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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 32015

Chapter 32015 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Szumlinski, K.K.; Szechtman, H., 1997:
Intracranial injections of raclopride into the dorsal raphe nucleus differentially affects locomotor and oral behaviours induced by quinpirole

Imanishi, M.; Tabuse, H.; Miyamoto, S.; Morimoto, T.; Sakaki, T., 1995:
Intracranial injury following facial trauma

Manome, Y.; Yamaoka, R.; Yuhki, K.; Hano, H.; Kitajima, T.; Ikeuchi, S., 1990:
Intracranial invasion of neuroendocrine carcinoma: a case report

Staskin, D.R., 1991:
Intracranial lesions that affect lower urinary tract function

Futami, K.; Kimura, A.; Yamashita, J., 1992:
Intracranial lipoma associated with cerebral saccular aneurysm. Case report

Cserni, G., 1993:
Intracranial lipoma of the Sylvian region

Tresser, N.; Parveen, T.; Roessmann, U., 1993:
Intracranial lipomas with teratomatous elements

Kowal-Vern, A.; Almanaseer, I.; Bleyer, A., 1989:
Intracranial lymphoblastic sarcoma mimicking a primary brain tumor

Turski, Patrick, A., 1993:
Intracranial magnetic resonance angiography and stroke

Ruggieri, P.M.; Masaryk, T.J.; Ross, J.S.; Modic, M.T., 1992:
Intracranial magnetic resonance imaging

Hayashi, Y.; Kimura, N.; Bandoh, Y.; Fujimoto, N.; Kohyama, Y.; Kumagai, H., 1996:
Intracranial malignant fibrous histiocytoma with increased uptake on Tl-201 imaging

Umebara, Y.; Yamamoto, M.; Jinbo, M.; Kubo, O., 1992:
Intracranial malignant lymphoma a case report

Fung, M.A.; Grekin, R.C.; Odom, R.B., 1996:
Intracranial malignant meningioma mimicking frontalis-associated lipoma of the forehead

Chi, Y.W.; Lee, W.H.; Hwang, R.C.; Liao, H.B.; Cheng, S.N.; Chu, M.L.; Chou, T.Y.; Ho, P.S., 1989:
Intracranial malignant rhabdoid tumor: report of one case

Hande, A.; Nagpal, R., 1991:
Intracranial malposition of nasogastric tube following transnasal transsphenoidal operation

Marks, W.J.Jr; Mcarthur, J.C.; Royal, W.IIi; Kumar, A.J.; Erozan, Y.; Herman, C.; Uematsu, S., 1989:
Intracranial mass lesions in aids diagnosis and response to therapy

Flanagan, J.G.; Kothe, A.C., 1990:
Intracranial meningioma: an exercise in differential diagnosis

Hambuechen, U.; Buell, U.; Lippitz, B.; Daiber, K.; Schroeder, M.; Boecking, A.; Mull, M.; Gilsbach, J., 1992:
Intracranial meningioma im comparison of glucose consumption fluorine 18 dog to proliferation rate pr ct mr technetium 99m dtpa uptake spect and histologic findings

Sridhar, K.; Ramamurthi, B., 1989:
Intracranial meningioma subsequent to radiation for a pituitary tumor: case report

Takeuchi, Y.; Ohnishi, Y.; Matsunaga, S.; Nakayama, H.; Uetsuka, K., 2008:
Intracranial meningioma with polygonal granular cell appearance in a Chihuahua

Schubeus, P.; Schoerner, W.; Rottacker, C.; Sander, B.; Felix, R., 1990:
Intracranial meningiomas how frequent are characteristic findings in mri and ct?

Cho, B.K.; Chi, J.G.; Wang, K.C.; Chang, K.H.; Choi, K.S., 1993:
Intracranial mesenchymal chondrosarcoma: a case report and literature review

Kubota, T.; Shirasaki, N.; Kabuto, M.; Sato, K.; Kawano, H., 1991:
Intracranial mesenchymal chondrosarcoma light and electron microscopic observation

Kumar, L.; Tanwar, R.K.; Singh, S.P., 1992:
Intracranial metastases from carcinoma cervix and review of literature

Ogasawara, H.; Kiya, K.; Kurisu, K.; Muttaqin, Z.; Uozumi, T.; Sugiyama, K.; Kawamoto, Y.; Iida, K., 1992:
Intracranial metastasis from a spinal cord primitive neuroectodermal tumor: case report

Murphy, M.A.; Kaye, A.H.; Hayes, I.P., 1991:
Intracranial metastasis from carcinoma of the paranasal sinus

Baid, B.L.; Tanwar, R.K.; De, S.; Kotwal, P.P.; Rath, G.K.; Karak, P.K.; Kochupillai, V., 1992:
Intracranial metastasis in Ewing's sarcoma

Enomoto, H.; Mizuno, M.; Katsumata, T.; Doi, T., 1991 :
Intracranial metastasis of a choroid plexus papilloma originating in the cerebellopontine angle region: a case report

Gelber, N.D.; Ragland, R.L.; Knorr, J.R.; Smith, T.W.; Stone, B.B., 1992:
Intracranial metastatic adenoid cystic carcinoma: presumed hematogenous spread from a primary tumor in the parotid gland

Obata, T.; Yamanaka, Y., 1995:
Intracranial microdialysis of salicylic acid to detect hydroxyl radical generation in the rat Effect of monoamine oxidase inhibitor

Georgiadis, D.; Hill, M.; Kottkamp, H.; Breithard, G.; Borggrefe, M., 1997:
Intracranial microembolic signals during radiofrequency ablation of accessory pathways

Kropotov, J.D.; Naatanen, R.; Sevostianov, A.V.; Alho, K.; Reinikainen, K.; Kropotova, O.V.; Schwartz, E., 1997:
Intracranial mismatch negativity and its computer simulation

Fruin, A.H.; Taylon, C., 1991:
Intracranial monitoring in patients with head trauma

Onishi, H.; Ito, H.; Kuroda, E.; Yamamoto, S.; Kubota, T., 1989:
Intracranial mycotic aneurysm associated with transsphenoidal surgery to the pituitary adenoma

Lee, K.S.; Liu, S.S.; Spetzler, R.F.; Rekate, H.L., 1990:
Intracranial mycotic aneurysm in an infant: report of a case

Bina, K.G.; Rusak, B., 1991:
Intracranial nerve growth factor injections phase shift activity rhythms in syrian hamsters

Malcolm, G.P.; Symon, L.; Kendall, B.; Pires, M., 1991:
Intracranial neurenteric cysts. Report of two cases

Lamaida, E.; Rapanà, A.; Lepore, P.; Pizza, V.; Agresta, A.; Graziussi, G., 1998:
Intracranial neuroma of the hypoglossal nerve: diagnosis and management. Case report and review of the literature

Steinberg, G.K.; Shuer, L.M.; Adler, J.; Larson, C.P.ilip, J., 1994:
Intracranial neurosurgery

Hove, B.; Andersen, B.B.; Christiansen, T.M., 1990:
Intracranial oncotic aneurysms from choriocarcinoma. Case report and review of the literature

Beck, D.W.; Dyste, G.N., 1989:
Intracranial osteochondroma: MR and CT appearance

Iglesias, M.E.; Vázquez-Doval, J.; Idoate, M.A.; Vanaclocha, V.; Idoate, F.; Quintanilla, E., 1996:
Intracranial osteolytic meningioma affecting the scalp

Barry, B.; Delattre, J.; Vie, F.; Bedos, J.P.; Gehanno, P., 1996:
Intracranial otogenic complications in adults

Tureen, J.H.; Liu, Q.; Elliott, B.R.; Kartalija, M., 1995:
Intracranial pathophysiology in experimental cryptococcal meningitis in the rabbit

Koch, K.J.; Becker, G.J.; Edwards, M.K.; Hoover, R.L., 1989:
Intracranial placement of a nasogastric tube

Mineura, K.; Sasajima, T.; Kowada, M.; Saitoh, M.; Shishido, F., 1992:
Intracranial plasma cell granuloma evaluated by positron emission tomography

Kodsi, S.R.; Younge, B.R.; Leavitt, J.A.; Campbell, R.J.; Scheithauer, B.W., 1993:
Intracranial plasma cell granuloma presenting as an optic neuropathy

Halgren, E.; Jamet, E.; Marinkovic, K.; Chauvel, P., 1997:
Intracranial potentials evoked by words and pseudowords during reading and lexical decision

Shalmon, E.; Caron, M.J.; Becker, D.P., 1996:
Intracranial pressure Pathology and pathophysiology

Richard, K.E.; Nanassis, K.; Frowein, R.A., 1989:
Intracranial pressure: a reliable criterion of brain death?

Johnston, W.E.; Vinten Johansen, J.; Dewitt, D.S.; Stump, D.A.; Prough, D.S., 1989:
Intracranial pressure and compliance during cardiopulmonary bypass in dogs

Levine, D.N., 2008:
Intracranial pressure and ventricular expansion in hydrocephalus: have we been asking the wrong question?

Lee, S.T., 1989:
Intracranial pressure changes during positioning of patients with severe head injury

Cafiero, T.; Mastronardi, P.; Mazzarella, B.; Stella, L.; Bernardo, A., 1998:
Intracranial pressure changes following a bolus dose of mivacurium

Dujovny, M.; Martinez Coll, A.; Ausman, J.I.; Perlin, A.; Stewart, M., 1989:
Intracranial pressure correlation with cytochrome aa3 and hemoglobin redox measured by noninvasive near ir spectrophotometry

Harris, G.D.; Fiordalisi, I.; Yu, C., 1994:
Intracranial pressure during repair of diabetic ketoacidemia in a rabbit model The effect of fluid and electrolyte therapy

D.L.C.lzada, M.D.; Poca, M.A.; Sahuquillo, J.; Busto, M.; Guitart, M.; Mataro, M.; Garcia, M.A., 1998:
Intracranial pressure during sleep nocturnal recording in patients with hydrocephalus

Moskalenko, Yuri; Gaidar, Boris; Kravchenko, Tomara, 1998:
Intracranial pressure fluctuations and skull bone motions

Engelborghs, K.; Verlooy, J.; Van Deuren, B.; Van Reempts, J.; Borgers, M., 1997:
Intracranial pressure in a modified experimental model of closed head injury

Kuchiwaki, H.; Inao, S.; Andoh, K.; Sugita, K.; Sakuma, N.; Takishita, T.; Ogura, Y., 1992:
Intracranial pressure measurement using ultrasound part 1 results from continuous recordings of interference echoes

Kuchiwaki, H.; Inao, S.; Kanaiwa, H.; Sugita, K.; Zhu, H.; Ishii, N.; Sakuma, N.; Takishita, T.; Ogura, Y., 1992:
Intracranial pressure measurement using ultrasound part 2 experimental results from signal processing for determinating pressure levels

Rebuck, J.A.; Murry, K.R.; Rhoney, D.H., 1997:
Intracranial pressure monitor-related infection in adult neurosurgical patients Analysis of risk factors and antibiotic prophylaxis

Williams, M.A.; Hanley, D.F., 1993:
Intracranial pressure monitoring and cerebral resuscitation

Chesnut, R.M.; Marshall, L.F., 1992:
Intracranial pressure monitoring and cerebrospinal fluid drainage

Lehman, L.B., 1990:
Intracranial pressure monitoring and treatment: a contemporary view

Pitts, L.H.; Andrews, B.T., 1992:
Intracranial pressure monitoring and treatment of intracranial hypertension

Barnett, Gene, H., 1993:
Intracranial pressure monitoring devices Principles, insertion, and care

Poppas, D.P.; Peters, C.A.; Bilsky, M.H.; Sosa, R.E., 1994:
Intracranial pressure monitoring during laparoscopic surgery in children with ventriculoperitoneal shunts

Prager, M.C.; Washington, D.E.; Lidofsky, S.D.; Kelley, S.D.; White, J.D., 1993:
Intracranial pressure monitoring during liver transplant without venovenous bypass for fulminant hepatic failure

Potter, D.; Peachey, T.; Eason, J.; Ginsburg, R.; O'Grady, J., 1989:
Intracranial pressure monitoring during orthotopic liver transplantation for acute liver failure

Brown, R.S.Jr; Lombardero, M.; Lake, J.R., 1997:
Intracranial pressure monitoring in fulminant hepatic failure Outcomes and effect of therapy

Adeloye, A.; Kouka, N.; A.S.igh M.R.; Elgohary, A.G.; A.M.nee M.S., 1991:
Intracranial pressure monitoring in head injury its first use in kuwait

Leavitt, M.L.; Loesch, D.V.; Maroon, J.C., 1989:
Intracranial pressure monitoring in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Hickman, K.M.; Mayer, B.L.; Muwaswes, M., 1990:
Intracranial pressure monitoring: review of risk factors associated with infection

Toth, M.A., 1989:
Intracranial pressure monitoring system us patent 4858619 august 22 1989

Kamiryo, T.; Fujii, Y.; Kusaka, M.; Kashiwagi, S.; Ito, H., 1991:
Intracranial pressure monitoring using a programmable pressure valve and a telemetric intracranial pressure sensor in a case of slit ventricle syndrome after multiple shunt revisions

Poca, M.A.; Martínez-Ricarte, F.; Sahuquillo, J.; Lastra, R.; Torné, Rón.; Armengol, M.S., 2008:
Intracranial pressure monitoring with the Neurodur-P epidural sensor: a prospective study in patients with adult hydrocephalus or idiopathic intracranial hypertension

Keays, R.; Alexander, G.; Williams, R., 1989:
Intracranial pressure rises and its association with clinical signs and prognosis in fulminant hepatic failure

Raabe, A.; Schoche, J., 1995:
Intracranial pressure waveform analysis predicts the extent of mass lesion measured by computed tomographic scanning

Gambardella, G.; De Blasi, F.; Caruso, G.; Zema, A.; Turiano, F.; Collufio, D., 1998:
Intracranial pressure, cerebral perfusion pressure, and SPECT in the management of patients with SAH Hunt and Hess grades I-II

Fishbein, M.J.; Awwad, E.E.; Sundaram, M., 1989:
Intracranial protrusion of the glenoid fossa: CT findings

Pineda, C.; Silveira, L.H.; Martinez Lavin, M.; Cantu, C.; Barinagarrementeria, F.; Salgado, P., 1997:
Intracranial pulseless disease A Doppler spectral waveform analysis in Takayasu arteritis

Becker, D.E.; Yingling, C.D., 1998:
Intracranial recording during hypnotic analgesia

Chistyakov, A.V.; Soustiel, J.F.; Hafner, H.; Youssitn, E.; Feinsod, M., 1996:
Intracranial recording of trigeminal evoked potentials from the brainstem and the trigeminal nerve in man

Wieser, H.G., 1992:
Intracranial recording techniques

Toczek, M.T.; Morrell, M.J.; Risinger, M.; Shuer, L., 1996:
Intracranial recordings in patients with mesial frontal lobe epilepsy

Toung, T.J.K.; Kirsch, J.R.; Traystman, R.J., 1995:
Intracranial response to PEER in dogs The effect of hydrostatic gradient

Triginer, C.; Robles, A.; Baguena, M.; Monforte, R.; Sanchez, L.; Garnacho, A., 1995:
Intracranial responses, pressure and oxygenation, to mechanical ventilation with PEEP in head-injured patients

Sollecito, T.P.; Richardson, R.M.; Quinn, P.D.; Cohen, S.G., 1993:
Intracranial schwannoma as atypical facial pain. Case report

Murphy, J.M.; Gatto, G.J.; Dean, R.A.; Bosron, W.F., 1991:
Intracranial self administration icsa of ethylcocaine ec an active metabolite of ethanol and cocaine to the prefrontal cortex in rats

Gatto, G.J.; Murphy, J.M.; Mcbride, W.J.; Lumeng, L.; L.T.K., 1990:
Intracranial self administration of ethanol into the ventral tegmental area of alcohol preferring p rats

Hartley, P.R.; Neill, D.B., 1990:
Intracranial self stimulation on fr15 enhances the behavioral response to low doses of amphetamine sulfate in the rat

Shin, R.; Qin, M.; Liu, Z-Hua.; Ikemoto, S., 2008:
Intracranial self-administration of MDMA into the ventral striatum of the rat: differential roles of the nucleus accumbens shell, core, and olfactory tubercle

Rodd, Z.A.; Mckinzie, D.L.; Dagon, C.L.; Murphy, J.M.; Mcbride, W.J., 1998:
Intracranial self-administration of ethanol into the posterior VTA by wistar rats

Easterling, K.W.; Holtzman, S.G., 1995:
Intracranial self-stimulation Sensitization to an opioid antagonist following chronic agonist pretreatment in rats

Bauco, P.; Wise, R.A., 1993:
Intracranial self-stimulation during repeated morphine treatment and morphine withdrawal A curve-shift analysis

Ruiz-Medina, Jéssica.; Redolar-Ripoll, D.; Morgado-Bernal, I.; Aldavert-Vera, L.; Segura-Torres, P., 2008:
Intracranial self-stimulation improves memory consolidation in rats with little training

Hartley, P.R.; Neill, D.B., 1992:
Intracranial self-stimulation on FR15 produces a behaviorally sensitized response to low doses of cocaine hydrochloride in the rat

Iranzo, A.; Cadafalch, J.; Sambeat, M.A.; Negredo, E.; Ris, J.; Fuster, M.; Ruscalleda, J.; Nolla, J., 1996:
Intracranial sigmoid and lateral-sinuses thrombosis due to a protein deficiency in a patient with AIDS

Kolenda, J.; Carr, M.M.; Lemckert, R.J.; Ummat, S.K., 1997:
Intracranial sinus thrombosis secondary to ear disease in an adolescent

Cardia, E.; Molina, D.; Zaccone, C.; la Rosa, G.; Napoli, P., 1993:
Intracranial solitary-type infantile myofibromatosis

Suh, D.C.; Kim, J.K.; Choi, J.W.; Choi, B.S.; Pyun, H.W.; Choi, Y.J.; Kim, M-H.; Yang, H.R.; Ha, H.I.; Kim, S.J.; Lee, D.H.; Choi, C.G.; Hahm, K.D.; Kim, J.S., 2008:
Intracranial stenting of severe symptomatic intracranial stenosis: results of 100 consecutive patients

Watne, K.; Tvera, K.; Hager, B.; Nornes, H.; Hirschberg, H., 1989 :
Intracranial stereotactic external radiation by linear accelerator

Wispelwey,B.; Peterson,K.M., 2008:
Intracranial suppuration

Selladurai, B.M.; Sivakumaran, S.; Aiyar, S.; Mohamad, A.R., 1993:
Intracranial suppuration caused by Micrococcus luteus

Jungreis, C.A.; Wechsler, L.R.; Horton, J.A., 1989:
Intracranial thrombolysis via a catheter embedded in the clot

Liu, Yulai; H.Y.zhi, 1998:
Intracranial transplantation 30 cases by fetal brain compounding bFGF, NGF

Bergman, H.; Prell, G.D.; Granholm, A.C.arlotte, 1992:
Intracranial transplantation of hypothalamic neurons

Konsuoglu, S.S.; Ozcan, C.; Ozmenoglu, M.; Aydin, N.; Komsuoglu, B., 1994:
Intracranial tuberculoma: clinical and computerized tomographic findings

Colli, B.O.car; AssiratiJodo Alberto, J.; Machado, H.R.bens; Garcia Soares, E.; Figueiredo, J.F.rnando D.C.stro; Chimelli, L., 1994:
Intracranial tuberculoma en plaque Report of two cases

Phuenpathom, N.; Mitarnun, W., 1989:
Intracranial tuberculoma in Thailand: report of a case and review of the literature

Provencio Pulla, M.; de la Fuente, J.; Hernaez, J.M.; Román, F.; Martínez López de Letona, J., 1992:
Intracranial tuberculoma: paradoxical expansion during medical treatment

Puri, V.; Gupta, R.K.; Malhotra, V., 1991:
Intracranial tuberculoma with cutaneous miliary tuberculosis

Kamiya, K.; Yamashita, N.; Nagai, H.; Mizawa, I., 1991:
Intracranial tuberculoma with difficult preoperative diagnosis. Case report

Ejigu, A., 1993:
Intracranial tuberculosis mimicking brain tumour: case report

Masaya-anon, P.; Lorpattanakasem, J., 2008:
Intracranial tumors affecting visual system: 5-year review in Prasat Neurological Institute

Nitta, T., 1994:
Intracranial tumors and T lymphocytes

Colnot, F.; Alexandre, J.L.; Andre, S.; Arnaudo, J.P.; Hesse, J.Y.; Huttin, B.; Jeanmaire, H.; Planque, E., 1993:
Intracranial tumors with psychiatric disorders as the first manifestations

Kamino, K.; Stan, A.C.; Hori, A.; Mohr, U., 1996:
Intracranial tumours in Syrian golden hamsters

Singh, R.; E.S.den, S.; Cohen, S.N.; Grant, E.G.; Ryan, P.; Arashebon, A.; A.S.anaa, M., 1998:
Intracranial vascular assessment in patients with cerebrovascular disease Can non-invasive methods replace conventional angiography?

Fisher, Winfield, S.IIi, 1997:
Intracranial vascular malformations Clinical presentations

Atlas, S.W., 1991:
Intracranial vascular malformations and aneurysms

Fisher, Wink, S.IIi, 1996 :
Intracranial venous occlusive diseases

Andeweg, J., 1989:
Intracranial venous pressures, hydrocephalus and effects of cerebrospinal fluid shunts

Piantanida, E.; Steidl, L.; Marnini, P.; Bossi, P.M.; Nardo, B.; Cattaneo, R., 1997:
Intracranial venous sinus thrombosis in women receiving oral contraceptives

Frey, J.L.; Muro, G.J.; Mcdougall, C.G.; Dean, B.L.; Jahnke, H.K., 1998:
Intracranial venous thrombosis Direct thrombolysis with rt-PA

Halliday, A.L.; Ogilvy, C.S.; Crowell, R.M., 1993:
Intracranial vertebral arteriovenous fistula. Case report

Hosoya, T.; Watanabe, N.; Yamaguchi, K.; Kubota, H.; Onodera, Y., 1994:
Intracranial vertebral artery dissection in Wallenberg syndrome

Muller Kuypers, M.; Graf, K.J.; Pessin, M.S.; Dewitt, L.D.; Caplan, L.R., 1996:
Intracranial vertebral artery occlusive disease The New England Medical Center Posterior Circulation Registry

Mehta, R.R.; Graves, J.M.; Das Gupta, T.K., 1996:
Intracrine 17-beta-OH-SDH activity and secretion of autocrine growth factors and proteolytic enzymes

L.L.angzhao; Jin Shiqin; H.D.qian; Dong Yongsheng, 1998:
Intracrystalline variations in the chemical composition of garnet and biotite from the Jian Group in the Tonghua District, Jilin, China, and their significance as an indicator of metamorphic P-T-t paths

Hirschowitz, B.I.; Lanas, A., 1992:
Intractable and recurrent postsurgical peptic ulceration is due to aspirin asa abuse much of it surreptitious

Harada, Y.; Saitoh, T., 1993:
Intractable and recurrent ulcer Resistance to some H-2-receptor antagonists and recurrence after proton pump inhibitor therapy Report of a case

Inomata, N.; Hoshino, R.; Nishimura, G., 1998:
Intractable apneic spells due to hypoplasia of the atlas in a patient with unclassifiable short-rib dysplasia

Mills, P.R.; Clarke, S.W., 1993:
Intractable asthma and mitral stenosis

Bromfield, E.B.; Carlow, S., 1992:
Intractable but nondisabling parietal lobe epilepsy of unknown cause

Supler, M.L.; Friedman, W.A., 1993:
Intractable cancer pain

Uyama, T.; Sumitomo, M.; Tanida, N.; Sakiyama, S.; Kondo, K.; Monden, Y., 1993:
Intractable chest pain in a patient whose postpneumonectomy space was managed with sulfur hexafluoride

Mathew, N.T.; Kurman, R.; Perez, F., 1989:
Intractable chronic daily headache a persistent neuro bio behavioral disorder

Wahba-Yahav, A.V., 1992:
Intractable chronic furunculosis: prevention of recurrences with pentoxifylline

Dowd, C.F.; Dillon, W.P.; Barbaro, N.M.; Laxer, K.D., 1992:
Intractable complex partial seizure: correlation of magnetic resonance imaging with pathology and electroencephalography

Jackson, G.D.; Duncan, J.S.; Connelly, A.; Shepherd, J.K., 1991:
Intractable complex partial seizures assessed by magnetic resonance imaging and quantitative t 1 and t 2 mapping

Whiting, D.M.; Awad, I.A.; Miles, J.; Chou, S.S.; Lüders, H., 1990:
Intractable complex partial seizures associated with occult temporal lobe encephalocele and meningoangiomatosis: a case report

L.K.S.; Santamore, W.P.; Ferdinand, F.D.; Tulenko, T.N., 1990:
Intractable coronary artery spasm possible pathophysiology

Arai, T.; Inoue, Y.; Hayashi, S.; Akira, M.; Yamamoto, S.; Travis, W.D.; Sakatani, M., 2006:
Intractable desquamative interstitial pneumonia in a tattooed man

Higuchi, R.; Mizukoshi, M.; Koyama, H.; Kitano, N.; Koike, M., 1998:
Intractable diaper dermatitis as an early sign of biotin deficiency

Ferretti, F.; Gambarara, M.; Papadatou, B.; Lucidi, V.; Diamanti, A.; Colombo, A.M.; Bella, S.; Castro, M., 1996:
Intractable diarrhea and small bowel transplant

Ferretti, F.; Bella, S.; Boldrini, R.; Gambarara, M.; Capuano, L.; Papadatou, B.; Bosman, C.; Diamanti, A.; Castro, M., 1998:
Intractable diarrhea caused by intestinal fibrosis

Russo, P.; Jespere, S.; Baehler, P.; D'agata, I.; Seidman, E., 1995:
Intractable diarrhea of early infancy A 20 year review at the Hopital Sainte-Justine

Kumar, N.; Stevenson, J.H., 1990:
Intractable digital neuroma pain; the ultimate solution?

Merle, C.; Blanc, D.; Zultak, M.; van Landuyt, H.; Drobacheff, C.; Laurent, R., 1990:
Intractable epidermolysis bullosa acquisita: efficacy of cyclosporin A

Amir, N.; Joseph, A., 1995:
Intractable epilepsy Evaluation and management

Potolicchio, S.J.Jr; Miles, R., 1989:
Intractable epilepsy and gray matter heterotopias

Awad, I.A.; Larkins, M.; Lueders, H.; Ahl, J.; Hahn, J., 1989:
Intractable epilepsy and vascular malformations of the brain management strategies

Dubeau, F.; Desbiens, R.; Berkovic, S.F.; Andermann, F.; Laxer, K.D.; Olivier, A.; Fabinyi, G.; Barbaro, N.M.; Tampieri, D.; E.A., 1992:
Intractable epilepsy due to cortical dysplasia invisible by mri

Choi, H.Y.ung; Kim, H.I.l; Kim, S.J.n; Chung, K.H., 1996:
Intractable epilepsy following Japanese B encephalitis Imaging, clinical, surgical results in 13 patients

Dubeau, F.; Palmini, A.; Kim, H.I.; Andermann, F.; Oliver, A.; Choi, H.Y., 1995:
Intractable epilepsy following severe viral encephalitis A comprehensive study of 38 patients

Leppik, I.E., 1992:
Intractable epilepsy in adults

Inagaki, M.; Asano, J.; Ando, Y.; Takakura, H., 1989:
Intractable epilepsy in infancy with hyperfolic acidemia, not associated with megaloblastic anemia

Michel, N.C.; Mccabe, P.H.; Mcnew, C.D., 1998:
Intractable epilepsy in mentally handicapped patients Valproic acid and lamotrigine combination improves seizure control and quality of life

Mesa, T.; Kotagal, P.; Wyllie, E.; Bourgeois, B., 1991:
Intractable epilepsy in patients with congenital hemiplegia seizure types eeg and neuroimaging findings

Bruenger, M.; Schneble, H.; Back, E., 1990:
Intractable epilepsy in ring chromosome 20 syndrome a first case of ring chromosome 20 mosaicism in a family

Alvarez, L.A.; Jayakar, P.; Gadia, C.; Duchowny, M.; Resnick, T., 1990:
Intractable focal seizures in childhood histopathological analysis

Ashida, K.; Sakaguchi, M.; Osaka, N.; Tanaka, M.; Ohshiba, S., 1993:
Intractable gastric ulcer Report of a case

Saito, Yusuke, 1993:
Intractable gastric ulcer Report of a case with special reference to regional factors

Yeung, E.Y.; MacPhadyen, N.; Ho, C.S., 1992:
Intractable gastroparesis: treatment with percutaneous fluoroscopically guided gastrostomies

Watanabe, M.; Fujiwara, T.; Terauchi, N.; Yagi, K.; Seino, M.; Higashi, T., 1989:
Intractable grand mal epilepsy developed in the first year of life

Kunachak, S., 1992:
Intractable granular myringitis: possible etiology and management

Gordon, Harry, 1992:
Intractable gynaecological pain New management strategies Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, 1 April 1992

Kelleher, A.D.; Brew, B.J.; Milliken, S.T., 1994:
Intractable headache as the presenting complaint of AIDS-related lymphoma confined to bone

Takahashi, T.; Miyazawa, I.; Misu, T.; Takano, R.; Nakashima, I.; Fujihara, K.; Tobita, M.; Itoyama, Y., 2008:
Intractable hiccup and nausea in neuromyelitis optica with anti-aquaporin-4 antibody: a herald of acute exacerbations

Chang, Y.Y.; Chen, W.H.; Liu, J.S.; Shih, P.Y.; Chen, S.S., 1993:
Intractable hiccup caused by medulla oblongata lesions

Johnson, D.L., 1993:
Intractable hiccups: treatment by microvascular decompression of the vagus nerve. Case Report

Abely, M.; Hankard, G.F.; Hugot, J.P.; Cezard, J.P.; Peuchmaur, M.; Navarro, J., 1998:
Intractable infant diarrhea with epithelial dysplasia associated with polymalformation

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