Distribution and abundance of the coastal tiger beetle, Cicindela dorsalis media , in South Carolina

Yarbrough, W.W.; Knisley, C.B.

Entomological News 105(4): 189-194


ISSN/ISBN: 0013-872X
Accession: 030970776

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We determined the historic distribution of Cicindela dorsalis media in South Carolina by examining locality records of university, museum and private collections. Present distribution and abundance were determined by surveys of these and other coastal beach sites. We found C. d. media at nine of 14 historic sites and at five of 15 new sites. The greatest numbers, gt 5000 individuals, occurred on Capers, Dewees, and Bull Islands. Pawleys Island and Litchfield had 300-500 individuals; smaller numbers occurred at nine sites. Large numbers of beetles at a site could be explained by high densities rather than a larger habitat size. We conclude that Cicindela d. media is common and widespread along much of the South Carolina shoreline, except for the beaches north of Huntington Beach from which it has apparently been extirpated by high levels of recreational use. Populations at several other sites may have declined, but the lack of any published information on earlier abundance makes this impossible to accurately determine.