Section 31
Chapter 30,185

Asilidae In ERWIN LINDNER Die Fliegen der palaearktischen Region

Engel, E.O.

Asilidae Continuation In: ERWIN LINDNERLong dashDie Fliegen der palaearktischen Region 9-320, 1926, 1927, 1928


Accession: 030184059

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Numerous keys are given, and among the species listed and described are: Neomochtherus hauseri* (p. 77), central Asia; N. perplexus vars. hungaricus*, Hungary, and rossicus* (p. 82), Transcaspia; N. tricuspidatus* (p. 84), Turkestan; Dysmachus theodori* (D. albociliatus Beck, nec albiciliatus Loew) (p. 127); Eutolmus ussuriensis* (p. 148), E. Asia, type in Univ. Mus., Moscow; Machimus (s. str.) setiventris* (p. 198), Sardinia, type in Mus. Hamburg; GALACTOPOGON (p. 273), near Stenopogon, type G. hispidus*(p. 273), Algeria, Stenopogon albociliatus (Hermann i. 1.) (p. 285), E. Turkestan, S. kaltenbachi (p. 294), central Asia, S. laevigatus v. milvoides (p. 295), Greece and central Asia, and S. rufipilus v. ruficauda [male] (p. 300), Armenia, types of all 5 in Zool. Staatscoll. Miinchen; S. schisticolor v. mydon (Hermann i. 1.), (p. 302), Greece; Lasiopogon bezzii (L. tarsalis nec Loew) (p. 309).

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