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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 31736

Chapter 31736 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Roggli, V.L., 1990:
Human disease consequences of fiber exposures: a review of human lung pathology and fiber burden data

Zulli, A.; Buxton, B.F.; Merrilees, M.; Hare, D.L., 2008:
Human diseased arteries contain cells expressing leukocytic and embryonic stem cell markers

Madrigal Sesma, M.J., 1989:
Human diseases due to free living amoebae i acanthamoeba infection

Hino, S., 1989:
Human diseases related with htlv 1 pathogenesis and prevention

Krieger, R.I.; Dinoff, T.M.; Peterson, J., 1995:
Human disodium octaborate tetrahydrate exposure following carpet treatment not associated with significant dermal absorption

Schroeder Kurth, T.M.; Cramer Giraud, U.; Mannsperger, U., 1990:
Human disorders with increased spontaneous and induced chromosomal instability

Cann, R.L., 1993:
Human dispersal and divergence

Frieri, G.; Perugini, B.; Ligas, E.; Santarelli, D.; Latella, G.; Onori, L.; Caprilli, R., 1992:
Human distal colon spares potassium after alkali load

Elliott, K.G.; King, R.A.; Davis, E.T.; Fujawa, G.E., 1996 :
Human distance and depth perception An investigation of visual cues

Aben,J.; Dorenbosch,M.; Herzog,S.K.; Smolders,A.J.P.; Velde,G.vander, 2008:
Human disturbance affects a deciduous forest bird community in the Andean foothills of Central Bolivia

Garner,T.W.J.; Nishimura,D.; Antwi,J.; Oliver,N., 2008:
Human disturbance influences behaviour and local density of juvenile frogs

Horai, Satosi, 1995:
Human diversity and phylogeny as revealed by mitochondrial DNA

Butler, L.M.chael; Dephelps, C., 1995:
Human diversity, community, and viable food and agricultural systems

Phillips, D.H.; Schoket, B.; Hewer, A.; Grover, P.L., 1990:
Human DNA adducts due to smoking and other exposures to carcinogens

Liu, P.; Callen, D.F.; Reeders, S.T.; Sutherland, G.R.; Thompson, L.; Sicilliano, M.J., 1989:
Human dna excision repair gene ercc4 is located on chromosome 16 short arm 16p1313 p133

Wang, T.S.; Wong, S.W.; Korn, D., 1989:
Human DNA polymerase alpha: predicted functional domains and relationships with viral DNA polymerases

Toomey, N.L.; Yang C L.; Jiang, Y.; D.F.eitas F.; Lee, M.Y.W.T., 1989:
Human dna polymerases delta and alpha are immunochemically related

Weber, J.L., 1990:
Human dna polymorphisms based on length variations in simple sequence tandem repeats

Williams, S.R.; Longmire, J.L.; Beck, L.A., 1990:
Human dna recovery from ancient bone

Kidd, K.K.; Track, R.K.; Bowcock, A.M.; Ricciuti, F.; Hutchings, G.; Chan, H.S., 1990:
Human dna restriction fragment length polymorphisms rflps

Hasan, M.; Chang, C.C.Y.; Vaswani, V.; H.M.J.; Chang, T.Y., 1990:
Human dna transfection of chinese hamster ovary cell mutant defective in coordinate expression of ldl receptor activity and cholesterol biosynthesis

Ciancio, G.; Carreno, M.; Mathew, J.; Ricordi, C.; Garcia, R.; Karatzas, T.; Fuller, L.; Cirocco, R.; Burke, G.; Webb, M.; Nery, J.; Tzakis, A.; Roth, D.; Esquenazi, V.; Miller, J., 1996:
Human donor bone marrow cells can enhance hyporeactivity in renal transplantation using maintenance FK 506 and OKT3 induction therapy

Cussac, D.; Newman Tancredi, A.; Pasteau, V.; Millan, M.J., 1998:
Human dopamine D3 receptors stimulate MAP-kinase phosphorylation in CHO cells

Craft, C.M.; Thai, T.H.; Gonzalez, R.; Raese, J.D., 1989:
Human dopamine beta hydroxylase dbh in vitro transcription and translation of enzymatically amplified complementary dna

Parsian, A.; Suarez, B.K.; Hampe, C.; Chakraverty, S.; Cloninger, C., 1994:
Human dopamine beta-hydroxylase locus and the chromosome 9q34 region in alcoholism

Sunahara, R.K.; Niznik, H.B.; Weiner, D.M.; Stormann, T.M.; Brann, M.R.; Kennedy, J.L.; Gelernter, J.E.; Rozmahel, R.; Yang, Y.; E.A., 1990:
Human dopamine d 1 receptor encoded by an intronless gene on chromosome 5

Mayfield, R.D.; Zahniser, N.R., 1997:
Human dopamine transporter KCL modulation of transport-associated currents

Pristupa, Z.B.; Wilson, J.M.; Hoffman, B.J.; Kish, S.J.; Niznik, H.B., 1993:
Human dopamine transporter cDNA Comparison of dopamine uptake and WIN 35428 binding

Vandenbergh, D.J.; Persico, A.M.; Gonzalez, A.M.; Uhl, G.R., 1992:
Human dopamine transporter cDNAs Structure and expression

Middaugh, L.D.; Sallee, F.R.; Ma, J.X.; Zhu, Z.; Groseclose, C.H., 1998:
Human dopamine transporter delivered intra-neuronally via sindbis virus vector can attenuate cocaine stimulation in C57 mice

Vandenbergh, D.J.; Bendahhou, E.; Bird, G.S.; Cook, E.; Gelernter, J.; Uhl, G.R., 1995:
Human dopamine transporter gene 5 and 3 structures and molecular genetics

Vandenbergh, D.J.; Bird, G.S.; Ingersoll, R.; Nanthakumar, E.; Uhl, G.R., 1994:
Human dopamine transporter gene structure and 5-flank

Kaddis, F.G.; Freed, C.R.; Weber, M.J.; Surratt, C.K.; Vandenbergh, D.J.; Mallet, J.; Horellou, P.; Uhl, G.R., 1993:
Human dopaminergic gene expression in COS cells

Judas, M.; Kostovic, I., 1997:
Human dorsal pallidal neurons transiently express NADPH-diaphorase activity during midgestation

Valenzuela, D.M.; Ip, N.Y.; Cudny, H.D.; Yancopoulos, G.D.; Harland, R.M.; Smith, W.C.; Lamb, T.; Knecht, A., 1998:
Human dorsal tissue affecting factor and nucleic acids encoding same

Vaccaro, J.R.; Nolan, R.J.; Bartels, M.J., 1996:
Human dose comparisons utilizing biomonitoring and passive monitoring of an exposure environment, following surface treatment with in insecticide

Quill, T.J.; Begin, M.; Glass, P.S.A.; Ginsberg, B.; Gorback, M.S., 1990:
Human dose response of org 9426 under isoflurane general anesthesia

Datz, F.L.; Christian, P.E.; CastronovoF.P.Jr.; Valdivia, S.; Anderson, C.M.; Morton, K.A.; Rauh, D.A., 1993:
Human dosimetry studies of indium-111-labeled polyclonal IgG

Bigelow, G.E., 1991:
Human drug abuse liability assessment: opioids and analgesics

Howard, M.A.IIi; Mcculloch, T.M.; Bauer, C.A., 1998:
Human drug delivery device for tinnitus

Sitar, D.S., 1989:
Human drug metabolism in vivo

Nebert, D.W.; Puga, A., 1992:
Human drug metabolism polymorphisms effects on cancer risk

Meyer, Urs, A., 1993:
Human drug metabolizing enzymes Polymorphisms and interethnic variation

Spiga, R.; Roache, J.D., 1997:
Human drug self-administration A review and methodological critique

Ainsworth, M.A.; Kjeldsen, J.; D.M.ckadell O.B.S., 1990:
Human duodenal mucosal bicarbonate secretion dmbs is inhibited by morphine and stimulated by prostaglandins

Ozelius, L.; Kramer, P.L.; Moskowitz, C.B.; Kwiatkowski, D.J.; Brin, M.F.; Bressman, S.B.; Schuback, D.E.; Deleon, D.; Hsu Y P.P.; E.A., 1989:
Human dystonia gene found on chromosome 9q32 q34

Dickson, G.; Wells, K.E.; Walsh, F.S.; Davies, K.E.; Wells, D.J., 1992:
Human dystrophin minigene expression corrects the myopathic phenotype in transgenic mdx mice

Natarajan, A.; Yamagishi, H.; Ahmad, F.; Li, D.; Roberts, R.; Matsuoka, R.; Hill, S.; Srivastava, D., 2001:
Human eHAND, but not dHAND, is down-regulated in cardiomyopathies

Grichnik, J.; Jimenez, F.; Vervaert, C.; Buchanan, M.; Darrow, T.; Clark, R.; Lightner, V.; Pinnell, S.; Seigler, H., 1994:
Human early melanoma xenografting

Herman, C.P., 1996:
Human eating: diagnosis and prognosis

Campfield, L.A.; Smith, F.J.; Rosenbaum, M.; Hirsch, J., 1996:
Human eating: evidence for a physiological basis using a modified paradigm

Matsumoto, R.; Matsumoto, H.; Seki, M.; Hata, M.; Asano, Y.; Kanegasaki, K.; Stevens, R.L.; Hirashima, M., 1998:
Human ecalectin, a variant of galectin-9, is a novel eosinophil chemoattractant produced by antigen-activated T lymphocytes

Didierjean, L.; Gruaz, D.; Dayer J M.; Saurat J H., 1989:
Human eccrine clean sweat contains high amounts of interleukin alpha and beta

Kopera, D.; Soyer, H.P.; Kerl, H., 1993:
Human eccrine hamartoma of the forearm and antebrachial organ of lemur catta A possible phylogenetic relationship?

Reitamo, S.; Anttila, H.S.I.; Didierjean, L.; Saurat J H., 1989:
Human eccrine sweat apparatus expresses both interleukin 1 alpha and beta immunoreactivities

Shcherbakov, A.M. , 1993:
Human echinococci Role of histocompatibility antigens in the realization of invasions and specific features of their course

Stoffregen, T.A.; Pittenger, J.B., 1995:
Human echolocation as a basic form of perception and action

Delwaide, J.; Belaiche, J.; Courtoy, R.; Vivario, M.; Louis, E.; Gast, P.; Boniver, J., 1991:
Human ecl cells contains histamine immunocytochemical demonstration in electron microscopy

Begossi, Alpina, 1993:
Human ecology Focusing on the relationship man-environment

Coimbra Junior, C.E.A., 1991:
Human ecology and epidemiology in the amazon region a cultural anthropological approach

Shepelin, O.P., 1991:
Human ecology and hygiene

Wolanski, N., 1991:
Human ecology and problems of demography

Agadzhanian, N.A.; Baevskiĭ, R.M., 1989:
Human ecology and the problem of health

Agadzhanyan, N.A., 1989:
Human ecology contemporary state and prospects for development

Wolanski, N., 1991:
Human ecology medicine and anthropology

Riebsame, William, E., 1995:
Human ecology, cultural ecology, and political ecology Whats all this ecology doing in the social sciences?

Boyle, J.M.; Hey, Y.; Fox, M., 1989:
Human ecto 5 nucleotidase maps to chromosome 6q14 q21

Gorodeski, G.I.; Romero, M.F.; Utian, W.H., 1991:
Human ectocervical epithelial cultures grown on porous filter electrical and morphological characteristics

Kersten, D.; Knill, D.C., 1990:
Human edge labelling examples of cooperative computation

Hamann, K.J.; Ten, R.M.; Loegering, D.A.; Jenkins, R.B.; Heise, M.T.; Schad, C.R.; Pease, L.R.; Gleich, G.J.; Barker, R.L., 1990:
Human edn and ecp genes structure and evolution

Lorig, T.S., 1989:
Human EEG and odor response

Rampil, I.J.; Lockhart, S.H.; Eger, E.I.; Weiskopf, R.B., 1990:
Human eeg dose response to desflurane

Lennernas, H.; Knutson, L.; Knutson, T.; Lesko, L.; Salmonson, T.; Amidon, G.L., 1995:
Human effective permeability data for atenolol, metoprolol and carbamazepine to be used in the proposed biopharmaceutical classification for IR-products

Lennemas, H.; L.Knutson; Knutson, T.; Lesko, L.; Salmonason, T.; Amidon, G.L., 1996:
Human effective permeability data for atenolol, metoprolol, propranolol, desipramine and carbamazepine to be used in the proposed biopharmaceutical classification for IR-products

Lennernas, H.; Knutson, L.; Knutson, T.; Lesko, L.; Salmonson, T.; Amidon, G.L., 1995:
Human effective permeability data for furosemide, hydrochlorothiazide, ketoprofen and naproxen to be used in the proposed biopharmaceutical classification for IR-products

Lennernas, H.; Knutson, L.; Knutson, T.; Lesko, L.; Saimonson, T.; Amidon, G.L., 1996:
Human effective permeability data for furosemide, hydrochlorothiazide, ketoprofen and naproxen to be used in to the proposed biopharmaceutical drug classification system for IR-products

Azambuja, R.; Fugger, E.F.; Schulman, J.D., 1996:
Human egg activation, cryopreservation, and fertilization using a haploid pronucleus

Walker, David, H., 1995:
Human ehrlichioses Tick-transmitted, obligately intracellular bacterial infections of macrophages or neutrophils

Labarre, R., 1993:
Human ehrlichiosis Indirect fluorescent antibody survey of Texas tick vectors

Ghorbel, A., 1990:
Human ehrlichiosis, a new zoonosis

Liz, J.; Rutti, B.; Brossard, M., 1997:
Human ehrlichiosis in Switzerland?

Antony, S.J.; Dummer, J.S.; Hunter, E., 1995:
Human ehrlichiosis in a liver transplant recipient

Dumler, J.S.; Aronson, J.F.; Walker, D.H., 1991:
Human ehrlichiosis pathologic findings in three fatal cases

Patrono, C.; Ciabattoni, G.; Patrignani, P., 1992:
Human eicosanoid biosynthesis and metabolism

Greene, J.M.; Adams, M.D., 1998:
Human elastase IV

Dominguez Munoz, J.E.; Malfertheiner, P.; Hieronymus, C.; Sauerbruch, T., 1994:
Human elastase concentration in faeces A simple and accurate pancreatic function test

Green, J.M.; Adams, M.D., 1998:
Human elastate IV

Kahari V M.; Fazio, M.J.; Chen, Y.Q.; Saitta, B.; Bashir, M.; Rosenbloom, J.; Uitto, J., 1990:
Human elastin gene delineation of functional promoter and regulatory cis elements in the 5 flanking region

Bernstein, E.F.; Brown, D.B.; Kong, S.K.; Takeuchi, T.; Zhang, X.; Tan, E.M.L., 1996:
Human elastin promoter activity is up-regulated in multiple organs by UVB radiation administered to transgenic mice

Uchida, S.; Maehara, T.; Hirai, N.; Shimizu, H., 1998:
Human electrocorticogram records from the parahippocampal gyrus during REM sleep

Nolasco, V.N.; Gang, E.S.; Goodman, J.S., 1997:
Human electrophysiological atrial chamber P wave slew rates an indicator of atrial contraction expressed by pacing threshold

Edwards, R.G., 1992:
Human embryo as a source of cells

Conway Myers, B.A.; Steinkampf, M.P., 1998:
Human embryo co-culture systems and uses thereof

Thomas, A.K., 1990:
Human embryo experimentation and surrogacy

Bongso, A., 1993:
Human embryo research Recent progress

Tachibana, I.; Takeda, N.; Akaishi, K.; Takahashi, S.; Chida, S.; Odawara, Y.; IIda, S.; Hiruta, M.; Mori, S.; Suzuki, M., 1991:
Human embryo viability after freezing with proh with different types of seeding

Boncinelli, E.; Forabosco, A.; Carinci, P., 1995:
Human embryology Molecular basics, morphogenetic mechanisms and applications

Kurnit, D.M.; Lou, L.; W.J.Song; Van Keuren, M.L.; Miao, S.; Hubert, R.; Korenberg, J.R., 1997:
Human embryonic cDNAs Construction of cDNAs and search for genes expressed in embryonic heart

Lee, Q.P.; Juchau, M.R., 1991:
Human embryonic cytochrome p450s probes with phenoxazone ethers and o dealkylase debenzylase inhibitors

Freed, C.R.; Breeze, R.E.; Schneck, S.A.; Leehey, M.A.; O'brien, C.F.; Ansari, A.A.; Eidelberg, D.; Demasters, B.K., 1995:
Human embryonic dopamine cells survive transplantation in humans with advanced Parkinsons disease

Frodl, E.M.; Duan, W.M.; Sauer, H.; Kupsch, A.; Brundin, P., 1994:
Human embryonic dopamine neurons xenografted to the rat: effects of cryopreservation and varying regional source of donor cells on transplant survival, morphology and function

He, Z.; Lian, L.; Asakura, T.; Russell, J.E.ic, 1998:
Human embryonic globins expresses in adult mice assemble into biochemically and physiologically functional hemoglobin heterotetramers

Abcouwer, S.; Goochee, C.; Crow, M.T., 1989:
Human embryonic kidney cell lines of extended lifespan following viral oncogene transfection

Withy, R.M.; Rafield, L.F.; Winslow, J.P.; Yankelev, S.; Oppenheimer, C.L., 1989:
Human embryonic kidney hek cells produce interleukin 6 il 6 which promotes megakaryocyte maturation in vitro

Rendtorff, N.D.; Hansen, C.; Tommerup, N., 1996:
Human embryonic mRNA expression maps by differential display

Mu, M.Y.; Pao, X., 1992:
Human embryonic organ of Corti in tissue culture and NSE expression

Abbott, B.D.; Buckalew, A.R., 1993:
Human embryonic palatal expression of growth factors during fusion

Inanc, B.; Elcin, A.E.er; Elcin, Y.M.rat, 2008:
Human embryonic stem cell differentiation on tissue engineering scaffolds Effects of NGF and retinoic acid induction

van Laake, L.W.; Passier, R.; Doevendans, P.A.; Mummery, C.L., 2008:
Human embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes and cardiac repair in rodents

Denker, H-Werner., 2008:
Human embryonic stem cells: the real challenge for research as well as for bioethics is still ahead of us

Schulz, L.C.; Ezashi, T.; Das, P.; Westfall, S.D.; Livingston, K.A.; Roberts, R.M., 2007:
Human embryonic stem cells as models for trophoblast differentiation

Tian, X.; Stock, A.; Jones, H.; Jones, G.; Hansel, W., 1990:
Human embryos evaluation by analysis of culture media

Oatley, K.; Jenkins, J.M., 1992:
Human emotions: function and dysfunction

Machado, C.; Lacefield, W.; Catledge, A., 2008:
Human enamel nanohardness, elastic modulus and surface integrity after beverage contact

Wen, S.L., 1989:
Human enamel structure studied by high resolution electron microscopy

Walker, R.; Solecki, W.; Harwell, C., 1995:
Human encroachment into natural areas

Blomberg, J.; Medstrand, P.; Yin, H.; Andersson, M.L.uise; Borg, A.; Olsson, H., 1994:
Human endogenous MMTV like sequences Individual degree of expression, RT ORFs, RT activity, increased expression in a human breast cancer

Colombo, E.; Mark, K.; Agarwal, R.K.; Reveille, J.; Arnett, F.C.; Perl, P.E.P.illips And Andras, 1994:
Human endogenous retroviral protein HRES-1 P28 may be the primary target of RNP autoantibodies Mapping of cross-reactive epitopes with synthetic peptides and recombinant protein

Mayer, J.; Meese, E.; Mueller Lantzsch, N., 1997:
Human endogenous retrovirus HERV-K mutations and coding capacity for Gag and Env during primate evolution

Golan, M.; Hizi, A.; Resau, J.H.; Yaal-Hahoshen, N.; Reichman, H.; Keydar, I.; Tsarfaty, I., 2008:
Human endogenous retrovirus (HERV-K) reverse transcriptase as a breast cancer prognostic marker

Wolf, A.B.; Seitz, G.; May, P.; Sauter, M.; Mueller Lantzsch, T.Z.ergel And Nikolaus, 1997:
Human endogenous retrovirus K antibody A new marker for seminomatous germ cell tumors

Vogetseder, W.; Denner, J.; Boller, K.; Kurth, R.; Dierich, M.P., 1995:
Human endogenous retrovirus K does not encode mouse mammary tumor virus-related antigens in human breast carcinomas

Guba, S.C.; Carrington, P.R.; Umovitz, H.; Garry, R.F.; Chow, M., 1996:
Human endogenous retrovirus expression in patients with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma

Kurth, R.; Loewer, R.; Boller, K.; Hasenmaier, B.; Korbmacher, C.; Loewer, J., 1994:
Human endogenous retrovirus sequences From cripples to viruses

Cooke, S.P.; Forrest, G.R.; Mitchell, T.J.; Venables, P.J.W., 1996:
Human endogenous retrovirus-3 a highly conserved immunoregulatory sequence?

Foley, B.; Boyd, M.; Brodsky, I., 1996:
Human endogenous retrovirus-K encodes platelet retrovirus-like particles

Ikeda, H.; Katsumata, K.; Sibata, M.; Takeuchi, K.; Wakisaka, A.; Yoshiki, T., 1995:
Human endogenous retroviruses Expression in various organs in vivo and its induction in vitro

Sibata, M.; Ikeda, H.; Katumata, K.; Takeuchi, K.; Wakisaka, A.; Yoshoki, T., 1997:
Human endogenous retroviruses: expression in various organs in vivo and its regulation in vitro

Urnovitz, H.B.; Murphy, W.H., 1996:
Human endogenous retroviruses: nature, occurrence, and clinical implications in human disease

Abraham, G.N.; Khan, A.S., 1990:
Human endogenous retroviruses and immune disease

Negami, A.I.; Tominaga, T., 1989:
Human endometrial carcinoma cell line ntk 1 interaction between ntk 1 cells and extracellular matrix

Albright, C.D.; Kaufman, D.G., 1991:
Human endometrial carcinoma cells alter the growth of endometrial stromal and epithelial cells in vitro

White, T.E.K.; Miller, R.K.; Grudzinskas, G.; Lower, A.; Fay, T., 1990:
Human endometrial cells grown on extracellular matrix ecm form an in vivo type morphology and produce the endometrial protein pp 14 alpha 2 peg

Bulmer, J.N., 1994:
Human endometrial lymphocytes in normal pregnancy and pregnancy loss

Healy, D.L.; Salamonser, L.; Moon, J.; Cameron, I.T.; Findlay, J.K., 1990:
Human endometrial prolactin

Carter, C.A.; Daniels, A.S.; Vollmer, G.; Rinehart, C.A.; Kaufman, D.G.; Siegal, G.P., 1990:
Human endometrial stromal cells expressing the sv 40 large t antigen and the ej ras oncogene invade through a reconstituted basement membrane

Tabibzadeh, S., 1991:
Human endometrium: an active site of cytokine production and action

Marbaix, E.; Hermand, J.P.; Donnez, J.; Eckhout, Y.; Courtoy, P.J., 1993:
Human endometrium in organ culture A valuable method for the study of its hormonal control

Gemeinhardt, H., 1989:
Human endomycoses and their pathogens a review

Torres, M.P.; Prange, C.; Lennon, G., 1998:
Human endopeptidase 2415 is localized on chromosome 19p133 and is excluded from the linkage region for late-onset Alzheimer disease

Ju, H.; Denslow, N.D.; Ryan, J.W.; Papapetropoulos, A.; Antonov, A.; Virmani, R.; Kolodgie, F.D.; Gerrity, R.G.; Catravas, J.D., 1996:
Human endothelial cell aminopeptidase P

Wang, J.H.; Redmond, H.P.; Watson, R.W.G.; Bouchier Hayes, D., 1995:
Human endothelial cell apoptosis requires both heat shock and oxidative stress responses

Mazzucotelli, J.P.; Bernex, F.; Fouache, B.; Roudiere, J.L.; Loisance, D.Y., 1991:
Human endothelial cell growth on ptfe and dacron vascular grafts coated with new biological sealants

Wohlrab, T.M.; Knorr, M.; Erb, C.; Volker, M.; Thiel, H.J., 1997:
Human endothelial cell growth responded to bovine cartilage extract

Hoover, M.L.; Vĕtvicka, V.; Hoffpauir, J.M.; Tamburro, C.H., 1993:
Human endothelial cell line from an angiosarcoma

Ades, E.W.; Candal, F.J.; George, V.G.; Pruckler, J.M.; Bosse, D.C.; Lawley, T.J., 1995:
Human endothelial cell lines as alternative in vivo pharmacodynamic models

Gordon, P.B.; Hatcher, V.B.; Ahmed, A., 1990:
Human endothelial cell membrane binding proteins which bind extracellular matrix heparan sulfate proteoglycan

Jones, M.R.; Cordle, S.R.; Hawiger, J.J., 1992:
Human endothelial cell nf kb dna binding complex is activated by lipopolysaccharide lps

Evans, C.P.; Wood, C.G.; Pettaway, C.A.; Dinney, C.P.N.; Boyd, D., 1997:
Human endothelial cell urokinase expression is upregulated following exposure to prostate cancer derived soluble factors

Weigel, K.A.; Kube, D.M.; Srivastava, A., 1998:
Human endothelial cell-specific transgene expression mediated by a recombinant adeno-associated virus 2-parvovirus B19 hybrid vector

Wang, J.; Quan, N.; Henkin, J., 1998:
Human endothelial cells are exceptionally sensitive to loss of methionine aminopeptidase-2

Robertson, M.W.; Rancourt, C.; Wang, M.; Alvarez, R.; Siegal, G.; Curiel, D.T., 1997:
Human endothelial cells as cellular vehicles for ovarian cancer gene therapy

Marx, N.; Bourcier, T.; Sukhova, G.K.; Plutzky, J., 1998:
Human endothelial cells contain PPARs Evidence for PPARgamma in atheroma and its regulation of PAI-1 expression

Ma, W.; Pober, J.S., 1998:
Human endothelial cells effectively costimulate cytokine production by naive as well as memory CD4+ T cells

Mayol, V.; Dignat George, F.; Gerbi, A.; Lesaule, G.; Sampol, J.; Maixent, J.M.chel, 1997:
Human endothelial cells express different isoforms of Na,K-ATPase

Mayet, W.J.; Csernok, E.; Hermann, E.; Meyer Zum Bueschenfelde, K.H.; Gross, W.L., 1992:
Human endothelial cells express proteinase 3, the main target antigen of anti-cytoplasmic antibodies in Wegeners disease

Brezinschek, R.I.; Brezinschek, H.P.; Lazarovits, A.I.; Lipsky, P.E.; Oppenheimer Marks, N., 1996:
Human endothelial cells express the beta-7 integrin

Robertson, M.W.; Rancourt, C.; Wang, M.; Kelly, F.J.; Alvarez, R.D.; Siegal, G.P.; Curiel, D.T., 1998:
Human endothelial cells for cytotoxic gene delivery in ovarian cancer gene therapy

Jazwiec, B.; Grosset, C.; Mahon, F.X.; Richard, S.; Belloc, F.; Reiffers, J.; Ripoche, J., 1995:
Human endothelial cells from umbilical cord vein support proliferation of human hematopoietic progenitors

Arnman, V.; Rymo, L.; Risberg, B., 1992:
Human endothelial cells of different origin differ in plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 mrna levels a preliminary report

Jansson, K.; Bengtsson, L.; Haegerstrand, A., 1996 :
Human endothelial cells show differentiated functions after in vitro seeding on ePTFE

Catizone, A.; Medolago Albani, L.; Andreola, F.; Alescio, T., 1991:
Human endothelial cells surviving in vitro evaluation of nonspecific pinocytosis

Mcgregor, J.L.; Murphy, J.; Reck, M.P.; Gebuhrer, V., 1994:
Human endothelial cells treated by oxidized low density lipoproteins express P-selectin and bind monocytes

Vaudo, G.; Marchesi, S.; Siepi, D.; Brozzetti, M.; Lombardini, R.; Pirro, M.; Alaeddin, A.; Roscini, A.Rita.; Lupattelli, G.; Mannarino, E., 2007:
Human endothelial impairment in sepsis

Wang, W.; Wang, S.; Madara, P.; Yan, L.; Danner, R.L., 1998:
Human endothelial nitric oxide synthase regulates TNF production in transfected U937 cells via a reactive oxygen species signaling pathway

Benatti, L.; Bonecchi, L.; Cozzi, L.; Monaco, L.; Sarmientos, P., 1991:
Human endothelin 1 gene is transcribed by two alternative promoters

Ohwaki, T.; Sakai, H., 1995:
Human endothelin converting enzyme isolated from blood or placenta by hydrated density

Ohwaki, T.; Sakai, H., 1995:
Human endothelin converting enzyme obtained from blood or placenta

Orzechowski, H.D.; Menzel, S.; Funke Kaiser, H.; Richter, M.; Kroeger, B.; Schmidt, M.; Paul, M., 1996:
Human endothelin converting enzyme-1 Genomic structure of the 5-region and tissue expression

Sharif, N.A.; Michel, A.D.; Whiting, R.L., 1989:
Human endothelin stimulates phosphoinositide turnover in murine fibrosarcoma cells hsdm1c1

Masaki, T.; Yanagisawa, M.; Inoue, A., 1996:
Human endothelin-3 precursor protein

Alexander, S.I.; Briscoe, D.M.; Lichtman, A.H., 1998:
Human endothelium enhances IL-4 production by CD4+ lymphocytes and prolongs STAT6 activation

Soler, H.; A.B.dawi, H.; Watkins, M.T., 1995:
Human endothelium is a source of 8-isoprostane during reperfusion

Lichtman, A.H.; Lasalle, J.M.; S.L.uis J.D.; Hafler, D.A., 1992:
Human endothelium presents myelin basic protein mbp peptide to helper t cells

Melo,C.M.de; Tirapegui,J.; Ribeiro,S.M.L., 2008:
Human energetic expenditure concepts, assessment methods and relationship to obesity

Ulijaszek, Stanley, J., 1992:
Human energetics methods in biological anthropology

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Human fetal liver hematopoietic stem cells have a higher proliferative potential and exhibit different phenotypic characteristics than adult bone marrow or umbilical cord blood stem cells

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Human fetal membranes release a Ca++ channel inhibitor

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Human fetal pituitary glands secrete a chorionic gonadotropin like material in vitro

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Human fetal spinal cord grafts as a treatment strategy for spinal cord injury in the hemisected adult rat

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Human fetal striatum exhibits viable tissue and cells for transplantation from donors 7-18 weeks in gestation

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Human fetal tissue for medical research

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Human fetal tissue research: practice, prospects, and policy

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Human fetal tricuspid and mitral deceleration time

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Human fetal ventral mesencephalic tissue cultures maintained in vitro for 7 to 14 days and transplanted to 6-OHDA lesioned rats give rise to grafts rich in dopaminergic neurons

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Human fetal xanthine oxidase

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Human fibroblast cell culture exposed to silicone gel failed to demonstrate evidence of light microscopic and ultrastructural damage

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