Assessment of soil quality under long-term soil and nutrient management practices in rainfed alfisol and oxisol at Phulbani

Sharma,K.L.; Behra,B.; AshokMishra; Mohanty,S.K.; Reddy,G.S.; Korwar,G.R.; Maruthi,G.R.; Sankar; Srinivas,K.; Ravindrachary,G.; Rao,C.S.; Grace,J.K.; Mandal,U.K.; Balloli,S.S.; Madhavi,M.

Indian Journal Of Dryland Agricultural Research And Development: 2, 36-47. Ef


Accession: 030199308

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Soil quality was assessed under long-term soil and nutrient management treatments being practiced at Phulbani Centre of All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRPDA). In experiment 1 under rice-horse gram system, the relative soil quality index (RSQI) values as influenced by soil-nutrient management ranged from 0.53 (100% RDF) to 1.0 (50% RDF + 50% FYM), which confirmed the importance of conjunctive use of organic and inorganic sources of nutrients.