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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 30950

Chapter 30950 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Ebersole, J.S.; Smith, J.R., 1994:
Dipole models of MEG spikes differentiate baso-mesial from lateral cortical temporal epilepsy

Malkov, D.Y.; Pavlov, K.V.; Sokolov, V.S., 1997:
Dipole potential drop due to RH-dye adsorption on the lipid bilayer and its influence of Na+/K+-ATPase activity

Ullsperger, P.; Mecklinger, A.; Guessow, T., 1997:
Dipole source activity of the Novelty P3 during task performance

Bromm, B.; Lorenz, J.; Scharein, E., 1996:
Dipole source analysis of brain activity in the assessment of pain

Motomura, E.; Inui, K.; Ogawa, H.; Nakase, S.; Hamanaka, K.; Honda, T.; Shiroyama, T.; Matsumoto, T.; Komori, T.; Okada, M.; Kakigi, R., 2008:
Dipole source analysis of temporal slow waves in the elderly

Krings, T.; Chiappa, K.; Cuffin, B.N.il; Hoch, D.; Cole, A.; Buchbinder, B.; Cosgrove, G.R.es, 1997:
Dipole source localization Relation to MRI findings and operative outcome

Conley, R.A.; Coombs, S., 1998:
Dipole source localization by mottled sculpin. III. Orientation after site-specific, unilateral denervation of the lateral line system

Snyder, A.Z., 1991:
Dipole source localization in the study of EP generators: a critique

Seri, S.; Cerquiglini, A.; Curatolo, P., 1993:
Dipole source localization of epileptic foci in tuberous sclerosis

Ochi, A.; Shirasawa, A.; Kamijo, K.; Yamazaki, T.; Hunjan, A.; Sharma, R.; Betting, M.; Otsubo, H.; Snead, C.O.IIi, 1998:
Dipole source localization of interictal EEG spikes in children with localization-related epilepsies

Suisse, G.; Dolisi, C., 1992:
Dipole source localization of spontaneous EEG in the frequency domain Application to brain tumors

Kouri, E.M.; Lukas, S.E.; Mendelson, J.H., 1994:
Dipole source localization of the P300 during opiate/cocaine withdrawal and buprenorphine treatment in heroin and cocaine abusers

Watanabe, S.; Kakigi, R.; Koyama, S.; Hoshiyama, M.; Naka, D.; Suzuki, H.; Xiang, J.; Kaneoke, Y., 1998:
Dipole source modelling of pain-related brain responses A magnetoencephalographic study

Scherg, M.; Von Cramon, D., 1990:
Dipole source potentials of the auditory cortex in normal subjects and in patients with temporal lobe lesions

Lehmann, D.; Henggeler, B.; Michel, C.M., 1990:
Dipole sources of fft frequency bands and spontaneous cognition

Shipton, H.W., 1991:
Dipole theory

Homma, S.; Nakajima, Y., 1990:
Dipole tracing applied to interictal potentials of temporal epilepsy originating from the hippocampus

Kishi, K.; Sasaki, H.; Musha, T., 1992:
Dipole tracing during cognitive processing in the human brain

Yoshinaga, H.; Amano, R.; Ohtahara, S., 1990:
Dipole tracing in childhood epilepsy with special reference to rolandic epilepsy

Nakajima, Y.; Homma, S., 1989:
Dipole tracing of brain potentials elicited by visual tasks in man

Nakajima, Y.; Yuza, J.; Ito, H., 1992:
Dipole tracing of cerebral potentials prior to voluntary phonation in man

Nakajima, Y., 1990:
Dipole tracing of event related potentials elicited by selective task performance

Kanamaru, A.; Sibuya, M.; Homma, I., 1993:
Dipole tracing of somatosensory evoked potentials induced by intercostal space tapping in man

Shevelev, I.A.; Mikhaĭlova, E.S.; Kulikov, M.A.; Slavutskaia, A.V., 2008:
Dipole tracing of visual evoked potentials in human brain

Brown, L.M.; Masjedizadeh, M.R.; Little, R.D., 1991:
Dipole vs diradical character of trimethylenemetanes new reaction pathways involving the dipolar form

Kanamaru, A.; Sibuya, M.; Homma, I., 1994:
Dipole-tracing analysis of the respiratory readiness potential in human

Litt, B., 1991:
Dipoles and the eeg

Aveldano, M.I., 1989:
Dipolyunsaturated species of retina phospholipids and their fatty acids

Russ, G., 1989:
Dipper cinclus cinclus observed picking up spruce seeds in the bernese oberland switzerland

Luebcke, W.; Rettert, W., 1993:
Dipper nest on a windowsill

Hosey, G.R.; Jacques, M.; Pitts, A., 1998:
Dippers and floaters Spread of a novel behaviour in a ring-tailed lemur group

Ancoli Israel, S.; Dimsdale, J.; Chinn, A.; Stepnowsky, C.; Johnson, S., 1998:
Dipping, hypertension and sleep disordered breathing African-Americans vs Caucasians

Koytchev, Rossen, 1997:
Diprafenone A new antiarrhythmic drug related to propafenone

Iwasaki, Y.; Gaskill, M.B.; Robertson, G.L., 1990:
Diprenorphine centrally inhibits the baroregulation of vasopressin secretion

Smurthwaite, S.; Riley, A.L., 1990:
Diprenorphine drug discrimination assessment of naltrexone and naloxone substitution

Vauhkonen, M.; Perry, D.G.; Somerharju, S.; Sassaroli, M.; Eisinger, J., 1989:
Diprenyl phospholipid analogs as probes of membrane dynamics

Macgowan, I., 1991:
Diprion similis hartig hymenoptera symphyta and other sawflies in wester ross scotland uk

Stocki, Jacek, 1995:
Diprionidae outbreak in the Kampinos National Park in 1991-94

Anderbrant, O.; Zhang, Q.H.; Chu, D., 1997:
Diprionyl esters attractive to males of the dailing pine sawfly Neodiprion dailingensis Xiao et Zhou in north-eastern China

Guidon Attali, C., 1994:
Diprivan Assessment of depth of anaesthesia

Maitre, P.O., 1994:
Diprivan: efficient concentrations in relation to physiological parameters and associated drugs

D'Honneur, G., 1994:
Diprivan: intubation without curare

D'Honneur, G., 1994:
Diprivan: sedation for difficult intubation

Dureuil, B., 1994:
Diprivan and asthma

Bizouarn, P., 1994:
Diprivan and cardiac surgery

Bonada, G., 1994:
Diprivan and electroconvulsive therapy

Duvaldestin, P., 1994:
Diprivan and epilepsy

Germond, M., 1994:
Diprivan and full stomach

Dalens, B., 1994:
Diprivan and locoregional anaesthesia in children above three years

Servin, F., 1994:
Diprivan and the liver

Hollande, J., 1994:
Diprivan and ventilation The laryngeal mask airway

Szabo, K.; Joos, L.; Budai, E.; Penzes, E., 1996:
Diprivan for intraoperative sedation Experience with 50 patients

Vincent J L., 1989:
Diprivan for sedation in the intensive care unit

Murat, I., 1994:
Diprivan in the child under three years of age

Meissner, P.N.; Harrison, G.G.; Kirsch, R.E., 1990:
Diprivan propofol as an intravenous anesthetic induction agent in porphyria results of a prospective clinical trial

Lebedeva, O.I., 1994:
Diprophos A new drug for local anti-rheumatic therapy

Wermuth, M.; Furbee, B., 1997:
Dipropylene glycol monomethyl ether ingestion

Rotta, I.T.; Torres, M.B.A.M.; Motta, R.G., 2008:
Diprosopia em bovino

Deshmukh, D.T.; Bhandarkar, A.G., 1993:
Diprosopia in a goat

Sharony, R.; Pepkowitz, S.H.; Hixon, H.; Machin, G.A.; Graham, J.M., 1993:
Diprosopus: a pregastrulation defect involving the head, neural tube, heart, and diaphragm

Zaitoun, A.M.; Booker, M.; Chang, J., 1997:
Diprosopus associated with anencephaly A case report

Kaçar, C.; Ozcan, K.; Takçi, I.; Gürbulak, K.; Ozen, H.; Karaman, M., 2008:
Diprosopus, craniorachischisis, arthrogryposis, and other associated anomalies in a stillborn lamb

Martin, S.F.; Limberakis, C., 1997:
Diprotection of primary amines as N-substituted-2,5-bis oxypyrroles

Dzwonczyk, T.D.; Gray, K.S.; Sinoway, L.I., 1994:
Diprotonated phosphate is an important muscle afferent stimulant

Sinoway, L.I.; Enders, B.G.; Gray, K.S.; Whisler, S.K.; Leuenberger, U.A.; Moore, R.L.; Smith, M.B., 1992:
Diprotonated phosphate stimulates muscle reflexes

Szczepanski, K.; Buxton, A.; Daniels, S.E.; Mcneeley, P.A.; Johnson, R.M.; Fontana, D.J., 1994:
Dipsogenic doses of angiotensin II do not affect cognition, acetylcholine or GABA release in the rat

Tanaka, J.; Hori, K.; Nomura, M., 1991:
Dipsogenic response induced by angiotensinergic pathways from the lateral hypothalamic area to the subfornical organ in the rat

Kraly, F.S.; Spiess, K.A., 1990:
Dipsogenic stimuli paired with eating support conditioned initiation of drinking without conditioned water intake in rats

Hulse, Arthur, C., 1992:
Dipsosaurus Hallowell desert iguana

Mangold, D.; Traeger, U.; Feller, P., 1991:
Dipstick for rapid and simple detection of n acetyl beta d glucosaminidase nag in urine

Britton, J.P.; Dowell, A.C.; Whelan, P., 1990:
Dipstick hematuria and the detection of urological malignancy in asymptomatic males

Kang, J.; Colanduoni, J.A.; Lee, D.J.; Youn, B.; Ok, C.; Kang, W.J., 1997:
Dipstick immunoassay device

Watnick, S.; Shlipak, M.; Presti, J.; Avins, A., 1998:
Dipstick screening for bladder and renal malignancies A decision and cost-effectiveness analysis

Koch, H., 1998:
Dipsticks and convulsions

Roush, W.R.; Grover, P.G., 1990:
Dipt modified e gamma alkoxydimethylsilylallylboronates and e gamma dimethylphenylsilylallylboronates chiral reagents for enantioselective alpha erythro and gamma hydroxyallylation of aldehydes

Shevchenko, V.G., 1995:
Diptacus dipterochelus and Diptacus sacramentae K 1939 Alder inhabitants in Europe and America

Rozkosny, R.; Vanhara, J., 1994:
Diptera Brachycera of the agricultural landscape in southern Moravia Faunistic and biogeographical aspects

MeenakshiBharti, 2008:
Diptera Calliphoridae, Rhiniidae from India

Theodor, O., 1966:
Diptera Nycteribiidae

Beyer, Erwin, M., 1967:
Diptera Phoridae

Lahiri, Ar, 2004:
Diptera Tachinidae

Tasdemr,A.; Ustaoglu,M.R.; Balk,S.; Sar,H.M., 2008:
Diptera and Ephemeroptera fauna of some lakes in Western Black Sea Region

Verneaux, V.; Aleya, L., 1996:
Diptera chironomidae Interests to lake characterization

Doroshina, L.P., 1991:
Diptera conopidae parasites of bees in southern breeding regions

Doroshina, L.P., 1991:
Diptera conopidae parasites of bees in southern parts of their ranges

Spencer, K.A., 1965:
Diptera from Nepal Agromyzidae

Oldroyd, H., 1964:
Diptera from Nepal Asilidae

Lewis, D.J., 1964:
Diptera from Nepal Simuliidae

Coe, R.L., 1964:
Diptera from Nepal Syrphidae

Thompson,F.C.; Epler,J.H., 2008:
Diptera of Attu the first assessment of the entomofauna of the last place on earth

Rozkosny, R.; Vanhara, J., 1992:
Diptera of the agricultural landscape in southern Moravia

Mesic,A.; Barcic,J.I.; Barcic,J.; Zvonar,M.; Filipovic,I., 2008:
Diptera pests control in onions

Blackith, R.E.; Blackith, R.M., 1989:
Diptera reared from decaying potatoes in ireland

D'almeida, Jose Mario, 1993:
Diptera, Calyptratae from the Metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro, RJ II Attractivity and seasonal frequency

Pande, H.C.; Pande, P.C., 1992:
Dipteran flys maggots A fern feeder

Paxton, R.J.; Tengo, J.; Hedstrom, L., 1996:
Dipteran parasites and other associates of a communal bee, Andrena scotica , on Oland, SE Sweden

Draber Monko, Agnieszka, 1993:
Dipterans of the families Muscidae and Scathophagidae of the Swietokrzyski Region

Seguy, E., 1934:
Dipteres de Chine de la collection de M J Herve-Bazin

Kramer, K.U., 1990:

Brown, N., 1989:
Dipterocarp regeneration in lowland evergreen rain forest

Wardani,M.; Kalima,T., 2008:
Dipterocarpaceae in Central Java their conservation and their future

Curran, Lisa, M., 1996:
Dipterocarpaceae, ectomycorrhizae and mast-fruiting Comparisons of canopy tree communities and their phenology to explain the global distribution, species composition and evolution of mast-fruiting

Couri,M.S.; Barros,G.P.daS.; Orsini,M.P., 2008:
Dipterofauna of Fernando de Noronha

Canzoneri, Silvano, 1995:
Dipterological survey in Bolivia II Some interesting records of Ephydridae

Mccabe, Timothy, L., 1998:
Dipterous parasitoids from adults of moths

Burton, J.F., 1989:
Dipterous prey of scorpion fly panorpa communis l mecoptera panorpidae

Jeong, C.-Hoon; Nakabo, T., 2008:
Dipturus wuhanlingi, a new species of skates Elasmobranchii Rajidae from China

Hiraga, T.; Suga, T.; Hara, Y.; Teraoka, H.; Niiyama, M.; Terai, A.; Ichikawa, S., 1997:
Dipygus in silky fowl

Sassaroli, M.; Scarlata, S.; Vauhkonen, M.; Somerharju, P., 1990:
Dipyrenylphosphatidylcholine probes thermodynamics of intramolecular excimer formation in model membranes

Metcalfe, M.J.; Lip, G.; Dunn, F.G., 1992:

Prie, D.; Michaut, P.; Amiel, C.; Friedlander, G., 1994:
Dipyridamole A new treatment for renal phosphate leak

Koracevic, G.; Koci, G.; Dimitrijevic, S., 1996:
Dipyridamole A potent scavenger of hydroxyl radicals

Van Daele, M.E.R.M.; Mcneill, A.J.; Salustri, A.; Pozzoli, M.; E.S.id, E.M.; Reijs, A.; Roelandt, J.R.T.C.; Floretti, P.M., 1993:
Dipyridamole ECG, MIBI SPECT and echo after a recent uncomplicated myocardial infarction Value to predict long term new cardiac events

Shan, K.; Marwick, T.; Go, R.; Macintyre, W.; Underwood, D.; Thomas, J., 1995:
Dipyridamole Rb-82 positron emission tomography has limitations for predicting cardiac events peri- and post-operatively after vascular surgery

Wynsen, J.C.; Duchak, J.M.; Smart, S.C.; Hellman, R.S.; Stoiber, T.R.; Bamrah, V.S.; Sagar, K.B., 1993:
Dipyridamole SPECT isonitrile perfusion imaging versus dobutamine stress echocardiography for detection of coronary artery disease Analysis of agreement by regional territories

Rubin, D.; Ballal, R.; Marwick, T., 1998:
Dipyridamole SPECT, dobutamine echo, and exercise tests have similar efficacy for cardiac risk stratification Experience in 494 patients undergoing aortic surgery

D'urbano, M.; Cafiero, F.; Cammelli, F.; Romano, S., 1994:
Dipyridamole Thallium-201 scintigraphy in uncomplicated AMI treated by thrombolysis Diagnostic and prognostic value

Ziegler, J.W.; Jonathan, D.V.D.nbary; Fox, J.; Kinsella, J.P.; Clarke, W.R.; Abman, S.H., 1994:
Dipyridamole a cGMP phosphodiesterase inhibitor, augments endothelium-dependent vasodilation in the ovine fetal lung

Keane, T.E.; Rosner, G.; Gingrich, J.R.; Poulton, S.H.; Walther, P.J., 1990:
Dipyridamole a new chemosensitizer of 5 fluorouracil 5fu and cisplatin cddp enhanced in vivo cytotoxicity in an animal model of human transitional cell bladder carcinoma tcc

Kobayashi, M.; Abe, G.; Shimizu, H.; Oomoto, N.; Ogawa, Y.; Matsuoka, H.; Kawamura, K.; Masuda, H.; Miura, M., 1997:
Dipyridamole administration promotes angiogenesis at the border zone of acute myocardial infarction in rats

Yoshida, K.; Gould, L.; Mullani, N.; Pina, V.; Seiler, C., 1991:
Dipyridamole alters arterial input function for pet perfusion imaging

Ziu, Z.; Bamberger, U.; Heckel, A.; Georges, E., 1994:
Dipyridamole analogue BIBW22 A new class of P-glycoprotein-specific multidrug-reversing agent

Rodgers, K.E.; Dizerega, G.S., 1996:
Dipyridamole and analogs thereof in preventing adhesion formation

Labios, M.; Ferrer, J.M.; Gabriel, F.; Morales-Olivas, J., 1994:
Dipyridamole and myalgias

Deckert, J.; Hennemann, A.; Bereznai, B.; Fritze, J.; Vock, R.; Marangos, P.J.; Riederer, P., 1994:
Dipyridamole and nitrobenzylthioinosine binding sites at the human parietal cortex and erythrocyte adenosine transporter A comparison

Sanchez, D.L.C.esta F.; Sintas, A.; D.L.C.uz J.P., 1989:
Dipyridamole and ra 462 inhibit the production of superoxide anions and lipid peroxides in rat crystalline lenses

Devaux J Y.; Duboc, D.; Caldera, R.; Gaudiche, O.; Berger, G.; Guerin, F.; Richard, B.; Roucayrol J C., 1989:
Dipyridamole and thallium 201 myocardial tomography in muscular dystrophy

Ziegler, J.W.; Ivy, D.D.nbar; Kinsella, J.P.; Wiggins, J.W.; Abman, S.H., 1996:
Dipyridamole attenuates hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension

Schmidt, U.; Han, R.O.; Guerrero, J.L.is; Zapol, W.M.; Bloch, K.D.; Semigran, M.J., 1997:
Dipyridamole augments the antithrombotic effects of inhaled nitric oxide in a canine model of platelet-mediated coronary artery occlusion after thrombolysis

Torri, G.; Naggi, A.; Fregnan, G.B.; Trebbi, A., 1990:
Dipyridamole beta cyclodextrin complex preparation and characterization

Skimming, J.W.; Demarco, V.G.; Cassin, S., 1996:
Dipyridamole causes vasodilation primarily via A-2 adenosine receptor independent mechanisms

Noks, P.P.; Rubin, A.B.; Borissevitch, G.P.; Tabak, M., 1998:
Dipyridamole changes the electron transport kinetics in the reaction centers from Rhodobacter sphaeroides

Ahmad, M.; Johnson, R.F., 1990:
Dipyridamole cine magnetic resonance imaging stress test in detection of ischemia in patients with coronary artery disease

Ahmad, M.; Dornfest, D.; Hillman, G., 1993:
Dipyridamole cine magnetic resonance stress imaging in assessment of patients with ischemic heart disease

Kawazoe, K.; Fujita, T.; Manabe, H., 1990:
Dipyridamole combined with anticoagulant in prevention of early postoperative thromboembolism after cardiac valve replacement

Marzullo, P.; L'abbate A., 1992:
Dipyridamole coronary vasodilation normalizes systolic function in stunned myocardium

Tack, I.; Laroche, M.; Tran Van, T.; Casadevnat, F.; Ader, J.L., 1998:
Dipyridamole decreases renal calcium and magnesium excretions in renal phosphate-leaking patients

Mester, J.; Kosa, I.; Gaal, T.; Gruber, N.; Lang, J.; Kovacs, G.; Csanady, M.; Csernay, L., 1989:
Dipyridamole dip stress cardiolite spect follow up of patients after coronary bypass surgery cbs

Hendrix, C.W.; Flexner, C.; Szeveni, J.; Kuwahara, S.; Pennypacker, S.; Weinstein, J.; Lietman, P., 1992:
Dipyridamole does not alter zidovudine pharmacokinetics at tolerable doses in asymptomatic hiv infected subjects

Grayburn, P.A.; Popma, J.J.; Pryor, S.L.; Walker, B.S.; Simon, T.R.; Smitherman, T.C., 1989:
Dipyridamole doppler echocardiography comparison to thallium 201 imaging and quantitative coronary arteriography

Hendler, F.J.; Huang, X.; Lalley, K.A.; Woodcock, T.M., 1990:
Dipyridamole dp prevents binding of fudr to bile canaliculi

Snoeck, R.; Balzarini, J.; Andrei, G.; Reymen, D.; Schols, D.; D.C.ercq E., 1992:
Dipyridamole dpr increases antiviral activity of acyclic nucleoside phosphonates against herpes simplex virus hsv and varicella zoster virus vzv in vitro

Baroni, M.; Maffei, S.; Terrazzi, M.; Paoli, F.; Barzaghi, C.; Comite, C.; Salvatore, L.; Biagini, A., 1992:
Dipyridamole echocardiographic test as non invasive method to detect the presence of coronary artery disease in patients with severe aortic valve stenosis

Chiarella, F.; Scarsi, G.; Domenicucci, S.; Bellotti, P.; Bellone, P.; Moroni, L.; Lupi, G.; Vecchio, C., 1993:
Dipyridamole echocardiographic test early after uncomplicated acute myocardial infarction Inhospital prognostic value

Buchalter, M.; Bourke, J.; Heads, A.; Hawkins, T., 1989:
Dipyridamole echocardiography accurately detects coronary artery disease in patients unable to exercise

Severi, S.; Picano, E.; Michelassi, C.; Marini, C.; Picchi, L.; Lattanzi, F., 1990 :
Dipyridamole echocardiography as a predictor of death comparison with coronary angiography

Simonetti, I.; Picano, E.; Lattanzi, F.; Marzilli, M., 1989:
Dipyridamole echocardiography correlates with lesion geometry in patients with limited coronary disease

Vasiljevic, Z.; Naumovic, Z.; Stepanovic, J.; Arandjelovic, S.; Prostran, M.; Ostojic, M.; Karadzic, A., 1993:
Dipyridamole echocardiography exercise test in patients with syndrome X

Lazzeroni, E.; Chiriatti, G.P.; Maurizio, A.R.; D.M.rco S.; Papi, L.; Botti, G., 1992:
Dipyridamole echocardiography for diagnosis of coronary artery disease in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Andrade, M.J.ao; Petix, N.; Bellotti, P.; Mazzoni, V.; Pingitore, A.; Landi, P.; Picano, E., 1993:
Dipyridamole echocardiography in left main disease

Giannoccaro, P.J.; Ascah, K.J.; Marois, L.J.; Cole, C.W.; Mcphail, N.V.; Barber, G.G.; Hajjar, G.E.; Gulenchyn, K.Y.; Ruddy, T.D., 1991:
Dipyridamole echocardiography predicts perioperative cardiac events following vascular surgery

Bolognese, L.; Sarasso, G.; Aralda, D.; Bongo, S.; Perucca, A.; Rossi, L.; Rossi, P., 1989:
Dipyridamole echocardiography test a new tool for determining viability after thrombolytic therapy

Maffei, S.; Baroni, M.; Sgorbini, L.; Terrazzi, M.; Paoli, F.; Salvatore, L.; Biagini, A., 1994:
Dipyridamole echocardiography test in patients with severe aortic valve stenosis, as screening tool of a coexisting coronary artery disease

Chiarella, F.; Bellotti, P.; Domenicucci, S.; Moroni, L.; Lupi, G.; Scarsi, G.; Vecchio, C., 1991:
Dipyridamole echocardiography test three days after an acute myocardial infarction feasibility safety and prognostic value

Tischler, M.D.; Lee, R.T.; Lee, T.H.; Creager, M.A.; Lord, C.; Hirsh, A.T.; Raby, K., 1991:
Dipyridamole echocardiography vs ambulatory ischemia monitoring in the assessment of perioperative risk

Cortigiani, L.; Lomabardi, M.; Paolini, E.A.; Boni, A.; Nosari, D.; Mariani, P.R.; Nannini, E., 1996:
Dipyridamole electrocardiogram The poor cardiologists diagnostic test?

Ikeda, K.; Hosoya, Y.; Nagao, T.; Kato, N.; Yamaki, M.; Komatsu, T.; Kubota, I., 1991:
Dipyridamole electrocardiographic test can detect severe coronary artery stenosis of 90 percent in the luminal diameter

Lucarini, A.R.; Picano, E.; Bongiorni, M.G.; Lattanzi, F.; Azzarelli, A.; Urbani, P.M.; Contini, C.; Salvetti, A., 1989:
Dipyridamole electrocardiography test for identification of asymptomatic hypertensives with ventricular arrhythmias

Kusano, E.; IImura, O.; Amemiya, M.; Muto, S.; Ikeda, U.; Shimada, K.; Asano, Y., 1995:
Dipyridamole enhanced IL-1-beta-stimulated nitric oxide production by cultured rat vascular smooth muscle cells

Ahmad, M.; Johnson, R.F., 1989:
Dipyridamole enhanced magnetic resonance imaging in detection of myocardial ischemia in patients with coronary artery disease

Keane, T.E.; Tucker, J.A.; Webb, K.S.; Rosner, G.; Walther, P.J., 1990:
Dipyridamole enhancement of in vivo cisplatin cddp cytotoxicity evidence for chemosensitization in a new human germ cell testicular embryonal carcinoma xenograft tumor line

Yanagiba, S.; Kusano, E.; IImura, O.; Tetsuka, T.; Ono, S.; Amemiya, M.; Muto, S.; Asano, Y., 1996:
Dipyridamole enhances IL-1-beta stimulated nitric oxide production in cultured rat mesangial cells

Chang, Y.M.; Romanini, A.; Bertino, J.R., 1990:
Dipyridamole enhances antifolate cytotoxicity in two human colon carcinoma cell lines

Shalinsky, D.R.; Slovak, M.L.; Howell, S.B., 1991:
Dipyridamole enhances colony formation by augmenting adhesion of multidrug resistant ht1080 dr4 cells

Sawmiller, D.R.; Chou, C.C., 1990:
Dipyridamole enhances postprandial intestinal hyperemia

Steinhorn, R.H.; Dukarm, R.C.; Morini, F.C.I.; Gugino, S.F.; Russell, J.A., 1996:
Dipyridamole enhances relaxations and cGMP generation to nitric oxide in lambs with persistent pulmonary hypertension

Ikegami, T.; Kubota, N.; Matsui, K.; Funabiki, T.; Shuin, T.; Natsumeda, Y., 1989:
Dipyridamole enhances the cellular accumulation of etoposide and its cytotoxic effect in various cancer cells

Teoh, K.H.; Weisel, R.D.; Ivanov, J.; Teasdale, S.J.; Glynn, M.F., 1990:
Dipyridamole for coronary artery bypass surgery

Szebeni, J.; Wahl, S.M.; Popovic, M.; Wahl, L.M.; Gartner, S.; Fine, R.L.; Skaleric, U.; Weinstein, J.N., 1989:
Dipyridamole has activity against hiv 1 and potentiates the antiviral effects of azt and other dideoxynucleosides in monocyte macrophages

Weinstein, J.N.; Gartner, S.; Popovic, M.; Wahl, S.M.; Wahl, L.M.; Betageri, G.; Schinazi, R.F.; Fine, R.L.; Weislow, O.S.; Szebeni, J., 1990:
Dipyridamole has activity against hiv i and potentiates the antiviral effects of zidovudine and other dideoxynucleosides in vitro

Nitenberg, A.; Lecarpentier, Y.; Antony, I.; Chemla, D., 1991:
Dipyridamole impairs lusitropy in isolated rat myocardium and in human left ventricle

Saniabadi, A.R.; Bridges, A.B.; Lau, C.S.; Taylor, J.; Belch, J.; Forbes, C.D., 1990:
Dipyridamole increases red cell deformability

Grewal, K.S.; Uretz, E.F.; Ali, A.; Parrillo, J.E.; Barron, J.T., 1993:
Dipyridamole induced ST-segment depression is a highly specific marker of coronary artery disease

Tighe, D.A.; Falle, B.A.; Zu'bi, S.M.; Cook, J.R., 1996:
Dipyridamole induced ST-segment depression predicts ischemia in patients with left ventricular by ECG

Kronenberg, M.W.; Cates, C.U.; Collins, H.W.; Sandler, M.P., 1989:
Dipyridamole induced malperfusion may not indicate ischemic ventricular dysfunction

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Direct DNA sequencing and RFLP analysis for the definition of C4 polymorphism based on isotype-specific PCR amplification

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Direct DNA sequencing following SSCP analysis

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Direct DNA testing of individuals and families with the fragile X syndrome

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Direct EPR measurements of equilibria between low - and high -affinity conformations of alpha-nitrosyl hemoglobin during O2 binding

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Direct EPR studies of the photochemistry of aromatic compounds

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Direct FISH analysis on blood smears in cases of a possible trisomy in the clinical differential diagnosis

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Direct G protein activation of ion channels?

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Direct G-protein coupling of D-2 dopamine receptors to K+ channels in rat striatal neurons

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Direct G-protein-dependent inhibition of the secretory machinery by somatostatin in mouse pancreatic B-cells

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Direct Gene transfer and nonviral vectors for human cancer and AIDS

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Direct HPLC assay of plasma homocysteine with coulometric detection

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Direct HPLC separation of enantiomers of pantoprazole and other benzimidazole sulfoxides using cellulose-based chiral stationary phases in reversed-phase mode

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Direct HPLC-MS/MS analysis of fumonisins and their occurrence in corn based products from the German market

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Direct HPTLC-FTIR Measurement in Combination with AMD

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Direct measurement of transfection efficiency in transient transfection assays

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Direct NASBA system detection of M tuberculosis in human sputum specimens

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Direct NCA 18F-fluorination of halo- and alkylarenes via corresponding diphenyliodonium salts

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Direct NMR evidence topotecan lactone binding to DNA

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Direct PC measurement and interpretation of wine filterability

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Direct PCR amplification of hilA gene as specific, sensitive and rapid procedure for detecting Salmonella in minced beef

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Direct PCR for detection of hepatitis B, C and G virus genomes from serum without nucleic acid extraction-simple, rapid and highly sensitive method

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Direct PCR from paraffin-embedded tissue

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Direct PCR of leukocytes treated with microwave irradiation to detect factor V Leiden mutation

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Direct PCR screening of Pichia pastoris clones

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Direct PCR screening of lambda and cosmid libraries

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Direct PTCA vs thrombolysis Immediate and one year outcome and procedure utilization for the two treatment strategies

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Direct Phylogenetic Characterization of Microbial Communities in Subsurface Sediments

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Direct Quantitation of Atrial Septal Defect Size by Volume-Rendered Three-Dimensional Echocardiography In Vitro Validation Studies

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Direct RT-PCR from microdissected frozen tissue sections

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Direct RT-PCR on single muscle fiber fragments for determining relative amounts of mRNAs encoding myosin heavy chain isoforms

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Direct Reversible Protein Electrochemistry at a Pyrolytic Graphite Electrode Characterization of the Redox Thermodynamics of the Fe-4S-4-Siroheme Prosthetic Center in the Hexameric Dissimilatory Sulfite Reductase and the Monomeric Assimilatory Sulfite Reductase from Desulfovibrio vulgaris Systematic pH Titration Experiments and Implications for Active Site Chemistry

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Direct accelerometer ballistocardiography for the detection of coronary artery disease

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Direct acidification of colonic mucosa by dopamine Epitaph for tonometry?

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Direct acting vasodilating agents

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Direct action of cyclosporin on proximal tubules in the pig Modifications of energetic metabolism

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Direct action of gaba on l type horizontal cells in the turtle retina

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Direct action of gh on cartilage

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Direct action of melatonin, infused into the third brain ventricle, on prolactin secretion in anestrous sheep

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Direct action of serotonin on spinal motoneurons

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Direct action of vasoactive substances on isolated canine superficial and juxtamedullary afferent arterioles

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Direct action of vergence on eyeball refraction

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Direct actions of the luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone agonist, deslorelin, on anterior pituitary contents of luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone , LH and FSH subunit messenger ribonucleic acid, and plasma concentrations of LH and FSH in castrated male cattle

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Direct activation of B cells mouse mammary tumor virus

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Direct activation of contractile proteins of orofacial blood vessels

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Direct activation of cyclic nucleotide gated channels of olfactory receptor neurons by nitric oxide

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Direct activation of gaba a receptors by propofol may be subunit specific

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Direct activation of group 1 mGluRs induces long-term potentiation in slices of rat dentate gyrus

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Direct activation of human cytotoxic CD8+ T lymphocytes with IL-18

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Direct activation of lymphocyte STAT 6 by endothelium

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Direct activation of pertussis toxin sensitive g proteins by basic histaminergic agonists and antagonists

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Direct activation of protein phosphatase by the alpha-subunit of a muscarinic receptor-coupled G protein modulates cardiac inwardly-rectifying K+ channels

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Direct activation of secretion by ruthenium red A new tool to probe the release machinery in hippocampal neurons

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Direct activation of the Drosophila non-selective cation channel trpl by G-11

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Direct activation of the GABA-A receptor by isoflurane and evidence for subunit specificity

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Direct activation of the high affinity nerve growth factor receptor by a non-peptide symmetrical polyanion

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Direct additive and maternal genetic effects on lamb body weight at different ages in Baluchi sheep

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Direct adherence of Salmonella typhimurium to murine peritoneal macrophages

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Direct adhesion of hematopoietic progenitors to bone marrow stroma via fibronectin receptors inhibits their proliferation

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Direct administration of IGF-I to the SIV-infected rhesus monkey fetus

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Direct administration of insulin into skeletal muscle reveals that the transport of insulin across the capillary endothelium limits the time course of insulin to activate glucose disposal

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Direct administration of kappa-agonists into the nucleus accumbens prevents the development of behavioral sensitization to cocaine

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Direct administration of purified genes in vivo

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Direct adrenal-renal vascular connection in humans and in mammals

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Direct adventitious shoot regeneration system of Euonymus fortunei var radicans and its genetic transformation mediated by Agrobacterium tumefaciens

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Direct adventitious shoots from leaf segments of dendranthema grandiflora tzvelev

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Direct allele specific detection of the hla dq alpha polymorphic region by fluorescence amplification applications to clinical and forensic molecular diagnostics

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Direct alloantigen stimulation of T cells in vitro shows inhibition characteristics of low TCR avidity responses

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Direct ambulance admission to the cardiac catheterization laboratory significantly reduces door-to-balloon times in primary percutaneous coronary intervention

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Direct amino-crotylsilylation of achiral acetals and aldehydes Asymmetric synthesis of homoallylic amines and functionalized pyrrolidines

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Direct amplification from microsatellites Detection of simple sequence repeat-based polymorphisms without cloning

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Direct analysis of Na+-K+ competition for coordination sites in the G-quartets of d by dynamic NMR

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Direct analysis of R408W mutation in phenylalanine hydroxylase gene by allele-specific PCR amplification

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Direct analysis of amniotic fluid cells by multiplex PCR provides rapid prenatal diagnosis for Duchenne muscular dystrophy

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Direct analysis of biological processes

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Direct analysis of biological samples simultaneous multielement analysis atomic absorption spectrometry with miniature cup solid sampling

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Direct analysis of complementary function of AvrRxv and YopJ

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Direct analysis of ibuprofen acylglucuronide in plasma by hplc using solid phase extraction

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Direct analysis of linkage groups on the chicken sex chromosomes using the polymerase chain reaction with arbitrary primers

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Direct analysis of odors emitted by freshly cut Allium using combined high-performance liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry

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Direct analysis of solid samples by electrothermal vaporization inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

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Direct analysis of solids by ultrasonic slurry electrothermal vaporization inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

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Direct analysis of tau from PSP brain identifies new phosphorylation sites and a major fragment of N-terminally cleaved tau containing four microtubule-binding repeats

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Direct analysis of the FMR-1 gene provides an explanation for an exceptional case of a fragile X negative, mentally retarded male in a fragile X family

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Direct analysis of the binding of the SH2 domain of abl tyrosine kinase to the activated epidermal growth factor receptor

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Direct analysis of the size of the t cell repertoire a molecular and cellular approach

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Direct and Efficient Detection of Streptococcus pneumoniae in Clinical Specimens by PCR

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Direct and abscopal antitumour effects of local hyperthermia on a mouse fibrosarcoma

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Direct and autocrine effects of ultraviolet light induced-apoptosis inhibits smooth muscle cell outgrowth from aortic explants

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Direct and correlated responses in some economic traits of Surti buffaloes

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