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Chapter 30,377

CFD modelling of the effect of pear tree canopy on air-assisted orchard spraying

Endalew,A.M.; Hertog,M.; Delele,M.A.; Baetens,K.; Ramon,H.; Nicolai,B.M.; Verboven,P.; Vercammen,J.; Gomand,A.

Acta Horticulturae 792: 73-79


ISSN/ISBN: 0567-7572
Accession: 030376673

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A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model was used to study the effect of pear tree canopy on orchard spraying by integrating the 3-D architecture of trees planted in different years (1994, 2002 and 2004) into the model. Canopy architectural data (3-D internode coordinates and diameter) of pear trees (Pyrus communis) were collected in an experimental orchard (PCfruit, Sint-Truiden, Belgium) in spring 2007.

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