Section 32
Chapter 31,204

Egg albumen polymorphisms in the fowl The ovalbumin locus

Lush, I.E.

Genet Res 5(1): 39-49


DOI: 10.1017/s001667230000121x
Accession: 031203536

Ovalbumin was shown, by starch gel electrophoresis, to exist in genetically different forms, A and B. It was suggested that these are determined by 2 alleles at one locus, named Ov. Ovalbumin of each type with human prostatic phosphatase and calf intestinal phosphatase removed some of the heterogeneity, but some remained. The genetic difference was shown not to reside in the fragment released from ovalbumin by the proteolytic enzyme subtilisin. The genetic difference was evident in the ovalbumin present in the fluid contained in right oviduct cysts.

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