Section 31
Chapter 30,075

Anatomo-clinical study of an encephalitis, probably Japanese B encephalitis, observed in India

Lapeyssonnie, L.; Van Bogaert, L.

Revue Neurologique (Paris) 98(6): 733-738


ISSN/ISBN: 0035-3787
Accession: 030074652

Biological proof that this case belongs to the group of Japanese encephalitides was not established. The fact that this case was observed in a region of India where cases of this condition have been observed in summer and autumn and the clinical characteristics which it assumes suggest that it was a form with acute but not fulminating development and a relatively attenuated symptomatology with regard to rigidity and convulsions. Perhaps this rather slow development accounts for the relative separation of the glial and mixed infiltrations and the progressive organizing tendency which was observed on a level with the vascular network.

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