Section 31
Chapter 30,596

Colchicine site inhibitors of microtubule integrity as vascular disrupting agents

Lee,R.M.; Gewirtz,D.A.

Drug Development Research: 6, 352-358


ISSN/ISBN: 0272-4391
DOI: 10.1002/ddr.20267
Accession: 030595755

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Drugs that bind to the colchicine binding site of tubulin and induce tubulin depolymerization hold promise as antitumor drugs through their ability to induce cell cycle arrest and to kill cancer cells through apoptosis and mitotic catastrophe. However, development of this group of compounds as direct antitumor cytotoxic agents has not proved successful. Over the last few years, the potential of these compounds to act as selective vascular disrupting agents has been recognized.

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