oxide formation in the absence of nitric oxide synthase activity Generation of nitric oxide by xanthine oxidase

Cohen, A.; Cordone, G.; Fasce, G.; Romano, C., 1993:
An additional patient of Laron-type dwarfism in Italy

Chumakov, A.A.; Yudina, V.S., 1962:
An additional peritoneal sac

Muresu, R.; Gress, T.; Querzola, S.W.F.; D.A.brosis A.; Casciano, I.; Baldini, A.; Rocchi, M.; Zenthon, J.; Siniscalco, M.; Romani, M., 1991:
An additional primary or secondary site of integration for the viral construct adenovirus sv40 at a highly recombinogenic chromosomal region 4p162

Brown, J.B.; Bulbrook, R.D.; Greenwood, F.C., 1957:
An additional purification step for a method for estimating oestriol, oestrone and oestradiol-17 in human urine

Clancey, P.A., 1962:
An additional race of Buphagus erythrorhynchus from the Somali Arid District

Wetmore, Alexander, 1963:
An additional race of the pileated tinamou from Panama

Wetmore, Alexander, 1926:
An additional record for the fossil Hawk Urubitinga enecta

Hass, Todd, 1995:
An additional record of Bulwers Petrel Bulweria bulwerii off the southeastern United States of America

Roscoe, Ernest, J., 1959:
An additional record of Lymnea auricularia from Utah

White, Theodore, E., 1941:
An additional record of Megatherium from the Pliocene of Florida

Reese, Robert, W., 1953:
An additional record of Microhyla elegans

Donovan Stephen, K.; Jagt John, W.M., 2005:
An additional record of Oichnus excavatus Donovan Jagt from the Maastrichtian Upper Cretaceous of southern Limburg, the Netherlands

Hooker, J.J., 1992:
An additional record of a placental mammal order astrapotheria from the eocene of west antarctica

Kilgo, J.C.; Cochran, K.W., 1996:
An additional record of leucism in the Carolina wren

Ryan, T.P.; Lentino, R.; Miguel, 1995:
An additional record of the Pale-footed Swallow Notiochelidon flavipes from Venezuela

Torre, Luis, D.La, 1952:
An additional record of the bat Sturnira ludovici in Mexico

Edmunds, Lafe, R., 1954:
An additional record of the lone-star tick, Amblyomma americanum in Ohio

Shaffer, B.S.; Yates, B.C.; Baker, B.W., 1995:
An additional record of the native American elk from north Texas

Bond, Gorman, M., 1964:
An additional record of the yellow-billed tropicbird from Pennsylvania

Nozawa, K., 1958:
An additional report on the estimation of the effective population size for changes in the number of individuals between the parental and the progeny populations

Robbins, W.J.; Stebbins, M., 1949:
An additional report on the growth of excised tomato roots

Peter, M., 1990:
An additional site for erythromma viridulum new record charp odonata

Buzas, B.; Farkas, B., 1997:
An additional skull of the Bali tiger, Panthera tigris balica in the Hungarian Natural History Museum

Segal, R.; Berk, A.J., 1990:
An additional sp1 transcription factor binding site in a simple promoter increases e1a dependent transcription and overcomes spacing constraints and tata element dependence

Smith, L.A., 1997:
An additional species of reptile for Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Axtell, Ralph, W., 1951:
An additional specimen of Lampropeltis blairi from Texas

Wiggins, Ira, L., 1951:
An additional specimen of Pinus pieperi Dorf, from Ventura County California

Chow, T.Y.; Chang, S.J.; Chang, L.C., 1955:
An additional specimen of forked frond of Protoblechnum wongii Halle

Entzeroth, A., 1989:
An additional specimen of vipera lebetina new record linnaeus 1758 serpentes viperidae from the central southern coast of turkey

Gough, H.G., 1946:
An additional study of food aversions

Iguchi, J.; Ouchi, T., 1927:
An additional study on the chlorination of running water

Grinnell, J.; Swarth, H.S., 1926:
An additional subspecies of spotted towhee from Lower California

Rindge, Frederick, H., 1952:
An additional synonym in Annaphila

Bennett, J.A.; Escobar, W.; Dinaledine, R., 1994:
An additional transmembrane domain in the AMPA receptor subunit GluR3

Rehn, J.A.G.; J.G.ant, H., 1960:
An additional tribe of the Romaleinae

Bergann, F., 1961:
An additional trichimera in Euphorbia pulcherrima Willd

Vyaurahare, P.M., 1989:
An additional unusual nest site of the purple sunbird

Lee, J.B.; Lee, I.S.; Jang, J.H.; Kim, H.L.; Kim, E.K., 1997:
An additional viscoelastic-like layer on the posterior surface of the glycoprotein layer in the owl cornea

Lesemann Jerome Etienne; Shaw John, 2000 :
An additional water source for the formation of the Channeled Scablands in south-central British Columbia, Canada

Reddan, J.R.; Dziedzic, D.C.; Wirebaugh, B.M.; Peters, J.L., 1991:
An additive effect of tempol and insulin or egf in protecting lens epithelial cells from hydrogen peroxide induced cytotoxicity

Hassard, Howard, 1965:
An address Affected with a public interest

Boving, Adam, G., 1929:
An address delivered at the 4th Internat Congress of Entomology at Ithaca, N Y

Handley, W.S., 1929:

Mellanby, John, 1926:
An address on the mechanism of pancreatic secretion Delivered at the Institute of Pathology and Medical Research, St Marys Hospital, London

Bogdanov, A.A.Jr; Martin, C.; Bogdanova, A.V.; Brady, T.J.; Weissleder, R., 1996:
An adduct of cis-diamminedichloroplatinum and poly poly -succinate Synthesis and cytotoxic properties

Henry, G.F.; Down, E.E.; Baten, W.D., 1942:
An adeauate sample of corn plots with reference to moisture and shelling percentages

Hinton, T.; Ellis, J.; Noyes, D.T., 1951:
An adenine requirement in a strain of Drosophila

Chapin, M.; Dubes, G.R., 1963:
An adenine-resistant mutant of poliovirus

Kaspar, B.K.; Crone, S.; Brandon, E.P.; Van Paag, H.; Randolph Moore, L.; Lee, K.F.; Gage, F.H., 1998:
An adeno-associated viral vector encoding GFP-CRE recombinase to direct site-specific recombination in the mouse brain

Gnatenko, D.; Hearing, P.; Jesty, J.; Bahou, W., 1998:
An adeno-associated/adenovirus hybrid vector generates high-level human factor VIII in vitro

Kazaoka, Y.; Kawase, T.; Shinohara, A.; Yamada, S., 1994:
An adenocarcinoma in salivary glands A case report

Kashimura, M.; Shinohara, M.; Oikawa, K.; Hamasaki, K.; Sato, H., 1990:
An adenocarcinoma in situ of the uterine cervix that developed into invasive adenocarcinoma after 5 years

Fujita, Y.; Sugimura, K.; E.A., 1992:
An adenoid cystic carcinoma of the right main bronchus with distant metastases effectively treated with chemotherapy alone a case report

Tobi, M.; Kaila, V.; Goo, R.; Kinzie, J.; Ehrinpreis, M.; Maliakkal, B.J.; Yang, S.; Chintalapani, S.; Cats, A.; Luk, G.D., 1992:
An adenoma associated antigen as a preneoplastic marker in familial polyposis coli versus sporadic colonic neoplasia

Acquavella, J.; Owen, C.; Bird, M.; Yarborough, C.; Lynch, J., 1989:
An adenomatous polyp case control study to assess occupational risk factors for workplace colorectal cancer cluster

Walsh, D.A.; Perkins, J.P.; Krebs, E.G., 1968:
An adenosine 3 , 5 -monophosphate-dependent protein kinase from rabbit skeletal muscle

Hale, S.L.; Bellows, S.D.; Hammerman, H.; Kloner, R.A., 1993:
An adenosine A-1 receptor agonist, R -N- -adenosine , but not adenosine itself, acts as a therapeutic preconditioning-mimetic agent in rabbits

Huang, C.H.iung; Kim, S.J.ng; Kudej, R.K.; Ghaleh, B.; Shen, Y.T.ng; Bishop, S.P.; Vatner, S.F., 1998:
An adenosine A1 agonist protects myocardium by altering the spatial distribution of myocardial blood flow

Montesinos, M.C.; Shapiro, R.; Desai, A.; Cronstein, B.N., 1998:
An adenosine A2a receptor agonist promotes wound closure in normal and urokinase plasminogen activator knockout but not tissue plasminogen activator knockout mice

Lee, S.S.; Medlicott, S.; Chilton, L.; Bomzon, A., 1989:
An adenosine antagonist decreases splanchnic blood flow in cirrhotic rats

Jiang, C.K.; Hong, R.; Horowitz, S.D.; Kong, X.P.; Hirschhorn, R., 1997:
An adenosine deaminase allele contains two newly identified deleterious mutations that interact to abolish enzyme activity

Mazelis, M.; Creveling, R.K., 1963:
An Adenosine Hydrolase From Brussels Sprouts

Kowaluk, E.A.; Mikusa, J.; Wismer, C.; Jarvis, M.F., 1998:
An adenosine kinase inhibitor attenuates carrageenan-induced hyperalgesia and inflammation in the rat

Vandewaa, J.; Denlinger, L.C.; Bertics, P.J.; Weidanz, W.P.; Proctor, R.A., 1994:
An adenosine nucleotide analog, 2-methylthio-ATP, protects mice from death from cerebral malaria

Krespl, V.; Fozzard, H.A.; Sleator, W., 1964:
An adenosine triphosphtase preparation from a membrane-sarcotubular fraction of guinea pig heart muscle

Borek, B.A.; Zaffuto, S.F.; Bovarnick, M., 1960:
An adenosine-triphosphate-activated hemolytic system. III. Effect of rabbit hemolytic factor on the membrane permeability of human red cells

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An adenoviral vector encoding dominant negative Cbl lowers the threshold for T cell activation in post-thymic T cells

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An adenovirus vector expressing LacZ for gene transfer into the hippocampus and striatum

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An adenylate cyclase, CyaD, mediates the signal of blue light in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp PCC 6803

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An adiabatic calorimeter for measuring the specific heats of liquids in the range 0 to 100

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An adjunct insulin regimen for the management of non insulin dependent diabetic patients with secondary failure to sulfonylureas

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An adjunct to linkage analysis and rflp based association studies application to schizophrenia

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An Adjustable Apparatus Stand and Truck

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An adjustable impulse ground-probing radar

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An adjustable lamp-holder of kinematic design

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An adjustable macroplankton sled

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An adjustable micro-monolith sampler

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An adjustable resilient foot prosthesis

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An Adjustable Resistance with Linear Response to Air Flow for Respiration Experiments

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An adjustable scale for measuring instruments

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An adjustable thermode for nerve cooling

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An adjustable-current pool for determining the endurance swimming capacity of mice

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An adjusting avoidance schedule

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An adjusting-delay operant delayed nonmatching-to-position task dissociates effects of amnestic drugs

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An adjustment of the systematics in the genus Difflugia

Decloitre, L., 1960:
An adjustment of the systematics in the genus Lesquereusia

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An adjustment to the 1997 estimate for new prostate cancer cases

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An adjustment to the higher taxonomy of the fossil Stomatopoda

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An adjuvant role of in situ dendritic cells (DCs) in linking innate and adaptive immunity

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An adolescent girl with headache and syncope

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An adrenaline (and gold?) rush for the GPCR community

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An adsorbate inoculant for the active immunization against a-typical fowl plague

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An adsorbate vaccine for active immunization against the atypical fowl plague

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An adsorbate vaccine for the control of infectious abortion

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An adsorption method for the estimation of nicotinic acid content of ani-mal tissues and blood

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An adsorption-fluorometric method for the quantitative determination of free and bound adrenalin and noradrenalin in urine

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An adult case of anomalous origin of the left coronary artery from the pulmonary artery with the coronary artery-bronchial artery anastomosis

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An adult case of tylosis like plaque on the sacro coccygeal area

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An adult digenetic trematode from an invertebrate host Proctoeces subtenuis from the lamellibranch Scrobicularia plana

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An adult human pigmented skin model to study the melanization process

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An adult model of immunologic tolerance which frustrates affinity maturation in b lymphocytes

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An adult of outcome of treatment for acromegaly in stoke

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An adult population study of Pyrrhosoma nymphula

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An adult pug-headed brown trout, Salmo fario, with notes on other pug-headed salmonids

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An adult ring billed gull larus delawarensis on lake olympia munich

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An adult wistar rat model for studying haemophilus influenzae bacteremia

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An adult with 49 xyyyy karyotype

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An adult with 49,XYYYY karyotype: case report and endocrine studies

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An adult with inherited mitochondrial encephalomyopathy: report of a case

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An adult-fetal skin interface heals without scar formation in sheep

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An adulteration of majoran

Vanni, Vittorio, 1933:
An advance in culicid larva control

Cai-Shu-Qun; Zhang-Wen-Jing; Wang-Sheng-An, 2007:
An advance in marine environment observation technology

Jones, P.R.; Stone, P.G., 1964:
An Advance In Somatotype Photography

Murthy, P.N.; Mcfarland, A.R., 1993:
An advanced air sampling technique for hazardous waste sites

Doll William, E.; Beard, L.; Gamey, T., 2002:
An advanced airborne magnetic system for high-resolution mapping

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An advanced anesthetic management for small children

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An advanced application of the quantitative structure-activity relationship concept in electrokinetic chromatography of metal complexes

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An advanced approach for catchment delineation and water balance modelling within wetlands and floodplains

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An advanced autosampling system for gas chromatography mass spectrometry

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An advanced cell culture model to evaluate genetic aberrations and proliferation behaviour in prostatic cancer cells with respect to hormone-dependence and androgen-receptor expression

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An advanced collaborative tool for virtual endoscopy

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An advanced dynemicin A model Stabilization of the 3,8-epoxide by anthraquinone functionality in the absence of the bridging enediyne

Bradford,V.E., 2008:
An advanced feedstock for ethanol sweet sorghum is crop to fuel the future

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An advanced image processing and database management system for analysis of cardiac images using cine ct

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An advanced interviewing course for fourth-year medical students

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An advanced marine system for accurate seismic data acquisition

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An advanced method for the determination of carboxyl methyl esterase activity using gas chromatography-chemical ionization-mass spectrometry

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An advanced method of estimating fibrinolytic activity and abnormalities in fibrinolysis

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An advanced non-invasive method to study the cardiovascular system The whole-body impedance cardiography

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An advanced personnel extremity monitoring system I Methodology and performance

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An advanced personnel extremity monitoring system II Algorithms and results

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An advanced pharmacy practice experience in sports pharmacy

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An advanced physical geology course for high-school science teachers

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An advanced resuscitation training course for preregistration house officers

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An advanced system for the administration of oxygen-15 water

Barsukow, S.S., 1993:
An advanced technique of maize cultivation in Mogilev Oblast

Glenn George; Alvi Haroon; Shoffner Scott, 1984:
An advanced vibrator control system

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An advantage for dynamic versus static images of human faces

Yorozu, T.; Kondoh, M.; Morisaki, H.; Zenfuku, M.; Nakata, K.; Shigematsu, T., 1994:
An advantage of new epidural catheter with a unique cross-section

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An advantageous method utilizing new homogenizing device BioMasher and a sensitive ELISA to detect bovine spongiform encephalopathy accurately in brain tissue

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An advection diffusion concept for solute transport in heterogeneous unconsolidated geological deposits

Zhan Hongbin; Sun Dongmin, 2004:
An advective transport perspective of breakthrough curves at the recovery wells

TanKen; Fuchs,S.; Engel,M.S., 2008:
An adventitious distal abscissa in the forewing of honey bees

Kloos, A.W., 1946:
An adventitious new Des-champsia species

Weetman, Gordon, F., 1962:
An adventitious shoot formation from a white spruce root

Sjogren, Josef, 1953:
An adventitious vegetation of Chenopodiaceae

Hisauchi, K., 1953:
An adventive found in Japan

Casas, D.Puig, D.C., 1958:
An adventive medicinal plant, recently introduced into Spain

Runnells, Russell, A., 1949:
An adventure in anatomy

Blackwelder, R.E., 1949:
An adventure in bibliochronology

McCOLLUM.E.V., 1959:
An adventure in nutrition investigation

Hadfield, Miles, 1966:
An adventure of amenity Queenswood, Herefordshire

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An agent for the amelioration of vertigo in Menieres syndrome Betahistine hydrochloride

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An agent for the palliative treatment of neoplastic effusions Quinacrine hydrochloride

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An agent for transmitting fowl paralysis

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An agent, isolated from a soil bacillus, which inhibits encapsulation of Friedlanders bacterium and is highly bactericidal for Gram-positive microorganisms

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An agent, transmissible to mice, obtained during a study of Pemphigus vulgaris

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An aggregate model of effort distribution for the eastern Pacific tuna fishery

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An aggregation of Pacific sea turtles

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An aggressive interaction between a northern goshawk and a red-tailed hawk

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An aggressive owl

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An aggressive, multidisciplinary, nonpharmacologic treatment strategy improves quality of life in elderly congestive heart failure patients

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An agrobiological evaluation of the whole-grain form of oats obtained from the Zolotaya Dozhd variety

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An agroclimatological approach of predicting kharif rice yield using daily rainfall data a case study for Purulia district of West Bengal

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An agrometeorological approach for the simulation of Plasmopara viticola

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An agromyzid stem fly of safflower

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An agronomical contribution to the utilization of the soils of the Brenne Hydromorphic soils III

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An aid for injections subcutaneous

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An aid in bending glass tubing in the laboratory

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An aid in calculation for the evaluation of biological radiation experiments

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An aid in disintegrating samples for micro-organic study

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An aid in establishing sand flat tests

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An aid in hand-picking benthic organisms

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An aid in making better Wright's blood stains

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An aid in spreading paraffin sections

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An aid in the analysis of immunoscintigraphies the image segmentation technique

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