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An immunohistochemical detection of actin and myosin in the indigenous bacteria-adhering sites of microvillous columnar epithelial cells in Peyer's patches and intestinal villi in the rat jejunoileum

Inamoto, T.; Namba, M.; Qi, W-Mei.; Yamamoto, K.; Yokoo, Y.; Miyata, H.; Kawano, J.; Yokoyama, T.; Hoshi, N.; Kitagawa, H.

Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 70(11): 1153-1158


ISSN/ISBN: 0916-7250
PMID: 19057131
DOI: 10.1292/jvms.70.1153
Accession: 030027964

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The mechanism of physical elimination of indigenous bacteria was ultrastructurally and immunohistochemically investigated in microvillous columnar epithelial cells of Peyer's patches and intestinal villi of the rat jejunoileum. From ultrastructural observation, the microfilaments accumulated to form several electron-dense layers beneath the bacteria adhering to the cell membrane, which was slightly invaginated in the epithelial cells of Peyer's patches and intestinal villi.

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