Section 32
Chapter 31,082

Effect of feeding mealy bugs Maconellicoccus hirsutus green infested mulberry leaves tukra on the performance of silkworm races

Shree, M.P.; Vamseedhar, P.; Nagaveni, V.

Geobios 34(1): 5-8


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-6995
Accession: 031081875

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A comparison of the rearing, grainage and reeling parameters of nine silkworm races and two hybrids by feeding healthy and 'tukra' affected leaves has been made. The results revealed a significant reduction in the larval duration (MH1, MH2, NB4D2, KA, SP2 and KA X NB4D2) and renditta (NTCM). Conversely, a significant increase in the larval weight (PM, MH1, MH2, NB4D2,) KSO1, NTCM, PM X NB4D2 and KA X NB4D2) and CSR% NB4D2, KA, NP2 and PM X NB4D2) was observed. ERR (%) fecundity, hatching percentage, single cocoon weight and filament denier showed a significant variation.

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