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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 31388

Chapter 31388 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Saitoh, O.; Periasamy, M., 1991:
Expression of myogenic factors in developing chicken skeletal muscles

Ott, M.O.ile; Buckingham, M., 1992:
Expression of myogenic factors in somites and limb buds during mouse embryogenesis

Nicolas, N.; Spenl, L.; Launay, T.; Gallien, C.L.; Chanoine, C., 1996:
Expression of myogenic factors mRNAs during myogenesis of Xenopus

Donner, L.R.; Delanerolle, P., 1990:
Expression of myogenic markers in mesenchymal tumors

Hosoi, H.; Sugimoto, T.; Mine, H.; Horii, Y.; Shikata, A.; Sotozono, Y.; Sawada, T., 1993:
Expression of myogenic regulatory genes and differentiation of human rhabdomyosarcoma

Wang, N.P.; Mcnutt, M.A.; Bacchi, C.E.; Gown, A.M., 1995:
Expression of myogenic regulatory proteins and muscle-specific cytoskeletal proteins in alveolar soft part sarcoma

Wang, N.P.; Marx, J.; Mcnutt, M.A.; Rutledge, J.; Gown, A.M., 1995:
Expression of myogenic regulatory proteins in small blue round cell tumors of childhood An immunohistochemical study

Chen, K.D.; Lowe, D.A.; Alway, S.E., 1998:
Expression of myogenin and myod in adult and senescent rat plantaris muscles after hindlimb suspension

Kami, K.; Noguchi, K.; Senba, E., 1993:
Expression of myogenin and proto-oncogene mRNAs in denervated skeletal muscles

Tanaka, M.; Hashimoto, N.; Endo, T., 1992:
Expression of myogenin during skeletal muscle cell differentiation and dedifferentiation

McNally, E.; Sohn, R.; Frankel, S.; Leinwand, L., 1991:
Expression of myosin and actin in Escherichia coli

Childs, T.; Adams, M.A.; Mak, A.S., 1989:
Expression of myosin and tropomyosin isoforms in the left ventricle of spontaneously hypertensive rats shr treated with hydralazine and enalapril

Schiaffino, S.; Ausoni, S.; Campione, M.; Gorza, L.; Lomo, T., 1990:
Expression of myosin and troponin genes in chronically stimulated muscles

Alyonycheva, T.; Fischman, D.A.; Mikawa, T., 1996:
Expression of myosin binding protein H in Purkinje fibers of the heart

Velleman, S.G.; Brown, S.M., 1992:
Expression of myosin heavy chain during the development of the avian muscle weakness low score normal

Peckham, M., 1994:
Expression of myosin heavy chain genes in novel conditionally immortal mouse myogenic cells H2K-b-tsA58

Sakurai, H.; Furutani, Y.; Imamura, S.I.hiro; Matsuoka, R., 1994:
Expression of myosin heavy chain genes of smooth muscle in various blood vessels and organs

Bigard, Ax, 1997:
Expression of myosin heavy chain isoforms in skeletal muscle in response to physical training

Nag, A.C.; Lee, M.L., 1991:
Expression of myosin heavy chain isomers is not affected by tpa in cultured adult cardiac muscle cells

Morano, I.; Boels, P., 1991:
Expression of myosin heavy chain mhc isoenzymes in the pregnant uterus of rats and its influence on calcium sensitivity of skinned uterus fibers

Mehlhorn, G.; Asmussen, G., 1996:
Expression of myosin isoforms during regeneration of the rabbit inferior oblique muscle

Wang, Z.; Gopalakurup, S.; Levin, R.; Chacko, S., 1994:
Expression of myosin isoforms during urinary bladder obstruction and reversal

White, S.; Woodcock Mitchell, J.; Mitchell, J.J.; Babij, P.; Low, R.B.; Periasamy, M., 1990:
Expression of myosin isoforms during visceral smooth muscle development in the rat

Mitchell, J.J.; White, S.; Low, R.B.; Woodcock Mitchell, J., 1990:
Expression of myosin isoforms in developing rat lung

Pircher, P.; Yu, F.; Chomez, P.; Vennstrom, B.; Wikstrom, I.; Larsson, L., 1998:
Expression of myosin isoforms in skeletal muscles from mice lacking thyroid hormone or reverbaalpha orphan receptors

Feinstein, D.L.; Miner, R.J., 1989:
Expression of myosin light chain 2 messenger rnas in the developing rat brain

Zampieri, S.; Biral, D.; Adami, N.; Ghirardello, A.; Rampudda, M.Elisa.; Tonello, M.; Doria, A., 2008:
Expression of myositis specific autoantigens during post-natal myogenesis

Winchester, C.L.; Carey, N.; Johnson, K.J., 1996:
Expression of myotonic dystrophy protein kinase

Adhikary, G.; Sivasubramanian, N.; Sen, S., 1996:
Expression of myotrophin gene in rat heart

Broders, F.; Simonneau, L.; Levi, G.; Saint Jeannet, J.P.; Thiery, J.P., 1992:
Expression of n cadherin in xenopus embryogenesis

Sin, W.C.; Lim, H.H.; Michael, G.; Hall, C.; Lim, L., 1992:
Expression of n chimaerin a neuronal p21rac gtpase activating protein and phorbol ester receptor

Benasayag Atlasovich, S.J.; Parma, D.L.; Barontini, M.; Szijan, I., 1991:
Expression of n myc and c fos oncogenes in human pheochromocytomas

Harris, L.; Zelenka, P.S., 1991:
Expression of n myc proto oncogene messenger rna in the embryonic chicken lens

Nakamura, T.; Wang, W.; Kudo, Y.; Ochi, R., 1993:
Expression of nACh receptor and two kinds of L-type Ca-2+ channel in a cell line, H9c2

Carter, D.A.; Hoover, F.; Goldman, D.; Reese, J.S.; Hankin, M.H., 1994:
Expression of nAChR subunit genes in regenerating rat retina

Besemer, J.; Valent, P.; Bettelheim, P., 1991:
Expression of nap 1 il 8 receptors on human allergic effector cells

Gines M J.; Demoor, J.M.; Iyer, V.N.; Keller, W.A.; Miki, B.L., 1989:
Expression of napin gene in brassica napus microspore embryos

Wang, Y.; Fristensky, B., 1998:
Expression of native and constitutively-expressed pea defense genes in transgenic canola

Gal, P.; Sarvari, M.; Schumaker, V.N.; Zavodszky, P., 1991:
Expression of native and modified human c1 subcomponents in insect cells

Gal, P.; Sarvari, M.; Schumaker, V.N.; Zavodszky, P., 1989:
Expression of native and modified human c1r in insect cells

Kuschnick, C.; Mueller, I.; Winckler, T.; Dingermann, T., 1998:
Expression of native artificial Pseudomonas aeruginosa antigens in the lower eukaryote Dictyostelium discoideum

Luo, C.; Tosi, M.; Schumaker, V.N., 1991:
Expression of native human c1s in cultured spodoptera frugiperda cells with a baculovirus vector

Simmer, J.P.; Lau, E.C.; Zeichner David, M.; Fincham, A.G.; Macdougal, M.; Slavkin, H.C., 1992:
Expression of native murine amelogenin in escherichia coli

Maeda, K.; Sczakiel, G.; Hofmann, W.; Menetret, J.F.; Wittinghufer, A., 1989:
Expression of native rabbit light meromyosin in Escherichia coli. Observation of a powerful internal translation initiation site

Arbustini, E.; Pucci, A.; Grasso, M.; Diegoli, M.; Pozzi, R.; Gavazzi, A.; Goggi, C.; Martinelli, L.; Specchia, G.; E.A., 1990:
Expression of natriuretic peptide in normal and failing hearts

Abdelalim, E.Mohamed.; Masuda, C.; Tooyama, I., 2008:
Expression of natriuretic peptide-activated guanylate cyclases by cholinergic and dopaminergic amacrine cells of the rat retina

Sarzani, R.; Dessi Fulgheri, P.; Paci, V.M.; Espinosa, E.; Rappelli, A., 1993:
Expression of natriuretic peptides receptors in human tissues

Worton, R.G.; Klamut, H.J.; Bosnoyan, L.O.; Tennyson, C.; H.X.; Ray, P.N., 1992:
Expression of natural and recombinant human dystrophin genes

Suzumiya, J.; Takeshita, M.; Kimura, N.; Kikuchi, M.; Hisano, S.; Okumura, M., 1993:
Expression of natural killer cell markers on sinonasal non-Hodgkins lymphoma

Omar, S.; Lorenz, J.M.; Rawas, F.; Randall Hlubek, D.; Mcgrath, K.; Brown, C.; Herrington, C.; Wooliever, D.; Huard, T., 1997:
Expression of natural killer cells in newborn infants

Omar, S.A.; Lorenz, J.M.; Huard, T., 1998:
Expression of natural killer cells in newborn infants with early onset sepsis

Fulton, C.; Anderson, G.M.; Zasloff, M.; Bull, R.; Quinn, A.G., 1997:
Expression of natural peptide antibiotics in human skin

Lin, H.; Jiang, H.; Poetter, K.; Sellers, J.R.; Epstein, N.D., 1997:
Expression of naturally occurring mutant human cardiac light chains

Neill, J.M.; Barnstable, C.J., 1991:
Expression of ncam and ret pe2 by transplanted rpe

Bastmeyer, M.; Schlosshauer, B.; Stuermer, C.A.O., 1989:
Expression of ncam antigen in the normal and regenerating goldfish retinotectal system

Matsui, H.; Ueda, Y.; Makino, N., 1996:
Expression of nebulin mRNA in atrium

Charlton, J.A.; Simmons, N.L., 1992:
Expression of nephron segment specific phenotypes in cultured human renal cell lines

Foster, M.H.; Liu, Q.; Fitzsimons, M., 1996:
Expression of nephrotropic autoantibodies in anti-laminin transgenic mice in a nonautoimmune background

Pitts, A.F.; Miller, M.W., 1993:
Expression of nerve growth factor and its high affinity receptor in the rat and monkey cortex

Guan, X.; Mckenna, K.E.; Mcvary, K.T., 1996:
Expression of nerve growth factor in pelvic organs of male rat in response to denervation

Hoyle, G.W.; Mercer, E.H.; Palmiter, R.D.; Brinster, R.L., 1992:
Expression of nerve growth factor in sympathetic neurons leads to decreased innervation of sympathetic target tissues

Albers, K.; Davis, F.; Green, M., 1992:
Expression of nerve growth factor in the epidermis of transgenic mice

Sugimoto, M.; Hatayama, M.; Sakai, E., 1995:
Expression of nerve growth factor in the skin the medaka, Oryzias latipes after prolonged background adaptation

Silani, V.; Mariani, D.; Mazzucchelli, F.; Pizzuti, A.; Falini, A.; Ghezzi, C.; Scarlato, G., 1991:
Expression of nerve growth factor messenger rna and receptors in the development of the human adrenal gland

Reinshagen, M.; Rohm, H.; Geerling, I.; V.Herbay, A.; Eysselein, V.E.; Lakshmanan, J.; Adler, G., 1996:
Expression of nerve growth factor prohormones in experimental colitis and in inflammatory bowel disease

Dissen, G.A.; Nilaver, G.; Hill, D.F.; Ojeda, S.R., 1990:
Expression of nerve growth factor receptor and tyrosine hydroxylase messenger rna in the immature rat ovary

Thompson, S.J.; Gown, A.M.; Bothwell, M.A., 1989:
Expression of nerve growth factor receptor in follicular dendritic cells of lymphoidal tissues

Pansa, V.S.; Bevilacqua, P.A.; Scapinello, A.; Visona, A.; Garbisa, S., 1989:
Expression of nerve growth factor receptor in lymph nodes

Conti, G.; Scardini, E.; Vedeler, C.; Baron, P.; Livraghi, S.; Rostami, A.; Pleasure, G.S.arlato And, D., 1993:
Expression of nerve growth factor receptor in the peripheral nervous system during experimental allergic neuritis

Nishizuka, M.; Arai, Y., 1990:
Expression of nerve growth factor receptor like immunoreactivity in the forebrain of postnatal rats

Olson, L.; Ernfors, P.; Henschen, A.; Bygdeman, M.; Wetmore, C.; Eriksdotter Nilsson, M.; Ebendal, T.; Persson, H., 1989:
Expression of nerve growth factor receptor messenger rna is developmentally regulated and increased after axotomy in rat spinal cord motoneurons

Comelli, M.C.; Bonfanti, L.; Merighi, A.; Carmignoto, G.; Maffei, L., 1990:
Expression of nerve growth factor receptor ngfr messenger rna in the rat retina is developmentally regulated and increased after optic nerve section

Carmignoto, G.; Candeo, P.; Comelli, C.; Calderini, G.; Maffei, L., 1990:
Expression of nerve growth factor receptor ngfr on adult rat retinal ganglion cell rgc terminals

Dominici, C.; Nicotra, M.R.; Padula, A.; Alema, S.; Castello, M.A.; Natali, P.G., 1996:
Expression of nerve growth factor receptors in childhood renal tumors

Lambiase, A.; Bonini, S.; Aloe, L.; Carito, G.; Rama, P., 1997:
Expression of nerve growth factor receptors on human ocular surface

Wu, H.W.; Wang, H.; Peters, J.; Shimada, H.; Lukens, J.; Mattay, K.K.; Stram, D.O.; Seeger, R.C., 1998:
Expression of nerve growth factor receptors p75NTR and TrkA identifies neuroblastomas with different biological properties

Heub, D.; Ganzmann, E.; Schellmann, U., 1997:
Expression of nerve growth factor, nerve growth factor receptor and neuromodulin in regenerating muscle

Allinquant, B.; Staugaitis, S.M.; D'urso D.; Almazan, G.; Chin, S.; Brophy, P.J.; Colman, D.R., 1990:
Expression of nervous system complementary dna in glial and non glial cell lines

Echeverri, C.J.; Falconer, M.M.; Brown, D.L., 1990:
Expression of neural beta tubulins in differentiating ec cells

Sugawa, M.; Yamamoto, O.; Naitoh, S.; Asou, H.; Uyemura, K., 1994:
Expression of neural cell adhesion molecule L1 in human neuroblastoma cells during differentiation

Conway, D.R.; Kleinschmidt Demasters, B.K.; Franklin, W.A.; Gaub, M.P.; Rochette Egly, C.; Kruse, C.A., 1992:
Expression of neural cell adhesion molecule and retinoic acid receptor in normal brain and in glial and non-glial brain tumors

Wolfer, D.P.; Beatty, A.; Sonderegger, P.; Stoeckli, E.T.; Lipp, H.P., 1991:
Expression of neural cell adhesion molecule axonin 1 in developing fiber tracts of the mouse nervous system

Kobayashi, S.; Vidal, I.; Pena, J.D.O.; Hernandez, M.R., 1996:
Expression of neural cell adhesion molecule by a subpopulation of type 1 astrocytes in human optic nerve head

Sasaki, H.; Yoshida, K.; Inaba, M.; Hoshi, M.; Kamiguchi, H.; Otani, M.; Toya, S.; Kawase, T., 1996:
Expression of neural cell adhesion molecule in astrocytic tumors An inverse correlation with malignancy

Shen, V.; Amodei, P.; Choi, B., 1989:
Expression of neural cell adhesion molecule in pc 12 cells following methylmercury exposure immunofluorescent phase and em study

Nakatani, K.; Seki, S.; Kawada, N.; Sakaguchi, H.; Kawakita, N.; Yanai, A.; Kitada, T.; Sakai, Y.; Yamada, T.; Masuichi, H.; Kuroki, T.; Kobayashi, K.; Kaneda, K., 1995:
Expression of neural cell adhesion molecule in stellate cells of human liver

Ichiyanagi, S.; Sugiyama, T.; Ochiai, T.; Ogawa, A.; Fujita, N.; Endo, K.; Mori, Y.; Yabana, T.; Yachi, A., 1992:
Expression of neural cell adhesion molecule in the healing process of gastric ulcer

Yabana, T.; Sugiyama, T.; Ichiyanagi, S.; Ochiai, T.; Yachi, A., 1993:
Expression of neural cell adhesion molecule in the healing process of human gastric ulcers

Gazdar, A.F.; Koros, A.M.; Linnoila, R.I.; Jewett, P.; Carbone, D., 1991:
Expression of neural cell adhesion molecule n cam in lung cancer cell lines is associated with the neuroendocrine ne cell phenotype and with lack of substrate adhesion

Mizutani, H.; Roswit, W.; Swerlick, R.; Lawley, T.; Hemperly, J.; Kupper, T., 1991:
Expression of neural cell adhesion molecule ncam by cultured human dermal microvascular endothelial cells hdmec

Molenaar, W.M.; Uiterwijk, T.; D.L.ij, L., 1993:
Expression of neural cell adhesion molecules and neural antigens in human muscle, rhabdomyosarcoma and rhabdomyoma

Shen W P.; Chuong C M., 1990:
Expression of neural cell adhesion molecules n cam in retinoblastoma correlation with dissociated aggregated and differentiation phenotypes

Romanska, H.M.; Bishop, A.E.; Brereton, R.J.; Spitz, L.; Polak, J.M., 1992:
Expression of neural cell molecule ncam in normal and aganglionic colon

Landry, C.F.; Kashima, T.; Cherman, L.; Verity, M.A.; Yates, A.; Campagnoni, A.T., 1995:
Expression of neural mRNAs in human glial tumors

Cauley, K.A.; Agranoff, B.W.; Goldman, D., 1989:
Expression of neural nicotinic receptor subunit genes in goldfish retina and tectum

Kopp, D.M.; Thompson, W.J., 1997:
Expression of neuregulin and neuregulin receptors in developing mechanoreceptors

Gerecke, K.; Carroll, S.L.; Wyss, J.M., 1998:
Expression of neuregulin receptors in adult rat brain

Kornblum, H.I.; Chow, K.; Seroogy, K.B., 1998:
Expression of neuregulin receptors, ErbB 2,3, and 4 in germinal zones and multipotent CNS progenitors

Carroll, S.L.; Miller, M.L.; Frohnert, P.W.; Kim, S.S.; Corbett, J.A., 1996:
Expression of neuregulins and their putative receptors, ERBB2 and ERBB3 is induced during Wallerian degeneration

Mizuto, I.; Katayama, M.; Ishii, K., 1996:
Expression of neuroD in primary cultures of cerebral cortical neurons

Garcia Arraras, J.E.; Lugo, A.M.; Medina, L.; Martinez, R., 1989:
Expression of neuroactive substances in the developing chick sympatho adrenal system

Pujol, J.L.; Simony, J.; Laurent, J.C.; Bousquet, J.; Godard, P.; Pujol, H.; Michel, F.B., 1989:
Expression of neuroendocrine antigens as prognostic factor in surgical resected non small cell lung cancers nsclc

Hoosein, N.M.; Logothetis, C.J.; Bandyk, M.G.; Nicolson, G.L.; Chung, L.W.K., 1993:
Expression of neuroendocrine factors and extracellular matrix degradative enzymes in human prostate tumor cells

Blumenfeld, W.; Chandhoke, D.; Sagerman, P.; Turi, G.K., 1995:
Expression of neuroendocrine markers in gastric adenocarcinomas

Norton, K.K.; Geist, R.T.; Wright, D.E.; Giordano, M.J.; Gutmann, D.H., 1995:
Expression of neurofibromatosis 2 isoforms in adult and embryonic tissues

Cinzia, V.; Polli, R.; Anglani, F.; Perilongo, G.; Giangaspero, F.; Opocher, G.; Murgia, A., 1997:
Expression of neurofibromin in brain tumors

Ciment, G.; Stocker, K.M.; Coston, T.; Baizer, L., 1993:
Expression of neurofibromin, a GTPase activating protein involved in the ras signaling pathway, in migrating neural crest cells of avian embryos

Abe, M.; Matsuda, R., 1995:
Expression of neurofilament protein in muscle cell

Grant, P.; Tseng, D.; Gainer, H.; Gould, R.; Pant, H.C., 1993:
Expression of neurofilament proteins during development of the giant fiber system in the squid

Tapscott, S.J.; Olson, J.M., 1998:
Expression of neurogenic BHLH genes in primitive neuroectodermal tumors

Hyodo, S.; Urano, A., 1991:
Expression of neurohypophysial hormone precursor genes in the mammalian hypothalamus

Kage, R.; Felsch, C.; Kage, A., 1994:
Expression of neurokinin B in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells stimulated with interleukin-2

Diekmann, H.; Laessing, U.; Stuermer, C.A.O., 1996:
Expression of neurolin A cell adhesion molecule-during neuronal differentiation and axon growth in the fish CNS

Laessing, J.; Giordano, S.; Stuermer, C.A.O., 1995:
Expression of neurolin, the fish homolog of chick DM-GRASP, is indicative of ganglion cell differentiation in the developing zebrafish retina

Hearn, S.C.; Byrne, J.; Jones, P.M.; Ghatei, M.A.; Bloom, S.R., 1991:
Expression of neuromedin b in the human pituitary

Kobayashi, N.; Kiyama, H.; Sato, M.; Tohyama, M., 1991:
Expression of neuromodulin gap 43 mrna in the rat hypoglossal nucleus following a nerve transection or crush of hypoglossal nerve demonstrated by non radioactive in situ hybridization histochemistry

Matranga, V.; Oliva, D.; Sciarrino, S.; D'amelio L.; Giallongo, A., 1990:
Expression of neuron specific enolase during mouse neuroblastoma differentiation

D.L.egro I.; Cestelli, A.; Barbieri, G.; Giallongo, A., 1990:
Expression of neuron specific enolase in primary cultures of rat neurons

Shirao, T.; Kojima, N.; Obata, K., 1991:
Expression of neuron specific protein drebrin a and formation of neurite like cell processes in fibroblast transfected with a drebin a complementary dna

Shirao, T.; Kojima, N.; Obata, K., 1991:
Expression of neuron specific protein drebrin a induces outgrowth of neurite like cell processes from fibroblasts

Garzino, V.; Therianos, S.; Reichert, H., 1993:
Expression of neuron-specific antigens during embryonic development of the lobster

Montavon, P.; Hellekant, G.; Farbman, A.I., 1992:
Expression of neuron-specific enolase and neuropeptides in rat fungiform papillae after regeneration of chorda tympani through the non-gustatory lingual nerve

Itoh, K.; Adelstein, R.S., 1995:
Expression of neuron-specific isoforms of heavy meromyosin II-B in non-neuronal cells

Haselbeck, R.C.; Conroy, W.G.; Romano, S.J.; Berg, D.K., 1994:
Expression of neuronal ACh receptor genes in transfected HEK-293 cells

Corriveau, R.A.; Romano, S.J.; Conroy, W.G.; Oliva, L.; Berg, D.K., 1994:
Expression of neuronal ACh receptor genes in vertebrate skeletal muscle

John, M.; Schaetzmueller, B.; Schmitt Graeff, A.; Ransco, C.; Buhr, H.; Boese Landgraf, J.; Mayer, B.; Wiedenmann, B., 1995:
Expression of neuronal NO synthase in the human gastrointestinal tract

Choi, I.; Chiu, S.Y.; Rothstein, J.D., 1995:
Expression of neuronal and glial glutamate transporters in the rat optic nerve

Bartsch, J.W.; Balsmann, S.; Augustin, M.; Jockusch, H., 1995:
Expression of neuronal and glial marker genes in the nervous system of mouse mutants with neurodegenerative diseases

Janss, A.J.; Yachnis, A.T.; Silber, J.H.; Perilongo, G.; Molenaar, W.M.; Rorke, L.B.; Lee, V.Y.; Trojanowski, J.; Tohyama, T.; Sutton, L.N., 1993:
Expression of neuronal and/or glial intermediate filament protein antigens in medulloblastoma Relationship to relapse-free survival

Kaub, P.A.; Imamura, K.; Mataga, N.; Morii, H.; Mori, N.; Watanabe, Y., 1998:
Expression of neuronal growth associated protein gene in sensitive period cat visual cortex and LGN

Doering, L.C.; Snyder, E.Y., 1998:
Expression of neuronal markers by grafts of clonal neural stem cells in the medial septum of adult rodents

Clark, A.W.; Parhad, I.M., 1989:
Expression of neuronal messenger rna in alzheimer type degeneration of the nervous system

Norman, S.; Lucero, L.; Lukas, R.J., 1990:
Expression of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor genes in cells of the sh sy5y human neuroblastoma

Charpantier, E.; Barneoud, P.; Moser, P.; Besnard, F.; Sgard, F., 1998:
Expression of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor mRNA in rat dopaminergic neurons

Azam, L.; Leslie, F.M., 1998:
Expression of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunit mRNAs within GABAergic neurons of rat medial septum and diagonal band complex

Gu, Q.; Ni, D.; Lee, L-Yuan., 2008:
Expression of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in rat vagal pulmonary sensory neurons

Clementi, F.; Cimino, M.; Gotti, C.; Fornasari, D., 1996:
Expression of neuronal nicotinic receptor subtypes during development

Bohm, M.; Marx, A.; Kulinska, E.; Moellmann, G.; Lerner, A.B., 1995:
Expression of neuronal nitric oxide synthase in human melanocytes and melanoma cells

Oliveira, R.M.W.; Guimarães, F.S.; Deakin, J.F.W., 2008:
Expression of neuronal nitric oxide synthase in the hippocampal formation in affective disorders

Sagami, I.; Nakano, K.; Nomura, S.; Sato, H.; Shimizu, T., 1997:
Expression of neuronal nitric oxide synthase in yeast Purification and characterization

Sasaki, M.; Huang, H.; Ahn, S.; Ginty, D.D.; Dawson, V.L.; Dawson, T.M., 1998:
Expression of neuronal nitric oxide synthase is regulated through calcium/cyclic AMP response element

Ahmad, H.A.; Lukas, R.J., 1989:
Expression of neuronal phenotype by the te671 clonal cell line

Sleight, S.; Browning, M.D., 1990:
Expression of neuronal phenotype in bovine adrenal medullary chromaffin cells

Laforet, G.A.; Edwards, E.; King, J.A.; Rivera, D.T., 1995:
Expression of neuronal plasticity-related markers in hippocampus of congenital learned helpless and resistant rats under conditions of inescapable stress

Miclea, F.; Raica, M.; Herman, I.; Dragan, P., 1996:
Expression of neuronal specific enolase in carcinoma of the prostate treated by hormone-therapy

Panula, P.; Nieminen, M.; Aarnisalo, A.A.; Lintunen, M.; Karhunen, T.; Vilim, F.S.; Ziff, E.; Karlstedt, K., 1996:
Expression of neuropeptide FF precursor in rat CNS

Bouchelet, I.; Case, B.; Hamel, E., 1997:
Expression of neuropeptide Y and muscarinic acetylcholine receptor messages in human trigeminal ganglion

Statnick, M.A.; Schober, D.A.; Burnett, J.P.; Mayne, N.G.; Gehlert, D.R., 1996:
Expression of neuropeptide Y/peptide YY receptor subtypes in the human cerebral cortex and hypothalamus

Donaldson, L.F.; Mcqueen, D.S.; Seckl, J.R., 1992:
Expression of neuropeptide messenger rnas in rat dorsal root ganglia during development of adjuvant monoarthritis in vivo

Klein, R.S.; Vilijn, M.H.; Kessler, J.A.; Fricker, L.D., 1989:
Expression of neuropeptide processing enzymes in cultured neurons and astrocytes

Torii, H.; Hosoi, J.; Takashima, A.; Granstein, R.D., 1997:
Expression of neuropeptide receptors and neurotrophic factors by the Langerhans cell-like line XS52

Izbicka, E.; Lawrence, R.; Davidson, K.; Klebe, R.; Rake, J.B.; Von Hoff, D.D., 1998:
Expression of neuropeptide receptors in human tumor cell lines

Persson, H.; Ericsson, A.; Hemsen, A.; Hokfelt, T.; Larhammar, D.; Lundberg, J.M.; Mcintyre, K.R.; Schalling, M., 1989:
Expression of neuropeptide tyrosine npy messenger rna and peptide in non neuronal cells

Horn, J.P.; Stofer, W.D., 1990:
Expression of neuropeptide y like immunoreactivity begins after initiation of nicotinic synapse formation in developing sympathetic ganglia of the bullfrog tadpole

Persson, H.; Ericsson, A.; Brene, S.; Ooi, Y.M.; Mcintyre, K.R.; Hokfelt, T.; Pelto Huikko, M.; Rehfeld, J.; Schalling, M., 1990:
Expression of neuropeptides and neurotransmitter synthesizing enzymes in non neuronal cells

Persson, H.; Ayer Lelievre, C.; Ericsson, A.; Hokfelt, T.; Olson, L.; Pelto Huikko, M.; Rehfeld, J.F.; Ritzen, M.; Schalling, M.; E.A., 1989:
Expression of neuropeptides and neurotrophic factors in the mammalian testis

Cellerino, A.; Arango Gonzalez, B.; Kohler, K., 1998:
Expression of neuropeptides is reduced in the retina of bdnf-/- mice and is restored by postnatal treatment with exogenous BDNF

Xing, L.P.; Kauffman, G.L.Jr, 1996:
Expression of neurotensin and neurotensin receptor in mesolimbic dopamine system during cold water restraint-induced gastric mucosa injury in rats

Evers, B.M.; Ishizuka, J.; Townsend, C.M.; Rajaraman, S.; Thompson, J.C., 1992:
Expression of neurotensin messenger RNA in a human pancreatic carcinoid tumor

Rizzo, A.; Aragona, E.; Dino, O.; Pisa, R.; Raiata, F.; Relamuto, A.; Albanese, M.; Guerrera, D.; Parisi, P.; Simonetti, R.; Pagliaro, L.; Malizia, G., 1996:
Expression of neurothelin in hepatocellular carcinoma

Rizzo, A.; Vignola, M.; Guddo, F.; Aragona, E.; Dino, O.; Pisa, R.; Raiata, F.; Realmuto, A.; Pagliaro, L.; Bonsignore, G.; Malizia, G., 1996:
Expression of neurothelin in lung cancer

Van Den Oord, J.J., 1997:
Expression of neurothelin in pigment cell lesions

Kondoh, T.; Nishizaki, T.; Tamaki, N.; Matsuoka, T.; Akiyama, T.H.; Mori, M.; Okada, Y., 1997:
Expression of neurotransmitter receptor and grafting of human neurons derived from NT2 cells

Luukko, K.; Thesleff, I., 1993:
Expression of neurotrophic factors and their receptors during tooth development

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