Effects of different water and nitrogen supplements on the yield and quality of tomato in solar greenhouse

YuanLiPing; MiGuoQuan; ZhaoLingZhi; RenHuaZhong

Soil And Fertilizer Sciences In China: 69-73


Accession: 031150885

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A trial in solar greenhouse was conducted to investigate the effects of water at 4541.0 (W1) and 2270.6 (W2) m3/ha and nitrogen at 747.4 (N1), 373.7 (N2) and 0 (N3) kg/ha on the yield and quality of tomato Skala during 2004-05. Among the different treatments, the yield at W2N1 was the highest, at 168953.2 kg/ha, with the lowest yield of 152204.4 kg/ha in W2N3. The highest ascorbic acid contents were obtained in W1N2 and W2N2, at 15.7 and 15.6 mg/100g, respectively.