Section 32
Chapter 31,988

Interannual variability of grasslands carbon balance depends on soil type

Pinter,K.; Barcza,Z.; Balogh,J.; Czobel,S.; Csintalan,Z.; Tuba,Z.; Nagy,Z.

Community Ecology: Supplement, 43-48. Ef


ISSN/ISBN: 1585-8553
DOI: 10.1556/comec.9.2008.s.7
Accession: 031987370

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The interannual variation of carbon fluxes of grasslands on sandy (5 years data) and heavy clay soils (4 years data) in Hungary was analysed. The sandy grassland was carbon sink in 3 (2004, 2005, 2006) out of the investigated 5 years. Its annual C-balance is precipitation limited, the relation seems strongly conservative, with r2 of 0.83. More than half of the net source activity fell to the summer droughts.

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