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Diatoms of the rivers from the region to be dammed for the construction of Segredo Hydroelectric, Parana, Brazil I Coscinodiscophyceae, bacillariophyceae and Fragilariophyceae

Ludwig, T.A.vim Veiga; Flores, T.L.me

Arquivos de Biologia e Tecnologia 38(2): 631-650


Accession: 030909008

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The survey is part of a floristic and faunistic inventory from the region to be flooded for the construction of Segredo Hydroelectric Plant Reservoir, Parana State, comprising the towns Mangueirinha, Palmas and Pinhao. The diatom (Bacillariophyta) community taxonomy of the Iguacu River and its tributaries was based on 31 planktonic and periphytic collected samples. The present contribution refers to the Coscinodiscophyceae, Bacillariophyceae (Achnanthales and Eunotiales) and Fragilariophyceae (Meridion and Asterionella). Forty six specific and infraspecific taxa are here identified and 7 out of these are first record for the State. They are qualified by comments referring to the identification, if relevant, and the main literature used in their taxonomy. This is the first floristic contribution of the diatoms from the area.

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