Anatomical studies on the wood of some Fagus species

Shimaji, K.

Bull Tokyo Univ Forests 42: 181-193


Accession: 030074237

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The wood anatomy of Fagus crenata, F. japonica, F. grandifolia, and F. sylvatica was studied and compared with the descriptions of R. Kanehira on F. hayatae and of N. Yamabayashi of F. multinervis. A tabulation, and also a key to the spp. based on the wood-anatomical characteristics, are given, although F. hayatae was omitted from the key because Kanehira's description of that sp. was too brief. Although spiral thickenings of vessel members had never been described in Fagus, the author found them in F. crenata, F. grandifolia and F. svlvatica. The diam. ratio of wood fiber was the largest in F. japonica (2.82, 2.92), decreasing in the order of F. grandifolia (2.50), F. sylvatica (2.41), and the smallest in F. crenata (2.31, 2.21). The comparison of diam. ratio means the comparison of the quality of cell-wall substances of wood fibers which constitute the ground mass of the wood, and from this standpoint, the above mentioned difference between F. crenata and F. japonica may be regarded as one of the reasons of the differences of specific gravities and other technological characters between the 2 spp.