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Chapter 31,111

Effect of season of calving, sex of calf and parity of dam on post partum estrus interval in cows

Gupta,H.P.; BeerendraSingh

Indian Veterinary Journal 85(8): 837-839


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-6479
Accession: 031110981

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357 normal calvings of 119 crossbred cows distributed during autumn, winter, spring, summer and rainy seasons had postpartum oestrus intervals of 55.44+or-7.80, 65.89+or-7.72, 52.80+or-3.95, 64.50+or-4.77 and 71.80+or-6.53 days, respectively, with an overall mean of 61.28+or-2.56 days. The postpartum oestrus interval was 63.93+or-3.52 and 58.01+or-3.68 days for male and female offsprings, respectively. The postpartum oestrus interval averaged 72.85+or-4.94, 51.63+or-3.30 and 59.36+or-4.71 days following I, II and III calvings, respectively. Cows which calved during spring returned to oestrus significantly (P<0.01) earlier than those which calved during the rainy season. The postpartum oestrus interval was significantly (P<0.05) shorter in multiparous than primiparous cows.

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