Anatomical studies on the wood of Japanese Pasania, Castanea and Castanopsis

Shimaji, K.

Bull Tokyo Univ Forests 55: 81-99


Accession: 030074235

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As a conclusion of the series of the wood anatomical descriptions on the Japanese Fagaceae (Bull. Tokyo Univ. Forests 42: 181-193. 1952; B.A. 26, 35761; 46: 193-210. 1954; B.A. 28, 26953; 47: 125-143. 1954; B.A. 30, 2491.), 5 representative spp. of 3 genera, Pasania edulis, P. sieboldiana, Castanea crenata, Castanopsis cuspidata var. sieboldi and C. cuspidata, are minutely described on the wood anatomical characteristics, and some discussions on the relationships of these genera within the family are given, referring to the results obtained on the genera Quercus and Fagus in the preceding papers. Finally, a key to the 22 Japanese representative spp. of the Fagaceae based on the wood anatomical characteristics is presented.