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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 32298

Chapter 32298 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

James, A.F.; Okada, Y., 1991:
Membrane potential and intracellular calcium regulate the maxi potassium channel from rabbit oviduct epithelial cells

Dean, J.; Southard, T.; Ritucci, N.; Putnam, R., 1998:
Membrane potential and intracellular pH responses to hypercapnic acidosis in chemosensitive areas of the CNS

Kabakov, A.Y.; Radkevich, L.A., 1996:
Membrane potential and mechanical properties of rat hepatocytes during toxic hepatitis

Temple, C.S.; Bailey, P.D.; Bronk, J.R.; Boyd, C.A.R., 1996:
Membrane potential and pH dependence of neutral and charged dipeptide transport across rat renal cortex basolateral membrane vesicles

Rorsman, P.; Ammala, C.; Bokvist, K.; Larsson, O., 1991:
Membrane potential and potassium ion current oscillations evoked by ip 3 induced calcium release in mouse beta cells

Yoda, A.; Yoda, S., 1989:
Membrane potential and pump activity in the reconstituted sodium potassium atpase proteoliposomes

Budd, K., 1989:
Membrane potential and zinc transport in neocosmospora vasinfecta

Ishida, M.; Utsumi, K.; Shigenaka, Y., 1989:
Membrane potential change in blepharisma monitored by using tpp electrode

Nakagawa, T.; Oghalai, J.S.; Saeki, M.; Saggau, P.; Brownell, W.E., 1997:
Membrane potential change in outer hair cells of guinea pig cochlea

Demaurex, N.; Banfi, B.; Schrenzel, J.; Lew, D.P.; Krause, K.H.inze, 1998:
Membrane potential changes during activation of the NADPH oxidase

Hayashi, H.; Nishiyama, A., 1990:
Membrane potential changes evoked by alpha adrenergic agonist in mouse parotid acinar cells

Petriv, I.Yu, 1990:
Membrane potential changes in a plant cell induced by low intensity mm microwave

Camodeca, N.; Jacob, T.J.C., 1996:
Membrane potential changes in isolated bovine pigmented ciliary epithelial cells in response to hypotonic shock

Cowan, A.I.; Martin, R.L.; Redman, S.L., 1992:
Membrane potential changes induced by anoxia in rat dorsal vagal motoneurones are influenced by intracellular pH

Davis, C.E.; Kao, W.Y.; Beach, J.M., 1997:
Membrane potential changes measured from emission spectral shifts of di-8-ANEPPS using whole-cell patch-clamp

Grélot, L.; Milano, S.; Portillo, F.; Miller, A.D.; Bianchi, A.L., 1992:
Membrane potential changes of phrenic motoneurons during fictive vomiting, coughing, and swallowing in the decerebrate cat

Pike, S.M.; Hoyos, M.E.; Novacky, A.J., 1998:
Membrane potential changes predict outcome of plant response to elicitor and pathogen

Knot, H.J.; Rubart, M.; Nelson, M.T., 1995 :
Membrane potential dependence of cerebral arterial diameter reflects activation of voltage-dependent calcium channels

Klippel, K.M.; Kwok, W.M.; Bosnjak, Z.J., 1998:
Membrane potential dependent effect of sevoflurane on the cardiac sodium channel

Talo, A.; Spurgeon, H.A.; Lakatta, E.G., 1989:
Membrane potential determines cause effect relationship of spontaneous depolarizations and cytosolic calcium oscillations

Berry, R.L.; Sarvey, J.M., 1994:
Membrane potential effects on long-term potentiation in dentate gyrus granule cells

Katoh, T.; Iwamoto, M.; Nakaoka, Y., 1997:
Membrane potential fluctuation and cytoplasmic streaming in Paramecium

Loew, L.M., 1991:
Membrane potential imaging

Oka, K.; Suzuki, K.; Inaba, T.; Ogawa, H.; Tanishita, K., 1997:
Membrane potential imaging in earthworm ventral nerve cord induced by electrical or tactile stimulation

Loew, L.M.; Farkas, D.L.; Wei M D., 1990:
Membrane potential imaging ratios templates and quantitative confocal microscopy

Shuba, Y.P., 1990:
Membrane potential in cells of induced neopl rhabdo myo sarcoma of mice and rats apricot d oil carcino di methyl benz anthracene carcino

Brown, E.R.; Abbott, N.J., 1992:
Membrane potential in squid schwann cells stable impalements in the split open giant axon preparation of loligo

Benuck, M.; Reith, M.E.A.; Lajtha, A., 1989:
Membrane potential ion gradients and intracellular calcium in synaptoneurosomes

Lin, H.; Mccabe, R.; Young, D.B., 1991:
Membrane potential is depolarized during potassium induced vasodilation in dog renal arcuate arteries

Gailis, L.; Jobin, G.; Levesque, B., 1991:
Membrane potential may increase binding rather than uptake of doxorubicin by sarcoplasmic reticulum vesicles

Sunose, H.; Ikeda, K.; Nishiyama, A.; Saito, Y.; Takasaka, T., 1991:
Membrane potential measurement in isolated guinea pig outer hair cells

Meissner, H.P., 1990:
Membrane potential measurements in pancreatic beta cells with intracellular microelectrodes

Loutzenhiser, R.; Chilton, L., 1996:
Membrane potential measurements in renal afferent and efferent arterioles of the perfused hydronephrotic rat kidney

Portlock, S.H.; Cherry, R.J., 1990:
Membrane potential measurements of the effect of melittin on lipid vesicles, erythrocytes and resealed ghosts

Miles, T.S.; Turker, K.S.; Nordstrom, M.A.; Seguin, J.J., 1989:
Membrane potential noise in tonically contracting motor neurons in humans

Burczynski, F.J.; Wang, G.Q.; Zhang, M.N.; Pavletic, P.; Kaita, K.; Minuk, G.Y.; Rosser, B., 1995:
Membrane potential of hepatocytes in intact and those isolated from normal and cirrhotic animals

Vogel, G.L.; Chow, L.C., 1989 :
Membrane potential of human dental enamel

Tanabe, K.; Izumo, A., 1989:
Membrane potential of plasmodium yoelii a rodent malaria parasite

Psarropoulou, C.; Avoli, M., 1994:
Membrane potential oscillations in immature rat hippocampal CA3 neurons in vitro

Prime, L.; Pichon, Y.; Moore, L.E., 1998:
Membrane potential oscillations in semi-isolated spinal neurones of Xenopus embryos

Marchi, S.; Szabo, B.; Lazzara, R., 1989:
Membrane potential oscillations induced by small inward currents in isolated canine cardiac myocytes

Takakusaki, K.; Ohta, Y.; Mori, S., 1991:
Membrane potential oscillations of hindlimb alpha motoneurons associated with alternating hindlimb loading in reflexively standing cats

Baranauskas, G.; Nistri, A., 1995:
Membrane potential oscillations of rat motoneurones evoked by dorsal root stimulation

Amitai, Y., 1993:
Membrane potential oscillations underlying firing patterns in neocortical neurons

Cohen, M.I.; See, W.R.; Huang, W.X.; Yu, Q.P., 1994:
Membrane potential patterns of medullary inspiratory and expiratory neurons Relation to respiratory phase timing

Florman, H.M.; Corron, M.E.; Kim, T.; Babcock, D.F., 1991:
Membrane potential regulated calcium channels of mammalian sperm and their participation in zona pellucida promoted acrosomal exocytosis

Okada, Yuji; Yanagisawa, Teruyuki; Taira, Norio, 1995:
Membrane potential regulates the Ca-2+ sensitivity of contractile elements in coronary arterial smooth muscle

Tominaga, T.; Naitoh, Y., 1990:
Membrane potential response to a localized thermal stimulus in relation to culture temperature in paramecium

Oami, K.; Naitoh, Y., 1990:
Membrane potential responses controlling the chemotactic behaviors to quinine in the ciliate paramecium caudatum

Oami, K., 1995:
Membrane potential responses of Paramecium caudatum to the external application of bitter substances

Walton, M.K.; Schaffner, A.E.; Barker, J.L., 1989:
Membrane potential responses of embryonic rat spinal cord cells analyzed with digital imaging microscopy

Ojima, H.; Murakami, K.; Sakai, M.; Kishi, K., 1998:
Membrane potential responses of supragranular pyramidal neurons to sound stimuli in cat primary auditory cortex

Oami, K.; Takahashi, M., 1998:
Membrane potential responses to K+ stimulation and membrane electric characteristics of the K+-agitated mutant of Paramecium caudatum

Haji, A.; Takeda, R.; Furuichi, S., 1990:
Membrane potential responses to carbon dioxide and cholinergic drugs of bulbar respiratory neurons in cats

Vanheel, B.; Van, D.V.orde, J., 1995:
Membrane potential responses to endothelium-dependent and -independent vasodilators in rat aorta and mesenteric arteries

Crist, J.R.; H.X.D., 1990 :
Membrane potential responses to intramural nerve stimulation in ileum circular muscle

Ito, S.; Horikawa, J.; Hosokawa, Y.; Homma, T., 1991:
Membrane potential responses to tone burst stimulation in rat inferior collicular neurones

Nau, C.; Strichartz, G.R., 1998:
Membrane potential reverses stereoselectivity of bupivacaine enantiomers to block sodium currents in rat GH3 cells

Haji, A.; Takeda, R.; Pierrefiche, O.; Foutz, A.; Champagnat, J.; Denavitsauble, M., 1992:
Membrane potential trajectories of bulbar respiratory neurons during apneustic breathing induced by NMDA receptor antagonists

Liao, G.S.; Kubin, L.; Galante, R.; Pack, A.I.; Fishman, A.P., 1993:
Membrane potential trajectories of respiratory neurons in the VIIth nucleus studied in vitro at intermediate stages of development in tadpoles

Nowak, L.G.; Sanchez Vives, M.V.; Mccormick, D.A., 1997:
Membrane potential trajectory preceding visually evoked action potentials in cats visual cortex

Bullen, A.; Saggau, P., 1995:
Membrane potential transients in small dendrites of hippocampal neurons measured by high-speed laser scanning microscopy

Jaimovich, E.; Carrasco, M.A.; Reyes, R.; Tascon, S.; Caviedes, R., 1991:
Membrane potential triggers polyphosphoinositide changes in a human skeletal muscle cell line

Martens, J.R.; Gelband, C.H., 1996:
Membrane potential, potassium and calcium channels of the rat interlobar artery are altered in the DOCA model of hypertension

Otsu, T.; Mogami, Y.; Baba, S.A., 1997:
Membrane potential-dependence of swimming behavior of Paramecium caudatum

Bandell, M.; Ansanay, V.; Rachidi, N.; Dequin, S.; Lolkema, J.S., 1997:
Membrane potential-generating malate and citrate transporters of lactic acid bacteria are homologous proteins Substrate specificity of the 2-hydroxycarboxylate transporter family

Zatsepina, G.N.; Vengrus, T.V.; Goryunov, N.N., 1994:
Membrane potentials and the adaptational powers of lymphocytes and erythrocytes in different states of the vital activity of the mammal

Kimmich, G.A., 1990:
Membrane potentials and the mechanism of intestinal sodium dependent sugar transport

Hodson, S.; Wigham, C., 1990:
Membrane potentials of rabbit cornea endothelial cells in vitro

Benson, L.M.; Tomlinson, A.J.; Mayeno, A.N.; Gleich, G.J.; Wells, D.; Naylor, S., 1996:
Membrane preconcentration-capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry analysis of 3-phenylamino-1,2-propanediol metabolites

Smith, B.D.; Riggs, J.A., 1998:
Membrane process for separating carbohydrates

Groysman, N.; Orynbayeva, Z.; Katz, M.; Kolusheva, S.; Khanin, M.; Danilenko, M.; Jelinek, R., 2008:
Membrane processes and biophysical characterization of living cells decorated with chromatic polydiacetylene vesicles

Kragl, U.; Fey, S.; Dudziak, G.; Rissom, S.; Liese, A., 1998:
Membrane processes for production and isolation of fine chemicals

Liberatore, F.; Jones, R.R., 1994:
Membrane processes for retort water recovery in the food industry

Chmiel, H.; Clemens, W.; Mavrov, V., 1994:
Membrane processes for the treatment of waste water in food industry

Ulberg, Z., 1997:
Membrane processes in the resistance of microorganisms to heavy metals

Hofmann, K.P., 1994:
Membrane processes of visual signal transduction

Taylor, G.; Grant, I.; Ison, A.; Hoare, M., 1992:
Membrane processing of concentrated biological suspensions

Bigiani, A.; Kim, D.J.; Roper, S.D., 1996:
Membrane properties and cell ultrastructure of taste receptor cells in Necturus lingual slices

Forman, R.; Sombati, S.; Lee, R.; Delorenzo, R., 1989:
Membrane properties and connectivity of hermissenda neurons in culture

Cuevas, J.; Harper, A.A.; Adams, D.J., 1993:
Membrane properties and discharge characteristics of rat intracardiac neurones in vitro The effect of temperature

Ogura, T.; Obara, S., 1991:
Membrane properties and gaba responses of the cultured trigeminal ganglion cells of the marine catfish plotosus

Sugita, S.; Tanaka, E.; North, R.A.; Nishi, S.; Shigemori, M., 1993:
Membrane properties and morphological features of neurons in rat lateral amygdala

Lo, F.S.; Guido, W.; Erzurumlu, R.S., 1998:
Membrane properties and synaptic circuitry of the rat trigeminal principal sensory nucleus

Morin, F.; Beaulieu, C.; Lacaille, J.C., 1996:
Membrane properties and synaptic currents evoked in CA1 interneuron subtypes in rat hippocampal slices

Williams, S.; Samulack, D.D.; Beaulieu, C.; LaCaille, J.C., 1994:
Membrane properties and synaptic responses of interneurons located near the stratum lacunosum-moleculare/radiatum border of area CA1 in whole-cell recordings from rat hippocampal slices

Guido, W.; Lo, F.S., 1995:
Membrane properties and synaptic responses of mature, immature, and visually-deprived LGN cells

Uchimura, N.; Higashi, H.; Nishi, S., 1989:
Membrane properties and synaptic responses of the guinea pig nucleus accumbens neurons in vitro

Zidovetzki, Raphael, 1997:
Membrane properties and the activation of protein kinase C and phospholipase A-2

Delay, R.J.; Kinnamon, S.C.; Roper, S.D., 1992:
Membrane properties and transmitter sensitivity of Merkel-like basal cells and taste cells in Necturus taste buds

Rosso, D.; Libra, J.A.; Wiehe, W.; Stenstrom, M.K., 2008:
Membrane properties change in fine-pore aeration diffusers: full-scale variations of transfer efficiency and headloss

Verma Ahuja, S.; Evans, M.S.even; Pencek, T.L., 1994:
Membrane properties of CA-3 hippocampal region in the genetically epilepsy prone rats

Marsh, D.; Swamy, M.J.; Schorn, K., 1998:
Membrane properties of N-biotinyl and N-acyl phosphatidylethanolamines and of diacylglycerols

Lim P O.; Sears, B.B.; Klomparens, K.L., 1990:
Membrane properties of a plant pathogenic mycoplasma like organism

Gallego, R.; Morales, A.; Belmonte, C., 1990:
Membrane properties of cat carotid neurons after peripheral regeneration

Huang, R.O.; Dean, J.B., 1996:
Membrane properties of chemosensitive neurons in the solitary complex in young rats

Taddese, A.; Bean, B.P., 1998:
Membrane properties of dissociated tuberomammillary nucleus neurons

Nakanishi, H.; Kita, H., 1989:
Membrane properties of entopeduncular ep neurons and their responses to subthalamic sth stimulation in rat brain slice preparation

Shino, M.; Ozawa, S.; Furuya, N.; Saito, Y., 2008:
Membrane properties of excitatory and inhibitory neurons in the rat prepositus hypoglossi nucleus

Kleene, S.; Pun, R.; Gesteland, R., 1990:
Membrane properties of frog olfactory receptor neurons

Rusznak, Z.; Forsythe, I.D.; Stanfield, P.R., 1995:
Membrane properties of granule cells of the rat ventral cochlear nucleus in a thin slice preparation

Tanaka, E.; Higashi, H.; Nishi, S., 1991:
Membrane properties of guinea pig cingulate cortical neurons in vitro

Chung, S.; Kontur, P.J.; Kaczmarek, L.L.; Robbins, R.; Bunney, B.S., 1992:
Membrane properties of human fetal brainstem neurons in vitro

Lacaille J C.; Williams, S., 1989:
Membrane properties of interneurons in stratum oriens alveus of the ca1 region of rat hippocampus

Lacaille, J.C.; Williams, S.; Samulack, D.D.; Beaulieu, C., 1993:
Membrane properties of interneurons of stratum lacunosum-moleculare in whole cell recordings from rat hippocampal slices

Laurent, G., 1990:
Membrane properties of locust nonspiking local interneurons

Simonneau, M.; Tamponnet, C.; Boisseau, S.; Lirsac P N.; Barbotin J N.; Lievremont, M.; Poujeol, C., 1990:
Membrane properties of mammalian neurons immobilized in calcium alginate beads

Kamondi, A.; Williams, J.A.; Hutcheon, B.; Reiner, P.B., 1992:
Membrane properties of mesopontine cholinergic neurons studied with the whole-cell patch-clamp technique: implications for behavioral state control

Dugan, L.; Anderson, D.; Means, E.; Horricks, L., 1991:
Membrane properties of neural cell cultures response to injury and steroid therapy

Yagi, T.; Macleish, P.R., 1991:
Membrane properties of primate cone inner segments

Mattia, D.; Hwa, G.G.; Avoli, M., 1993:
Membrane properties of rat subicular neurons in vitro

Yoshimura, M.; Jessell, T.M., 1989:
Membrane properties of rat substantia gelatinosa neurons in vitro

Leinders Zufall, T.; Kafitz, W.K.; Greer, C.A., 1997:
Membrane properties of salamander olfactory receptor neurons after olfactory nerve transection

Mirnics, K.; Glickstein, S.B.; Koerber, H.R., 1993:
Membrane properties of single primary afferents and their projections in the embryonic rat spinal cord

Correia, M.J.; Lang, D.G.; Fuchs, P.A., 1991:
Membrane properties of solitary tall cochlear hair cells isolated from the adult pigeon

Gokin, A.P.; Forehand, C.J., 1994:
Membrane properties of sympathetic ganglion cells in genetically hypertensive or hyperactive rats

Pressler, M.L., 1990:
Membrane properties of the cardiac conduction system comparative aspects

Nose, K.; Miyahara, S.; Wakisaka, S.; Kannan, H., 1998:
Membrane properties of the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus neurons projecting to the spinal cord in the rat

Koyano, K.; Funabiki, K., 1994:
Membrane properties of the neuron in avian cochlear nucleus, n magnocellularis

Derambure, P.; Boulant, J.A., 1996:
Membrane properties of the neurons in the hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nucleus and preoptic area Effects of temperature

Koyano, K.; Funabiki, K., 1993:
Membrane properties of the neurons of the chick auditory nucleus Nucleus magnocellularis

Muratani, H.; Katafuchi, T.; Hori, T., 1991:
Membrane properties of thermosensitive neurons in the rat dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus

Lepple Wienhues, A.; Stahl, F.; Wunderling, D.; Willner, U.; Schneider, U.; Wiederholt, M., 1991:
Membrane properties of trabecular meshwork endothelial cells action of barium and endothelin

Wangemann, P.; Marcus, D., 1989:
Membrane properties of transitional cells of the gerbil ampulla potassium conductance sodium proton exchanger sodium potassium atpase

Lang, D.G.; Correia, M.J., 1990:
Membrane properties of type i semicircular canal hair cells isolated from the adult pigeon

Kita, H., 1994:
Membrane properties responsible for the firing increase of neostriatal cells after dopamine denervation

Boesze Battaglia, K., 1994:
Membrane properties that influence bovine retinal ROS membrane fusion

Wu, Y.; Taylor, B.M.; Sun, F.F., 1994:
Membrane property changes during energy depletion induced cell injury Studied with fluorescence microscopy

Chen, W.T., 1992:
Membrane proteases: roles in tissue remodeling and tumour invasion

Kodali, S.; S.J.hn, A.C., 1993:
Membrane proteases modulate the rate of killing of Escherichia coli by streptomycin

Liebler, D.C., 1989:
Membrane protection by lipid soluble antioxidants reactions of alpha tocopherol and beta carotene with free radicals

Hoekstra, Folkert, A., 1993:
Membrane protection in desiccation-tolerant organs of higher plants

Kokarev, A.N., 1992:
Membrane protective effect of verapamil used in angina pectoris

Ricard, M.P.; Gilsanz, F., 1996:
Membrane protein abnormalities in 62 Spanish cases of hereditary spherocytosis

Whitley, P.; Sääf, A.; Gafvelin, G.; Johansson, M.; Wallin, E.; von Heijne, G., 1995:
Membrane protein anchors and polytopic determinants

Kerjaschki, Dontscho, 1997:
Membrane protein antigens and other molecules on glomerular cells

Von Heijne, Gunnar, 1994:
Membrane protein assembly Can protein-lipid interactions explain the positive inside rule?

Manoil, C.; Traxler, B., 1995:
Membrane protein assembly Genetic, evolution and medical perspectives

von Heijne, G., 1995:
Membrane protein assembly: rules of the game

Mallet, W.G.; Brodsky, F.M., 1994:
Membrane protein binding to the clathrin coat protein AP1

Renauld, H., 1997:
Membrane protein biosynthesis - all sewn up?

Krishnamachary, N.; Center, M.S., 1992:
Membrane protein changes in multidrug resistant hl60 cells

Guzman, L.M.ria; Barondess, J.; Carson, M.; Beckwith, J., 1993:
Membrane protein components of the Escherichia coli cell division apparatus

Jiang, X.; Cao, Z.; Foster, S.B.; Feix, J.B.; Newton, S.M.C.; Klebba, P.E., 1997:
Membrane protein conformational dynamics in vivo, during ligand transport through the ferric enterobactin receptor, FepA

Storms, S.D.; Murray, B.A., 1993:
Membrane protein fractions from embryonic chicken brain that support N-CAM-mediated adhesion to solid substrata

Lala, A.K.; Kaul, P., 1991:
Membrane protein interaction and molten globule state

Popot J L.; Engelman, D.M., 1990:
Membrane protein models possibilities and probabilities

Kucik, D.F.; Elson, E.L.; Sheetz, M.P., 1989:
Membrane protein movements on locomoting cells

Bialek, R.; Willemer, S.; Adler, G., 1989:
Membrane protein pattern of pancreatic subcellular fractions in cerulein induced pancreatitis in the rat

Ramsden, J.; Hucho, F.; Vogel, H., 1992:
Membrane protein receptors in supported lipid bilayers as biosensors

Eaton, B.A.; Haugwitz, M.; Lau, D.; Moore, H.P.ng H., 1998:
Membrane protein sorting during secretory granule biogenesis in AtT-20 cells

Kelly, R.B.; Clift O'grady L.; Lowe, A.; Linstedt, A.; Grote, E., 1990:
Membrane protein sorting in endocrine cells

Shiel, M.J.; Caplan, M.J., 1993:
Membrane protein sorting is developmentally regulated in the Drosophila embryo

Walz, T.; Muller, D.J.; Henn, C.; Fotiadis, D.; Engel, A., 1996:
Membrane protein structure and function probed in situ with electron and atomic force microscopes

Marassi, F.M.; Almeida, F.C.L.; Ramamoorthy, A.; Kim, Y.; Zasloff, M.; Schendel, S.L.; Carmer, W.A.; Opella, S.J., 1996:
Membrane protein structure and topology by NMR spectroscopy

Henderson, R., 1995:
Membrane protein structure by electron microscopy

Garavito, 1998:
Membrane protein structures: the known world expands

Wang, J.; Huang, X.; Caffrey, M., 1993:
Membrane protein topology A preliminary X-ray standing wave study of cytochrome c

Vanhoefer, U.; Muller, M.R., 1998:
Membrane protein-associated mechanisms of drug resistance

Grider, Arthur, 1993:
Membrane proteins affected by zinc deficiency in normal and acrodermatitis enteropathica fibroblasts

Mallet, W.G.; Brodsky, F.M., 1995:
Membrane proteins binding to the clathrin coat protein AP1

Kerbacher, J.J.; Kelley, J.L., 1990:
Membrane proteins immobilized on sepharose 4b a method for studying membrane receptor lipoprotein interactions

Rotoli, B.; Bessler, M.; Alfinito, F.; del Vecchio, L., 1993:
Membrane proteins in paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria

Carlos, T.M.; Harlan, J.M., 1990:
Membrane proteins involved in phagocyte adherence to endothelium

Hurtley, S.M., 1993:
Membrane proteins involved in targetted membrane fusion

Tsuji, T.; Kimura, J., 1992:
Membrane proteins of cerebral microvessels in alzheimers disease analysis with higly resolving two dimensional gel electrophoresis

Khrushchov, N.G.; Pitayevskii, V.L.; Michurina, T.V., 1991:
Membrane proteins of hemopoietic cells of vertebrate animals comparative analysis of electrophoretic patterns

Cheredeev, A.N.; Koval'chuk, L.V., 1995:
Membrane proteins of mononuclear phagocytes in cell-cell interactions

Kruip, J.; Bald, D.; Claes, I.; Boekema, E.; Roegner, M., 1993:
Membrane proteins of photosynthesis

Bourassa, S.; Frenette, M.; Vadeboncoeur, C., 1990:
Membrane proteins of the phosphoenolpyruvate sugar phosphotransferase system of streptococcus salivarius studies using mutants lacking mannose phosphotransferase activity

Fuhrman, S.A.; Furtado, G.C.; Kleinman, H.K.; Joiner, K.A., 1989:
Membrane proteins of toxoplasma gondii are linked to the cytoskeleton and interact with the extracellular matrix

Johnson, K.; Gardel, C.; Jacq, A.; Schatz, P.J.; Beckwith, J., 1990:
Membrane proteins required for secretion in escherichia coli

Silverstein, T.; Braby, L., 1990:
Membrane proteins sensitize sonicated lipid vesicles to radiation damage

Bowie, J.U.; Lau, F.W.; Zhou, Y.; Wen, J.; Chen, C., 1997:
Membrane proteins take a licking and keep on ticking

Morgan, B.P.; Meri, S., 1994:
Membrane proteins that protect against complement lysis

Petro, A.E.; Rivers, A.M.; Anholt, R.R.H., 1989:
Membrane proteins unique to olfactory cilia identified by monoclonal antibodies

Yu, W.H.uan; Chu, A.J.; Yu, S.S.; Woessner, J.F.ederick, J., 1998:
Membrane proteoglycan is a docking molecule for matrix metalloprotease-7

Kelly, T.; Chu F F.; Yeh, Y.; Chen W T., 1990:
Membrane protrusions of transformed cells that degrade the extracellular matrix

Singleton, R.R., 1989:
Membrane puncturing aspirator with drainage shield us patent 4807625 february 28 1989

Ishikawa, H., 1989:
Membrane reactors for enzyme reactions

Melikyan, G.B.; Chernomordik, L.V., 1997:
Membrane rearrangements in fusion mediated by viral proteins

Krupenko, S.; Avvakumov, G., 1993:
Membrane receptor interacts with transcortin via transcortin carbohydrates

Sugiya, Hiroshi, 1992:
Membrane receptor regulation in inositol polyphosphate metabolism Desensitization of substance P response

Mangoura, D.; Wang, D.; Leung, S.; Pelletiere, C., 1996:
Membrane receptor signaling regulates cytoskeleton and phenotypes in embryonic glia

Sher, E.; Chini, B.; Tarroni, P.; Rubboli, F.; Codignola, A.; Clementi, F., 1991:
Membrane receptors and ion channels in human small cell lung carcinoma

Nemere, I., 1994:
Membrane receptors for 1,25 -2D-3 and 24,25 -2D-3 act through different signal transduction pathways as deduced by effects on intestinal phosphate transport

Wehling, M.; Eisen, C.; Christ, M., 1993:
Membrane receptors for aldosterone A new concept of nongenomic mineralocorticoid action

Wehling, M.; Christ, M.; Theisen, K., 1992:
Membrane receptors for aldosterone a new pathway for cardiovascular effects of steroids

Christensen, E.I.; Birn, H.; Verroust, P.; Moestrup, S.K., 1998:
Membrane receptors for endocytosis in the renal proximal tubule

Lotteau, Vincent, 1993:
Membrane receptors implicated in vesicle targeting and fusion

Madej, J.A., 1991:
Membrane receptors of normal and leukotic lymphocytes

Glaeser, C.; Handschug, K.; Ludvik, S.; Schell, U.; Hehr, A., 1994:
Membrane receptors of the lipid metabolism Semiquantitative measurement of the low density lipoprotein receptor related protein in man

Jeon, Kwang, W., 1993:
Membrane recycling and turnover in large, free-living Amoebae

Macintosh, S.; Meinertzhagen, I.A., 1995:
Membrane recycling at photoreceptor synapses of the temperature-sensitive Drosophila mutant shibire-ts1

Seveau, S.; Keller, H.; Halbwachs Mecarelli, L., 1998:
Membrane redistribution of the antiadhesive molecule CD43 is correlated with neutrophil polarization and locomotion

Kazarov, A.R.; Rosenkranz, A.A.; Sobolev, A.S., 1989:
Membrane regulation of hormonal activation of adenylate cyclase in rat reticulocyte

Morgan, B.Paul, 1993:
Membrane regulators of complement

Endo, Morihito, 1997:
Membrane regulators of complement activation

Valdman, A.V.; Avdulov, N.D.; Shelehov, S.L., 1990:
Membrane related effects of antidepressant drugs on synaptosomal membranes of intact rats and animals with modeled behavior depression

Mia, A.J.; Robinson, C.; Bolden, A.; Davidson, A.D.; Oakford, L.X.; Yorio, T., 1993:
Membrane remodeling by endocytosis in toad urinary bladders under sustained osmotic gradient

Johnstone, R.M.; Teng, K., 1989:
Membrane remodelling during reticulocyte maturation

Gonzalez Serratos, H.; Rozycka, M.; Ortega, A., 1995 :
Membrane resealing and restoration of contractility after mechanical injury in frog skeletal muscle

Groulx, N.; Boudreault, F.; Orlov, S.N.; Grygorczyk, R., 2007:
Membrane reserves and hypotonic cell swelling

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