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Effects of dicyandiamide and neem cake for inhibition of urea in flooded soil

Venkitaswamy, R.; Subramanian, S.; Veerabadran, V.

Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities 16(3): 307-309, 1991


Accession: 031149019

Improving the efficiency of nitrogen is one of the urgent tasks facing rice culture in the tropics. While nitrification inhibitors have attained prominence in the temperate region, little information exists on the effect of these chemicals under tropical environment. Studies were undertaken with dicyandiamide and neem cake to find out the nitrification inhibition in a clayloam soil when applied along with prilled urea. Within five days, all the applied urea was hydrolysed in all the treatments. Urea + dicyandiamide maintained higher NH-4+ - N concentation whereas the (NO-2- + NO-3-) - N concentration and nitrification, rate were lowest upto 45 days after incubation. Effective nitrification inhibition periods for dicyandiamide and neem cake were 25 to 30 and 15 to 20 days, respectively.

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