Gene cloning, sequence analysis and eukaryotic expression vector construction of gB gene of chicken infectious laryngotracheitis virus Henna isolate

LiaoZhongLei; ChenHongYing; LiXinSheng; CuiBaoAn; LiXiangRui

Journal Of Northwest A and F University: 10, 29-33


Accession: 031546782

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This research was done to construct a eukaryotic expression vector of infectious laryngotracheitis virus (ILTV). One pair of primers was designed and synthesized according to the chicken ILTV gB gene nucleotide sequence (M64927) published in GenBank. The gB gene of ILTV Henan isolate (ILTV-XY) was amplified by PCR from the viral DNA extracted from the chicken chorioallantoic membrane infected by ILTV-XY.