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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 30705

Chapter 30705 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Lafforgue, P.; Chagnaud, C.; Toussirot, E.; Daumen Legre, V.; Kasbarian, M.; Schiano, A.; Acquaviva, P.C., 1992:
Contribution of magnetic resonance imaging to the assessment of vertebral compression fractures

Pascual Castroviejo, Ignacio, 1993:
Contribution of magnetic resonance to the diagnosis of intracranial malformations

Song, Y.; Tsao, B.P.; Hahn, B.H., 1992:
Contribution of major histocompatibility complex mhc to development of lupus in transgenic mice

Sasso, A.; Paucic Kirincic, E.; Kriz, M.; Vitezic, D., 1994:
Contribution of mapping to the diagnosis of epilepsy

Larson, E., 1992:
Contribution of marine snow to the diet of juvenile white mullet

Thomas, E.D., 1991:
Contribution of marrow transplantation in leukemia

Colombo, L.; Tavecchia, P.; Selva, E.; Gallo, G.G.; Zerilli, L.F., 1992:
Contribution of mass spectrometric techniques to the structure elucidation of antibiotic ge2270a a novel inhibitor of bacterial protein synthesis

Colombo, L.; Stella, S.; Selva, E., 1995:
Contribution of mass spectrometry to the structural confirmation of components of the antibiotic GE2270 complex

Xiong, S.; S.A.and, K.; Rodgers, K., 1995:
Contribution of mast cells to malathion immunotoxicity

Vincon Leite, B.; Tassin, B.; Jaquet, J.M.chel, 1995:
Contribution of mathematical modeling to lake ecosystem understanding Lake Bourget

Itoh, F.; Adachi, Y.; Yamamoto, H.; Matsuno, K.; Hinoda, Y.; Imai, K., 1997:
Contribution of matrix metalloproteinase, matrilysin , on the metastatic pathway of human colorectal cancers

Kubben, F.J.G.M.; Van Duijn, W.; Mieremet Ooms, M.A.C.; Janssen, A.M.L.; Suewer, V.; Oberpichler, A.; Tschesche, H.; Verheijen, J.H.; Hanemaaijer, R.; Griffioen, G.; Lamers, C.B.H.W.; Verspaget, H.W., 1998:
Contribution of matrix metalloproteinases to colorectal cancer invasion and metastasis

Martin, D.; Windham, C.T.; Windham, M.P.; Cutler, A., 1993:
Contribution of meat to essential nutrient intake of US women

Tan, H.L.; Janse, M.J., 1994:
Contribution of mechanical activity and electrical activity to cellular electrical uncoupling in ischemic rabbit papillary muscle

Watanabe, I.; Engle, C.L.; Sherman, Z.C.; Kanda, A.; Gettes, L.S.; Group, E.C.rdiology, 1995:
Contribution of mechanical activity and electrical activity to extracellular K+ and H+ accumulation in ischemic porcine heart

Slager, G.E.C.; Otten, E.; Van Willigen, J.D.; Broekhuijsen, M.L., 1995:
Contribution of mechanical properties of jaw muscles to the control of unexpected jaw-closing movements

Bland, B.H.; Eggermont, J.J.; Smith, G.M.; Colom, L.V., 1989:
Contribution of medial septum neurons to periodic hippocampal field activity

Haque, N.S.K.; Costanti, L.; Leblanc, C.J.; Lin, L.; Isacson, O., 1997:
Contribution of medial ventral mesencephalon to dopaminergic neuron production in vitro and survival, reinnervation and functional recovery in the 6-OHDA lesioned animal

Jones Gotman, M.; Zatorre, R.J.; Olivier, A.; Andermann, F.; Cendes, F.; Staunton, H.; Siegel, A.; Wieser, H.G., 1992:
Contribution of medial versus laterotemporal lobe structures to human odor identification

Perlmutter, S.I.; Iwamoto, Y.; Baker, J.F.; Peterson, B.W., 1989:
Contribution of medial vestibulospinal neurons vsns to spatial transformation in the vestibulocollic reflex vcr

Cercueil, J.P.; Helenon, O.; Thomasen, H.S.; Moreau, J.F., 1994:
Contribution of medical imaging in the surveillance of kidney grafts

Giaquinto, S., 1993:
Contribution of medical informatics to assessment and rehabilitation of cognitive functions

Nishiyama, K.; Moriyama, Y.; Tsuchiya, T.; Tsunoda, R., 1998:
Contribution of melatonin to a circadian modulation of sympathovagal activity Beneficial effects of exogenous melatonin in coronary artery disease

Yee, K.S.; Vousden, K.H., 2007:
Contribution of membrane localization to the apoptotic activity of PUMA

Clairoux, N.; Parr, T.R.Jr; Hansen, E.J.; Malouin, F., 1992:
Contribution of membrane permeability in non beta lactamase mediated resistance to beta lactams in strains of haemophilus influenzae isolated in canada

Arunamani, T.; Somayaji, T.S.N.; Rao, D.N.M.dhusudhana, 1996:
Contribution of mesospheric ozone variability to the diurnal asymmetry in D-region electron density

Lane, E.A., 1992:
Contribution of metabolite concentrations to determination of bioequivalence

de Mendonça, A.; Ribeiro, J.A., 1998:
Contribution of metabotropic glutamate receptors to the depression of excitatory postsynaptic potentials during hypoxia

Pirotte, B.; Goldman, S.; Brucher, J.M.rie; Brotchi, J.; Levivier, M., 1995:
Contribution of methionine compared to fluorodeoxyglucose in stereotactic PET guidance of brain biopsies

Loranger, S.; Zayed, J.; Kennedy, G., 1995:
Contribution of methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl to atmospheric Mn concentration near expressway Dispersion modeling estimations

Ma, N.; Streilein, J.W., 1998:
Contribution of microglia as passenger leukocytes to the fate of intraocular neuronal retinal grafts

Donose Pisica, A.; Antohe, A.; Murariu, A., 1996:
Contribution of mineral food for certain perennial Graminaceae in permanent grassland of Ilisesti-Suceava

Gauquelin, T.; Fromard, F.; Badri, W.; Dagnac, J., 1992:
Contribution of minerals to the soil via litter, rainfall and throughfall in a juniper free population in the western High Atlas

Tong, X.; Velaverde, V.; Guan, H.; Yu, C.; Jaffa, A.; Nasjletti, A., 1998:
Contribution of mitogen activated protein kinase to vascular contraction in hypertension

Faivre, L.; Collod-Beroud, G.; Child, A.; Callewaert, B.; Loeys, B.L.; Binquet, C.; Gautier, E.; Arbustini, E.; Mayer, K.; Arslan-Kirchner, M.; Stheneur, C.; Kiotsekoglou, A.; Comeglio, P.; Marziliano, N.; Halliday, D.; Beroud, C.; Bonithon-Kopp, C.; Claustres, M.; Plauchu, H.; Robinson, P.N.; Adès, L.; De Backer, J.; Coucke, P.; Francke, U.; De Paepe, A.; Boileau, C.; Jondeau, G., 2008:
Contribution of molecular analyses in diagnosing Marfan syndrome and type I fibrillinopathies: an international study of 1009 probands

Guignier, F., 1994:
Contribution of molecular biological techniques to the study of the class II HLA system

Nazaret, S.; Simonet, P.; Normand, P., 1993:
Contribution of molecular biology techniques to Frankia strain characterisation and molecular ecology

Forestier, F., 1997:
Contribution of molecular biology to perinatal infection

Guibaud, P.; Auvinet, M.; Bozon, D.; Maire, I.; Chambon, V.; Chevallier, F.; Mathieu, M.; Andre, J.; Cordier Alex, M.P.; Chazalette, J.P.; Gilly, R., 1989:
Contribution of molecular biology to the genetic prevention of cystic fibrosis

Siest, G.; Oster, T.; Visvikis, A.; Thioudellet, C.; Wellman, M.; Fournel Gigleux, S.; Magdalou, J.; Batt, A.M.rie, 1993:
Contribution of molecular biology to the production of proteins of interest to pharmacology and creation of cellular models

Verger, J.M.; Grayon, M., 1992:
Contribution of molecular biology to the taxonomy of the genus Brucella

Tordo, N., 1991:
Contribution of molecular biology to vaccine development and molecular epidemiology of rabies disease

Polok,K.; Korniak,T.; Zielinski,R., 2008:
Contribution of molecular genetics for new crops development

Buleon, A.; Delage, M.M.; Tran, V., 1995:
Contribution of molecular modeling techniques to the study of cyclical and linear dextrins

Fukuda, M.; Masuda, R.; Ono, T., 1993:
Contribution of monkey basal forebrain to learning and memory

Desmeules, J.; Piguet, V.; Collart, L.; Dayer, P., 1994:
Contribution of monoaminergic modulation in tramadol analgesic effect

Gusev, E.I.; Demina, T.L.; Boiko, A.N.; Pinegin, B.V., 1995:
Contribution of monokines to the pathogenesis of disseminated sclerosis

Hawkins, R.D.; Frost, L., 1996:
Contribution of monosynaptic EPSPS from LE siphon sensory neurons to mediation and habituation of the gill- and siphon withdrawal and reflex in Aplysia

Remy, P.; Roumenov, D.; Grognet, J.M.; Samson, Y., 1997:
Contribution of motor areas to self-paced and auditory-cued movements in healthy humans A pet study

Noda, Y.; Nishijima, T.; Komatsuzaki, S.; Nozaki, R., 1998:
Contribution of movement control ability and power to performance in junior long jumper

Roy, C.; Spittler, G.; Jacqmin, D., 1991:
Contribution of mri to the evaluation of bladder carcinoma spread a prospective study in forty two cases

Omote, K.; Kitahata, L.M.; Collins, J.G.; Nakatani, K., 1989:
Contribution of mu and delta opioid receptors to morphine analgesia in the spinal dorsal horn of cats

Pons, Jean Claude, 1998:
Contribution of multiple pregnancies to extreme prematurity

Shimamura, T.; Kimura, T.; Satoh, S., 1991:
Contribution of muscarinic receptors in adrenal catecholamine release evoked by endogenous and exogenous acetylcholine in anesthetized dogs

Houmard, J.A.; Weidner, M.L.; Gavigan, K.E.; Tyndall, G.L.; Hickey, M.S., 1996:
Contribution of muscle oxidative activity to the decline in VO-2max with aging

Iwase, S.; Mano, T.; Inamura, K.; Saito, M.; Watanabe, T.; Sugiyama, Y.; Matsukawa, T., 1994:
Contribution of muscle sympathetic nerve activity to syncope during upright standing in humans

Matagne, A.; Frère, J.M., 1995:
Contribution of mutant analysis to the understanding of enzyme catalysis: the case of class A beta-lactamases

Soussy, C.J.; Ng, E.Y.; Ouabdesselam, S.; Tankovic, J.; Hooper, D.C., 1996:
Contribution of mutation in the parE gene to quinolone resistance in E coli harboring a mutation in the gyrA gene

Hosomichi, K.; Miller, M.M.; Goto, R.M.; Wang, Y.; Suzuki, S.; Kulski, J.K.; Nishibori, M.; Inoko, H.; Hanzawa, K.; Shiina, T., 2008:
Contribution of mutation, recombination, and gene conversion to chicken MHC-B haplotype diversity

Soukupova, J.; Dundr, P.; Kleibl, Z.; Pohlreich, P., 2008:
Contribution of mutations in ATM to breast cancer development in the Czech population

Hazzan, M.; Bourdon, F.; Dracon, M.; Lelièvre, G.; Noël, C., 1998:
Contribution of mycophenolate mofetil after withdrawal of cyclosporine to toxicity in kidney transplantation

SameeraBafeel, 2008:
Contribution of mycorrhizae in phytoremediation of lead contaminated soils by Eucalyptus rostrata plants

George, E.; Haussler, K.; Kothari, S.K.; Li, X.L.; Marschner, H., 1992:
Contribution of mycorrhizal hyphae to nutrient and water uptake of plants

Janicki, Joseph, S., 1996:
Contribution of myocardial collagen to the left ventricular diastolic pressure Volume relationship

Bertrand, A.; Marie, P.Y., 1990:
Contribution of myocardial tomography in the diagnosis of myocardial ischemia

Hood, M.A.; Pogwizd, S.M.; Peirick, J.; Cox, J.L.; Cain, M.E., 1991:
Contribution of myocardium responsible for ventricular tachycardia to abnormalities detected by signal averaged ecg analysis

Chen, T.L.L.; Wolf, W.; Chisholm, R.L., 1995:
Contribution of myosin light chains to cell movement during Dictyostelium development Studies using green fluorescent protein cell type marker

Albquerque, E.X.; Alkondon, M.; Pereira, E.F.R., 1998:
Contribution of nAChRs to the function of CNS synapses The action of choline as a selective agonist

Contreras Espinosa, F.; Castaneda, L.; Ofelia, 1993:
Contribution of nanophytoplankton to the quantity of chlorophyll alpha contents in the water of two estuarine-lagoon systems, in the state of Chiapas, Mexico

Hendrichs, J.; Lauzon, C.R.; Cooley, S.S.; Prokopy, R.J., 1993:
Contribution of natural food sources to adult longevity and fecundity of Rhagoletis pomonella

Darby, S.C., 1991:
Contribution of natural ionizing radiation to cancer mortality in the united states

Berizzo, E.; Ferreyra, G.; D.V.to, E.L., 1994:
Contribution of neck and pectoral major muscles to maximal inspiratory pressure generation

Sangiorgi, G.; Farb, A.; Carter, A.J.; Edwards, W.D.; Virmani, R.; Schwartz, R.S., 1997:
Contribution of neointima and adventitia to final lumen area in human coronary arteries treated by balloon angioplasty A histopathologic analysis

Kato, J.; Hisha, H.; Wang, X-Li.; Mizokami, T.; Okazaki, S.; Li, Q.; Song, C-Ye.; Maki, M.; Hosaka, N.; Adachi, Y.; Inaba, M.; Ikehara, S., 2008:
Contribution of neural cell adhesion molecule (NCAM) to hemopoietic system in monkeys

Foster, K.; Sheridan, J.; Veiga-Fernandes, H.; Roderick, K.; Pachnis, V.; Adams, R.; Blackburn, C.; Kioussis, D.; Coles, M., 2008:
Contribution of neural crest-derived cells in the embryonic and adult thymus

Kitagawa, H.; Akiyama, T.; Yamazaki, T., 1995:
Contribution of neural release, uptake, and extraction from blood to myocardial interstitial norepinephrine kinetics

Corotto, F.; Henegar, J.; Maruniak, J., 1992:
Contribution of neurogenesis and cell survival to the net loss of olfactory bulb granule cells which follows naris closure in adult mice

Stucki, G.; Liang, M.H.; Lipson, S.J.; Fossel, A.H.; Katz, J.N., 1993:
Contribution of neuromuscular impairment to physical functional status in patients with spinal stenosis

Amzica, F.; Steriade, M., 1998:
Contribution of neurons and GLIA to the genesis of slow and paroxystic field potentials

Marek, W.; Ozyurt, M.; Otthast, J.; Mensing, T.; Baur, X., 1994:
Contribution of neuropeptides in endotoxin-induced bronchial hyperreactivity in rabbits

Potthast, J.; Marek, W.; Marczynski, B.; Bauer, X., 1994:
Contribution of neuropeptides to toluene diisocyanate -induced bronchial hyperreactivity in rabbits

Sawrie, S.M.; Martin, R.C.; Gilliam, F.G.; Faught, E.; Kuzniecky, R., 1998:
Contribution of neuropsychological data to the prediction of TLE surgery outcome in the context of preoperative MRI

Oshiro, Y.; Marubayashi, S.; Maeda, T.; Asahara, T.; Fukuda, Y.; Yamada, K.; Koyama, S.; Ito, H.; Miyasaka, M.; Dohi, K., 1995:
Contribution of neutrophils and effect of monoclonal antibodies to adhesion molecules on ischemia and reperfusion injury in rat livers

Oshiro, Yoshio, 1995:
Contribution of neutrophils to and effect of monoclonal antibodies of adhesion molecules on ischemia and reperfusion injury in rat liver

Coulomb, M.; Dal Soglio, S.; Rose Pittet, L.; Gros, C.; Paillasson, F.; Lerumeur, Y.; Escolano, E., 1989:
Contribution of new imaging techniques cat scan and nmr to the diagnosis of superior vena cava syndrome

Tentolouris, C.; Tousoulis, D.; Crake, T.; Trikas, A.; Davies, G.J.; Toutouzas, P., 1997:
Contribution of nitric oxide production to vasomotor tone of coronary resistance vessels

Quyyumi, A.A.; Dakak, N.; Arora, S.; Gilligan, D.M.; Panza, J.A.; Andrews, N.P.; Cannon, R.O.IIi, 1994:
Contribution of nitric oxide release to metabolic vasodilation in the human heart

Kato, M.; Shiode, N.; Hiraga, M.; Hiraoka, A.; Morishima, N.; Karakawa, S.; Yamagata, T.; Matsuura, H.; Kajiyama, G., 1996:
Contribution of nitric oxide to Bradykinin-induced dilation of human coronary resistance vessels in vivo

Ohba, M., 1995:
Contribution of nitric oxide to calcium paradox induced by guinea-pig ventricular muscles

Guetta, V.; Quyyumi, A.A.; Prasad, A.; Panza, J.A.; Cannon, R.O.IIi, 1997:
Contribution of nitric oxide to coronary vasodilation by estrogen in postmenopausal women

Hewett, S.J.; Choi, D.W., 1994:
Contribution of nitric oxide to glutamate neurotoxicity in cortical cell cultures

Gurevicius, J.; Salem, M.R.mez; Metwally, A.A.; Crystal, G.J., 1993:
Contribution of nitric oxide to hypercapnia-induced coronary vasodilation

Crystal, G.J.; Kim, S.J.; Salem, M.R.; Khoury, E.; Gurevicius, J., 1993:
Contribution of nitric oxide to isoflurane-induced increases in coronary vascular conductance

Dakak, N.; Husain, S.S.; Andrews, N.P.; Mulcahy, D.; Panza, J.A.; Quyyumi, A.A., 1995:
Contribution of nitric oxide to post-ischemic hyperemia The consequences of endothelial dysfunction

Hajj Ali, A.F.; Zimmerman, B.G., 1992:
Contribution of nitric oxide to renal hemodynamic effect of lisinopril and losartan

Sprague, R.; Stephenson, A.; Mcmurdo, L.; Lonigro, A., 1995:
Contribution of nitric oxide to the edema formation and hypoxemia of acute lung injury

Tsunetoshi, T.; Otsuka, A.; Ogihara, T., 1991:
Contribution of nitric oxide to the hemodynamic and electrocardiographic responses to endothelin in dogs

Dyke, C.K.; Dietz, N.M.; Warner, D.O.; Joyner, M.J., 1994:
Contribution of nitric oxide to the increase of resting forearm blood flow during contralateral handgripping in conscious humans

Aisaka, K.; Ishihara, T.; Gross, S.S.; Levi, R., 1991:
Contribution of nitric oxide to the regulation of mesenteric vascular resistance

Aki, Y.; Kiyomoto, H.; Hong, H.; Tamaki, T.; Iwao, H.; Abe, Y., 1992:
Contribution of nitric oxide to v 2 vasopressin receptor mediated renal vasodilation

Dumont J P.A.; Mouloud, M.; Goutefongea, R., 1990:
Contribution of nitrite unsaturated fat reactions to flavor the gordian knot revisited

Kundu, S.; Singh, M.; Manna, M.C.; Tripathi, A.K.; Takkar, P.N., 1996:
Contribution of nitrogen from soil-incorporated 15N-labelled soybean residue in wheat

Mergel', A.A.; Timchenko, A.V.; Leoshko, V.A.; Kudeyarov, V.N., 1992:
Contribution of nitrogen released from roots in soil nitrogen transformation and the process of development of extra nitrogen

Kal, J.E.; Vergroesen, I.; Van Wezel, H.B., 1997:
Contribution of nitroglycerin to metabolic coronary flow regulation in patients with coronary artery disease

Robinson, G.B., 1991:
Contribution of nmda mediated neuronal activity to classical conditioning of the rabbit nictitating membrane and conditioning related potentiation of perforant path granule cell responses

Bauduceau, B.; Popelier, M.; Nizou, C.; Gautier, D., 1991:
Contribution of nocturnal hypertension to the aggravation of diabetic nephropathy

Griffin, J.A.; Collier, D., 1990:
Contribution of non b dna structures to switch recombination in immunoglobulin genes

Mont, L.; Sanz, G.; D.F.ores T.; Betriu, A.; Oller, G.; Heras, M.; Roig, E.; Navarro Lopez, F., 1991:
Contribution of non invasive tests and cardiac catheterization to the prediction of severe non fatal ischemia in survivors of a myocardial infarction

Antonsson Ogle, B.; Nhut, N.; Dung, X., 1998:
Contribution of non-cultivated vegetables to micronutrient intake among women in the Mekong Delta

Casillas, M.; Dulieu, V.; Kotzki, N.; Schneider, M., 1994:
Contribution of noninvasive vascular investigations to the study of reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome

Lee, Dennis, P., 1995:
Contribution of nonnative fish to Californias Inland recreational fishery

Wilson, J.R.; Harrigan, T.R.; Popeski, N.J.; Harrison, L.; Esperanzante, P.; Tait, R.W., 1997:
Contribution of nonthermal contextual cues to cold acclimation in rats

Matesanz, R.; Miranda, B.; Fernández Lucas, M.; Naya, M.T.; Felipe, C., 1996:
Contribution of nontransplant and small hospitals to organ procurement in Spain

Yang, M.S.; Yu, T.H.; Lin, C.Y.C.ang And, L.Y., 1995:
Contribution of nonvolatile flavor precursors of Oolong tea to the flavor changes of Oolong tea leaves drying and roasting processes

Tian, Y.; Lookingland, K.J.; Moore, K.E., 1990:
Contribution of noradrenergic and dopaminergic neurons to 3 4 dihydroxyphenylacetic acid dopac concentrations in regions of the hypothalamus containing incertohypothalamic dopaminergic ihda neurons

Costello, W.J., 1994:
Contribution of notch to glial function in establishing boundaries in the nervous system during metamorphosis of Drosophila

Empana, J-Philippe.; Canoui-Poitrine, F.; Luc, G.; Juhan-Vague, I.; Morange, P.; Arveiler, D.; Ferrieres, J.; Amouyel, P.; Bingham, A.; Montaye, M.; Ruidavets, J-Bernard.; Haas, B.; Evans, A.; Ducimetiere, P., 2008:
Contribution of novel biomarkers to incident stable angina and acute coronary syndrome: the PRIME Study

Kelemen, A.; Gebauer, K.; Diklic, V.; Bozic, K.; Mihaljev, J.; Zikic, M., 1997:
Contribution of nuclear magnetic imaging and nuclear magnetic spectroscopy in the diagnosis of Hallervorden-Spatz Syndrome Two cases report

Shukla, S.K.; Cipriani, C.; Atzei, G.; Argiro, G.; Boemi, S.; Limouris, G.S.; Politano, G.; Schomacker, K., 1998:
Contribution of nuclear medicine to understand the mechanisms of cancer invasion and to obtain its cure

Gruenbaum, L.; Schultz, G.; Seifert, R., 1994:
Contribution of nucleoside diphosphate kinase to G-protein activation by mastoparan in HL-60 membranes

Winter, Y.; Rohrmann, S.; Linseisen, J.; Lanczik, O.; Ringleb, P.A.; Hebebrand, J.; Back, T., 2008:
Contribution of obesity and abdominal fat mass to risk of stroke and transient ischemic attacks

Gardner, M.J., 1991:
Contribution of occupational exposure to cancer: recent developments

Heederik, D.; Pal, T.M., 1993:
Contribution of occupational exposures to the occurrence of chronic nonspecific lung disease

Baudin, E.; Lumbroso, J.; Schlumberge, M.; Rougier, P.; Parmentier, C., 1996:
Contribution of octreotide scans for staging and management of patients with gastro-entero pancreatic tumors

Peachey, N.S.; Derlacki, D.J.; Bobak, P.; Alexander, K.R.; Fishman, G.A., 1989:
Contribution of off responses to changes in the human cone system erg during light adaptation

Kim, M.R.ger; Na, Y.J.; Sokal, M., 1994:
Contribution of older mothers to the increasing low-birthweight rate in New York City

Hocquette,J.F.; Boudra,H.; Cassar-Malek,I.; Leroux,C.; Picard,B.; Savary-Auzeloux,I.; Bernard,L.; Cornu,A.; Durand,D.; Ferlay,A.; Gruffat,D.; Morgavi,D.; C.,T., 2008:
Contribution of omics approaches to sustainable herbivore production

Wolff, L., 1997:
Contribution of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes to myeloid leukemia

Hansell, D.M.; Long, M.C.; Seger, R.F., 1997:
Contribution of operating room costs to total hospital costs for inpatients

Rajput, A.L.; Warsi, A.S., 1991:
Contribution of organic materials to nitrogen economy in rice oryza sativa production

RajinderDhar; Gupta,N.K., 2008:
Contribution of organic materials to nitrogen economy in rice production

Tripathi, S.N.; Talpasayi, E.R.S., 1990:
Contribution of organic matter by subaerial cyanobacteria

Suzuki, I.; Sato, N.; Sasaki, Y.; Nakagomi, A.; Yasutake, M.; Imaizumi, T.; Tomita, Y.; Kusama, Y.; Munakata, K.; E.A., 1991:
Contribution of organic stenosis and intracoronary thrombus to the clinical profile of acute myocardial infarction

Glendinning, J.I.; Feld, N.; Goodman, L.; Bayor, R., 2008:
Contribution of orosensory stimulation to strain differences in oil intake by mice

Wang, L.; Bhatnagar, A.; Dhir, P.; Apisarnthanarax, J.; Srivastava, S.K., 1997:
Contribution of osmotic changes to disintegrative globulization of single fibers isolated from rat lens cortex

Battin, J.; Barthe, N.; Barat, P., 1997 :
Contribution of osteodensitometry in Turners syndrome and somatotropic deficiencies

Homma, T.; Hosokawa, Y.; Moriyama, T.; Murata, K., 1990:
Contribution of outer hair cells to electrically induced otoacoustic emission

Ajmani, R.S.; Heim, J.; Rifkind, J.M., 1998:
Contribution of oxidative stress to increased fibrinogen during human aging

Sai, K.; Kai, S.; Umemura, T.; Hasegawa, R.; Tanimura, A.; Kurokawa, Y.; Inoue, T., 1996:
Contribution of oxidative stress to rat hepatotoxicity induced by 2-nitropropane; lipid peroxidation and inhibitory effect of green tea

Lahiry, L.; Saha, B.; Chakraborty, J.; Bhattacharyya, S.; Chattopadhyay, S.; Banerjee, S.; Choudhuri, T.; Mandal, D.; Bhattacharyya, A.; Sa, G.; Das, T., 2008:
Contribution of p53-mediated Bax transactivation in theaflavin-induced mammary epithelial carcinoma cell apoptosis

Akutsu, I.; Fukuda, T.; Amagai, M.; Numao, T.; Makino, S., 1989:
Contribution of paf to early phase but not delayed phase infiltration of eosinophils in a guinea pig model of asthma

Hovell, F.D.D.; Rayner, D.V.; Kyle, D.J.; Miller, S.J.; Clark, G.H., 1989:
Contribution of palatability to differences in the intake on ground and pelleted roughages by sheep

Ranade, S.S.; Shingatgeri, V.M., 1992:
Contribution of paramagnetic trace elements of biological tissues to spin lattice relaxation times

Fujieda, K.; Ito, T.; Okubo, S.; Morinari, H.; Harasawa, M., 1989:
Contribution of parasternal intercostal muscle and diaphragm to breath holding sensation

Ramm, G.A.; Nair, V.G.; Shepherd, R.W.; Crawford, D.H.G., 1997 :
Contribution of parenchymal and non-parenchymal cells to hepatic fibrogenesis in biliary atresia

D'Haese, P.C.; Lamberts, L.V.; Lian, L.A.; Boone, L.P.; Van Waeleghem, J.P.; De Broe, M.E., 1990:
Contribution of parenteral and dialysate solutions to the aluminum accumulation in dialysis patients

Richter, E.; Branner, B.; Scherer, G.; Heller, W.D., 1996:
Contribution of passive smoking to aromatic amine haemoglobin adducts in pregnant women

Flejou J F., 1989:
Contribution of pathology to the study of campylobacter pylori pathogenicity

Gras, Francis, 1998:
Contribution of pedology to the study of nitrate transfers in the Vittel groundwater area

Lecomte, F.; Gres, J.J.; Bonmarchand, G.; Leroy, J.; Humbert, G., 1989:
Contribution of pefloxacin to the treatment of infections due to gram negative rods

Escolar, G.; Mazzara, R.; White, J.G.; Castillo, R.; Ordinas, A., 1992:
Contribution of perfusion techniques to the evaluation of the hemostatic effectiveness of platelet concentrates

Metcalfe, M.; Ford, I.; Dargie, H.J., 1995:
Contribution of perindopril in the treatment of congestive heart failure

Blankenstein, M.A.; Daroszewski, J.; Scymczak, J.; Milewicz, A.; Thijssen, J.H.H., 1994:
Contribution of peripheral and breast adipose tissue to the endocrine autonomy of human breast cancer

Tamaki, Y.; Nakayama, T.; Kanosue, K., 1989:
Contribution of peripheral chemo and baro receptors to responses of preoptic thermosensitive neurons during co 2 inhalation

Van Der Werf, A.; Raaimakers, D.; Poot, P.; Lambers, H., 1990:
Contribution of peroxidase mediated oxygen uptake to root respiration of brachypodium pinnatum

Omi, S.; Nakata, R.; Okamura-Ikeda, K.; Konishi, H.; Taniguchi, H., 2008:
Contribution of peroxisome-specific isoform of Lon protease in sorting PTS1 proteins to peroxisomes

Montarolo, P.G.; Kandel, M.G.irardi And, E.R., 1992:
Contribution of persistent protein kinase A to serotonin-induced long-term facilitation of Aplysia sensory-motor synapses in culture

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Contribution of ph i sensitive sodium influx to sodium loading in cardiac purkinje fibers

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Contribution of pharmacology to the approach to resistance to antidepressant treatment

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Contribution of phenolic compounds to smoke flavor

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Contribution of phenomenology and psychoanalysis to the institutional and individual management of drug addicts infected with hiv

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Contribution of phosphatidylcholine specific phospholipase C to the expression of basal tone in aortic rings of hypertensive rats

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Contribution of phosphatidylinositol glycan anchor hydrolysis and extracellular calcium ion influx to phospholipase c induced edrf release from pulmonary artery endothelium

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Contribution of phospholipases to altered calcium kinetics during hypoxia h in isolated rat proximal tubules rpt

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Contribution of physical factors to the Frank-Starling mechanism in intact ferret hearts

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Contribution of picoplankton to primary production in estuarine coastal and equatorial waters of brazil

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Contribution of pituitary adrenal hormones in maturation of catecholamine regulating enzymes during prenatal and postnatal life

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Contribution of plasma amino acids to the hepatic protein synthetic pool varies with the amino acid

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Contribution of plasminogen activators and their inhibitors to the survival prognosis of patients with Dukes Stage B and C colorectal cancer

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Contribution of platelet to changes in cardiac cellular electrophysiology during normal perfusion and myocardial ischemia

Flores, N.A.; Seghatchian, M.J.; Sheridan, D.J., 1989:
Contribution of platelets to the arrhythmogenic and electrophysiological effects of myocardial ischemia

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Contribution of platelets, fibrin and von Willebrand factor accumulation in different rabbit models of intimal thickening

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Contribution of plus and minus end pathways in microtubule turnover

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Contribution of polymerase chain reaction pcr to the resolution of hiv status in indeterminate reactors

Shand, Phyllis, J., 1998:
Contribution of polysaccharides to water immobilization in low fat meat batters

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Contribution of pontine reticular formation to the full execution of controlled locomotion in decerebrate cats

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Contribution of portal insulin delivery to the assessment of insulin sensitivity in vivo

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Contribution of positron emission tomography to the investigation of epilepsies of frontal lobe origin

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Contribution of post-synaptic changes to motor fluctuations in Parkinsons disease

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Contribution of posterior association cortex to visuospatial attention shift

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Contribution of postsynaptic Ca2+ to the induction of PTP in the neural circuit for siphon withdrawal

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Contribution of potassium channel to inhibitory effect of morphine on neurogenic inflammation

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Contribution of potassium channels to solute exit from endolymph secreting dark cells

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Contribution of potassium currents of the toadfish horizontal semicircular canal hair cells to afferent fiber properties

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Contribution of pre- and post-absorptive dietary fat to the regulation of pancreatic lipase

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Contribution of preovulatory follicles to plasma immunoreactive inhibin level in the domestic hen

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Contribution of preparative chromatographic resolution to the investigation of chiral phenomena

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Contribution of primary and secondary capture to leukocyte accumulation in vivo

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Contribution of primary and secondary nitrate groups in the activity of nitroglycerin

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Contribution of primary constituents to venous wall distensibility

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Contribution of primary culture of human hepatocytes for understanding the physiopathology and diagnosis of hepato-cellular carcinoma

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Contribution of primary nucleotide sequence for interaction of hiv 1 rev protein with rre rna

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Contribution of prior expectation to corrective movements

Tunstall Pedoe, H.; Morrison, C.E.; Woodward, M., 1997:
Contribution of prior medication, coronary history, age and sex to sudden death and survival in Glasgow MONICA coronary events 1985-1994 Ischaemic pre-conditioning or cardioprotection?

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Contribution of problem drug users' deaths to excess mortality in Scotland: secondary analysis of cohort study

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Contribution of processing and messenger rna transport to altered gene expression in hsv 1 infected cells

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Contribution of professor Svatopluk Dolezel to cardiovascular system control from the morphological point of view

Nahal, I., 1990:
Contribution of professor pierre quezel to the research on vegetation in syria and lebanon

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Contribution of programmed death of T cells to HIV pathogenesis

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Contribution of proline residues located in the membrane-spanning domains of CFTR to Cl- channel function

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Contribution of properties of Ustochrept soil to potato yield

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Contribution of prostaglandin E2 to the interleukin-12 defect in HIV-infected patients

Chougnet, C.; Margolis, D.; Landay, A.L.; Kessler, H.A.; Shearer, G.M., 1996:
Contribution of prostaglandin E2 to the IL-12 defect in HIV-infected patients

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Contribution of prostanoid release to the development of oxygen paradox in isolated rat heart

L.J.; Ellen, R.P., 1990:
Contribution of proteases of bacteroides gingivalis to its adhesion to actinomyces viscosus

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Contribution of proteasome pathway to activation of NF-kappa-B and synthesis of nitric oxide and TNF-alpha in rat Kupffer cells cocultured with syngeneic hepatoma cells

Higuchi, H.; Adachi, M.; Miura, S.; Ishii, H., 1998:
Contribution of proteasome-NF-kappaB activation pathway to induction of hepatocyte death in the mouse liver subjected to concanavalin

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Contribution of protein kinase C isozymes in forskolin-differentiated PC12h cells

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Contribution of protein kinase activation to 5-HT-4 mediated facilitation of fast excitatory synaptic potentials in enteric neurons

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Contribution of protein kinase c to persistent pain following subcutaneous formalin injection

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Contribution of proteoglycans to mechanical properties of resistance arteries

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Contribution of proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy with Chemical shift imaging to the stereotactic diagnosis of brain tumors

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Contribution of proton nuclear magnetic resonance of seminal plasma to discriminate the type of azoospermia

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Contribution of provoking factors and symptoms to ischemic burden in ambulatory patients

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Contribution of psychological well-being on the perception of health status in fibromyalgia

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Contribution of pulmonary hemodynamics on manifestation of allergic asthma in patients with congenital heart disease

Cammilleri, S.; Kaphan, G., 1996:
Contribution of pulmonary tomoscintigraphy to the study of pulmonary perfusion

Levenson, J.; Flaud, P.; Simon, A., 1991:
Contribution of pulsed doppler velocimetry in the evaluation of wall shear in human arteries physiopathological value in vascular involvements

Su,G.X.; Bai,X., 2008:
Contribution of putrescine degradation to proline accumulation in soybean leaves under salinity

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Contribution of quinolinate phosphoribosyltransferase to phthalate utilization by Pseudomonas cepacia DBO1

Malard, O.; Robert, R.; Armstrong, O.; Rogez, J.M.; Leborgne, J.; Lardoux, M.C., 1996:
Contribution of radioanatomical studies of the external acoustic meatus

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Contribution of radiobiology to clinical practice

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Contribution of radiolytically induced dissociation of technetium 99m labeled racemic hmpao in aqueous solutions

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Contribution of radiotherapy to the management of malignant melanoma. A ten year experience at the University of Illinois Hospital in Chicago

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Contribution of rapid screening tests in interpretation of voided midstream urine cultures

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Contribution of reactive oxygen radicals to the formation and progression of gastric mucosal lesion in rats with a single compound 48/80 injection

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Contribution of ready to eat cereal to iron status by income and WIC participation NHANES III

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Contribution of receptors and adhesion molecules to chemokine activities

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Contribution of recurrent BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations to breast cancer in African American women

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Contribution of recycled urea nitrogen to microbial protein synthesis

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Contribution of red cell aggregation to venous resistance in skeletal muscle

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Contribution of red meat to usa diet

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Contribution of regional SPECT analysis in the differential diagnosis of dementia

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Contribution of regular and irregular discharging semicircular canal and otolith afferents to low frequency VOR

Endo, K.; Abiru, T.; Machida, H., 1993:
Contribution of relaxing factors for attenuation of ACh-induced relaxation in diabetic rats

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Contribution of released cells to overall cyclosporin a productivity in an immobilized perfusion reactor system

Jelkmann, W.; Pagel, H.; Weiss, C., 1990:
Contribution of renal chemoreception to the production of erythropoietin

Mercer, P.F.; Kline, R.L., 1990:
Contribution of renal nerves to the natriuretic effect of selective alpha 2 adrenergic receptor activation

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Contribution of renal transplant scintigraphy in the immediate surveillance following transplantation

Bowden,C.G.R.; Smith,K.W.; El-Bekkay,M.; Oubrou,W.; Aghnaj,A.; Jimenez-Armesto,M., 2008:
Contribution of research to conservation action for the Northern Bald Ibis Geronticus eremita in Morocco

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Contribution of research to the knowledge of psychotherapy Introduction

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Contribution of reticular nuclei to the pathophysiology of parkinsonian rigidity

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Contribution of rib cage and abdominal expiratory muscles to tidal volume during cpap and head up tilt in dogs

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Contribution of right atrial contraction to pulmonary venous flow patterns in the adult Fontan patient

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Contribution of right ventricular function to exercise capacity in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and mild left ventricular systolic dysfunction

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Contribution of rod photoreceptors to total retinal cholesterol in rat

Penalver, R.; Serra, M.T.; Vicedo, B.; Lopez, M.M., 1994:
Contribution of root attachment, root colonization and production of a new agrocin by Agrobacterium radiobacter strains K84 and K1026 to biological control of crown gall

Deressa,T.G.; Schenk,M.K., 2008:
Contribution of roots and hyphae to phosphorus uptake of mycorrhizal onion - a mechanistic modeling approach

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Contribution of routine fiberoptic endoscopy of the esophagus in the post treatment follow up of ent cancers

Belikov, V.G.; Vergeichik, E.N., 1991:
Contribution of rsfsr scientists to the development of pharmaceutical science and practice

Ashfaq,M.; Ashiq,H.; Baig,I.A.; Saghir,A., 2008:
Contribution of rural women in the farm productivity

Krasnoperov, F.T.; Galiullin, B.V.; Salikhov, A.A., 1996:
Contribution of scientists and physicians in Kazan to the theory and practice of home phthisiology

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Contribution of scintigraphy in the control of a non-functional baclofen pump

Desnick, L.H.; Taplin, S., 1996:
Contribution of screening clinical breast exam in the detection of breast cancer in women over 50

Giuseppe Comi, G.; Maifreni, M.; Manzano, M.; Visintin, L.; Zironi, R., 1997:
Contribution of selected apiculate yeasts isolated from grape and must to the aroma of cool climate wine Recioto and Amarore of Valpolicella area

Barclay, M.N.I.; Macpherson, A., 1993:
Contribution of selenium content of fish on dietary intake

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Contribution of self-help by drug users in the prevention of HIV infection in the 12 countries of the European Community

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Contribution of separate house dust mite avoidance measures in improving the clinical condition of asthmatic patients

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Contribution of septal infarction to inferior st depression during the acute stage of anterior myocardial infarction

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Contribution of serology testing in patients with characteristic histopathologic features of cat-scratch disease

Hutchesson, A.C.; Smith, J.M., 1995:
Contribution of serum globulins to total fructosamine in patients treated by haemodialysis

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Contribution of serum protein association to discrepancy between the in vivo and in vitro UDS results for 6,7-dimethyl-2,4-di-1-pyrrolidinyl-7H-pyrrolo pyrimidine

Hannhart, B.; Lubryka, S., 1995:
Contribution of sex hormones to gender differences in ventilatory response to hypoxia in awake rats

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Contribution of side chain functionality chirality and amide n h to binding of a potent c5a binding inhibitor

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Contribution of skeletal muscle fatigue versus dyspnea to exercise intolerance in chronic heart failure

Consoli, A.; Nurjhan, N.; Bier, D.; Gerich, J., 1990:
Contribution of skeletal muscle to lactate and alanine systemic release in nondiabetic and type ii diabetic men

Neuendorf, Ortwin, 1995:
Contribution of small-scale seed production programmes to in situ conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources

Pajak, Andrzej, 1996:
Contribution of smoking

Malaty, H.M.; Paykov, V.; Bykova, O.; Graham, D.Y., 1995:
Contribution of socioeconomic factors to Helicobacter pylori acquisition in Russia

Bobak, Martin, 1996:
Contribution of socioeconomic/psychosocial environment Evidence from studies within Central and Eastern Europe

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Contribution of sodium dependent and atp dependent calcium transport to smooth muscle calcium homeostasis

Murakami, M.; Seo, Y.; Suzuki, E.; Watari, H., 1990:
Contribution of sodium proton antiport to sodium potassium chloride movement during secretion by rat mandibular salivary gland

Kiedrowski, L.; Brooker, G.; Costa, E.; Wroblewski, J.T., 1992:
Contribution of sodium-calcium exchange and sodium/potassium ATPase in calcium homeostasis Role in ganglioside protection against glutamate neurotoxicity

Shioya, T.; Noma, A., 1992:
Contribution of sodium-calcium exchange to calcium extrusion in guinea pig cardiac myocytes

Chin, T.; Morgan, T.; Kasmarek, T.; Chen, Q.; Ward, K., 1998:
Contribution of sodium-calcium exchange to contraction and relaxation in developing human cardiac myocytes

Boucher, G.; Clavier, J.; Hily, C.; Gattuso, J.P., 1998:
Contribution of soft-bottoms to the community metabolism of a barrier reef flat

Smaling, E.M.A., 1996:
Contribution of soil and plant analysis to integrated nutrient management systems in Africa

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Contribution of soil organic matter fractions to the sorption of various polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Vilanova,M.; Cortes,S.; Santiago,J.L.; Martinez,C.; Fernandez,E., 2008:
Contribution of some grape-derived aromatic compounds to the primary aroma in red wines from cv Caino Tinto, cv Caino Bravo and cv Caino Longo grapes

Tribalat, S.; Camus, E.; Nisand, I., 1995:
Contribution of sonography in the exploration of endometrium and myometrium

Buschfort, C.; Lensing, C.; Seiler, F.; Mueller, M.R.; Thomale, J.; Seeber, S.; Rajewsky, M.F., 1995:
Contribution of specific DNA repair pathways to the chemoresistance of human lymphocytes to alkylating drugs

Pereira,C.I.; Franco,M.I.; Gomes,E.O.; Gomes,A.M.P.; Malcata,F.X., 2008:
Contribution of specific adventitious microorganisms toward evolution of sugar and organic acid profiles throughout ripening of model Portuguese cheeses

Ouerchefani,D.; Taamallah,H.; Belghith,A., 2008:
Contribution of spectral classification of coloured composition indices used for mapping saline soils in arid southern Tunisia

Thomas, D.A.; Navarrete, I.M.; Graham, B.A.; Mcgowan, M.K.; Hammond, D.L., 1995:
Contribution of spinal and brain stem sites to antinociception produced by the systemic administration of baclofen

Maiorov, D.N.; Krenz, N.R.; Krassioukov, A.V.; Weaver, L.C., 1996:
Contribution of spinal cord NMDA and AMPA receptors to episodic hypertension in conscious spinal rats

Jensen, M.D.; Murray, M.J., 1994:
Contribution of splanchnic and leg tissue to the thermic effect of food

Haag, K.; Roessle, M.; Weimann, A.; Spamer, C.; Gerok, W., 1990:
Contribution of splenic blood flow to the forward component of portal hypertension

Huenneke, L.F., 1989:
Contribution of sprouting behavior to population persistence in woody species

Lane, C.N.; Fox, P.F., 1995:
Contribution of starter and added lactobacilli to proteolysis in cheddar cheese

Lynch, C.M.; Mcsweeney, P.L.H.; Fox, P.F.; Cogan, T.M.; Drinan, F.D., 1995:
Contribution of starter and non-starter lactobacilli to proteolysis in cheddar cheese with a controlled microflora

Waltregny, A.; Maula, A.A.; Brucher, J.M., 1990:
Contribution of stereotactic brain biopsies to the diagnosis of presenile dementia

Reminger, S.L.; Monti, L.A.; Gabrieli, J.D.E.; Stebbins, G.T.; Mansson, B.; Verees, C., 1996:
Contribution of strategic processes to source memory tests in healthy young subjects and patients with frontal lobe lesions

Fromme, C.F.; Jensen, R.L., 1993:
Contribution of strength and peak oxygen uptake to power output during arm, leg and combined arm and leg exercise

Bigos, D.; Perez Fontan, J.J., 1992:
Contribution of stress relaxation to the rate dependence of dynamic elastance

Havaux, X.; Depre, C.; Renkin, J.; Vanoverschelde, J.L.uis, 1998:
Contribution of stromelysin and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases TIMP-1 to plaque instability in human coronary atherosclerosis

Aicher, S.A.; Lewis, S.J.; Randich, A., 1989:
Contribution of subdiaphragmatic vagal afferents to the antinociception produced by electrical stimulation of the cervical vagus

Tromm, A.; Tromm, C.D.; Hueppe, D.; May, B., 1994:
Contribution of subjective variables to the Crohns disease activity index in mild and severe Crohns disease

Nunoki, K.; Ishii, K.; Okada, H.; Taira, N., 1996:
Contribution of subunits to inactivation of the hybrid K channel

Willmitzer, L., 1996:
Contribution of sucrose cleaving enzymes and starch biosynthetic enzymes in potato tubers for allocation of carbohydrates

Horak, J.; Lindner, W., 2008:
Contribution of sulfonyl-aromatic and sulfonic acid-aromatic interactions in novel sulfonyl/sulfonic acid-embedded reversed phase materials

Klyubin, I.V.; Kirpichnikova, K.M.; Gamaley, I.A., 1998:
Contribution of superoxide to agonist-induced membrane hyperpolarization in macrophages Evidence for involvement of Ca2+-dependent K+ channels

Taiwo, Y.O.; Miaskowski, C.A.; Levine, J.D., 1990:
Contribution of supraspinal mu and delta opioid receptors to analgesia in the rat

Plourde, Y.; Lucotte, M.; Pichet, P., 1997:
Contribution of suspended particulate matter and zooplankton to MeHg contamination of the food chain in midnorthern Quebec reservoirs

Kobayashi,C.; Fukasawa,Y.; Hirose,D.; Kato,M., 2008:
Contribution of symbiotic mycangial fungi to larval nutrition of a leaf-rolling weevil

Futagawa, H.; Tamura, R.; Takahashi, H.; Maita, K., 1993:
Contribution of sympathetic nerve to diuresis and natriuresis following intravenous injection of physostigmine in rats

Nakatsu, C.; Yoshikawa, M.A.H.; Nakamura, Y.; Hano, T.; Fukuda, K.; Kimura, K.; Hashizume, T.; Nishio, I.; Masuyama, Y., 1989:
Contribution of sympathetic nervous system to the ambulatory blood pressure values in essential hypertension

Radel, J.D., 1996:
Contribution of sympathetic tone to the pupillary light reflex mediated through normal and transplanted retinae

Shiozawa, S.; Tokuhisa, T., 1992:
Contribution of synovial mesenchymal cells to the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis

Ercilla, G.; Barrera, J.M.; Gil, M.P.; Baylo, A.; Gatell, J.M.; Castillo, R., 1989:
Contribution of synthetic peptides syp to the serologic diagnosis of hiv 2 reactivity

Akutsu, I.; Fukuda, T.; Numao, T.; Makino, S., 1990:
Contribution of t cell factors to delayed phase eosinophil accumulation in the airway mucosa of actively sensitized guinea pigs

Rao, A.K.; Gordon, A.M., 1997:
Contribution of tactile cues to arm proprioception

Turpin, F., 1995:
Contribution of taxoids to the treatment of malignancies

Dierckx, R.A.; Dua, G.; Dobbeleir, A.; D.D.yn P.P.; Vandevivere, J., 1992:
Contribution of technetium 99m hmpao spect in barre liou syndrome before and after cervical manipulation

Carril, J.M.; Quirce, R.; Banzo, I.; Serrano, J.; Bonilla, J.J.; Cordovilla, J.J., 1992:
Contribution of thallium 201 scan to the follow up to differentiated thyroid carcinoma in 78 patients

Pirotte, I.; Hermans, J.; Bodart, F.; Merlo, P.; Francois, D.; Bara, P.; Mescola, P.; Beauduin, M., 1995:
Contribution of thallium SPECT to the diagnosis of cerebral tumors

Hermans, J.; Van Espen, M.B.; Bodart, F.; Pirotte, I.; Vassart, G.; Parma, J.; Beauduin, M., 1996:
Contribution of thallium-201 and of TSH receptor mutation detection in autonomous adenoma

Taki, S.; Kakuda, K.; Kakuma, K.; Ohashi, M.; Ito, S.; Annen, Y.; Tonami, N., 1997:
Contribution of thallium-201 single photon emission tomography to the differential diagnosis of brain tumors

Iwahashi, K.; Nakamura, K.; Suwaki, H.; Matsuo, Y.; Orino, K., 1993:
Contribution of the ALDH2 and CYP2E1 genes to flushing response and drinking patterns in Japanese healthy volunteers

Ali, S.; Bunker, C.H.; Aston, C.E.; Ukoli, F.A.; Kamboh, M.I., 1995:
Contribution of the APO size polymorphism in affecting plasma Lp levels in Africans

Sala,C.; Morignat,E.; Calavas,D., 2008:
Contribution of the Age-Period-Cohort model to the study of bovine spongiform encephalopathy in France trend of the prevalence during 2001-2007 period

Schmitter, D.; Bolliger, U.; Hallek, M.; Pichert, G., 1997:
Contribution of the CD27-CD70 pathway to the immunogenicity of follicular lymphomas

Corallo, J., 1997:
Contribution of the CREGG to unionism

Egorov, N.S., 1998:
Contribution of the Chair of Microbiology of the MV Lomonosov Moscow State University in the field of antibiotics and specialist training

Welkos, S.; Heath, D.; Worsham, P.; Andrews, G.; Friedlander, A., 1994:
Contribution of the F1 capsule-associated plasmid pFra to the virulence of Yersinia pestis

Jackman, M.R.; Willis, W.T., 1998:
Contribution of the G-3-P shuttle to submaximal respiration in mitochondria from type IIb skeletal muscle

Shivers, B.D.; Boxer, P.A.; Keane, K.M.; Kupina, N.C.; Lynch, T.; Schielke, G.P.; Vartanian, M.G.; Vasilakos, J.P., 1998:
Contribution of the ICE family to neurodegeneration

Rudik,S.K.; Manuylenko,O.L., 2008:
Contribution of the Kyivo-Mogylanska Academy graduates to the development of science and education in the Eastern Europe

Piccolomini, R.; D.B.naventura, G.; Catamo, G.; Veccchiet, J.; Neri, M., 1997:
Contribution of the Leifson stain to the detection of Helicobacter pylori from antral biopsy specimens

Attinà, T.M.; Oliver, J.J.; Malatino, L.S.; Webb, D.J., 2008:
Contribution of the M3 muscarinic receptors to the vasodilator response to acetylcholine in the human forearm vascular bed

Krautheim, A.; Rustenbeck, I.; Steinfelder, H.J., 1998:
Contribution of the MDR-phenotype to okadiac acid-resistance in pancreatic hit cells

Klieber, S.; Hugla, Sébastien.; Ngo, R.; Arabeyre-Fabre, C.; Meunier, V.; Sadoun, F.; Fedeli, O.; Rival, M.; Bourrie, M.; Guillou, Fçois.; Maurel, P.; Fabre, Gérard., 2008:
Contribution of the N-glucuronidation pathway to the overall in vitro metabolic clearance of midazolam in humans

Hermans, A.; Rostoll, K.; Verdonck, F., 1998:
Contribution of the Na+/K+ pump to differences in intracellular Na+ in rat and guinea-pig cardiac myocytes

Nappi,R.; Alessio,G.; Bronzino,G.; Terranova,C.; Vilardo,G., 2008:
Contribution of the SISCam Web-based GIS to the seismotectonic study of Campania an example of application to the Sannio-area

Quillardet, P.; Touati, E.; Hofnung, M., 1997:
Contribution of the SOS Chromotest to genetic toxicology

Von Huene, Friedrich, 1994:
Contribution of the Sauria from Swabia to the classification of paleontological data

Oglesby, T.J.; Allen, C.J.; Adams, E.M.; Wu, Y.J.; Atkinson, J.P., 1993:
Contribution of the Ser-ThR-Pro-rich domain to the function of membrane cofactor protein

Handzha, I.M., 1994:
Contribution of the Ukrainian scientists to the development of immunology

Park, H.C.; Majer, J.D.; Hobbs, R.J., 1994:
Contribution of the Western Australian wheatbelt termite, Drepanotermes tamminensis , to the soil nutrient budget

Clark, G.C.; Lin, F.H.; Birnbaum, L.S.; Goldstein, J.A.; Lucier, G., 1989:
Contribution of the ah locus in the regulation of the effects of 2 3 7 8 tetrachlorodibenzo p dioxin tcdd on hepatic epidermal growth factor receptor egfr expression and tyrosine kinase activity

Salvati, M.; Fuchs, J.; Woodward, C., 1993:
Contribution of the amino-terminal to carboxyl-terminal salt bridge to stability of bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor

Bernstein, I.L.; Schafe, G.E., 1996:
Contribution of the amygdala to the conditioned expression of c-Fos in NTS following taste aversion learning

Yee, D.K.; Heerding, J.N.; Krichavsky, M.Z.; Fluharty, S.J., 1997:
Contribution of the angiotensin type 2 receptor amino terminus in high affinity binding of angiotensin II

Jaworska Adamu, J.; Cybulska, R.; Wawrzyniak Gacek, A., 1993:
Contribution of the astrocytes to the regulation of the neuronal microenvironment

Ciarrocchi,F.; Aquilanti,L.; Angelozzi,M.; Clementi,F., 2008:
Contribution of the autochthonous lactic acid bacteria population in a production of raw milk Mozzarella cheese

Tong, X.K.; Hamel, E., 1998:
Contribution of the basal forebrain to the nitric oxide synthase-containing nerve terminals in the rat cerebral cortex

Tsukamoto, Y.; Smith, R.G.; Sterling, P., 1995:
Contribution of the beta ganglion cell surround to information processing

Cunha, R.A.; Vizi, E.S.; Sebastiao, A.M., 1992:
Contribution of the catabolism of adenine nucleotides to the formation of endogenous extracellular adenosine in the rat hippocampus

Zuegel, U.; Schoel, B.; Hengel, H.; Kaufmann, S.H.E., 1994:
Contribution of the cellular hsp60 to presentation of stress induced self-epitope cross-recognized by a CD8 T cell clone with specificity for a mycobacterial hsp60 peptide

Ventura, M.; Fargeot, C.; Certain, B.M., 1991:
Contribution of the central pharmacy of paris hospitals to logistic of mobile health care stations

Ghelarducci, B.; Sebastiani, L., 1996:
Contribution of the cerebellar vermis to cardiovascular control

Sasaki, K.; Gemba, H.; Tsujimoto, T., 1989:
Contribution of the cerebello thalamo cortical projection to contingent negative variation cnv

Truchon, C.; Bouchard, J.P.; Cote, J.J.; Marchand, R.; Doyon, J., 1994:
Contribution of the cholinergic system in lexical priming Evidence from a study using physostigmine in patients with myasthenia gravis

Perrella, M.A.; Aarhus, L.L.; Lewicki, J.A.; Burnett, J.C.Jr, 1992:
Contribution of the clearance receptor in the pulmonary clearance of atrial natriuretic factor

Mackenna, D.A.; Mcculloch, A.D., 1996:
Contribution of the collagen extracellular matrix to ventricular mechanics

Rymen, T.A.; Griepink, B.; Fachetti, S., 1990:
Contribution of the community bureau of reference cbr of the commission of european communities cec to quality improvement and certification of reference materials for pcdd and pcdf analysis

Girgic, Y.M.; Mirci, A.; Gorguner, M., 1996:
Contribution of the computed paranasal sinuses tomography imaging to determine upper airway pathologies in patients with asthma

Li, Y.; Peng, Z.; He, Y.; Chen, W.; Bian, X.; Fang, D.; Wang, R., 2008:
Contribution of the conservative cleavage motif to posttranslational processing of the carboxyl terminal domain of rodent Muc3

Zhang, Z-Jun.; Wu, L.; Qiao, Z-Song.; Qiao, M-Qiang.; Feng, Y-Min.; Guo, Z-Yun., 2007:
Contribution of the conserved A16Leu to insulin foldability

Poirier, P.; Richer, L.; Lepore, F.; Ptito, M.; Guillemot J P., 1989:
Contribution of the corpus callosum cc to auditory localization in the cat

Adams, J.M.; Warner, B.J.; Bodrug, S.E.; Bath, M.L.; Lindeman, G.J.; Harris, A.W., 1995:
Contribution of the cyclin D1 gene to lymphomagenesis

Widmann, M.D.; Weintraub, N.L.; Brooks, L.A.; Dellsperger, K.C., 1996:
Contribution of the cytochrome P450 pathway to acetylcholine-induced canine coronary microvascular vasodilation in vivo

Itoh, H.; Ono, K., 1994:
Contribution of the delayed rectifier K+ current to the pacemaker activity in rabbit sino-atrial node cells

Nishiyama, T.; Mcdonough, A.M.rtin; Bruns, R.; Burgeson, R.E., 1994:
Contribution of the dermal-epidermal interactions to deposition and assembly of basement membrane

Delfau Larue, M.H.; L.B.zec, C.; Petrella, T.; Dalac, S.; Lahet, C.; Revuz, J.; Lambert, D.; Farcet, J.P.; Bagot, M.; Wechsler, J., 1995:
Contribution of the detection of a T clone by gene amplification in vitro in the study of mycosis fungoides Study of 133 patients in two centers

Uriona, T.J.; Farmer, C.G., 2006:
Contribution of the diaphragmaticus muscle to vital capacity in fasting and post-prandial American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis)

Mouysset, G.; D.S.qui Sannes, G.; Younes, S.; Bellan, J.; Payard, M.; Tisne Versailles, J., 1990:
Contribution of the diethylphosphonate group to calcium inhibiting activity study of a series of various substituted 2 phenylbenzothiazoles

Slavin, A.; Kerlero, D.R.sbo N.; Bernard, C.C.A., 1991:
Contribution of the different myelin basic protein isoforms to myelin compaction

Acosta, M.C.; Gallar, J.; Belmonte, C., 1997:
Contribution of the different subclasses of corneal nociceptive neurons to sensory experiences evoked by selective mechanical, thermal and chemical stimulation of the cornea

Renna-Molajoni, E.; Cinti, P.; Orlandini, A.M.; Molajoni, J.; Cocciolo, P.L.; Evangelista, B.; Suciu-Foca, N.; Cortesini, R., 1998:
Contribution of the direct and indirect allorecognition pathway to the rejection of liver allografts

Brewer, K.L.; Ray, R.H., 1995:
Contribution of the dorsal column nuclei to functional plasticity in adult rats

Franco, D.; Wagenaar, G.T.M.; Ya, J.; Moorman, A.F.M.; Lamers, W.H., 1996:
Contribution of the embryonic outflow tract myocardium to the adult rat heart

Moritoki, H.; Hisayama, T.; Ueda, H.; Matsugi, T.; Takase, H., 1990:
Contribution of the endothelial function to vasodilatory effect of atrial natriuretic peptide

Okamoto, Y., 1989:
Contribution of the essential light chain of smooth muscle myosin for the active site

Weyerts, L.; Jones, K.L.; Mannino, F.; Benirschke, K., 1990:
Contribution of the fetal lung to amniotic fluid

Krishnaswamy, S.; Church, W.R.; Walker, R.K., 1995:
Contribution of the fragment 2 domain to the enhanced rate of prothrombin activation by the prothrombinase complex

Kannel, W.B., 1990:
Contribution of the framingham study to preventive cardiology

Chikhaoui, Y.; Boucekkine, N.; Meskine, D.; Bourouba, M.S.; Chitour, F., 1990:
Contribution of the free testosterone assay in hirsutism investigation

Willien, P., 1990:
Contribution of the french lepidoptera to the cartography of european invertebrates cie xvi the genus erebia lepidoptera nymphalidae satyrinae

Essayan, R., 1990:
Contribution of the french lepidoptera to the cartography of european invertebrates cie xvii the cartography of the satyrines of france erebia excluded lepidoptera nymphalidae satyrinae

Guillem, F.; N'kaoua, B.; Rougier, A.; Claverie, B., 1994:
Contribution of the frontal lobe structures to memory processes An intracranial ERP study

Huxley, V.H.; Williams, D.A.; Ji, L.P.ng, 1998:
Contribution of the glucocalyx to albumin flux from coronary arterioles

Kashgarian, M.; Siegel, N.J.; Aufricht, C.; Van Why, S.K., 1997:
Contribution of the heat shock response in renal injury

Nishimura, Y.; Kamikawaji, N.; Fujisawa, K.; Yoshizumi, H.; Yasunami, M.; Kimura, A.; Sasazuki, T., 1992:
Contribution of the hla dq gene in regulating immune response and disease susceptibility

Karageorgis, P.; Antonadou, T.; Throuvalas, N., 1990:
Contribution of the hyperdynamic radiotherapy in the treatment of nasopharynx tumors

Vigneron, A.; Goessens, G.; Humbel, R.L.; Hulin, G., 1990:
Contribution of the immunoblotting method to the identification of antinuclear autoantibodies

Joo, F., 1993:
Contribution of the in vitro approach to blood-brain barrier research

Klaassen, P.; Raamsdonk, L., 1998:
Contribution of the individual HXT gene products to CO2 production

Crickmore, N.; Bone, E.J.; Williams, J.A.; Ellar, D.J., 1995:
Contribution of the individual components of the delta-endotoxin crystal to mosquitocidal activity of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp israelensis

Baan, C.C.; Knoop, C.J.; van Gelder, T.; van der Ham, F.; Zondervan, P.E.; Holweg, C.T.; Mochtar, B.; Balk, A.H.; Weimar, W., 1998:
Contribution of the inflammatory response to cardiac allograft rejection: histopathologic analysis of serial endomyocardial biopsies

Kiyomiya, K.I.hi; Tian, G.; Matsuo, S.; Kurebe, M., 1995:
Contribution of the intracellular translocator to specific action of anthracycline anticancer agents, adriamycin and pirarubicin

Martin, U.; Gaertner, D.; Strein, K., 1992:
Contribution of the kidneys to the catabolism of the novel recombinant plasminogen activator bm 06022 in rats

Fernandez, Liliana Alicia, 1994:
Contribution of the knowledge of the genus Enochrus Thomson II The subgenus Hugoscottia in Argentina

Paliaga, A.; Bianchelli, G.; Balercia, G.; de Nictolis, M.; Mantero, F., 1997:
Contribution of the lateral anlage to the embryogenesis of the thyroid gland: evidence of a persisting thyrocarotid duct

Vandaele, D.J.; Perlman, A.L.; Cassell, M.D., 1994:
Contribution of the lateral hyo-epiglottic ligaments to the mechanism of epiglottic downfolding

Gardner, Harold, W., 1993:
Contribution of the lipoxygenase pathway to food flavors

Previs, S.F.; Martin, S.K.; Hazey, J.W.; David, A.K.ating F.; Brunengraber, H., 1996:
Contribution of the liver and kidney to glycerol production and utilization in the dog

Zhang, L.; Valiante, T.A.; Carlen, P.L., 1993:
Contribution of the low-threshold T-type calcium current in generating the post-spike depolarizing afterpotential in dentate granule neurons of immature rats

Gibson, F.M.; Scopes, J.; Laurie, A.; Gordon Smith, E.C., 1990:
Contribution of the marrow stroma to the pathogenesis of aplastic anemia

Disalvo, E.A.; Giner, S.; Spiazzi, E., 1996:
Contribution of the membrane tension to the osmotic swelling of unilamellar vesicles induced by non electrolyte permeation

Matthews, L.J.; Morris, R.O.; Blevins, D.G., 1993:
Contribution of the miaA gene to cytokinin biosynthesis by Rhizobium meliloti

Moreno Sanchez, R.; Hogue, B.A.; Hansford, R.G., 1989:
Contribution of the mitochondrial dehydrogenases to the control of oxidative phosphorylation

Spence, W.C.ristine; Maddalena, A.; Howard Peebles, P.N.; Bick, D.P., 1996:
Contribution of the molecular genetics laboratory to the evaluation of the persistently hypotonic infant

Maier, M.A.; Bennett, K.M.; Hepp-Reymond, M.C.; Lemon, R.N., 1993:
Contribution of the monkey corticomotoneuronal system to the control of force in precision grip

Gunthardt-Goerg,M.S.; Vollenweider,P.; Menard,T.; Dalstein,L.; Vas,N., 2008:
Contribution of the network to the understanding of the effects of ozone in the forest and on cleared vegetation

Iglseder, B.; Trinka, E.; Staffen, W.; Ladurner, G., 1995:
Contribution of the neuron-specific enolase to early detection of permanent neurological deficits in cerebrovascular diseases

Galidie, G.; Vicens, J.L.; Buchon, R.; Flageat, J., 1990:
Contribution of the new imaging techniques in the diagnosis of tumors of the ampulla of vater

Hafkemeyer, P.; Dey, S.; Ambudkar, S.V.; Hrycyna, C.A.; Pastan, I.; Gottesman, M.M., 1998:
Contribution of the non-conserved amino acid residues in the putative transmembrane domain 12 of human P-glycoprotein to drug transport and modulator interaction

Niyazmukhamedova, M.B., 1990:
Contribution of the nonleaf organs of triticale to the formation of yield

Johnson, P.I.; Napier, T.C., 1995:
Contribution of the nucleus accumbens to cocaine-induced responses of ventral pallidal neurons

Napier, T.C., 1990:
Contribution of the nucleus accumbens to ventral pallidal responses to systemically administered d1 and d2 dopamine agonists

Cohen, B.; Schiff, D.; Buettner, J., 1990:
Contribution of the nucleus of the optic tract to optokinetic nystagmus and optokinetic afternystagmus in the monkey: clinical implications

Pellerin, J.P.; Parent, M.T.; Lamarre, Y., 1992:
Contribution of the olivocerebellar system to the initiation of the conditioned arm movement in monkey

Inoue, A.; Nakajima, R.; Nagata, M.; Aoki, F., 2008:
Contribution of the oocyte nucleus and cytoplasm to the determination of meiotic and developmental competence in mice

Node, K.; Komamura, K.; Kosaka, H., 1996:
Contribution of the opening of Ca-activated K+ channels in coronary vasodilation due to angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor in ischemic hearts

Israël, I.; Berthoz, A., 1989:
Contribution of the otoliths to the calculation of linear displacement

Zhao, Q.; Li, X.Z.; Srikumar, R.; Poole, R.P., 1998:
Contribution of the outer membrane protein OprM to antibiotic resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa independent of MexAB

Han, J.N.; Gayan-Ramirez, G.; Megirian, D.; Decramer, M., 1994:
Contribution of the parasternal intercostals to inspiratory rib elevation in dogs

Rosahl, S.K.; Tatagiba, M.; Gharabaghi, A.; Matthies, C.; Samii, M., 1998:
Contribution of the peripheral segment of the auditory nerve to wave I of the BAEP

Oppermann, Christina, 1993:
Contribution of the pharmaceutical industry to the health care in developing countries

Obata, K.; Noguchi, K., 2008:
Contribution of the primary sensory neurons and spinal glial cells to the pathomechanisms of neuropathic pain

Merigan, W.H.; Katz, L.M.; Maunsell, J.H.R., 1989:
Contribution of the primate parvocellular pathway to acuity and contrast sensitivity

Yoshimura, Tsuyoshi, 1995:
Contribution of the protozoan fauna to nutritional physiology of the lower termite Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki

Raju, Tonse, N.K., 1993:
Contribution of the reverend Stephen Hales to respiratory physiology

Iwase, M.; Kanamura, M.; Homma, I.; Shioda, S.; Nakai, Y., 1993:
Contribution of the rostral ventrolateral medulla to tracheal dilation induced by posterior hypothalamic stimulation

Gaballa, M.A.; Pennock, G.D.; Goldman, S., 1996:
Contribution of the sarcoplasmic reticulum to large artery contractility after myocardial infarction

Bahri, S.; Marques, A., 1997:
Contribution of the scanning electron microscopy study in the differentiation of Myxobolus species parasitizing Mugil cephalus

Adams, E.M.; Brown, M.C.; Nunge, M.; Krych, M.; Atkinson, J.P., 1991:
Contribution of the scrs of membrane cofactor protein mcp cd46 to ligand binding and cofactor activity

Wollack, J.B.; Collins, R.M.Jr, 1991:
Contribution of the second adenosine group to the total binding of bis n 6 adenosylalkanes to the adenosine a 1 receptor

Ishimatsu, A.; Iwama, G.K.; Bentley, T.B.; Heisler, N., 1992:
Contribution of the secondary circulatory system to acid-base regulation during hypercapnia in rainbow trout

Iwata, K.; Ariga, H.; Seya, T.; Nagasawa, S., 1993:
Contribution of the serine-threonine-enriched domains to the complement regulatory function of membrane cofactor protein

Suc, B., 1989:
Contribution of the sinuscopy to the diagnosis of the maxillary sinus lesions

Eizenman, M.; Sharpe, J.A.; Cheng, P., 1990:
Contribution of the smooth pursuit system to the stabilization of drift eye movements during fixation

Hocherman, S.D.; Adams, P.R., 1995:
Contribution of the spatial distribution of Ca-2+-dependent potassium channels and Ca-2+ channels to the time course of I-AHP in NGF-treated cultured bullfrog sympathetic ganglion neurons

Calhoun, D.A.; Li, Y.; A.M.lla, Z.; Abdul Mageed, A.; Christensen, R.D., 1995:
Contribution of the spleen to hematopoiesis in the human fetus

Belsher, T., 1989:
Contribution of the spot satellite to mapping marine plants

Brunt, D.; Protas, E.J., 1991:
Contribution of the stance and swing limb to the kinetics of gait initiation

Doyon, J.; LaforceR.Jr.; Gaudreau, D.; Castongauy, M.; Bedard, P.J.; Bouchard, J.P.; Roy, J., 1993:
Contribution of the striatum and cerebellum in visuomotor skill learning

Doyon, J.; LaforceR.Jr; Gaudreau, D.; Bouchard, J.P.; Bedard, P.J., 1995:
Contribution of the striatum and cerebellum to the automatization of a visuomotor skill assessed with a dual-task paradigm

Sousa, A.B.var De; Sakai, S., 1996:
Contribution of the study of earwig from Guinea-Bissau

Moreno, G.; Altes, A.; Ochoa, C.; Wright, J.E., 1995:
Contribution of the study of the Tulostomataceae in Baja California, Mexico I

Garcia Martin, S.F., 1994:
Contribution of the study of the polychaetous annelids from southern Iberian Peninsula The Bay of Algeciras

Ohno, T.; Tsubokawa, H., 1989:
Contribution of the substantia nigra pars reticulata snr to the induction of head turning ht by electrical stimulation of the caudate nucleus cd in cats

King, A.W.; Post, W.M.; Wullschleger, S.D., 1995:
Contribution of the terrestrial biosphere to interannual variations in atmospheric CO-2

Tsujimoto,S.; Nakaho,K.; Adachi,M.; Ohnishi,K.; Kiba,A.; Hikichi,Y., 2008:
Contribution of the type II secretion system in systemic infectivity of Ralstonia solanacearum through xylem vessels

Sakaguchi, T.; Okamura, N.; Bando, T., 1991:
Contribution of the vagal nerve to a decrease in gastric motility evoked by a portal infusion of d glucose in rats

Fujimoto, S.; Mizuno, R.; Hashimoto, T.; Dohi, K.; Nakanishi, S.; Hirai, A.; Nakano, H., 1997:
Contribution of the velocity profile of the left ventricular outflow tract for the calculation of the stroke volume

Khder, Y.; Bray Des Boscs, L.; E.G.awi, R.; Zekhnini, H.; Jeandel, C.; Zannad, F., 1995:
Contribution of the viscoelastic, endothelial and muscular components to the vascular changes in patients with congestive heart failure

Ho, C.T.ng; Chun, H.N.m, 1998:
Contribution of thiamine to the meaty aroma development in a model system containing enzyme hydrolyzed pork

Ivemeyer, M.; Rueegg, J.C.; Linke, W.A., 1998:
Contribution of thin filaments to the elastic properties of relaxed skeletal myofibrils

Maurani, P.; Germe, A.F.; Pradeau, D., 1994:
Contribution of thin-layer chromatography in identification of certain pharmaceutical raw materials

Caillot, D.; Couaillier, J.F.; Bernard, A.; Casasnovas, O.; Cuisenier, B.; Lopez, J.; Mannone, L.; Grandjean, M.; Piard, F.; Guy, H., 1998:
Contribution of thoracic CT images during the course of proven invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in neutropenic patients

Kushiku, K.; Yamada, H.; Kuwahara, T.; Furukawa, T., 1995:
Contribution of thromboxane A-2 biosynthesis stimulation to the endothelin-induced presynaptic inhibition in the dog stellate ganglionic transmission

Seemann, O.; Rassweiler, J.; Alken, P.; Baethmann, P.A.A., 1992:
Contribution of thromboxane a 2 txa 2 to the development of hydronephrotic atrophy after complete unilateral ureteral obstruction

Carlow, D.A.; Van Oers, N.; Teh S J.; Teh H S., 1991:
Contribution of thymic epithelium in limiting the development of class i mhc restricted self reactive t cells

Akahoshi, M.; Seto, S.; Kusano, S.; Ozeki, S.; Oda, S.; Nagao, S.; Hashiba, K., 1990:
Contribution of thyroid gland to the development of salt dependent hypertension

Akahoshi, M.; Seto, S.; Kasano, S.; Oda, S.; Ozeki S I.; Nagao S I.; Hashiba, K., 1990:
Contribution of thyroid to the development of hypertension in dahls salt sensitive rats

Tamura, K.; Hagiwara, N.; Matsuda, N.; Sakai, R.; Kasanuki, H., 1994:
Contribution of time-independent currents to the pacemaker potential of sinoatrial node cells

Tamura, K.; Hagiwara, N.; Sakai, R.; Kasanuki, H.; Hosoda, S., 1995:
Contribution of time-independent currents to the pacemaker potential of sinoatrial node cells using a simulation model

Helal, B.O.; L.G.illouzic, D.; Attal, P.; Lebtahi, R.; Desgrez, 1996:
Contribution of tomography with pinhole collimation in thyroid pathology

Pasquier, J.; Chinot, O.; Brenot Rossi, I.; Imbert Joscht, I.; Dufour, H.; Sauvan, R.; Grisoli, F., 1996:
Contribution of tomoscintigraphy with technetium-99M-SestaMIBI to conventional neuro-imaging in glioma surveillance

Deliagina, T.; Popova, L.; Grant, G.; Orlovsky, G., 1995:
Contribution of tonic input from the labyrinth to the postural control in the rat

Schwartz, H.L.; Oppenheimer, J.H., 1989:
Contribution of total body lipogenesis to t3 induced thermogenesis in the rat as estimated from caloric consumption

Butte, N.F.; Villalpando, S.; Wong, W.W.; Flores Huerta, S.; Hernandez Beltran, M.; Smith, E.O., 1992:
Contribution of total energy expenditure to growth faltering of breast fed infants from rural mexico

Rahman, P.; Urowitz, M.B.; Gladman, D.D.; Bruce, I.N.; Genest, J.Jr, 1998:
Contribution of traditional risk factors to coronary artery disease in patients with SLE

Chan, M.; Marcus, R.; Bednarz, J.; Childers, R.; Lang, R., 1992:
Contribution of transesophageal echocardiography to cardioversion protocols for atrial fibrillation

Kohmoto, T.; Argenziano, M.; Vliet, K.A.len; Derosa, C.M.rie; Gu, A.; Spotnitz, H.M.chael; Burkhoff, D.; Smith, C.R.chey, 1996:
Contribution of transmyocardial flow in myocardial perfusion in alligator hearts

Aggeli, C.; Barbetseas, J.; Pitsavos, C.; Sideris, S.; Frogoudaki, A.; Lambrou, S.; Stefanadis, C.; Toutouzas, P., 1997:
Contribution of transoesophageal echocardiography in the confirmation diagnosis of infective endocarditis

Gerdeaux, D.; Luquet, J.F.; Poupart, A.; Tostivint, C., 2000:
Contribution of trout yolk-sac fry Salmo trutta L originating from wild stock to fishing in the Moselotte River, France

Amore, A.; Emancipator, S.N.; Coppo, R., 1997:
Contribution of tubular and glomerular cell apoptosis induced by nitric oxide to progressive renal injury in proteinuric states

Amore, A.; Emancipator, S.N.; Coppo, R., 1997:
Contribution of tubular and glomerular cell apoptosis to progressive renal injury in proteinuric states Mediation of nitric oxide

Amore, A.; Emancipator, S.N.; Coppo, R., 1997:
Contribution of tubular glomerular cell apoptosis induced by nitric oxide to progressive renal injury in proteinuric states

Ikenaga, H.; Fallet, R.W.; Carmines, P.K., 1994:
Contribution of tubuloglomerular feedback to the juxtamedullary afferent arteriolar vasoconstrictor effect of angiotensin II

Rush, A.M.; Elliott, A.A.; Elliott, J.R., 1994:
Contribution of two channel populations to fast sodium currents recorded from small cells isolated from adult rat dorsal root ganglia

Yamamoto, K.; Sato, H.; Fujiyama, Y.; Doida, Y.; Bamba, T., 1998:
Contribution of two missense mutations of the bilirubin UDP glycosyltransferase gene to phenotypes of Gilberts syndrome and Crigler-Najjar syndrome type II

Boyd, J.M.; Dacanay, A.; Knickle, L.C.; Touhami, A.; Brown, L.L.; Jericho, M.H.; Johnson, S.C.; Reith, M., 2008:
Contribution of type IV pili to the virulence of Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)

Liao, X.; Kretzner, L.; Seraphin, B.; Rosbash, M., 1990:
Contribution of u1 small nuclear rna structural domains to u1 small nuclear rnp function

Windle, R.J.; Wood, S.; Lightman, S.L.; Ingram, C.D., 1996:
Contribution of ultradian rhythms of corticosterone release to circadian rhythms and responsiveness to stress in Sprague-Dawley, Fischer-344 and Lewis strains of rats

Bergami, G.L.; Fruhwirth, R.; Di Mario, M.; Fasanelli, S., 1992:
Contribution of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of achalasia

Gotshalk, L.A.; Kraemer, W.J.; Nindl, B.C.; Tokeshi, S.; Volek, J.; Bush, J.A.; Sebastianelli, W.J.; Putukian, M., 1998:
Contribution of upper body training on total body strength and power in young women

Van Gossum, A.; Verset, D.; Gay, F.; Vandermeenen, A.; Houben, J.J., 1993:
Contribution of upper gastrointestinal tract endoscopy both before and after vertical gastroplasty for morbid obesity

D.K.ning Ward, T.F.; Robins Browne, R.M., 1995:
Contribution of urease to acid tolerance and virulence in Yersinia enterocolitica

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