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Analysis of the growth in forage crops II Effects of high temperature on photosynthesis, respiration, chemical composition and regrowth of Ladino clover

Agata, W.

Proceedings Crop Science Society Jap: 7-16


Accession: 030066052

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During regrowing process the stolon and root of the plant play a role as storage organs. The former plays a role as primary storage organ and the latter as secondary one. This holds for both carbohydrate and nitrogen ous reserves. In lower temperature plots, the plant uses to some extent reserve carbohydrates and nitrogen compounds during the first half of regrowth, but reserves them again during the latter half of regrowth. In higher temperature plots, the plant uses the greater part during the first half of regrowth and the amount of reserves during the latter half of regrowth is less than that of the lower temperature plots. The reasons for less regrowth in the higher temperature plots are: (1) decrease of emergence of leaves; (2) promotion of aging of leaf blades; (3) reduction of photo synthetic capacity affected by reduction of leaf area expansion capacity; (4) increase of respiration and reduction of the photosynthesis/respiration ratio; (5) decrease of N compounds contained in storage organs with regrowth.

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