Check-list for scientific names of common parasitic fungi Supplement series 2c, d Fungi on field crops Pulse , forage crops , vegetables and cruciferous crops

Boerema, G.H.; Pieters, R.; Hamers, M.E.C.

Netherlands Journal of Plant Pathology 99(Suppl 1): 1-32


Accession: 030504373

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This supplement to Series 2c (Neth. J. Pl. Path. 85 (1979) 151-185) and Series 2c (Neth. J. Pl. Path. 86 (1980) 199-228) includes 12 pathogens not treated before. The data of 30 other pathogenic fungi have been revised or emended and brought in accordance with the present Code of Botanical Nomenclature. One new variety and two new combinations are proposed, viz. Phoma medicaginis var. macrospora Boerema et al.,Phoma boltshauseri (Sacc.) Boerema et al. (Ascochyta bolthanseri) and Peronospora viciae (Berk.) Casp. f.sp. fabae (Jacz. and Serg.) Boerema et al. (P. fabae).