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Fine structural observations on spermatogenesis of the goldeye rockfish, Sebastes thompsoni

Lee, J.S.; Oh, Y.K.; Huh, S.H.

Journal of the Korean Fisheries Society 30(6): 1005-1012


Accession: 031450950

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Fine structural changes of the germ cells during spermatogenesis in the goldeye rockfish, Sebastes thompsoni were examined by means of the transmission and scanning electron microscopy. A spermatogonium has a large nucleus with a single nucleolus in the interphase. Primary spermatocytes are characterized by the formation of chromatin clumps and presence of the synaptonemal complex in the nucleus. The nucleoplasm of secondary spermatocytes is more condensed than that of primary spermatocytes, and the cytoplasm contains numerous mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi complex. The nuclei of spermatids in metamorphosis show sickle-like shape as the nucleoplasm becomes more condensed. in the cytoplasm of spermatids, the proacrosomal granules are not found at all. A spermatozoon consists of head, neck and tail. The acrosome is absent in the head. Four to five cytoplasmic collars are observed in the posterior portion of the head of spermatozoon. The well developed axonemal lateral fins are observed in the flagellum of spermatozoon.

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