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Development of novel microsatellite markers for the grassland species Lolium multiflorum, Lolium perenne and Festuca pratensis

Studer, B.; Widmer, F.; Enkerli, J.; Koelliker, R.

Molecular Ecology Notes 6(4): 1108-1110


ISSN/ISBN: 1471-8278
Accession: 030886183

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Twelve microsatellite markers were isolated from Lolium multiflorum. Allelic variability and cross-species amplification were assessed on 16 individuals of each of the three grassland species L. multiflorum, Lolium perenne and Festuca pratensis. Cross-species amplification success was 100% for L. perenne and 83% for F. pratensis. The number of alleles detected ranged from one to 14 with an average of 3.4. While three microsatellite loci were polymorphic in all three species, one marker produced species-specific alleles in all three species. These microsatellite markers provide a valuable tool for population genetic studies within and among species of the Festuca-Lolium complex.

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