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Galactosidase activity of the jejunum and ileum of suckling rats comparison of activities of ff-galactosidase at different concentration of substrates at different pH

Jirsova, V.

Biol Neunatorum 6: 241-253


Accession: 031533702

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The [beta]-galactosidase activity of the homogenates of the jejunum, ileum and isolated microvilli fraction of suckling rats (14-day-old) and weanling rats (24-day-old) with lactose and o-nitrophenyl-[beta]-galactoside as substrates at different concentrations and different pH was studied. The quantitative and qualitative differences between the [beta]-galactoside activity of the jejunum and ileum of 14-day-old were shown, these differences disappear during the weaning. Further it was shown that the microvilli fraction contains a [beta]-galactosidase activity with a high affinity for lactose, 80% of the total homogenate activity of the jejunum-estimated at pH 6.0 with lactose as a substrate[long dash]were found in this fraction.

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