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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 31979

Chapter 31979 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mi, W.D.; Sakai, T.; Matsuki, A.; Zhang, H., 1998:
Interaction between propofol and fentanyl and inducing unconsciousness and loss of eyelash reflex-monitoring with EEG parameters

Semple, H.A.; Xia, F., 1994:
Interaction between propranolol and amino acids in perfused rat livers

Gryglewski, R.J.; Bieroń, K.; Dembińska-Kieć, A.; Kostka-Trabka, E.; Zembowicz, A., 1991:
Interaction between prostacyclin and molsidomine in blood cells and plasma

Osanai, T.; Kanazawa, T.; Okuguchi, T.; Uemura, T.; Onoders, K.; Metoki, H.; Oike, Y., 1994:
Interaction between prostacyclin and nitric oxide in vascular smooth muscle cells under shear stress

Gryglewski, R.J., 1990:
Interaction between prostacyclin and nitric oxide in white blood cells

Kandil, H.M.; Saberi, A.A.; Bender, D.; Argenzio, R.A.; Sartor, R.B., 1994:
Interaction between prostaglandin E-2 and interleukin 1-alpha in experimental rat colitis

Inscho, E.W.; Carmines, P.K.; Cook, A.K.; Navar, L.G., 1989:
Interaction between prostaglandin e 2 and angiotensin ii in the regulation of afferent arteriolar diameter

Sababi, M.; Nylander, O., 1994:
Interaction between prostanoids, nitric oxide and VIP in modulation of duodenal alkaline secretion and motility in the rat in vivo

Atsumi, T.; Khamashta, M.A.; Donohoe, S.; Mackie, I.; Ichikawa, K.; Koike, T.; Hughes, G.R.V., 1997:
Interaction between protein C, beta2-glycoprotein I and anticardiolipin antibodies

Yamano, Y., 1992:
Interaction between protein and lipid focused on surface behavior

Ferreira,F.A.; Binelli,M.; Rodrigues,P.H.M., 2008:
Interaction between protein nutrition and reproductive features in bovine dams

Russell, J.; Kaur, P., 1998:
Interaction between proteins of the doxorubicin resistance DrrAB pump

Rempel, C.B.; Bernier, C.C., 1990:
Interaction between puccinia graminis f sp tritici and puccinia recondita glomus intraradices and genome in wheat

Sato Yoshitake, R.; Yorifuji, H.; Inagaki, M.; Hirokawa, N., 1990:
Interaction between purified kinesin and synaptic vesicles

Olsson, Mats, J., 1992:
Interaction between quality and quantity in a binary odor mixture

Land, C.E., 1990:
Interaction between radiation and other risk factors

Maeda, M.; Matsui, T.; Yonemura, S.; Tsukita, S.; Tsukita, S., 1996:
Interaction between radixin and profilin

Tucker, M.J.; Duplan, J.; Li, X.; Garcia, B.; Wijsman, J.; Stiller, C.; McKenzie, F.N., 1993:
Interaction between rapamycin and pretransplant blood transfusions in rat heterotopic heart transplantation

Cunningham, K.; Antebi, A.; Fink, G.R., 1991:
Interaction between ras camp pathway of growth control and calcium homeostasis in yeast

Kemper, H.C.G.,j W.R.T.isk; Van Mechelen, W.; Post, G.B.; Van Lenthe, F., 1997:
Interaction between rate of maturation and lifestyle on bone mineral density of males and females

Aziz, S.M.; Toborek, M.; Hennig, B.; Gellin, G.; Endean, R., 1996:
Interaction between reactive oxygen radicals and polyamine metabolism in monocrotaline-treated pulmonary artery endothelial cells

Ferri, E.; Gattavecchia, E.; Feroci, G.; Battino, M., 1994:
Interaction between reactive oxygen species and coenzyme Q10 in an aprotic medium: a cyclic voltammetry study

Janoshazi, A.; Solomon, A.K., 1990:
Interaction between red cell glucose transport protein and band 3

Ikeda, T.; Blumberg, J.B.; Jones, R.; Morad, M.; Suzuki, Y.J., 1998:
Interaction between redox- and calcium-signaling in cardiac muscle

Berger, D.; Robinson, K.; Shroff, S., 1995:
Interaction between reflection and wave velocity effects on aortic pressure

Munday, I.T.; Ward, P.M.; Sorooshian, S.; Stafford, M.A.; Jones, R.M.; Hull, C.J.; Shaikh, S., 1995:
Interaction between remifentanil and isoflurane in spontaneously breathing patients during ambulatory surgery

He, M.M.; Kaback, H.R.nald, 1997:
Interaction between residues Glu269 and His322 of the lactose permease of Escherichia coli is essential for substrate binding

Paula, K.C.; Carvalho, A.C.G.; Azevedo, T.M.C.; Nobrega, A.C.L., 1998:
Interaction between resistance and flexibility training in healthy young adults

Spyer, K.M., 1997:
Interaction between respiratory and autonomic function

Schobel, H.P.; Oren, R.M.; Mark, A.L.; Ferguson, D.W., 1993:
Interaction between resting sympathetic activity and reflex sympathetic responses and its reproducibility in normal humans

Häupl, T.; Østensen, M.; Grützkau, A.; Burmester, G-R.; Villiger, P.M., 2008:
Interaction between rheumatoid arthritis and pregnancy: correlation of molecular data with clinical disease activity measures

Lin, S.Y.; Chen, Y.C.yh; Gomyo, T.; Lii, C.Y., 1998:
Interaction between rice and cassava starches during gelatinization

Balaeva, N.M., 1990:
Interaction between rickettsiae and eukaryotic cells

Trumann, B.; Tietze, K.W., 1995:
Interaction between risk factors in the manifestation of SIDS

Tseng, A.; Fletcher, D., 1998:
Interaction between ritonavir and levothyroxine

Tamai, M.; Itabashi, R.; Noro, M.; Kamio, K.; Ishikawa, S., 1990:
Interaction between rod and cone systems in patients with various diseases

Taheri, A.; Hollamby, G.J.; Vanstone, V.A.; Neate, S.M., 1994:
Interaction between root lesion nematode, Pratylenchus neglectus Chitwood and Oteifa 1952, and root rotting fungi of wheat

Billaud, E.M.; Guillemain, R.; Fortineau, N.; Kitzis, M.D.; Dreyfus, G.; Amrein, C.; Kreft-Jaïs, C.; Husson, J.M.; Chrétien, P., 1990:
Interaction between roxithromycin and cyclosporin in heart transplant patients

Donato, R.; Pula, G.; Bianchi, R.; Giambanco, I.; Ceccarelli, P., 1991:
Interaction between s 100 protein and annexin ii p36 the heavy chain of calpactin 1

Hashizume,T.; Shida,R.; Suzuki,S.; Kasuya,E.; Kuwayama,H.; Suzuki,H.; Olah,M.; Nagy,G.M., 2008:
Interaction between salsolinol and thyrotropin-releasing hormone or dopamine on the secretion of prolactin in ruminants

Fuerst, P.; Krueger, C.; Meemken H A.; Groebel, W.; Schecter, A., 1989:
Interaction between sample and packaging material a potential source of contamination with pcdds and pcdfs

Yasmeen, 1994:
Interaction between saprophytic and pathogenic fungi

Mashaly, M.; Alla, A.; E.F.r A.; Stino, F.; Goher, N., 1990:
Interaction between seasons and vaccination schedule against newcastle disease virus ndv and its effect on hi titer in chickens

Lee, Y.L.; Lee, K.Y.; Chang T M.; Chey, W.Y., 1990:
Interaction between secretin and cholecystokin cck and paracrine action of insulin on pancreatic secretion in rats

Alcon, S.; Rosado, J.A.; Pariente, J.A.; Garcia, L.J.; Pozo, M.J., 1996:
Interaction between secretin and cholecystokinin in guinea-pig exocrine pancreas

Morikawa, M.; Aikawa, T.; Sekizawa, K.; Sasaki, H.; Takishima, T., 1991:
Interaction between sensory c fibers and cholinergic efferent nerves in guinea pig bronchi

Lakatos, P.L.; Altorjay, I.; Mándi, Y.; Lakatos, L.; Tumpek, J.; Kovacs, A.; Molnar, T.; Tulassay, Z.; Miheller, P.; Palatka, K.; Szamosi, T.; Fischer, S.; Papp, J.; Papp, M.; Fuszek, P.; Gemela, O.; Horvath, H.Csaba.; Vargha, P.; Szalay, F.; Erdelyi, Z.; Mester, G.; Molnar, C.; Pandur, T.; Nagy, F.; Lonovics, J.; Balint, L.; Demeter, P.; Dobo, I.; Huoranszky, F.; Herszenyi, L.; Nemeth, A., 2008:
Interaction between seroreactivity to microbial antigens and genetics in Crohn's disease: is there a role for defensins?

Pasini, A.; Tortorella, A.; Gale, K., 1994:
Interaction between serotonin and GABA transmission in substantia nigra for determining seizure susceptibility

Phillips, D.; Chaturvedi, C.M.hini, 1992:
Interaction between serotonin and a dopamine precursor and luteinizing hormone alters reproductive and metabolic responses of migratory red headed bunting

Bloch, A., 1991:
Interaction between serum contained cytokines and dna specific agents in the maturation dependent control of leukemic cell proliferation

Dauvois, S.; Dumont, M.; Simard, J.; Labrie, F., 1989:
Interaction between sex steroids and insulin on gcdfp 15 gene expression in human breast cancer zr 75 1 cells

Missal, M.; Vogels, R.; Orban, G.A., 1996:
Interaction between shapes in the receptive field of neurons in the inferior temporal cortex

Erwin, J.E.; Engelen Eigles, G., 1993:
Interaction between shipping and rooting temperature on vernalization of Lilium longiflorum Thunb

Castillo-Llanque,F.J.; Rapoport,H.F.; Navarro,C., 2008:
Interaction between shoot growth and reproductive behavior in olive trees

Landgren, Sven, 1992:
Interaction between short latency estradiol and pregnanolone effects in CA1 of the guinea pig hippocampus in vitro

Buonomano, D., 1998:
Interaction between short- and long-term synaptic plasticity in rat auditory cortex

Y.P.; Biancani, P.; Behar, J., 1992:
Interaction between signal transduction pathways in tonic contraction of cat gallbladder gb smooth muscle

Yu, Y.; Alwine, J.C., 2008:
Interaction between simian virus 40 large T antigen and insulin receptor substrate 1 is disrupted by the K1 mutation, resulting in the loss of large T antigen-mediated phosphorylation of Akt

Oda, M.; Nishida, J.; Kaneko, H.; Watanabe, N.; Tsuchiya, M., 1991:
Interaction between sinusoidal endothelial cells and kupffer cells in hepatic defense mechanism cinematographic cytochemical and ultrastructural analysis

Kasahara, K.; Yokota, E.; Inaba, K.; Morisawa, M.; Mabuchi, I.; Kamimura, S., 1997:
Interaction between sky chain 1 protein and microtubules

Hampton, J.; Lawson, T.; Williams, P.; Sibert, J., 1996:
Interaction between small-scale fisheries in Kiribati and the industrial purse seine fishery in the western and central Pacific Ocean

Vainio, H.; Husgafvel-Pursiainen, K.; Anttila, S.; Karjalainen, A.; Hackman, P.; Partanen, T., 1993:
Interaction between smoking and asbestos in human lung adenocarcinoma: role of K-ras mutations

K.D.; Kader, A.A., 1990:
Interaction between soluble solids and ethanol in determining flavor and tolerance of fruits to low oxygen atmospheres

Mehls, O.; Klaus, G.; Jux, C.; Huegel, U.; Blum, W.F., 1996:
Interaction between somatotropic and calcitropic hormones

Kostadinov,K.; Mateeva,A.; Palagacheva,N., 2008:
Interaction between some leaf fertilizers and the density of Colorado potato beetle eggplant crops

Tarpley, L.; Victor, D.M.; Miller, F.R., 1993:
Interaction between sources and vegetative sinks of Sorghum

Kamimura, S.; Onitake, K., 1993:
Interaction between sperm and egg jelly layers in the newt, Cynops pyrrhogaster

Lavitrano, M.; Lulli, V.; Maione, B.; Zani, M.; Francolini, M.; Spadafora, C., 1994:
Interaction between sperm cells and exogenous DNA Sperm mediated gene transfer

Tong, C.; Eisenach, J.C.; Williams, J.A., 1992:
Interaction between spinal alpha 2 adrenergic and cholinergic controls on blood pressure regulation

Xu, Z.; Tong, C.; Eisenach, J.C., 1995:
Interaction between spinal neostigmine and clonidine in sheep Role of nitric oxide

Eisenach, J.C.; Gebhart, G.F., 1995:
Interaction between spinal neostigmine and other analgesics in rats

Estibeiro, J.P.ter; Brook, F.A.; Copp, A.J., 1993:
Interaction between splotch and curly tail mouse mutants in the embryonic development of neural tube defects

Pedretti, E.; Marre Brunenghi, G.; Morali, G.C., 1991:
Interaction between spyramicin and oral contraceptives

Kishigami, A.; Sakata Sogawa, K.; Tsukahara, Y.; Tashiro, H., 1994 :
Interaction between squid rhodopsin and cytoskeletal elements

Cardinal, B.J., 1997:
Interaction between stage of exercise and relapse

Hattori, T.; Maehashi, H., 1993:
Interaction between stannous chloride and calcium channel blockers on the calcium influx into motor nerve terminals

Karr, N.S.; Sasso, E.H.; Hillson, J.L.; Oppliger, I.R.; Mannik, M., 1991:
Interaction between staphylococcal protein a spa and human antibodies of the vhiii family

Paulus, W.J.; Wellens, F., 1991:
Interaction between starlings law and inotropy assessment in the human left ventricle after cardiac transplantation

Valls-Solé, J.; Kumru, H.; Kofler, M., 2008:
Interaction between startle and voluntary reactions in humans

Gravanis, A.; Makrigiannakis, A.; Stournaras, C.; Margioris, A.N., 1994:
Interaction between steroid hormones and endometrial opioids

Kon, K.; Okada, M.; Taniguchi, T.; Maeda, N., 1990:
Interaction between stimulated neutrophils and red cells

Connor, C.E.; Gallant, J.L.; Van Essen, D.C., 1995:
Interaction between stimulus position, receptive field position, and attention position in area V4

Pullinen, T.T.; Nicol, C.; Komi, P.V.; Mero, A.; Macdonald, E., 1994:
Interaction between strength load, EMG activity and plasma catecholamine responses in men and women

Holifield, B.F.; Heath, J.P., 1991:
Interaction between stress fibers and the dorsal f actin cortex a mechanism for stress fiber elongation and arc formation

Grose, J.H.; Caron, L.; Lebel, M., 1995:
Interaction between stress proteins and endothelial prostacyclin regulatory mechanisms

Wolfarth, S.; Ossowska, K., 1993:
Interaction between striatal excitatory amino acid and GABA receptors in the turning behavior of rats

Kopp, U.C.; Smith, L.A., 1991:
Interaction between substance p sp and prostaglandins pg in the activation of renal sensory receptors

Cornelius, F.; Fedosova, N.U.; Klodos, I., 1997:
Interaction between substrate site and cation binding sites in Pi phosphorylation of Na,K-ATPase

Di, K.; Johnstone, D.; Brockman, F.; Truex, M., 1994:
Interaction between substrates and starved subsurface bacteria in a dual-bacteria/dual-contaminant system

Johnson, M.D.; Yang, H.Y.; Kotchen, T.A., 1992:
Interaction between sucrose and salt in producing an elevation of blood pressure in sprague dawley rats

Geleoc, G.S.G.; Ashmore, J.F., 1998:
Interaction between sugar transport and the mechanism of fast motility in guinea-pig outer hair cells

Lappartient, A.G.; Touraine, B., 1997:
Interaction between sulfur and nitrogen nutritions Role of the amino acids in the regulation of sulfate and nitrate uptake

Koller, A.; Huang, A.; Kaley, G., 1998 :
Interaction between superoxide and nitric oxide following acute elevation intravascular pressure in isolated arterioles

Sikka, S.C.; Ruiz Deya, G.; Rajasekaran, M.; Hellstrom, W.J., 1998:
Interaction between superoxide dismutase and cGMP on nitric oxide mediated penile erection in rats

Rydberg, L.; Edler, L.; Floderus, S.; Graneli, W., 1990:
Interaction between supply of nutrients primary production sedimentation and oxygen consumption in southeast kattegat

Keskinen, K.L.; Komi, P.V., 1989:
Interaction between swimming technique and performance capacity in swimming

Takagi, H.; Yuyama, N.; Kajiwara, K.; Sugaya, E., 1991:
Interaction between sympathetic and parasympathetic neurons in the lateral horn

Ahluwalia, A.; Vallance, P.J., 1995:
Interaction between sympathetic and sensory nerves in rat small arteries

Brown, D.R.; Brown, L.V.; Patwardhan, A.; Randall, D.C., 1992:
Interaction between sympathetic nerve activity and arterial pressure in conscious and anesthetized rat

Lee, R.M.; Borkowski, K.R.; Leenen, F.H.; Tsoporis, J.; Coughlin, M., 1991:
Interaction between sympathetic nervous system and adrenal medulla in the control of cardiovascular changes in hypertension

Eisenach, J.C.; Hood, D.D.; Curry, R.; Tong, C., 1997:
Interaction between systemic alfentanil and amitriptyline on pain from intradermal capsaicin in volunteers

Tong, S.E.; Yuzuki, D.; Peterlin, B.M., 1991:
Interaction between t cell activation and trans activation by tat 2 hiv gene expression

Tong Starksen, S.; Welsh, T.M.; Peterlin, B.M., 1990:
Interaction between t cell activation and trans activation by tat 2 in hiv 2 gene expression

Furlan, V.; Parquin, F.; Penaud, J.F.; Cerrina, J.; Ladurie, F.L.; Dartevelle, P.; Taburet, A.M., 1998:
Interaction between tacrolimus and itraconazole in a heart-lung transplant recipient

Carlomagno, C.; D.P.acido, S.; Bianco, A.R., 1998:
Interaction between tamoxifen and c-erbB2 expression The GUN-1 trial results

Maine, I.P.; Chen, S.F.; Windle, B., 1996:
Interaction between telomeric oligonucleotide primers and CHO non-processive telomerase

Carneiro, D.J.; Rantin, F.T.; Dias, T.C.R.; Malheiros, E.B., 1994:
Interaction between temperature and dietary levels of protein and energy in pacu I The effects on growth and body composition

Carneiro, D.J.; Rantin, R.T.; Dias, T.C.R.; Malheiros, E.B., 1994:
Interaction between temperature and dietary levels of protein and energy in pacu II Effects on digestibility of protein and transit time though the gastrointestinal tract

Ritchie, Mark, E., 1995:
Interaction between temperature and resources in population dynamics Experimental tests with grasshoppers

Kondoh, Y.; Yin K S.; Takagi, K.; Satake, T., 1990:
Interaction between terbutaline and am 682 ethyl 2 4 carboxybenzamido 4 propionamidobenzoate sodium salt in tracheal smooth muscle relaxation of guinea pig

Basiao, Z.U.; Doyle, R.W., 1990:
Interaction between test and reference populations when tilapia strains are compared by the internal control technique

Gholaminejad,A.; Naghdi,N.; Soleimannejad,E.; Vaezi,G., 2008:
Interaction between testosterone and bicuculline GABAA antagonist in the CA1 region of hippocampus in spatial learning in adult male rats

Tian, Y.; Ke, S.; Pollack, B.; Germino, J.; Meeker, R.; Gallo, M.A., 1996:
Interaction between the Ah receptor and the STAT 91 signal transduction pathway

Fuglsang, A.T.; Palmgren, M., 1997:
Interaction between the Arabidopsis plasma membrane H+-ATPase AHA2 and three 14-3-3 isoforms

Gee, S.H.; Madhaven, R.; Levinson, S.R.; Caldwell, J.H.; Sealock, R.; Froehner, S.C., 1997:
Interaction between the C terminus of skeletal muscle sodium channels and multiple members of the syntrophin family of dystrophin-associated proteins

Majava, V.; Petoukhov, M.V.; Hayashi, N.; Pirilä, Päivi.; Svergun, D.I.; Kursula, P., 2008:
Interaction between the C-terminal region of human myelin basic protein and calmodulin: analysis of complex formation and solution structure

Thielens, N.M.; Bally, I.M.; Ebenbichler, C.F.; Dierich, M.P.; Arlaud, G.J., 1994:
Interaction between the C1 complex of human complement and HIV-1 involves the C1q globular heads and a major site on the transmembrane envelope glycoprotein GP41

Dalma Weiszhausz, D.D.; Brenowitz, M., 1994:
Interaction between the DNA-bound regulators of the E coli GAL operon and RNA polymerase

Pindyurin, A.V.; Boldyreva, L.V.; Shloma, V.V.; Kolesnikova, T.D.; Pokholkova, G.V.; Andreyeva, E.N.; Kozhevnikova, E.N.; Ivanoschuk, I.G.; Zarutskaya, E.A.; Demakov, S.A.; Gorchakov, A.A.; Belyaeva, E.S.; Zhimulev, I.F., 2008:
Interaction between the Drosophila heterochromatin proteins SUUR and HP1

Fried, M.G.; Hudson, J.M.chael; Daugherty, M.D., 1998:
Interaction between the E coli lactose repressor and the cyclic AMP receptor protein DNA binding cooperativity and protein displacement

Mcmillan, N.; Toone, M.; Williams, B., 1992:
Interaction between the HIV tat protein and the interferon-induced dsRNA-activated kinase

Jalinot, P.; Veschambre, P.; Simard, P., 1994:
Interaction between the HIV1 tat transactivator and the TATA-box binding protein

Schraufstaetter, I.U.; Barritt, D.S.; Ma, M.; Oades, Z.G.; Ye, R.D.; Cochrane, C.G., 1994:
Interaction between the IL-8 B-receptor and its ligands

Onoue, H.; Tanaka, H.; Hirata, M.; Ito, Y., 1998:
Interaction between the IP3 receptor and the ryanodine receptor subunits

Terlau, H.; Heinemann, S.H.; Stuehmer, W.; Pongs, O.; Ludwig, J., 1997:
Interaction between the N-terminus and S4 during gating of rat eag potassium channel

D.S.lva, H.A.; Aronson, J.K., 1997:
Interaction between the Na+/K+/2Cl- and K+/Cl- co-transporters in human platelets

Fuchs, D.; Zangerte, R.; Sarcletti, M.; Baier Bitterlich, G.; Wachter, H., 1995:
Interaction between the TNF-alpha, IFN-gamma and neopterin system in HIV infection

Hatem, S.N.; Rooney, D.; Morad, M., 1994:
Interaction between the activation of I-K1 and I-K-ATP channels in guinea-pig ventricular myocytes

Vogelsang, M.; Broede, A.; Schaefer, E.; Zerkowski, H.R.; Brodde, O.E., 1992:
Interaction between the adenylyl cyclase/cyclic AMP and the phospholipase C-inositol trisphosphate-diacylglycerol systems in the human isolated right atrium

Bourguignon, L.Y.W.; Zhu, H.; Chu, A.; IIda, N.; Zhang, L.; Hung, M.C., 1998:
Interaction between the adhesion receptor, CD44 and the oncogene product, p185HER2 promotes ovarian tumor cell growth and human ovarian cancer progression

Savage, T.F.; Attamangkune, S., 1990:
Interaction between the b and e plumage color loci in turkeys

Nevill, R.J.; Safranyik, L., 1996:
Interaction between the bluestain fungal associates of mountain pine, and pine engraver beetles, and their effects on the beetles

Rabin, B.S.; Ganguli, R.; Lysle, D.T.; Cunnick, J.E., 1990:
Interaction between the brain and the immune system

Sazuka, M.; Isemura, M.; Isemura, S., 1998:
Interaction between the carboxyl-terminal heparin-binding domain of fibronectin and (-)-epigallocatechin gallate

Gaffen, J.D., 1992:
Interaction between the cell surface and the extracellular matrix

Branco, J.O.into; Lunardon, M.J.se; Avila, M.G.ntil; Miguez, C.F.rnando, 1993:
Interaction between the condition factor and the gonadosomatic index as indicatives of the period of spawning in Callinectes danae Smith in Lagoa da Conceicao, Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Rashidova, S.M.; Bakanov, M.I.; Sultanova, F.A.; Gerasimova, Y.V., 1996:
Interaction between the cyclase and immune systems in patients with viral hepatitis A and B

Holley, M.C., 1990:
Interaction between the cytoskeletal and cell membranes in mammalian cochlear outer hair cells

Kilic, F.; Ball, E.H., 1991:
Interaction between the cytoskeletal protein vinculin and phosphatidylinositol

Richter, S.; Zagotto, G.; Gatto, B.; Binaschi, M.; Capranico, G.; Palumbo, M., 1998:
Interaction between the cytotoxic drug clerocidan and DNA Evidence for covalent adduct formation

Reilly, D.S.; van Donkelaar, P.; Saavedra, S.; Woollacott, M.H., 2008:
Interaction between the development of postural control and the executive function of attention

Oldenhof, J.; Anafi, M.; Schools, O.; Oaks, J.N.; Pawson, T.; Van Tol, H.H.M., 1996:
Interaction between the dopamine D4 receptor and the SH3 adaptor protein NCK

Taddei Ferretti, C.; Cotugno, A., 1991:
Interaction between the effects of light pulses of different chromatic content on hydra attenuata and hydra magnipapillata

Paterson, D.J.; Nye, P.C.G., 1991:
Interaction between the effects of oxygen and potassium on ventilation in the decerebrate cat

Donaldson, I.M.L.; Knox, P.C., 1990:
Interaction between the effects of vestibular stimuli and those of passive eye movements on units in the brain stem of the pigeon

Tarsitano, E., 2006:
Interaction between the environment and animals in urban settings: integrated and participatory planning

Loubtchenkov, M.; Wetzker, R., 1994:
Interaction between the epidermal growth factor receptor and phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate kinase

LiangManZhong; DengLixi; LiuJunFei; He,A.; ChenLiangBi , 2008:
Interaction between the eui gene and thermo-sensitive genic male sterility in rice

Leta, E.; Hou, Z.; Lederman, L.; Jung, L.K., 1996:
Interaction between the extracellular domain of CD7 and concanavalin A: a clue to the identity of the ligand for CD7

Kirby, L.G.; Lucki, L., 1996:
Interaction between the forced swimming test and fluoxetine treatment on extracellular 5-HT in the rat

D'amato, F.R.; Mazzacane, E.; Cestari, V., 1998:
Interaction between the glutamatergic and the opioid systems in mice Effects on emotionality in a social and in a non-social context

Gendron, N.; Breton, R.; Yaguchi, M.; Lapointe, J., 1990:
Interaction between the glutamyl transfer rna synthetase and the adenylosuccinate lyase of bacillus subtilis

Kotsuji, F., 1992:
Interaction between the granulosa cells and theca cells and the ovarian function a morphological and functional study using collagen membrane culture system

Ohta, K.; Kagamiyama, H.; Yamamoto, D.; Fujimoto, K.; Fukui, H., 1997:
Interaction between the histamine H-1 receptor and its ligands

Yang, C.Y.; Brunet, J.F.; Kim, K.S., 1997:
Interaction between the homeodomain -binding site and PHOX2a, a paired-like HD protein, is critical for noradrenergic cell-specific transcription of the human dopamine beta-hydroxylase gene

Urban, E.; Perenyi, J.; Kovesdi, I.; Racz, E.; Foldes, J., 1992:
Interaction between the host cells and parasites by investigating the free radicals and the antioxidative enzymes

Chukkapalli, V.; Hogue, I.B.; Boyko, V.; Hu, W-Shau.; Ono, A., 2007:
Interaction between the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Gag matrix domain and phosphatidylinositol-(4,5)-bisphosphate is essential for efficient gag membrane binding

Schweiger, U.; Deuschle, M.; Gotthardt, U.; Koerner, A.; Lammers, C.H.; Schmider, J.; Holsboer, F.; Heuser, I., 1993:
Interaction between the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal and the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal system in depressed patients

Jiang, M.; Behbehani, M.M., 1990:
Interaction between the insular cortex and the periaqueductal gray

Haibara, A.S.; D.L.caL.A.Jr.; Saad, W.A.; Camargo, L.A.A.; Renzi, A.; Menani, J.V., 1992:
Interaction between the lateral hypothalamus and the medial septal area in the control of cardiovascular, fluid and electrolytic responses induced by central cholinergic activation in rats

Sartakova, M.L.; Konenkov, V.M., 1993:
Interaction between the levels of lymphocyte proliferative reactions in healthy humans and in patients with rheumatoid arthritis in allo-MLC with allele variants of HLA-DRB1 04 gene

Lukasiewicz, A.; Wzoniak, I., 1989:
Interaction between the metals in cobalt ii copper ii cobalt ii chromium iii and iron ii chromium iii cation pairs in the presence of alpha amino acids and acetate anion in aqueous solutions

Introni Collison, I.B.; Gsbarri, A.; Packard, M.; Mcgaugh, J.L., 1992:
Interaction between the muscarinic cholinergic and the D2-dopaminergic systems on the modulation of memory storage

Campos,A.K.; Araujo,J.V.; Guimaraes,M.P., 2008:
Interaction between the nematophagous fungus Duddingtonia flagrans and infective larvae of Haemonchus contortus

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