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Die Heliozoen und Proteomyxien Artbestand und sonstige kritische Bemerkungen

Die Heliozoen und Proteomyxien Artbestand und sonstige kritische Bemerkungen

Arch Protistenk 93(2): 225-254

This article attempts to bring together the scattered species and literature references for the organisms in the "no man's land" between the Heliozoa, Proteomyxa, Flagellata and Chytridiales. The groups are delimited and taken up as follows (1) Heliozoa (characterized by axopodia), with 2 suborders, a) Actinophrydia (without central body, i.e., "centrosome"; with axopodia inserted on the nucleus), including Actino-phrys, Actinosphaerium, Camptonema, and b) Centrohelidia (axopodia inserted on a central body), including Oxnerella, Gymnosphaera, Astrodisculus, Heterophrys, Lithocolla, Acanthocystis, Pinaciophora, Pinacocystis, Pompholyxophrys, Pinaciocystis, Raphidiophrys, Raphidocystis, Wagner-ella, Microsol, Myriophrys; (2) Helioflagellata (flagellates with a heliozoan stage, with central body and axopodia), including Acinetactis, Dimorpha, Dimorphella; Pterido-monas, Actinomonas and Ciliophrys are relegated to the flagellate orders Pantostomina or Protomastigina; (3) Desmothoraca (with zoospore stage, without axonemes or central body; regarded as closely related to the fresh-water foraminiferans), including Clathrulina, Hedriocystis, Mono-mastigocystis, Orbulinella, Choanocystis; (4) Monadida (or Protomylia; parasitic or holozoic; form digestion cysts), including 2 families[long dash]a) Zoosporidae (with zoospores, rhizo-podial adult stage, cysts that liberate zoospores and permanent cysts), including Amoeboaphelidium, Amylophagus, Aphelidiopsis, Aphelidium, Barbetia, Cibdelia, Colpodella, Diplophysalis, Ectobiella, Endospora, Endobiella, Endo-monas, Gymnococcus, Polysporella, Protomonas, Pseudo-spora, Pseudosporopsis, Woronina, and b) Azoosporidae (without zoospores, but with rhizopodial adult stage, cysts that liberate amoebulae and permanent cysts), including Algophaga, Arachnula, Bursulina, Eichenia, Endionema, Enteromyxa, Hialodiscus, Leptophrys, Monadopsis, Vam-pyrella, Vampyrina; (5) Proteomyxa (with filopodia), including Biomyxa, Dictyomyxa, Myxodictyum, Rhizoplasma, Pontomyxa, Protogenes, Protomyxa, Penardia, Leptomyxa, Chichkovia; (6) the following genera are relegated to the Gymnamoebida (with filose pseudopodia)[long dash]Actinocoma, Actinolophus, Cienkowskya, Clathrella, Eleorhanis, Monobia, Myxastrum, Nuclearia, Nuclearella, Nuclearina, Zooteirea; (7) Labyrinthuloidea (without pseudopodia or other loco-motor organelles, but with a reticulum of secreted tubular strands enclosing the cells), including Labyrinthula, of which 16 spp. names (thought to be mostly synonyms) are given.[long dash]16p. of bibliography are appended.

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