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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 31468

Chapter 31468 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Floral ontogeny of Archidendron lucyi , with remarks on Amherstia nobilis

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Floral ontogeny of Pelargonium domesticum

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Floral ontogeny of Telipogon spp and insights on the perianth symmetry in the family

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Floral organ abscission in Arabidopsis thaliana

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Floral organ determination

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Floral organ senescence and abscission is delayed in Arabidopsis overexpressing the MADS domain factor AGL15

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Floral organogenesis and its systematic significance of the genus Nandina

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Floral organogenesis in Malvaviscus var drummondi

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Floral organogenesis in arabidopsis thaliana comparison of the wild type to homeotic and meristic mutants

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Floral organogenesis of Kmeria septentrionalis

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Floral organogenesis of Ranalisma rostratum

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Floral organogenesis of Triglochin maritimum Linn

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Floral phenolic and terpenoid factors that influence corn rootworm feeding on sunflower and other compositae

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Floral phenology and fruit set investigation of scab resistant apple varieties in Hungary 2007-2008

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Floral phenology and the development of protandry in the buttonbush cephalanthus occidentalis l

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Floral phenology in Asteraceae at a xeric community of the Mexico Valley, and its relation to herbivory and growth form

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Floral phenology in cacau-jacare - Sterculiaceae

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Floral phenology investigation of scab resistant apple varieties and multi-resistant candidates - bred in Hungary - in 2008

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Floral position affects androgenesis of Aesculus hippocastanum L

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Floral preservative comprising 5-deoxy-5-ethylthio-D-ribose and method of use

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Floral remains of Hamamelidaceae from Campanian strata of Georgia

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Floral resources impact longevity and oviposition rate of a parasitoid in the field

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Floral response of lime to foliar sprays of hydrogen cyanamide

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Floral resupination in the Lobeliaceae A twist on a twist

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Floral richness of the Nature Sanctuary Palmar El Salto, Vina del Mar, Valparaiso Region, Chile

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Floral scent chemistry of Hawkmoth-pollinated desert flowers is not tightly convergent

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Floral scent production in Antirrhinum majus

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Floral scent production in Clarkia breweri II Localization and developmental modulation of the enzyme S-adenosyl-L-methionine eugenol O-methyltransferase and phenylpropanoid emission

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Floral scent variation as an isolation mechanism among co-flowering, sympatric taxa of Geonoma

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Floral scents experienced within the colony affect long-term foraging preferences in honeybees

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Floral sex ratios and gynomonoecy in Aster

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Floral signal size affects foraging success in the crab spider Misumenoides formosipes

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Floral similarities between Plumbaginaceae and Primulaceae Systematic significance

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Floral size variability of Cytisus scoparius along an altitudinal gradient

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Floral sources used by bees in a savannah area of Cassilandia county, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

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Floral specific complementary dna species from tomato encode proteins homologous to pectate lyase from the plant pathogen erwinia

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Floral stem extension rate measurement in Arabidopsis thaliana

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Floral stimulus activity in stem pieces of nicotiana tabacum l cv wisconsin 38

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Floral structure and development in Curculigo

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Floral structure and development in Thunbergioideae sl

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Floral structure and development in the dioecious Australian endemic Lomandra longifolia

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Floral structure and dynamics of nectar production in Echinacea pallida var angustifolia

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Floral structure and evolution in Ranunculanae

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Floral structure in the neotropical palm genus Chamaedorea

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Floral structure of Kirkia and its position in Sapindales

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Floral structure, development, and relationships of paleoherbs Saruma, cabomba, lactoris, and selected piperales

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Floral structure, development, and relationships of the paleoherbs

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Floral synorganization and secondary pollen presentation in four Marantaceae from Costa Rica

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Floral traits affecting reproductive assurance in 3 mimulus taxa

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Floral transformation of wheat

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Floral transition and nitric oxide emission during flower development in Arabidopsis thaliana is affected in nitrate reductase-deficient plants

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Floral use by two sympatric bumble bee species Efficiency considerations

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Floral variant of follicular lymphoma. Immunological and molecular studies support a neoplastic process

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Floral variation in a heterostylous colonizing weed, Lythrum salicaria

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Floral vascular lability in the evolution of besseya a phylogenetic test of the doctrine of vascular conservatism

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Floral vascularization in Tabebuia ochracea Standley

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Floral-ecological investigations on the Chinese witch-hazel at the Botanical Garden of Innsbruck

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Florarnas nature attracts field biologists

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Floras and vegetation of Tertiary fluvial sediments of central and northern Bohemia and their equivalents in deposits of the Most Basin Czech Republic

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Floras as an aid to studying biogeography

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Floras associated with active periodontal destruction

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Florasulam+MCPA for broad spectrum broadleaf weed control in winter cereals in southern Australia

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Florasulam+clopyralid for broad spectrum broadleaf weed control in winter cereals in southern Australia

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Florasulam+isoxaben for management of herbicide resistant wild radish in Western Australia

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Flore de loligocene dAlsace, dapres les sondages

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Flore pollinique des cinerites du lac Chambon Puy-de-Dome

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Flore, faune et origine des peperites du Puy de Mur Limagne dAuvergne

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Flores neurologisticae

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Flores quaternaires au Sahara nord-occidental, dapres lanalyse pollinique de sediments preleves a Hassi-Zguilma Saoura

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Florescent in situ hybridization method optimization for rapid detection of Prototheca in clinical samples

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Floret initiation and production in the oil-seed sunflower

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Florian Kratschmer R von Forstburg

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Floribundaria C Mull

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Floriceps saccatus plerocerci as parasites of dolphin fish and pompano dolphin in western Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic waters Ecological and biological aspects

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Floricultural industry in korea and valuable ornamental plants native to korea

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Floriculture in Himachal Pradesh economics, marketing, constraints and suggestions

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Floriculture in Korea opportunities and challenges for collaborative research

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Floriculture in zimbabwe a fulbrighters perspective

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Florid angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia of the scalp

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Florid cutaneous papillomatosis, malignant acanthosis nigricans, and pulmonary squamous cell carcinoma

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Florid diabetic retinopathy A long-term follow-up study

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Florid hyperplasia of mesonephric remnants involving prostate and periprostatic tissue. Possible confusion with adenocarcinoma

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Florid osseous dysplasia with sequestra

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Florid progressive transformation of germinal centers in young men without progression to nodular lymphocyte predominance hodgkins disease nlphd

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Florid reactive lymphoid hyperplasia of the terminal ileum a condition bearing a close resemblance to low grade lymphoma

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Florid reactive periostitis of the tubular bone of the hand a case report

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Florid vascular proliferation associated with neural and neuroendocrine neoplasms. A diagnostic clue and potential pitfall

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Florid vascular proliferation in repeated intussusception mimicking primary angiomatous lesion

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Florida 202 and everglades usa two new butterhead lettuce cultivars adapted to florida

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Florida Blue semi-dwarf lisianthus Shinn

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Florida Calypso A multicolored caladium for the landscape and containers

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Florida Key deer Odocoileus virginianus clavium underpass use and movements along a highway corridor

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Florida Red Ruffles and Florida Irish Lace Two new lance-leaf caladium cultivars

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Florida Region Summer Season June 1, 1996-July 31, 1996

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Florida Region Winter season December 1, 1995-February 29, 1996

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Florida Scrub-Jay

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Florida citrus rootstocks

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Florida hard clam aquaculture production An emerging industry

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Florida history of citrus juice adulteration in the United States

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Florida newborn metabolic screening program Missed cases of phenylketonuria and review of the state screening program

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Florida panther habitat use New approach to an old problem

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Florida reefs Development and promotion

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Florida sweetheart and florida fantasy caladium cultivars for landscape and container use

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Florida usa

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Florida usa agricultural land values by use and geographic areas

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Florida usa broiler grower finds hot weather demands innovation

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Florida usa pediatricians cholesterol screening practices

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Floridas invasion by nonindigenous plants History, screening, and regulation

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Floridas invasive plant research Historical perspective and the present research program

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Floridas pesticide law rules

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Floridas restriction on reimbursement for peptic ulcer disease drugs associated with increased hospitalizations

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Floridas timber industry - an assessment of timber product output and use, 2005

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Floridas wildland fire risk assessment analysis

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Floride varnish for caries prevention in preschool children Baseline data

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Floridians perceptions of AIDS transmission

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Floridoside extracted from the red alga Mastocarpus stellatus is a potent activator of the classical complement pathway

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Florigen or growth inhibitor

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Florina apple tree breed behaviour in different systems of crown pruning

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Florisil sorbent sampling and ion chromatographic determination of airborne aliphatic carboxylic acids

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Floristic affinities of the generic flora of pinyon pines of northern and central Mexico a phenetic analysis

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Floristic analysis and phytogeography

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Floristic analysis of Andean Mountain forests along altitudinal gradients, Tachira State, Venezuela

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Floristic analysis of seed plants in Kuocangsan Nature Reserve of Zhejiang Province

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Floristic analysis of the C Bertrand and Marian Othmer Schultz Prairie, a mixed-grass prairie in south-central Nebraska

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Floristic analysis of the algal populations in desert soil from the Central Desert of Baja California, Mexico

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Floristic and biogeographic study of the beech forests of grand luberon france

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Floristic and classification of the natural regeneration in the Mixed Rainy Forest at National Forest of Sao Francisco de Paula, RS

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Floristic and ecological aspects of large lianas from three forest environments on terra firme in Central Amazonia

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Floristic and ecological diversity of the vegetation on ultramafic rocks in New Caledonia

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Floristic and hydrological characterization of Chiloe Island peatlands, Chile

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Floristic and macro faunal diversity of Pondicherry mangroves, South India

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Floristic and phytosociological aspects of a Seasonal Evergreen Forest area in the Trairao Farm, rio das Pacas Basin, Querencia-MT

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Floristic and phytosociological peculiarities from the Bavarian Alps Findings during the alpine biotope mapping Part 1

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Floristic and phytosociological study of Chaharzebar forests in Kermanshah

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Floristic and phytosociology in an area at the border of Armazem lagoon, Osorio, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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Floristic and phytossociological aspects in Capao de Tupancireta Reservation, Tupancireta, RS, Brasil

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Floristic and structural analysis of the tree component of a Subtropical Ombrophilous Forest fragment, in Clevelandia, southwestern region of Parana State

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Floristic and structural components of habitat use by the eastern pygmy-possum Cercartetus nanus in burnt and unburnt habitats

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Floristic and structural habitat preferences of yellow-bellied gliders and selective logging impacts in southeast Queensland, Australia

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Floristic attributes of small cardamom Maton growing areas in the Western Ghats of peninsular India

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Floristic cartography in Trentino

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Floristic changes and mediterranean relicts in the basin of the emptied lake Fucino

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Floristic changes and the dynamics of Amazonian forest fragments

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Floristic changes induced by fire on Pinus sylvestris plantations in northwest of Spain

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Floristic characteristics of Pu Mat National Park, Nghe An Province, Central Vietnam

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Floristic characteristics of seed plant of hydropower development affected areas in three mainstream of west Sichuan Province

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Floristic characteristics of the podolian suite early badenian of moldavia ussr based on palynological data

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Floristic characterization in terra firme soils in Varzea, Iranduba, Amazona

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Floristic characterization of restinga plant communities at Bertioga, Sao Paulo State, Brazil

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Floristic comparison of twelve plots in a firm soil forest in Peruvian Amazonia

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Floristic composition and ecological distribution of vascular epiphytes in the National Forest of Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul

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Floristic composition and growth forms on rocky platforms of the mexican tropical pacific

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Floristic composition and phythophysiognomy of restinga in Crispin, Maranim, Para state

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Floristic composition and phytogeographic relationships of frequently burned herbaceous seepage slopes at Avon Park Air Force Range, Polk and Highlands counties, Florida

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Floristic composition and phytosociological structure of sclerophyllous mattoral communities around the Mediterranean basin

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Floristic composition and phytosociology of tree species in the Phenological Site of the Embrapa Western Amazonia

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Floristic composition and structure of a floodplain forest in the municipality of Mazagao, State of Amapa, Brazil

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Floristic composition and structure of a sustainable forest management unit at Tapajos National Forest, Para, Brazil

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Floristic composition and vegetation analysis of Palmetto Islands County Park in Charleston, South Carolina

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Floristic composition of Pasoh Forest Reserve, a lowland rainforest in Peninsular Malaysia

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Floristic composition of Restinga forest, Balneario Rondinha beach, Arroio do Sal, RS, Brazil

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Floristic composition of four habitats in Las Papas de Arriba ranch, municipality of Ojuelos de Jalisco, Jalisco, Mexico

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Floristic composition of natural regeneration in forest exploitation areas, Caparo Experimental Station, Barinas state-Venezuela

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Floristic composition of the Parque Municipal Arthur Thomas, Londrina, Parana, Brazil

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Floristic composition of the inselberg in Esperanca, Paraiba state, Northeast of Brazil

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Floristic composition of woody trees of a remaining Cerradao, Paraopeba, Minas Gerais

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Floristic composition, diversity and similarity of a submontane semideciduous tropical forest in Marcelandia - MT

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Floristic composition, soil quality, litter accumulation, and decomposition in terra firme and floodplain habitats near Pakitza, Peru

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Floristic composition, vegetation structure and ecological succession in a subtropical dry forest of Puerto Rico

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Flow behavior of activated leukocytes in an array of model capillaries

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Flow behavior of erythrocyte aggregates through microchannels under pressure gradients in a physiological range

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Flow behavior of mixed dispersions of magnabrite hv and methocel a4m

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Flow behavior of red blood cells suspended in stabilized hemoglobin solution

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Flow behavior within the 12-cc Penn State pulsatile pediatric ventricular assist device: an experimental study of the initial design

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Flow by does not decrease work of breathing in healthy subjects

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Flow by system reduces the inspiratory effort during weaning from mechanical ventilation

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Flow capacity of internal mammary artery graft ventricular wall motion during exercise

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Flow cell SFC/FT-IR

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Flow cell biofouling study of iron bacteria gallionella and leptothrix spp and methylotrophic hyphomicrobium spp in water wells

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Flow cell device for monitoring blood or other cells suspension under flow

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Flow chamber and electro manipulator incorporating same us patent 4800163 january 24 1989

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Flow characteristic of a pilot scale airlift oxidation ditch

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Flow characteristics and intrarenal pressures during flexible deflectable ureterorenoscopy

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Flow characteristics and temperature patterns in a fan ventilated greenhouse

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Flow characteristics governing the distribution of water and bottom quality in a semi enclosed sea

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Flow characteristics in diastolic LV filling vary significantly with different mitral valve prostheses An in-vitro study

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Flow characteristics of 2 microcatheters for continuous spinal anesthesia in a canine model

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