Analysis of developmental factors determining yields and its application to yield prediction and culture improvement of lowland rice LVIII Effects of an extraordinary heavy-dressing with ammonium sulphate at various growth stages on the yield, yield components, growth, morphological characters and the chemical composition of the rice plant

Manaka, T.

Proceedings Crop Science Society Japan: 202-206


Accession: 030055035

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Ammonium sulfate at the rate of 7.56 kg/A. was applied as a top dressing to fields of rice, previously without N fertilizer, at intervals of 5 days at successive growth stages during 3 seasons. The results for various details of morphology and chemical composition are shown graphically. Important differences depended on the stage at which the N was applied, with notable effects of heading date, lodging resistance, height of plant, length of leaf and internodes, and starch content.