Section 31
Chapter 30,022

An evaluation of streak mosaic losses in winter wheat

Atkinson, T.G.; Grant, M.N.

Phytopathology 57(2): 188-192


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-949X
Accession: 030021503

Procedures used in evaluating losses resulting from a natural outbreak of streak mosaic in winter wheat are described. From samples collected in a moderately affected crop, the equation representing the regression of yield on disease intensity was calculated as Y = 101.4 - 0.7493X (r = -0.917). Yield losses based on an extensive acreage survey in the winter wheat area of southern Alberta totaled more than 700,000 bu or 18% of the potential yield. The reduced yield resulted both from a marked reduction in the number of kernels formed by infected plants and from the production of kernels that were smaller and lighter than those from healthy plants. Compared with a sample from healthy plants, grain from infected plants had inferior milling properties and yielded flour with a lower water absorption. However, it had a higher protein content and sedimentation value and produced larger loaf volumes. Strength of the dough appeared to be unaffected.

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