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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 30388

Chapter 30388 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Merin, R., 1990:
Calcium channel blocking drugs new developments

Phillips, D.; Kelly, M.E.; Saccomano, N.A.; Volkmann, R.A., 1997:
Calcium channel blocking polypeptide from agelenopsis aperta and therapeutic methods employing it

Kelbaugh, P.R.; Saccomano, N.A.; Volkmann, R.A., 1997:
Calcium channel blocking polypeptides from Heteropoda venatoria

Nason, D.M.I.H.ck, S.D.; Ronau, R.T.; Saccomano, N.A.; Volkmann, R.A., 1998:
Calcium channel blocking polypeptides from filistata hibernalis

Artman, L.D.; Mueller, A.L.; Alasti, N.; Hirning, L.D.; Nemeth, E.F.; Volkman, R.A.; Heck, S.; Nason, D.; Parks, T.N.; Jackson, H., 1995:
Calcium channel blocking polypeptides from the spider Filistata hibernalis

Watanabe, H.; Nishio, M.; IIjima, T., 1994:
Calcium channel blocking properties of NKY-722, a highly hydrophilic dihydropyridine derivative, in single ventricular cells of guinea-pig hearts

Orimo, H.; Han, S.Z.; Tabata, R.E.; Stergiopoulos, K.; Ouchi, Y.; Karaki, H., 1995:
Calcium channel blocking substances for prevention of atherosclerosis

Hudson, S.E.; Brown, D.P.; Beatty, D.M.; Chronwall, B.M.; Strautman, A.F.; Morris, S.J., 1997:
Calcium channel characterization of AtT20 cells transfected with dopamine D-2S receptor shows inhibition of a Q-type channel

Vinals, A.F.; Heng, J.E.; Dreyer, E.B., 1996:
Calcium channel control of neurite outgrowth in retinal ganglion cells

Vorwerk, C.K.; Simon, P.; Heng, J.E.; Dreyer, E.B., 1998:
Calcium channel control of retinal ganglion cell morphology

Pearson, H.A.; Huston, E.; Dolphin, A.C., 1991:
Calcium channel currents in cultured cerebellar granule neurones effects of pertussis toxin

Ikeda, S.R.; Barman, S.A., 1994:
Calcium channel currents in freshly isolated smooth muscle cells of dog pulmonary arteries

Albitz, R.; Markwardt, F.; Franke, T.; Nilius, B., 1989:
Calcium channel currents in isolated frog ventricular cell are increased by thrombin

Nakayama, S.; Bridgewater, M.; Brading, A.F., 1993:
Calcium channel currents in isolated urinary tract smooth muscle cells A simulation of non-inactivating currents incorporating a long open state

Fukumitsu, T.; Hayashi, H.; Tokuno, H.; Tomita, T., 1989:
Calcium channel currents in single smooth muscle cells isolated from porcine coronary artery

Pearson, H.A.; Kobrinsky, E.M.; Dolphin, A.C., 1992:
Calcium channel currents in the dorsal root ganglion cell x neuroblastoma hybrid cell line nd7 23

Fisher, J.; Weil, S.; Silberberg, S.D., 1997:
Calcium channel currents in vascular smooth muscle cells cultured in defined media

Olivera, B.M.; Miljanich, G.P.; Ramachandran, J.; Adams, M.E., 1994 :
Calcium channel diversity and neurotransmitter release: the omega-conotoxins and omega-agatoxins

Shcherbatko, A.D.; Wetsel, W.C.; Negro Vilar, A.; Armstrong, D.L., 1992:
Calcium channel diversity in immortalized hypothalamic neurons

Canale, M.P.; Bravo, E.L., 1994:
Calcium channel entry blockers are effective and safe in the preoperative management of pheochromocytoma

Ogawa, S.; Barnett, J.V.; Galper, J.B.; Smith, T.W.; Marsh, J.D., 1990:
Calcium channel expression and function in cardiac myocytes is regulated by co culture with sympathetic neurons

Garcia Diaz, J.F.; Jimenez, C.; Represa, J.; Giraldez, F., 1996:
Calcium channel expression in developing cochlear neurones

Aucott, J.N.; Scarpa, A.; Salata, R.A., 1989:
Calcium channel forming activity of entamoeba histolytica effect on rat liver mitochondria and bovine chromaffin granules

Sunderland, W.J.; Carlson, S.S., 1997:
Calcium channel from marine ray electric organ synaptosomes is involved in a transmembrane complex which includes laminin and spectrin

Mccallum, J.B.; Hogan, Q.; Aasen, M.; Mynlieff, M.; Kwok, W.M.; Bosnjak, Z.J., 1997:
Calcium channel function in rat neuropathic sensory neurons

Toyo Oka, T.; Naitoh, T.; Hirata, H., 1989:
Calcium channel function of reconstituted dihydropyridine dhp binding protein isolated from ventricular muscle

Satin, L.S.; Tavalin, S.J., 1992:
Calcium channel inactivation A new mechanism to explain islet cell electrical activity?

Bamrungphol Watanapa, W.; Armstrong, C.M., 1990:
Calcium channel inactivation induced by dhp agonists is not prevented by blocking the current entry with cadmium

Piros, E.; Evans, C.J.; Ribalet, B.; Hales, T.G., 1993:
Calcium channel inhibition by somatostatin and an opioid in hit and NG108-15 cells

Paoletti, R.; Bernini, F., 1992:
Calcium channel inhibitors in the protection of the arterial wall

Doze, V.A.; Cohen, G.A.; Madison, D.V., 1995:
Calcium channel involvement in GABAB receptor-mediated inhibition of GABA release in area CA1 of the rat hippocampus

Carabelli, V.; Albillos, A.; Garcia, A.G.; Carbone, E., 1996:
Calcium channel kinetics changes reveal localized opioids and ATP secretion in bovine chromaffin cells

Defelice, L.J.; Liu Y M.; Risso, S.; Mazzanti, M., 1991:
Calcium channel kinetics during the spontaneous heart beat in embryonic chick ventricle cells

Zhang, H.; Langeslag, M.; Breukels, V.; Jenks, B.G.; Roubos, E.W.; Scheenen, W.J.J.M., 2008:
Calcium channel kinetics of melanotrope cells in Xenopus laevis depend on environmental stimulation

Thalmann, R.H.; A.D.han M.I., 1990:
Calcium channel ligand binding sites affect gaba b receptors

Day, R.N.; Biagi, B.A.; Maurer, R.A.; Enyeart, J.J., 1989:
Calcium channel modulation and response elements of the rat prolactin gene

Dellacasagrande, F.; Gambale, F., 1991 :
Calcium channel modulation by dihydropyridines studied with perforated patch recording

Bernal, J.; Ehrlich, B., 1989:
Calcium channel modulation by g proteins in marine paramecium

Golard, A., 1994:
Calcium channel modulation by lectins

Liu, Y.; Browne, H.A.; Hay, M., 1995:
Calcium channel modulation by prostaglandin E2 in cardiopulmonary baroreceptor neurons

Yamashita, T.; Kokubun, S., 1991:
Calcium channel modulation by the m 3 receptor in guinea pig tracheal smooth muscle cells

Thorn, P.J.; Petersen, O.H., 1991:
Calcium channel modulation by vasopressin in cultured insulin secreting cells of the rat

Amin, A.R.; Heng, J.E.; Dreyer, E.B., 1997:
Calcium channel modulation of neurite outgrowth in retinal ganglion cells is independent of substrate

Mishra, S.K.; Hermsmeyer, R.K., 1994:
Calcium channel modulation reveals differences in coronary arterial vascular muscle cells of nonhuman primates

Fukuda, J.; Keino Masu, K.; Tsukada, S.; Iwamoto, T.; Torimitsu, K., 1993:
Calcium channel properties in rat sensory fibers during growth in collagen-gel

Lepor, H.; Rosenthal, E.; Tang, R.; Shapiro, E., 1991:
Calcium channel receptors in genitourinary tissues

Sperelakis, N.; Tohse, N.; Masuda, H., 1992 :
Calcium channel regulation by cyclic nucleotides in developing hearts

Finkel, M.S.; Hartsell, T.L., 1990:
Calcium channel regulation by endogenous and dietary fatty acids and phospholipases through direct and gtp sensitive mechanisms

Slesinger, P.A.; Lansman, J.B., 1990:
Calcium channel reopenings at resting membrane potentials following prior depolarization

Tabares, L.; Chow, R.H.; Armstrong, C.M., 1990:
Calcium channel selectivity in squid neurons

Thomas, M.M.; Dunn, S.M.J., 1993:
Calcium channel sensitivity to Agelenopsis aperta venom measured by stopped-flow fluorimetry in rat brain synaptosomes

Johnson, B.D.; Byerly, L., 1992:
Calcium channel stability in large neuronal inside-out patches

Scroggs, R.S.; Fox, A.P., 1990:
Calcium channel subtypes in acutely isolated adult rat and frog sensory neuron somata

Grimwood, P.D.; Faber, D.S., 1997:
Calcium channel subtypes involved in transmitter release and plasticity at synapses between the VIII nerve and the goldfish Mauthner cell in vivo

Hall, S.H.; Griffith, W.H., 1995:
Calcium channel subtypes mediating synaptic transmission during aging

Porter, V.; Wray, D., 1993:
Calcium channel types at the motor nerve terminal of isolate mouse diaphragm Effects of metal ions

Wray, D.; Porter, V., 1993:
Calcium channel types at the neuromuscular junction

Lei, L.; Slavica, M.; Ernsberger, P.; Graves, M.E.; Patil, P.; Miller, D.; Feller, D., 1995:
Calcium channel-dependent and I-1-imidazoline receptor binding properties of 2- imidazoline analogs in vascular and brain tissues

McCleskey, E.W., 1994:
Calcium channels: cellular roles and molecular mechanisms

Hirooka, K.; Kurenyi, D.E.; Barnes, S., 1998:
Calcium channels activated by nitric oxide in retinal ganglion cells

Seth, S.D.; Seth, S., 1991:
Calcium channels and calcium channel blockers

Knot, H.J.; Andre, P.; D.R.e M.M.; Ruegg, U.T., 1992:
Calcium channels and calcium stores their contribution to calcium i studied in the a7r5 smooth muscle cell line using single cell microfluorimetry with fura 2

Feltz, A.; D.W.ard M.; Bossu, J.L.; Fagni, L.; Tanzi, F.; Feltz, P., 1990:
Calcium channels and dihydropyridine sensitivity in rat cerebellar granule cells in culture

Peregrin, A.T.mar; Jodal, M.; Lundgren, O., 1995:
Calcium channels and intestinal fluid secretion

Peregrin, A.T.mar; Ahlman, H.; Svensson, M.; Jodal, M.; Lundgren, O., 1996:
Calcium channels and intestinal fluid secretion Sites of action

Wang, X.; Treistman, S.N.; Wilson, A.; Nordmann, J.J.; Lemos, J.R., 1993:
Calcium channels and peptide release from neurosecretory terminals

Hecimovic, H.; Demarin, V., 1998:
Calcium channels and role of neurotransmitters in central nervous system

Giovannucci, D.R.; Stuenkel, E.L., 1998:
Calcium channels and secretory activity evoked by action potentials at nerve endings

Vanegas, H.; Neugebauer, V.; Ruemenapp, P.; Schaible, H.G., 1995:
Calcium channels and spinal nociception Blockade of spinal L-, N- and P-type channels reduces inflammation-evoked hyperexcitability of rat dorsal horn neurons

D.W.ard, M.; Strube, C.; Villaz, M., 1998:
Calcium channels and the SNARE complex interacting for the exocytosis of neurotransmitters

Nayler, W.G., 1992:
Calcium channels and their involvement in cardiovascular disease

Triggle, D.J.; Janis, R.A., 1989:
Calcium channels and their receptor sites

Quayle, J.M.; Mccarron, J.; Halpern, W.; Nelson, M.T., 1990:
Calcium channels and tone in normotensive and hypertensive rat resistance sized arteries

Gurney, A.M.; Clapp, L.H., 1994:
Calcium channels and vasodilation

Hall, L.M.; Ren, D.; Feng, G.; Eberl, D.F.; Hannan, F.; Kousky, C.T.; Zheng, W., 1994:
Calcium channels as a new potential target for insecticides

Tsien, R.W., 1989:
Calcium channels as molecular transducers in heart smooth muscle and sympathetic neurons

Grover, B.B.; Litzinger, M.J., 1990:
Calcium channels as possible mediators of central nervous system development

Grover, B.B.; Litzinger, M.J., 1990:
Calcium channels as possible mediators of mammalian central nervous system development

Zygmunt, P.; Hogestatt, E.D., 1992:
Calcium channels at the adrenergic neuroeffector junction in the rabbit ear artery

Harding, L.; Beadle, D.J.; Bermudez, I., 1997:
Calcium channels controlling substance P release from sensory cell bodies

Coyne, M.D.; Wang, G.; Lemos, J.R., 1996:
Calcium channels do not play a role in the steroid response to ACTH IN Y1 adrenocortical cells

Marks, A.R., 1992:
Calcium channels expressed in vascular smooth muscle

García, A.G.; Albillos, A.; Cano-Abad, M.F.; García-Palomero, E.; Hernández-Guijo, M.; Herrero, C.J.; Lomax, R.B.; Gandía, L., 1997:
Calcium channels for exocytosis in chromaffin cells

Tiwari Woodruff, S.; Peterson, R.N.; Cox, T., 1994:
Calcium channels from boar sperm plasma membranes with L-type characteristics Sensitivity to BAY-K enantiomers

Wang, J.; Tang, J.M.; Eisenberg, R.S., 1989:
Calcium channels from sarcoplasmic reticulum sr of split lobster muscle fibers

He, J.Q.ang; Adler, J., 1997:
Calcium channels in Escherichia coli chemotaxis

Matsunaga, H.; Friedman, P.A.; Kizer, N.; Stanton, B.A., 1991:
Calcium channels in apical membranes of distal convoluted tubule cells

Tan, S.; Lau, K., 1992:
Calcium channels in apical membranes of rabbit connecting tubules cnt sensitivity to protein kinase a pka and stimulation by dihydropyridine agonist

Nelson, M.T.; Mccarron, J.; Asbury, J.R.; Quayle, J.M., 1991:
Calcium channels in arterial smooth muscle

Matsushita, T.; Hirata, H.; Kusaka, I., 1989:
Calcium channels in bacteria purification and characterization

Tan, S.; Lau, K., 1992:
Calcium channels in basolateral membrane of rabbit kidney connecting tubules

Kim, S.H.; Kim, Y.I., 1993:
Calcium channels in bovine adrenal chromaffin cells are sensitive to omega-agatoxin IVA

Jia, M.; Li, M.; Ehrenstein, G., 1993:
Calcium channels in bovine parathyroid cells

Estacion, M.; Mordan, L., 1991:
Calcium channels in c3h 10t1 2 mouse fibroblasts their role in pdgf stimulated intracellular calcium signals

Alborch, E.; Salom, J.B.; Torregrosa, G., 1995:
Calcium channels in cerebral arteries

Morel, N.; Dessy, C.; Fabregues, E.; Godfraind, T., 1990:
Calcium channels in cerebral microvessels

Bamrungphol Watanapa, W.; Armstrong, C.M., 1989:
Calcium channels in chick embryo ventricular myocytes

Leung H T.; Byerly, L., 1990:
Calcium channels in drosophila nerve and muscle cells

Regan, L.J., 1989:
Calcium channels in freshly dissociated rat cerebellar purkinje cells

Montoro, R.J.; Lopez Barneo, J., 1995:
Calcium channels in glomus cells and their regulation by oxygen tension

Pelzer, D.; Pelzer, S.; Mcdonald, T.F., 1991:
Calcium channels in heart

Schroeder, J.I.; Thuleau, P., 1991:
Calcium channels in higher plant cells

Shin, Y.; Padgett, W.L.; Gusovsky, F.; Daly, J.W., 1994:
Calcium channels in human leukemic HL-60 cells Activation and/or blockade by econazole and other imidazoles, and by penfluridol, fluspirilene and loperamide

Hayashi, J.H.; Hildebrand, J.G., 1990:
Calcium channels in insect central olfactory neurons developing in vitro

Levine, R.B.; Hayashi, J.H., 1990:
Calcium channels in insect motoneurons during metamorphosis

Lees, G.; Pearson, H.A.; W Wray, D., 1989:
Calcium channels in isolated locust thoracic ganglia

Ramirez, M.; Yamamoto, L.; Bernal, J., 1992:
Calcium channels in neurons are reversibly blocked by acute lead poisoning

Matsumoto, Steven, G., 1992:
Calcium channels in neurons differentiating in vitro from the neural crest are predominately dihydropyridine and omega-conotoxin resistant

Zherelova, O.M.; Chailakhyan, L.M., 1994:
Calcium channels in plant cells and their regulation

Pietrobon, D.; Calderini, G.; Forti, L., 1991:
Calcium channels in rat cerebellar neurons

Sah, D.W.Y.; Regan, L.J.; Bean, B.P., 1989:
Calcium channels in rat neurons high threshold channels that are resistant to both w conotoxin and dihydropyridine blockers

Baldelli, P.; Magnelli, V.; Carbone, E., 1997:
Calcium channels in rat spinal motoneurons and their modulation by noradrenergic and muscarinic agonists

Hencek, M.; Zacharova, D.; Zachar, J., 1989:
Calcium channels in skeletal muscle fibers of the frog

Barry, E.L.R.; Viglione, M.P.; O'shaughnessy, T.J.; Froehner, S.C.; Kim, Y.I., 1993:
Calcium channels in small-cell lung cancer cells are inhibited by antibodies against a P-type channel peptide

Michelakis, E.; Tewari, K.; Simard, J.M., 1994:
Calcium channels in smooth muscle cells from cerebral precapillary arterioles activate at more negative potentials than those from basilar artery

Triggle, D.J.; Zheng, W.; Hawthorn, M.; Kwon, Y.W.; Wei, X.Y.; Joslyn, A.; Ferrante, J.; Triggle, A.M., 1989 :
Calcium channels in smooth muscle. Properties and regulation

Ishibashi, H.; Rhee, J.S.; Akaike, N., 1997:
Calcium channels in the GABAergic presynaptic nerve terminals projecting to rat Meynert neurons

Bossu, J.L., 1993:
Calcium channels in the central nervous system

Poole-Wilson, P.A., 1991:
Calcium channels in the heart

Csillik, B., 1993:
Calcium channels in the neuromuscular junction

Stanley, E.F.; Cox, C., 1991:
Calcium channels in the presynaptic nerve terminal of the chick ciliary ganglion giant synapse

Valkanov, M.A.; Boev, K.K., 1990:
Calcium channels in the somatic membrane of the n mechanosensory neurons from medicinal leech

Lograno, M.D.; Daniele, E.; Vulpis, V.; Pirrelli, A., 1993:
Calcium channels in the vascular smooth muscle of spontaneously hypertensive rats

Janigro, D.; Maccaferri, G.; Meldolesi, J., 1989:
Calcium channels in undifferentiated PC12 rat pheochromocytoma cells

Hermsmeyer, K., 1989:
Calcium channels in vascular muscle

Brown, D.A.; Docherty, R.J.; McFadzean, I., 1989:
Calcium channels in vertebrate neurons. Experiments on a neuroblastoma hybrid model

Quarmby, L.M.; Hartzell, H.C., 1994:
Calcium channels involved in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii deflagellation do not localize to flagella

Ohno Shosaku, T.; Sawada, S., 1998:
Calcium channels involved in depolarization-induced suppression of inhibition in cultured rat hippocampal neurons

Gottmann, K.; Veselovsky, N.S.; Lessmann, V.; Lux, H.D., 1991:
Calcium channels involved in glutamatergic synaptic transmission

Santa Fe, M.M.; Uchitel, O.D., 1997:
Calcium channels involved in transmitter release in Botulinum toxin treated neuromuscular junction

Watson, G.M.; Hessinger, D.A., 1991:
Calcium channels may be opened by chemoreceptors for n acetylated sugars regulating nematocyst discharge

Vinals, A.F.; Heng, J.E.; Pieroth, L.; Dreyer, E.B., 1997:
Calcium channels modulate neurite development in retinal ganglion cells

Hivert, B.; Pietrobon, D., 1995:
Calcium channels of embryonic rat spinal motoneurons

Puro, Donald, G., 1994:
Calcium channels of human retinal glial cells

Kakei, M.; Koyano, T.; Yoshinaga, M.; Tanaka, H., 1990:
Calcium channels of pancreatic b cells are modulated by glucose

Markram, H.J.; Krebs, K.E.; Stanley, E.F., 1992:
Calcium channels on hippocampal mossy-fiber nerve terminals

Grover, B.B.; Saderup, S.M.; Litzinger, M.J., 1990:
Calcium channels parallel sodium channel maturation in mouse neurodevelopment

Miller, R.J., 1997:
Calcium channels prove to be a real headache

Pelzer, D.; Grant, A.O.; Cavalié, A.; Pelzer, S.; Sieber, M.; Hofmann, F.; Trautwein, W., 1989:
Calcium channels reconstituted from the skeletal muscle dihydropyridine receptor protein complex and its alpha 1 peptide subunit in lipid bilayers

Ducsay, C.A., 1990:
Calcium channels role in myometrial contractility and pharmacological applications of calcium entry blockers

Abe, T.; Saisu, H.; Ibaraki, K.; Yamaguchi, T.; Morita, T.; Sekine, Y., 1992:
Calcium channels studied with omega conotoxin

Poncer, J.C.; Mckinney, R.A.; Gahwiler, B.H.; Thompson, S.M., 1997:
Calcium channels supporting transmitter release from discrete populations of hippocampal inhibitory synapses

Vilchis, M.C.; Ayala, G.X.; Galarraga, E.; Bargas, J., 1998:
Calcium channels that activate Ca2+ activated K+ currents in neostriatal projection neurons

Dunlap, K.; Holz, G.G.; Lindgren, C.A.; Moore, J.W., 1989:
Calcium channels that regulate neurosecretion

Hertzler, A.A., 1994:
Calcium checklist for rapid assessment

Dormitzer, P.R.; Greenberg, H.B., 1992:
Calcium chelation alters the conformation of recombinant hsv 1 expressed rotavirus vp7

Beltman, J.; Cook, S., 1997:
Calcium chelation reconstitutes LPA- and EGF-stimulated JNK1 and p38/RK activation, promotes phosphorylation of Jun Ser73 and ATF-2 Thr71, and enhances AP-1 activity in rat-1 fibroblasts

Lindeman, K.S.; Hirshman, C.A.; Freed, A.N., 1989:
Calcium chelator induced bronchoconstriction ccib in the lung periphery basenji greyhound bg vs mongrel dogs

Lindeman, K.S.; Hirshman, C.A.; Freed, A.N., 1989:
Calcium chelators induce bronchoconstriction in the lung periphery of mongrel dogs

Van Der Kloot, W.; Molgo, J., 1992:
Calcium chelators okadaic acid and transport inhibitors effects on facilitation and delayed release at frog neuromuscular junction

Chien, C.; Rupp, R.; Orser, C.S., 1990:
Calcium chloride alleviation of salt stress in rhizobium leguminosarum biovar viciae

Vidakovic Cifrek, Z.; Krsnik Rasol, M.; Regula, I.; Papes, D., 1996:
Calcium chloride and calcium bromide in Allium test, Lemna test and their effect upon peroxidases in Avena coleoptiles

Carvalho,G.L.de; Lima,L.C.deO.; Silva,J.D.; Siqueira,H.H.; Morais,E.C., 2008:
Calcium chloride concentrations and storage time on reducing sugar contents of grape cv red globe

Tawfik, A.A.; Read, P.; Cuppett, S., 1991:
Calcium chloride effect on proliferation oil yield and terpenoid production of rosemary in vitro

Whipple, G.; Koohmaraie, M., 1992:
Calcium chloride effects on myofibrillar proteins

Rashid, A.; Carpentier, R., 1989:
Calcium chloride inhibition of hydrogen peroxide electron donation to photosystem ii in submembrane preparations depleted in extrinsic polypeptides

Saylak, D.; Lytton, R.L.; Mishra, S.K.; Sinn, D., 2005:
Calcium chloride-fly ash stabilization in roadway construction

Suckling, K.E., 1989:
Calcium cholesterol metabolism and atherosclerosis

Mirtic, B., 1997:
Calcium chromate mineral phases with high CaO content

Solomons, C.C.; Melmed, M.H.; Heitler, S.M., 1991:
Calcium citrate for vulvar vestibulitis. A case report

Mischel, M.G.; Salusky, I.B.; Goodman, W.G.; Coburn, J.W., 1989:
Calcium citrate markedly augments aluminum absorption in man

Resnick, L.M.; Marion, R.M.rie; Ryan, K.; Laragh, J.H., 1995:
Calcium clamp technique to investigate the role of extracellular calcium in hypertension

Wang, Xiao Jing, 1996:
Calcium coding and computation in cortical pyramidal neurons Spike adaptation, contrast enhancements, and decorrelation

Doepfner, M.; Wiencke, C.; Kirst, G.O., 1990:
Calcium compartmentation in antarctic brown algae

Casteels, R.; Raeymaekers, L.; Missiaen, L.; Himpens, B., 1992:
Calcium compartments in smooth muscle cells

Abe, F.; Mitsui, M.; Karaki, H.; Endoh, M., 1996:
Calcium compartments in vascular smooth muscle cells as detected by aequorin signals

Doxsee, K.M.; Ferguson, C.M.; Wash, P.L.; Saulsbery, R.L.; Hope, H., 1993:
Calcium complexation by alpha-hydroxy-ketones Characterization of a calcium complex of phenacyl alcohol

Cao, W.; Tibbitts, T.W., 1991:
Calcium concentration effect on growth tuberization and mineral accumulation in potatoes

Wagner, S.; W.S.T.; Parmley, W.W.; Derugin, N.; Wikman Coffelt, J., 1989:
Calcium concentration entry blockers prolong calcium transients during ischemia

Salomonsson, M.; Kornfeld, M.; Gutierrez, A.M.; Erik, A.; Persson, G., 1994:
Calcium concentration in perfused and nonperfused rabbit afferent arterioles

Wang, T.; Lu, K.; Hicks, G.L.Jr, 1995:
Calcium concentration in prestorage flush solution affects the functional viability of the hypothermically-stored rat heart

Nishida, M.; Borzak, S.; Kraemer, B.; Navas, J.P.; Smith, T.W.; Marsh, J.D., 1991:
Calcium concentration proton concentration and sodium concentration gradients and cell injury in rat myocytes subjected to simulated ischemia and reperfusion

Rayson, B.M.; Gilbert, M.T., 1992:
Calcium concentration regulates transcription rate of the sodium potassium atpase alpha 1 subunit in rat kidney tubular segments in vitro

Gilbert, E.K.; Rembold, C.M., 1991:
Calcium concentration sensitivity in vascular smooth muscle a combined aequorin and fura 2 study

Byrne Maria, 2000:
Calcium concretions in the interstitial tissues of the Australian freshwater mussel Hyridella depressa Hyriidae

Viana, F.; Bayliss, D.A.; Berger, A.J., 1993:
Calcium conductances and their role in the firing behavior of neonatal rat hypoglossal motoneurons

Takakusaki, K.; Kitai, S.T., 1994:
Calcium conductances involved in rhythmic firing of rat pedunculopontine pars disserta neurons

Wang, J.; Tang, J.M.; Eisenberg, R.S., 1992:
Calcium conducting channel in sr calcium pump without occlusion?

Kumagai, Y.; Kubo, A., 1997:
Calcium containing composition from sea urchin with high oral bioavailability

Churg, A.; Stevens, B., 1991:
Calcium containing particles as marker of cigarette smoke exposure in autopsy lungs

Lieske, J.C.; Walsh Reitz, M.M.; Toback, F.G., 1991:
Calcium containing urinary crystals interact with renal tubular cells and induce proliferation

Kulka, J.; Kovari, E.; Mohacsy, J.; Bucsek, M.J., 1991:
Calcium content in benign malignant lesions of the breast

Turi, Z.G.; Savoy Moore, R.T.; Cassin, B.J.; Fromm, B.S.; Levy, R.J., 1998:
Calcium content in human aortic valves increases exponentially after age 60

Zafar, M.; Hossain, Z.; Mehdi, A., 1993:
Calcium content in some commercially important fishes in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh

Bucsek, M.J.; Mohacsy, J.; Kadar, A.; Kulka, J., 1991:
Calcium content of breast tumor tissue sample by microbeam analysis

Shoji, S.; Komiyama, A.; Nakamura, M.; Nomoto, S., 1989:
Calcium content of healthy human erythrocytes

Kopelias, I.; Fourtounas, C.; Dalamangas, A.; Tsomi, A.; Kapetanaki, A.; Tzanatos, H.; Agroyannis, B., 1998:
Calcium content on erythrocytes and echinocytic transformation in uremic patients under hemodialysis

Marciszewska, K.D., 1994:
Calcium control and polar transport of auxin in the cambial region of Acer pseudoplatanus and Fraxinus excelsior stem cuttings

Carsten, M.E.; Miller, J.D., 1990:
Calcium control mechanisms in the myometrial cell and the role of the phosphoinositide cycle

Antoni, F.A.; Smith, S.M.; Simpson, J.; Rosie, R.; Fink, G.; Paterson, J.M., 1998:
Calcium control of adenylyl cyclase: the calcineurin connection

Antoni, F.A., 1997:
Calcium control of cyclic AMP The key to corticosteroid action in the neuroendocrine system

Balaji, J.; Armbruster, M.; Ryan, T.A., 2008:
Calcium control of endocytic capacity at a CNS synapse

Prado, M.A.M.; Romano Silva, M.A.; Beirao, P.S.L.; Collier, B.; Gomez, M.V.; Guatimosim, C., 1996:
Calcium control of exocytosis measured by FM1-43 fluorescence mammalian synaptosomes

Wan, B.; Berkich, D.A.; Doumen, C.; Lanoue, K.F., 1991 :
Calcium control of mitochondrial metabolism in intact cardiac tissues

Wise, B.; Koretsky, A.P., 1994:
Calcium control of oxidative phosphorylation in isolated rat liver mitochondrial

Otter, T.; Galgoci, B.F.C., 1991:
Calcium control of scallop sperm motility

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