Section 31
Chapter 30,227

Aujeszkys disease eradication in Santa Catarina State relevance of sanitary status of replacement gilts

Ciacci-Zanella, J.R.; Amaral, A.L.; Ventura, L.V.; Mores, N.; Bortoluzzi, H.

Ciencia Rural: 3, 749-754


DOI: 10.1590/s0103-84782008000300024
Accession: 030226850

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Aujeszky's disease (AD) is an herpesvirus infection, caused by the pseudorabies virus (PRV), primarily in swine and present in Santa Catarina State (SC) since 1984. Due to the impacts of AD in the pork export, breeder's trade and productivity losses, an eradication program, financed by industry and swine producers association, has successfully eradicated the AD of swine herds in SC State. The last case of AD in the State was identified in July of 2004.

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