Effect of different levels of nitrogen and potassium on yield and yield components of rice ratoon of Hashemi cultivar in Astaneh Ashrafiyeh

Farrokh,A.R.; Razavipour,T.; Lomer,A.M.

Research In Agricultural Science: 2, Pe152-161, En15


Accession: 031076575

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An experiment was conducted in Iran to investigate the effects of N (at 0, 50, 100 and 150 kg/ha) and K (at 0 and 100 kg/ha) fertilizers on the yield and yield components of rice cv. Hashemi ratoon. The effect of N on the number of panicles/m2 was significant at 5%. K had significant effect on yield, number of grains per panicle and 1000-grain weight at 1%. The highest yield and number of grains per panicle were obtained from N100K100 treatment. The highest number of panicles/m2 was recorded from N150K100 treatment.