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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 31002

Chapter 31002 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mangel, S.C.; Wang, Y., 1995:
Dopamine acts as a circadian clock effector by activating D4 receptors in fish retina

Mangel, S.C.; Wang, Y., 1995:
Dopamine acts as an effector of the circadian clock in goldfish retina

Keck, F.S.; Wolf, C.F.; Foldenauer, A.; Zeller, G.; Meyerhoff, C.; Duntas, L.; Loos, U.; Pfeiffer, E.F., 1989:
Dopamine acts on thyroxine 5 conversion t cvr in rat liver microsomes via alpha and beta adrenergic stimulation

Cahill, G.M.; Besharse, J.C., 1990:
Dopamine acts through d2 receptors to mimic light in phase shifting the circadian clock in the retina of xenopus

Gladwell, S.J.; Coote, J.H., 1996:
Dopamine acts via a D-1 receptor to elicit a membrane hyperpolarization in sympathetic preganglionic neurons

Gladwell, S.J.; Coote, J.H., 1996:
Dopamine acts via a D-1 receptor to inhibit sympathetic preganglionic neurones in the neonatal rat spinal cord in vitro

Mora Ferrer, C.; Dechent, P.; Neumeyer, C., 1995:
Dopamine affects motion perception in goldfish

Lledo, P.M.; Legendre, P.; Zhang, J.; Israel, J.M.; Vincent, J.D., 1989:
Dopamine affects two voltage dependent potassium currents of identified rat lactotroph cells

Phillips, J.T.; Meyers, K.A., 1990:
Dopamine agonist cqp 201 403 suppresses passive transfer of eae but without direct effects on lymphocyte activation

Goldstein, M., 1990:
Dopamine agonist induced dyskinesias including self biting behavior in monkeys with supersensitive dopamine receptors

Barrett, A.M.; Crucian, G.P.; Schwartz, R.L.; Cibula, J.E.; Anderson, J.M.; Heilman, K.M., 1997:
Dopamine agonist therapy worsens motor-intentional neglect

Liang, Y.; Lubkin, M.; Sheng, H.; Scislowski, P.W.; Cincotta, A.H., 1998:
Dopamine agonist treatment ameliorates hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, and the elevated basal insulin release from islets of ob/ob mice

Epstein, J.I.; Kahn, R.S.; Macaluso, J.M.; Sevy, S.; Hirshowitz, J.; Davidson, M., 1994:
Dopamine agonist treatment in schizophrenia

Dobkin, B.H.; Hanlon, R., 1993:
Dopamine agonist treatment of antegrade amnesia from a mediobasal forebrain injury

Lavin, A.; Grace, A.A., 1995:
Dopamine agonist-evoked low threshold spikes in mediodorsal thalamic nucleus neurons in vitro

Girbes, A.R.; van Veldhuisen, D.J.; Smit, A.J., 1991:
Dopamine agonists, a new perspective in cardiovascular therapy?

Undie, A.S.; Cseresnyes, A.B., 1996:
Dopamine agonists activate phosphatidylcytidine monophosphate accumulation in rat brain

Bevan, J.S.; Webster, J.; Burke, C.W.; Scanlon, M.F., 1992:
Dopamine agonists and pituitary tumor shrinkage

Segraves, R.T., 1995:
Dopamine agonists and their effect on the human penile erectile response

Mak, C.K.; Randall, P.K.; Avalos, M.; Burns, S.; Abell, C.W.; Kwan, S.W.; Wilcox, R.E., 1994:
Dopamine agonists have two separable properties Induction of cellular response and induction of desensitization

Lees, A.J., 1993:
Dopamine agonists in Parkinson's disease: a look at apomorphine

Lemke, M.R., 2008:
Dopamine agonists in the treatment of non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease: depression

Argiolas, A.; Succu, S.; Melis, M.R., 1996:
Dopamine agonists increase paraventricular nitric oxide production in male rats Correlation with penile erection and yawning

Sikiric, P.; Rotkvic, I.; Mise, S.; Duvnjak, M.; Jagic, V.; Anic, T.; Seiwerth, S.; Grabarevic, Z.; Petek, M.; E.A., 1990:
Dopamine agonists lessen du relapse rate

Knappe, G.; Gerl, H.; Ventz, M.; Rohde, W.; Schulz, C., 1994:
Dopamine agonists reduce serum GH in acromegaly for 15 years

Phillips, J.T.; Meyers, K., 1989:
Dopamine agonists suppress the development of acute experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in rats

Tsucarzi, E.; Mosolov, S.; Missionznik, E.; Uzbekov, M.; Sharov, A., 1997:
Dopamine agonists treatment of chronic depressive states

Musicco, M.; Carcaceni, T.; Beghi, E.; Gasparini, M.; Nappi, G., 1993:
Dopamine agonists, deprenyl and levodopa in de novo patients with Parkinsons disease A multicenter randomized trial

Abel, R.A.; Ronca, A.E.; Renner, K.J.; Ronan, P.J.; Alberts, J.R., 1998:
Dopamine alters movements topography of perinatal rats after labor contractions

Porter, L.L.; Hornung, J.P., 1996:
Dopamine alters the expression of parvalbumin during cortical development in vitro

Carter, A.M.; Kloenne, H.J.; Detmer, A.; Jensen, A., 1994:
Dopamine and 3,4-dihydroxyphenylacetic acid concentrations in the brainstem of normal and growth-restricted guinea-pig fetuses

Wikstrom, M.; E.M.nira, A.; Zhang, W.; Hill, R.H.; Grillner, S., 1995:
Dopamine and 5-HT modulation of synaptic transmission in the lamprey spinal cord

Madras, B.K., 1993:
Dopamine and D-1 dopamine receptor agonists Dopamine receptor selectivity and response to guanine nucleotides in nonhuman primate brain

Harada, K.; Saito, R.; Kudo, K.; Tachikawa, E.; Kashimoto, T., 1998:
Dopamine and DOPA release/synthesis from/in ATT20 cells expressing recombinant tyrosine hydroxylase isoforms

Melis, M.R.; Argiolas, A., 1995:
Dopamine and sexual behavior

Safsten, B.; Flemstrom, G., 1993:
Dopamine and VIP stimulate cAMP formation in isolated rat duodenocytes

Hitzemann, R.; Qian, Y.; Hitzemann, B., 1993:
Dopamine and acetylcholine cell density in the neuroleptic responsive and neuroleptic nonresponsive lines of mice

Puig, D.P.rada, M.; Molina, D.C.acon, G.; Paez, X.; Parada, M.A.; Hernandez, L., 1996:
Dopamine and acetylcholine release in the rat lateral hypothalamus Opposite changes relation with drinking

Kiianmaa, K.; Hyytia, P.; Sinclair, D., 1998:
Dopamine and alcohol reinforcement in alcohol-preferring AA rats

Palermo, M.; Cossu, M.; Pileri, A.; Sorba, G.B.; Delitala, G., 1994:
Dopamine and angiotensin-mediated secretion of aldosterone during renal chronic insufficiency

Yasui, S.; Yamada, M.; Djamgoz, M.B.A., 1989:
Dopamine and apb differently modulate spectral responses of h1 horizontal cells in the carp retina

Hikosaka, O., 1991:
Dopamine and basal ganglia

Zinebi, F.; Christensen, B.N., 1992:
Dopamine and cAMP activators release intracellular calcium and modulate the calcium current in isolated catfish horizontal cells

Grimes, L.M.; Criswell, H.; Sar, M.; Stumpf, W.E.; Mueller, R.A.; Breese, G.R., 1989:
Dopamine and calcium binding protein containing neurons and fibers of the nigrostriatal system following adult and neonatal 6 hydroxydopamine lesions

Liu, F.C.; Graybiel, A.M., 1997:
Dopamine and calcium signal interactions in the developing striatum: control by kinetics of CREB phosphorylation

Kirk, D.; Kennison, S.; Brown, K., 1998:
Dopamine and chicken embryo heart development

Ebert, D., 1997:
Dopamine and depression Antidepressant therapies change dopaminergic neurotransmission

Bhatt-Mehta, V.; Nahata, M.C., 1989:
Dopamine and dobutamine in pediatric therapy

Ewy, G.A.; Plachetka, J.R., 1992:
Dopamine and dobutamine pharmacology and use in advanced heart failure

King, G.R.; Ellinwood, E.H.Jr; Sundar, K.S., 1991:
Dopamine and dopac efflux during withdrawal from chronic cocaine

Costentin, J., 1995:
Dopamine and dopaminergic transmissions

D.C.iara G.; Acquas, E.; Carboni, E., 1990:
Dopamine and drug induced motivation

Kanyicska, B.; Freeman, M.E., 1994:
Dopamine and endothelin synergistically regulate prolactin secretion

Llorens Cortes, C.; Martres, M.P.; Van Amsterdam, Y.; Giros, B.; Gros, C.; Pollard, H.; Schwartz, J.C., 1989:
Dopamine and enkephalins effects of dopaminergic agents in striatum tyrosylglycylglycine levels

Carretero, J.; Rubio, M.; Sanchez, F.; Vazquez, R.J.; Riesco, J.M.; Blanco, E.; Juanes, J.A.; Vazquez, R., 1994:
Dopamine and estradiol are modulators of in vitro proliferation rate of rat pituitary VIP-immunoreactive cells

Ross, N.R.; Porter, L.L., 1998:
Dopamine and estrogen accelerate the expression of parvalbumin in the developing rodent prefrontal cortex

Byington, K.H., 1994:
Dopamine and ferricyanide inhibit striatal adenylyl cyclase

Smith, Gerard, P., 1995:
Dopamine and food reward

Purcaru, F.I.; Cernea, D.; Chiutu, L.; Nemes, R.; Sabetay, C.; Manta, D., 1997:
Dopamine and furosemide association in the prevention and treatment of oligoanuric ARF in burn-shock

Hoebel, B.; Rada, P.; Mark, G.; Parada, M.; Puig, D.P.rada, M., 1994:
Dopamine and galanin in the hypothalamus have effects on the mesolimbic reward system

Tian, Y.; Kapatos, G.; Granneman, J.G.; Bannon, M.J., 1994:
Dopamine and gamma-aminobutyric acid transporters: differential regulation by agents that promote phosphorylation

Shiroyama, T.; Richards, C.D.; Kitai, S.T., 1996:
Dopamine and glutamate Co-localized in substantia nigra neurons Immunocytochemical evidence

Biggs, C.S.; Starr, M.S., 1997:
Dopamine and glutamate control each other's release in the basal ganglia: a microdialysis study of the entopeduncular nucleus and substantia nigra

Stephans, S.E.; Yamamoto, B.K., 1994:
Dopamine and glutamate efflux are increased in prefrontal cortex of rats sensitized to methamphetamine

Renaud, B.; Bert, L.; Robert, F.; Denoroy, L., 1997:
Dopamine and glutamate interactions in rat striatum as studied by microdialysis and capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection

Shimizu, N.; Woodward, D.J.; Oomura, Y., 1989:
Dopamine and glutamate modulate locomotor and tone evoked unit activity in the striatum of rats

Whittaker, J.A.; Patrickson, J.W.; Thomas, K.H., 1994:
Dopamine and glutamate receptor subtype distribution in the rat substantia nigra

Ghasemzadeh, M.B.; Surmeier, D.J.; Eberwine, J.; Chesselet, M.F., 1993:
Dopamine and glutamate receptors mRNA in single striatal neurons An RNA amplification study

Shirazi, S.; White, J.F.; Chandhoke, V.; Flinn, J.M., 1998:
Dopamine and glutathione levels in Aplysia californica change due to environmental stress

Kuchel, O., 1990:
Dopamine and hypertension

Mccullough, L.D.; Kurth, P.; Cousins, M.S.; Sokolowski, J.D.; Salamone, J.D., 1993:
Dopamine and instrumental behavior Involvement in response initiation

Cousins, M.S.; Sokolowski, J.D.; Salamone, J.D., 1993:
Dopamine and instrumental behavior Involvement in response selection

Salamone, J.D.; Cousins, M.S.; Mccullough, L.D.; Berkowitz, R.J.; Carriero, D.L., 1993:
Dopamine and instrumental behavior Microdialysis studies of instrumental and consummatory behavior

Petty, F.; Kramer, L.; Wilson, L.; Waddill, M.; Chae, Y.L., 1992:
Dopamine and learned helplessness In vivo mediation by serotonin in frontal cortex

Cahill, G.M.; Besharse, J.C., 1991:
Dopamine and light multiple input pathways to the circadian clock in xenopus retina

Missale, C.; Liberini, P.; Sigala, S.; Pizzi, M.; Memo, M.; Spano, P.F., 1989:
Dopamine and memory effect of acute scopolamine treatment on dopamine metabolism in rat hippocampus and frontal cortex

Tseng, L.; Zhu, H.H.; Goligorsky, M.S.; Rialas, M.C.; Stefano, G.B., 1997:
Dopamine and morphine induce the nitric oxide release in human endometrial glandular epithelial cells

Seri, I., 1990:
Dopamine and natriuresis. Mechanism of action and developmental aspects

Williams, G.H.; Gordon, M.S.; Stuenkel, C.A.; Conlin, P.R.; Hollenberg, N.K., 1990:
Dopamine and nonmodulating hypertension

Pifl, C.; Caron, M.G.; Hornykiewicz, O., 1996:
Dopamine and noradrenaline are cytotoxic in neuroblastoma cells transfected with catecholamine transporters

Csillag, A.; Bourne, R.C.; Montagnese, C.M.; Kabai, P.; Stewart, M.G., 1997:
Dopamine and noradrenaline receptor binding, and thalamic input in telencephalic subregions of domestic chicks Relevance to prefrontal cortex

Siebyl, J.P.; Krystal, J.H.; Charney, D.S., 1995:
Dopamine and noradrenergic reuptake inhibitors in treatment of schizophrenia

Vernon, D.D.; Banner, W.Jr; Dean, J.M., 1990:
Dopamine and norepinephrine are equally effective for treatment of shock in amitriptyline intoxication

Kajal, S.; Moudgal, R.P., 1992:
Dopamine and norepinephrine in diencephalon of hens with different ovarian follicular status

Sacaan, A.I.; Santori, E.M.; Keegan, M.; Lloyd, G.K.; Rao, T.S., 1997:
Dopamine and norepinephrine release in the prefrontal cortex are regulated by different NAChR subtypes

Laitinen, J.T., 1992:
Dopamine and phorbol ester-induced potassium efflux in the chick retina Effects of melatonin

Siviy, S.M.; Milburn, A.L., 1995:
Dopamine and play behavior in juvenile rats Relative involvement of D2 and D3 receptors

Marinac, J.S.; Willsie, S.K.; Hamburger, S.C.; Herndon, B.L.; O'toole, L.; Reisz, G., 1994:
Dopamine and prolactin concentrations in MICU patients receiving high dose dopamine and controls

Ertl, T.; Sulyok, E.; Hartmann, G., 1992:
Dopamine and prolactin content of the human milk

Kurokawa, K.; Sophasan, S.; Katoh, T., 1989:
Dopamine and renal action of atrial natriuretic peptide

Salamone, J.D.; Cousins, M.S.; Snyder, B.; Wei, W., 1994:
Dopamine and response allocation Behavioral and pharmacological characterization of an operant cost/benefit task

Bucher Yiannuotsos, S.L.; Cousins, M.S.; Turner, L.; Rambow, A.; Price, K.; Salamone, J.D., 1994:
Dopamine and response allocation Effects of haloperidol and accumbens dopamine depletions on performance in a T-maze cost/benefit task

Nguyen Legros, J.; Chanut, E.; Versaux Botteri, C., 1998:
Dopamine and retinal circadian rhythms in mammals

Kahn, R.S.; Davidson, M.; Davis, K.L., 1996:
Dopamine and schizophrenia revisited

Talbot, R.T.; Sterling, R.J.; Sharp, P.J., 1990:
Dopamine and serotonin are involved in the regulation of the preovulatory release of lh in the domestic hen

Kabotyanski, E.A.; Baxter, D.A.; Byrne, J.H., 1995:
Dopamine and serotonin coordinate different aspects of consummatory feeding behavior in Aplysia

Gervais, J.; Soghomonian, J.J.; Richard, D.; Rouillard, C., 1997:
Dopamine and serotonin interactions in the modulation of the expression of the immediate early transcription factor NGFI-B in the striatum

Hamon, M., 1989:
Dopamine and serotonin involvement in the central effects of psychotropic drugs

Molina Holgado, E.; Dewar, K.M.; Descarries, L.; Grondin, L.; Reader, T.A., 1993:
Dopamine and serotonin metabolism of the DA-denervated and 5-HT-hyperinnervated neostriatum of adult rat after neonatal 6-OHDA

Jones, S.; Kauer, J.A., 1998:
Dopamine and serotonin mimic the effect of amphetamine on excitatory synaptic transmission in rat ventral tegmental area neurons

Lukyanetz, E.A., 1995:
Dopamine and serotonin receptor convergention in up-regulation of Ca-channel activity of neurones

Takahashi, Y.; Kusumi, I.; Ishikane, T.; Koyama, T., 1995:
Dopamine and serotonin receptor occupancy by novel antipsychotic drug, SM-9018 and its metabolite, in vivo

Chen, N.H.ng; Reith, M.E.A., 1993:
Dopamine and serotonin release in vitro induced by electrical stimulation in A-9 and A-10 dopamine regions of rat brain Characterization and responsiveness to cocaine

Badri, F.; Masellis, M.; Petronis, A.; Macciardi, F.M.; Van Tol, H.H.M.; Cola, P.; Meltzer, H.Y.; Lieberman, J.; Potkin, S.; Kennedy, J.L., 1996:
Dopamine and serotonin system genes may predict clinical response to clozapine

Tiefenbacher, S.; Ali, S.F.; Binienda, Z.; Paule, M.G.; Meyer, J.S., 1997:
Dopamine and serotonin transporter binding in late fetal and adult monkey brain

Hart, S.L.; Oluyomi, A.O., 1989:
Dopamine and stress induced antinociception in the mouse

Calabresi, P.; Pisani, A., 1995:
Dopamine and synaptic plasticity in the striatum

Flemström, G.; Säfsten, B.; Knutson, L., 1997:
Dopamine and the brain-gut axis

Strutton, P.H.; Coen, C.W., 1994:
Dopamine and the inhibition of luteinizing hormone pulses in rats The significance of hypothermia

Lee, M.R., 1993:
Dopamine and the kidney: ten years on

Casagrande, C., 1991:
Dopamine and the kidney in heart failure

Thomas, D.M.; Coles, G.A.; Williams, J.D., 1993:
Dopamine and the meat meal response

Fibiger, H.C.; Phillips, A.G.; Blaha, C.D., 1990:
Dopamine and the neural substrates of reward implications for the mechanisms of action of antidepressant drugs

Hale, A.S., 1996:
Dopamine and the use of SSRIs for conditions other than depression

Vandenbergh, D.J.; Persico, A.M.; Gelernter, J.; Bird, G.S.; Crowe, R.; Surratt, C.; Kurlan, R.; Pauls, D.; Hurko, O.; Singer, H.; Kidd, K.K.; Uhl, G.R., 1993:
Dopamine and vesicular transporter gene markers in neuropsychiatric disorders

Tang, A.H.; Franklin, S.R.; Himes, C.S.; Code, R.A., 1989:
Dopamine antagonist activities of dextro aj 76

Baxter, D.A.; Nargeot, R.; Patterson, G.W.; Byrne, J.H., 1998:
Dopamine antagonist impaired the enhancement of motor patterns by contingent reinforcement in the isolated buccal ganglia of Aplysia

Lomax, P.; Daniel, K.A., 1992:
Dopamine antagonists and cocaine induced temperature changes

Ryan, K.D.; Bodenheimer, M., 1997:
Dopamine antagonists do not induce LH pulses in immature female ferrets

Jaen, J.C.; Wise, L.D.; Caprathe, B.W.; Smith, S.J.; Meltzer, L.T.; Pugsley, T.A.; Davis, M.D.; Heffner, T.G., 1992:
Dopamine antagonists haloperidol sulpiride as starting points in the design of novel dopamine agonists

Wirtshafter, David, 1993:
Dopamine antagonists induce expression of c-fos in some striatal output structures

Hansen, M.A.; Henderson, L.A.; Bandler, R.; Balcar, V.J.; Bennett, M.R.; Keay, K.A., 1997:
Dopamine as a neurotransmitter in spinal A midbrain-medullary sympathoinhibitory circuit in the rat is activated by P-2X and P-2Y receptor agonists

Gladwell, S.J.; Coote, J.H., 1997:
Dopamine as a neurotransmitter in spinal sympathetic networks

Yasunari, K.; Kohno, M.; Horio, T.; Kano, H.; Yokokawa, K.; Yoshikawa, J., 1996:
Dopamine as a novel antimigration and antiproliferative factor of vascular smooth muscle cells through dopamine-I receptors

Griffith, R.F.; Hoekstra, J.; Van Ligten, P.F.; Leslie, C.; Miller, D.D.; Brown, C.G., 1990:
Dopamine as a tool for determining structure activity relationships of alpha adrenergic agonists during cpr

Kane, G.J.; Koh S W.M.; Richards, R.D., 1990:
Dopamine attenuates the stimulatory effect of vip on macromolecule secretion at the apical membranes of chick embryonic retinal pigment epithelium

Rusterholtz, L.A.; Haga, J.H.; Strony, J., 1994:
Dopamine augmentation of coronary blood flow in the setting of moderate coronary stenosis increases platelet activation and secretion

Wise, L.D.; Dewald, H.A.; Heffner, T.G.; Jaen, J.C.; Meltzer, L.T.; Pugsley, T.A., 1989:
Dopamine autoreceptor agonist properties of dextro trans 3 4 4a 10b tetrahydro 4 propyl 2h 5h 1 benzopyrano 4 3 b 1 4 oxazin 9 ol and enantiomers

Lin M Y.; Walters, D.E., 1991:
Dopamine autoreceptor agonists decrease locomotor activity of 21 day but not 10 day old rats

Stevens, K.E.; Harris, K.R.; Lehman, J.C.; Stryker, S.L.; Rose, G.M., 1992:
Dopamine autoreceptor antagonist AJ76 disrupts auditory sensory gating in rats

Elsworth, J.D.; Roth, R.H., 1997:
Dopamine autoreceptor pharmacology and function Recent insights

Chiodo, L.A.; Freeman, A.S.; Bunney, B.S., 1995:
Dopamine autoreceptor signal transduction and regulation

Lynch, M.R.; Haskins, C.; Woo, J., 1990:
Dopamine autoreceptor supersensitivity and postsynaptic subsensitivity with chronic neuroleptic treatment

Jones, S.R.; Gainetdinov, R.R.; Hu, X.T.; Wightman, R.M.rk; White, F.J.; Caron, M.G., 1998:
Dopamine autoreceptors are downregulated and uncoupled in dopamine transporter knockout mice

Goldstein, M.; Harada, K.; Meller, E.; Schalling, M.; Hokfelt, T., 1990:
Dopamine autoreceptors. Biochemical, pharmacological, and morphological studies

Meador Woodruff, J.H.; Damask, S.P.; Watson, S.J., 1994:
Dopamine autoreceptors in the human midbrain

Sesack, S.R.; Hawrylak, V.A.; Guido, M.A.; Melchitzky, D.S.; Lewis, D.A.; Levey, A.I., 1996:
Dopamine axon varicosities in the prefrontal cortex lack immunoreactivity for the dopamine transporter

Lewis, D.A.; Sesack, S.R.; Levey, A.I.; Rosenberg, D.R., 1997:
Dopamine axons in primate prefrontal cortex: specificity of distribution, synaptic targets, and development

Mcdermott, R.D.; Soltis, R.P.; Breersma, R.J.; Kastner, P.R.; Mccarthy, J.R., 1989:
Dopamine beta hydroxylase d beta h inhibition by mdl 43925 in spontaneously hypertensive rats shr and normotensive dogs

Moudy, A.M.; Kunkel, D.D.; Robbins, C.A.; Gross, M.E.; Schwartzkroin, P.A., 1991:
Dopamine beta hydroxylase dbh and tyrosine hydroxylase th immunoreactivity in hippocampus locus coeruleus co cultures

Robertson, D.; Hollister, A.S.; Biaggioni, I., 1990:
Dopamine beta hydroxylase deficiency and cardiovascular control

Perry, S.E.; Lamouroux, A.; Phillips, J.A.IIi; Mallet, J.; Biaggioni, I.; Robertson, D., 1989:
Dopamine beta hydroxylase deficiency restriction analysis of lymphocytic dna

Ball, A.K.; Baldridge, W.H., 1991:
Dopamine beta hydroxylase immunoreactive amacrine cells in the goldfish retina

Anis, M.; Broadbent, P.; Mcadam, K.P.W.J.; Raynes, J.G., 1991:
Dopamine beta hydroxylase in familial mediterranean fever

Kaiser, C.; Kruse, L.I., 1989:
Dopamine beta hydroxylase inhibitors us patent 4810811 march 7 1989

Finkelstein, J.A.; Kruse, L.I.; Leonard, T.B., 1989:
Dopamine beta hydroxylase inhibitors us patent 4837353 june 6 1989

Kaiser, C.; Kruse, L.I., 1989:
Dopamine beta hydroxylase inhibitors us patent 4857540 august 15 1989

Finkelstien, J.A.; Kruse, L.I.; Leonard, T.B., 1989:
Dopamine beta hydroxylase inhibitors us patent 4859779 august 22 1989

Frazee, J.S.; Kaiser, C., 1989:
Dopamine beta hydroxylase inhibitors us patent 4863944 september 5 1989

Grim, C.E.; O'connor D.T.; Wilson, T.W.; Fraser, H.S.; Nicholson, G.D.; Hassell, T.A., 1991:
Dopamine beta hydroxylase may be controlled by a single gene in blacks

Mcmahon, A.; Sabban, E.L., 1990:
Dopamine beta hydroxylase molecular cloning and characterization of the rat complementary dna

Wimalasena, K.; May, S.W., 1989:
Dopamine beta monooxygenase catalyzed aromatization of 1 2 aminoethyl 1 4 cyclohexadiene redirection of specificity and evidence for a hydrogen atom transfer mechanism

Quatacker, J.R.; Annaert, W.G.; Miserez, B.J.; D.P.tter, W.P., 1992:
Dopamine beta-hydroxylase and cytochrome B561 are present on the axonal reticulum in bovine sympathetic neurons

Muguruma, K.; Imamura, K.; Morii, H.; Watanabe, Y., 1993:
Dopamine beta-hydroxylase and noradrenergic receptor binding activities in brain of monocular deprived cats

Kaler, S.G.; Holmes, C.S.; Goldstein, D.S., 1997:
Dopamine beta-hydroxylase deficiency associated with mutations in a copper transporter gene

Sugamori, K.S.; Mishra, R.K.; Niznik, H.B., 1994:
Dopamine binding proteins in neuronal and non-neuronal cell lines

Montanari, A.; Vallisa, D.; Ragn, G.; Serventi, M.; Novarini, A.; Coruzzi, P., 1989:
Dopamine blockade dab blunts natriuresis and lithiuresis induced by low doses of nicardipine nic evidence for a dopamine da receptor related tubular effect of calcium channel blocking agents

Long, W.Q.; Anthonisen, N.R., 1993:
Dopamine blockade does not affect sustained ventilatory response to hypoxia in cats

Clewner, L.; Holopigian, K.; Selple, W.; Angrist, B.; Kupersmith, M., 1991:
Dopamine blockade has no effect on the human flash erg

Goodman, J.M.; Neill, D.B.; Justice, J.B.Jr, 1990:
Dopamine blockade in nucleus accumbens reduces bar press but not place preference measures of lh stimulation reward

Rammsayer, T.; Gallhofer, B.; Jantscher, M., 1993:
Dopamine blocking agents induce cognitive interference in healthy volunteers The difference between atypical and conventional antipsychotic substances

Sato, N.; Wang, X.; Greer, M.A.; Greer, S.E.; Mcadams, S., 1991:
Dopamine blocks calcium influx and prolactin secretion induced by cell swelling in mmq cells

White, S.R.; Obradovic, T.; Imel, K.M., 1996:
Dopamine but not GABA inhibition is blunted in the nucleus accumbens core following repeated administration of methylenedioxymethamphetamine

Perlman, I.; Ammermueller, J., 1994:
Dopamine but not background light reduces the length constants of the L1-horizontal cell syncytium in the turtle retina

Ensinger, H.; Schulich, S.; Gruenert, A.; Ahnefeld, F.W., 1990:
Dopamine cardiovascular and metabolic effects in relation to plasma levels

Iravani, M.M.; Babwah, R.; Rose, S.; Jenner, P., 1998:
Dopamine cell loss and expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase immunoreactivity following intranigral injection of lipopolysaccharide

Yurek, D.M.; Sladek, J.R., 1990:
Dopamine cell replacement: Parkinson's disease

Kloppenburg, P.; Levini, R.M.; Harris Warrick, R.M., 1997:
Dopamine changes firing properties of PD neurons in the pyloric network by modulation of K+ currents

Wong, D.F.; Reith, J.; Gjedde, A., 1998:
Dopamine changes in schizophrenia Reconciliation of pre, post- and intrasynaptic measures

Kirby, A.W.; Townsend, A.T., 1990:
Dopamine changes in the cat visual system and the visual evoked response following diisopropyl fluorophosphate

Zahniser, N.R.; Larson, G.A.; Gerhardt, G.A., 1996:
Dopamine clearance rate in rat striatum Effects of uptake inhibitors and dopamine concentration

Olefirowicz, T.M.; Ewing, A.G., 1990:
Dopamine concentration in the cytoplasmic compartment of single neurons determined by capillary electrophoresis

Lim, R.R.; Bloomfield, M.R.; Johnson, A.M.; Allen, J.M., 1995:
Dopamine concentrations in PC12 cells following neuronal differentiation induced by NGF or VIP

Kalcic, I.; Zorc, B.; Butula, I., 1996:
Dopamine conjugate with styrene-maleic anhydride copolymer

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