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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 32352

Chapter 32352 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Millennium Development Goals - what is tourisms place?
, Tourism Economics: 2, 427-430. Ef (2008)

Miller Fisher syndrome associated with Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection: report of a case
, Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery 96(1): 96-99 (1994)

Miller Fisher syndrome in a patient with HIV infection
, Aids 11(4): 550-551 (1997)

Miller Fisher-Guillain-Barre overlap syndrome with brainstem pathological MRI findings
, Journal of the Neurological Sciences 150(Suppl. ): S177 (1997)

Miller acrofacial dysostosis syndrome Follow up data of a family and confirmation of autosomal recessive inheritance
, Genetic Counseling 4(1): 75 (1993)

Miller dieker lissencephaly syndrome molecular studies of a contiguous gene deletion syndrome
, Cytometry (Suppl. 4): 12 (1990)

Miller Fisher syndrome in systemic lupus erythematosus
, Journal of Rheumatology 17(11): 1520-1522 (1990)

Miller fisher syndrome of ophthalmoplegia ataxia and areflexia treatment by plasma exchange
, Semaine des Hopitaux 67(14): 470-472 (1991)

Miller fishers syndrome 5 cases
, Nervenarzt 63(4): 223-227 (1992)

Miller postaxial acrofacial dysostosis syndrome. Follow-up data of a family and confirmation of autosomal recessive inheritance
, Clinical Genetics 43(5): 270 (1993)

Miller postaxial acrofacial dysostosis. The phenotypic changes with age
, Genetic Counseling 4(2): 131-133 (1993)

Miller-Dieker and Norman-Roberts syndromes FISH investigation in two distinct entities with lissencephaly type I
, American Journal of Human Genetics 57(4 Suppl. ): A310 (1995)

Miller-Dieker lissencephaly, a genetic defect in platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase
, Journal of Neurochemistry 69(Suppl. ): S54 (1997)

Miller-Dieker syndrome Report of a case
, Teratology 50(6): 25B (1994)

Miller-Dieker syndrome associated with duplication of 17p133 confirmed by fluorescence in situ hybridization
, American Journal of Human Genetics 55(3 Suppl. ): A109 (1994)

Millerocaulis Erasmus ex Tidwell Osmundales, Filices de la Formacion Carrizal Triasico Superior de Marayes, Provincia de San Juan, Argentina
, Revista del Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales Nueva Serie 8(2): 185-193 (2006)

Millet hulling using hulling machines with rubber-coated surfaces
, Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii Pishchevaya Tekhnologiya 0(5-6): 39-41 (1992)

Millet root elongation in toxicological studies of heavy metals a mathematical model
, Wang, W , J W Gorsuch And W R Lower (Ed ) Astm (American Society For Testing And Materials) Special Technical Publication, 1091 Plants For Toxicity Assessment; Symposium on Use Of Plants For Toxicity Assessment, Atlanta, Georgia, Usa, April 19-20, 1989 Vii+363p American Society For Testing And Materials: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Usa Illus 280-294 (1990)

Millets across Eurasia chronology and context of early records of the genera Panicum and Setaria from archaeological sites in the Old World
, Vegetation History And Archaeobotany: Suppl (2008)

Milliamperage requirements for supramaximal stimulation of the ulnar nerve in children
, Anesthesia and Analgesia 80(2 Suppl. ): S298 (1995)

Milliequivalent units rationale and applications in pharmacy
, Journal of Pharmacy Technology 7(4): 145-153 (1991)

Milligram of acetylsalicylic acid daily inhibits platelet thromboxane a 2 production
, Thrombosis Research: 681-688 (1984)

Milligram quantity preparation of RNA from a marine invertebrate with a high fluid content
, Biotechniques 21(6): 1024-1026 (1996)

Milligram scale separation of optical isomers of 2 pentafluoroethylalanine and 2 trifluoromethylalanine by medium performance reversed phase chromatography
, Journal of Chromatography 469: 434-439 (1989)

Millimeter polytetrafluoroethylene gore tex as a microvascular prosthesis technique and early patency
, Australian and New Zealand Journal Of Surgery: 469-476 (1984)

Millimeter range electromagnetic waves in the treatment of cardiovascular patients
, Vrachebnoe Delo (10): 90-92 (1991)

Millimeter waves in vivo increase immune activity of mice treated with cyclophosphamide
, FASEB Journal 11(3): A451 (1997)

Millimeter waves suppress experimental local pruritus in mice
, FASEB Journal 12(4): A157 (1998)

Millimeter-wave spectroscopy of biomolecules Alanine
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 115(21): 9687-9691 (1993)

Millimetric range ultra high frequency radiation therapy in the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases
, Sovetskaya Meditsina (3): 20-21 (1991)

Millimolar absorptivity of FAPGG
, Clinical Chemistry 38(8 Pt 1): 1505-1506 (1992)

Millimole scale synthesis of oligonucleotides via phosphoramidite nucleosides and a high-loaded polystyrene support on the model 390Z synthesizer
, Clinical Chemistry 40(4): 654-655 (1994)

Milling and baking performance of recently developed triticale
, Cereal Foods World 42(8): 672 (1997)

Milling and baking requirements for the production of good quality wholegrain wheat products
, Muhle: 5, 158-160 (2008)

Milling and baking value of some winter wheat cultivars as influenced by herbicides
, Progress In Plant Protection: 2, 582-585 (2008)

Milling and bread baking techniques significantly affect the mycotoxin level in bread
, Acta Alimentaria (budapest): 4, 471-483 (2008)

Milling and bread making quality of blends of hard soft wheats with similar hardness values
, Cereal Foods World 37(7): 563 (1992)

Milling and bread making quality of blends of spring winter wheats with similar hardness values
, Cereal Foods World 37(7): 563 (1992)

Milling and dough rheology of PNW club and SWW wheats
, Cereal Foods World 40(9): 677 (1995)

Milling characteristics of kodo millet
, International Journal Of Agricultural Sciences: 2, 712-718 (2008)

Milling characters of raw and parboiled popular rice cultivars
, International Rice Research Notes 20(3): 8-9 (1995)

Milling education in europe
, Cereal Foods World 34(9): 787 (1989)

Milling efficiency of hard wheats conditioned to different moisture contents
, Cereal Foods World 34(9): 771 (1989)

Milling machines are important domestic mite sources in the working environment of German farmers
, European Respiratory Journal Suppl 10(25): 231S (1997)

Milling of hull-less barley for the production of bran and flour
, Cereal Foods World 41(7): 596 (1996)

Milling of wholemeal wheat for rheological research
, Muhle: 17, 557-560 (2008)

Milling procedure for the manufacture of alimentary paste and pasta products from whole grains
, Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Patents 1172(1): 369 (1995)

Milling properties of maize
, Cereal Foods World 34(9): 771-772 (1989)

Milling properties of quality protein maize
, Cereal Foods World 35(8): 840 (1990)

Milling properties of sorghums
, Cereal Foods World 42(8): 629 (1997)

Milling research at BRI The role of a pilot-scale flour mill
, Cereal Foods World 38(1): 49-50 (1993)

Million dollar help to fight berry borer for Columbian coffee farmers
, International Pest Control 36(2): 36 (1994)

Millions and billions The META and BETA searches at Harvard
, AAAS Annual Meeting and Science Innovation Exposition 162: A55 (1996)

Millions of alleged rhapis excelsa seed sprout into guihaia argyrata
, Principes 33(3): 139-140 (1989)

Millipedes as aids for the reconstruction of glacial refugia
, Memoires du Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle 169: 151-161 (1996)

Millipedes found in and around hedges in Luxembourg
, Bulletin de la Societe des Naturalistes Luxembourgeois 0(95): 349-357 (1994)

Millipedes of the Sachsische Schweiz and the surroundings of Dresden
, Berichte Der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft Der Oberlausitz: 143-152 (2008)

Millipedes recorded in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
, Memoires du Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle 169: 257-263 (1996)

Millipeds of the West Indies and Guiana collected by the Allison v Armour Expedition in 1932
, Smithsonian Misc Coll 89(14): 1-69 (1934)

Millisecond CO2 laser skin resurfacing
, International Ophthalmology Clinics 37(3): 29-68 (1997)

Millisecond abdominal mr imaging at 20 tesla
, Magnetic Resonance Imaging 7(Suppl. 1): 102 (1989)

Millisecond accumulation of Ins-1,4,5-P-3 preceeds acid induced Chlamydomonas reinhardtii deflagellation
, Plant Physiology (Rockville) 102(1 Suppl. ): 116 (1993)

Millisecond analysis of Ca2+ imaging in exocrine acini by high-speed scanning confocal microscope system
, Japanese Journal of Pharmacology 79(Suppl. 1): 66P (1998)

Millisecond kinetics of calcium release induced by photolysis of caged IP-3 in peeled skeletal muscle fibers
, Biophysical Journal 70(2 Part 2): A283 (1996)

Millisecond motion-pictures of the distance changes in yeast phosphoglycerate kinase upon unfolding A multi-site fluorescence energy-transfer stopped-flow study
, FASEB Journal 9(6): A1241 (1995)

Millisecond protein folding investigated by amide hydrogen exchange and mass spectrometry
, FASEB Journal 11(9): A905 (1997)

Millisecond studies of single membrane fusion events
, Annals of the new York Academy of Sciences 635: 318-327 (1991)

Millisecond synaptic and spike-induced calcium dynamics imaged in dendritic spines with two-photon laser scanning microscopy
, Biophysical Journal 68(2 Part 2): A397 (1995)

Millisecond temporal structure of memory representations and hippocampal-dependent cognitive mechanisms
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 21(1-3): 942 (1995)

Millisecond time scale temperature jumps in cryotransmission electron microscopy specimens a system for studying fast lipid phase transition and membrane fusion
, FASEB Journal 6(1): A497 (1992)

Millisecond time scale temperature jumps in cryotransmission electron microscopy specimens a system for studying fast lipid phase transitions and membrane fusion
, Biophysical Journal 61(2 Part 2): A497 (1992)

Millisecond time-resolved lattice spacing measurements accompanying length changes during tetani in single intact muscle fibers
, Biophysical Journal 68(2 Part 2): A68 (1995)

Millisecond treatment of cells using microfluidic devices via two-step carrier-medium exchange
, Lab on a Chip 8(5): 772-778 (2008)

Millon behavioral health inventory mbhi norms for male and female chronic myofascial pain patients
, Pain (Suppl. 5): S305 (1990)

Millon dollar grant funds study of biv as model for aids
, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 10: 1391 (1989)

Millstone tattoo: a regional trade-related dermatosis
, Contact Dermatitis 29(4): 217-218 (1993)

Millwork for a grain mill
, Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Patents 1191(3): 1688-1689 (1996)

Milnacipran. A review of its use in depression
, Drugs 56(3): 405-427 (1998)

Milnacipran, a well-tolerated specific serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibiting antidepressant
, CNS Drug Reviews 4(2): 137-148 (1998)

Milo counts With its attractive price milo has captured a solid position in feed
, Kraftfutter: 9 10, 30-35 (2008)

Milri a novel rice like product prepared from pearl millet
, Cereal Foods World 34(9): 775 (1989)

Milrinone Evaluation of hemodynamic effects in neonates after cardiac surgery
, Circulation 88(4 Part 2): I335 (1993)

Milrinone and levosimendan differentially alter systolic and diastolic myoplasmic free -i in the intact beating guinea pig heart
, FASEB Journal 11(3): A307 (1997)

Milrinone and phenylephrine are not deleterious to myocardial blood flow and metabolism
, Anesthesiology 81(3A): A741 (1994)

Milrinone attenuates hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction in isolated rat lungs
, Clinical Science 81(4): 1P (1991)

Milrinone does not increase regional myocardial efficiency in experimental left ventricular hypertrophy
, FASEB Journal 6(4): A1506 (1992)

Milrinone dose response study of O-2 transport, hemodynamics, and pharmacokinetics in ICU patients
, Anesthesiology 81(3A): A344 (1994)

Milrinone favors shifts of skeletal muscle crossbridges from high to low force states
, Biophysical Journal 74(2 Part 2): A364 (1998)

Milrinone improves contractility in stunned myocardium without increasing oxygen demand
, Surgical Forum 46: 230-232 (1995)

Milrinone improves right ventricular dysfunction after cardiopulmonary bypass by reducing pulmonary vascular resistance and not from contractility enhancement
, Surgical Forum 44: 291-293 (1993)

Milrinone improves the recovery of mechanics energetics and substrate metabolism of the stunned myocardium
, Circulation 84(4 Suppl.): II403 (1991)

Milrinone increases middle cerebral artery blood flow velocity after cardiopulmonary bypass Evaluation with transcranial Doppler
, Anesthesiology 87(3 Suppl. ): A104 (1997)

Milrinone is superior to dobutamine in heart failure complicating myocardial infarction
, Circulation 86(4 Suppl. 1): I808 (1992)

Milrinone lactate
, Drugs of Today 26(5): 295-298 (1990)

Milrinone mimics thyroid hormone potentiation of the antiviral activity of human interferon-gamma in HeLa cells
, Journal of Investigative Medicine 44(3): 261A (1996)

Milrinone pharmacokinetics in critically ill children
, Pediatric Research 43(4 Part 2): 33A (1998)

Milrinone prevents early left ventricular dilation after acute myocardial infarction
, Journal of the American College of Cardiology 19(3 Suppl. A): 44A (1992)

Milrinone prevents infarct scar thinning evidence for late infarct zone remodelling
, Circulation 84(4 Suppl.): II733 (1991)

Milrinone prevents progressive left ventricular dilation after acute myocardial infarction
, Clinical Research 38(2): 333A (1990)

Milrinone reduces wall stress after acute myocardial infarction
, Journal of the American College of Cardiology 17(2 Suppl. A): 134A (1991)

Milt-egg ratio in artificial fertilization of the Asian freshwater catfish, Clarias macrocephalus, injected salmon gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogue and domperidone
, Aquatic Living Resources 8(4): 303-307 (1995)

Miltefosine counteracts bone marrow toxicity and improves therapeutics effects of cyclophosphamide
, Proceedings of the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 32: 380 (1991)

Miltefosine in recurrent cutaneous breast cancer
, Lancet 349(9052): 621-622 (1997)

Miltefosine solution in the topical treatment of skin metastases in breast cancer patients
, Proceedings of the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 33: 214 (1992)

Miltogramma drabermonkoi sp n from Ukraine Diptera Sarcophagidae Miltogramminae
, Polish Journal of Entomology 77(1): 57-61 (2008)

Miltogramma punctatum Mg out of its normal habitat
, Entomologist'S Monthly Magazine. 131(1572-1575): 114 (1995)

Milton Erickson Early postmodernist
, Zeig, J K Ericksonian methods: The essence of the story 267-281 (1994)

Milton H Erickson, MD The wounded physician as healer
, Zeig, J K Ericksonian methods: The essence of the story 282-286 (1994)

Milton h ericksons increasing shift to less directive hypnotic techniques as illustrated by work with family members
, Lankton, S R , S G Gilligan And J K Zeig Ericksonian Monographs, No 8 Views on Ericksonian Brief Therapy, Process And Action; Fourth International Congress on Ericksonian Approaches to Hypnosis And Psychotherapy, San Francisco, California, Usa, December 1988 Xii+116p Brunner/Mazel Publishers: New York, New York, Usa 106-116 (1991)

Milula spicata new record prain alliaceae a new record for india
, Indian Journal of Forestry 12(4): 323-324 (1989)

Mima like mounds in the southern and western cape south africa are the origins so mysterious
, South African Journal of Science 86(4): 207-208 (1990)

Mimastra cyanura hope coleoptera chrysomelidae an important pest of mulberry in jammu region india
, Indian Journal of Sericulture 28(2): 276 (1989)

Mimetic analogs of insect neuropeptides
, Abstracts of Papers American Chemical Society 207(1-2): AGRO 106 (1994)

Mimetic butterflies support Wallace's model of sexual dimorphism
, Proceedings. Biological Sciences 275(1643): 1617-1624 (2008)

Mimetics of senescent cell derived inhibitors of DNA synthesis
, Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Patents 1194(3): 1974 (1997)

Mimi sweet pea for forcing culture
, Hortscience: 7, 2238-2239 (2008)

Mimic A MAC-insecticide for the control of Lepidopterous larvae in topfruit and vine
, Laux, W Communications from the Federal Biological Institute for Agriculture and Forestry Berlin-Dahlem Mitteilungen aus der Biologischen Bundesanstalt fuer Land- und Forstwirtschaft Berlin-Dahlem : 569 (1996)

Mimic of a hla class i molecule using the tasp approach
, Experientia 48(ABSTR): A74 (1992)

Mimic tic in a patient with dystonia of temporomandibular articulation
, Kazanskii Meditsinskii Zhurnal 77(4): 305 (1996)

Mimickers of cysts
, Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 29(2 Pt 1): 260-262 (1993)

Mimicking carotenoid quenching of chlorophyll fluorescence
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 115(5): 2080-2081 (1993)

Mimicking damaged DNA with a small molecule inhibitor of human UNG2
, Nucleic Acids Research 34(20): 5872-5879 (2006)

Mimicking evolution Optimization of large-scale analytical problems with genetic algorithms
, Pharmazie 53(3 Suppl. 1): 37 (1998)

Mimicking inhibitory and stimulatory phosphorylation effects by addition of negative charge to the R-domain of CFTR
, Biophysical Journal 74(2 Part 2): A343 (1998)

Mimicking of abnormal retinal hemodynamics in diabetes by enhancing DAG-PKC levels in the retina of non-diabetic rats
, Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 37(3): S937 (1996)

Mimicking of discontinuous epitopes by phage-displayed peptides, I. Epitope mapping of human H ferritin using a phage library of constrained peptides
, Gene 128(1): 51-57 (1993)

Mimicking of discontinuous epitopes by phage-displayed peptides, II. Selection of clones recognized by a protective monoclonal antibody against the Bordetella pertussis toxin from phage peptide libraries
, Gene 128(1): 21-27 (1993)

Mimicking radiation with restriction endonucleases
, Bjr Supplement 24: 35-38 (1992)

Mimicking the antenna system of green plants
, Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 7(8): 879-910 (2008)

Mimicking the consequences of opiate withdrawal late during embryogenesis by injection of the 5 ht 2 agonist doi
, FASEB Journal 6(4): A1281 (1992)

Mimicking the glucosidase transition state shape charge considerations
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 113(23): 8984-8985 (1991)

Mimicking the human expert: pattern recognition for an automated assessment of data quality in MR spectroscopic images
, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 59(6): 1457-1466 (2008)

Mimicking the intrinsic active sites of metalloproteins
, Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research 52(8): 533-543 (1993)

Mimicking the neuroprotective mechanism of growth factor action with low molecular weight agents
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 19(1-3): 1309 (1993)

Mimicking the plant cell interior under water stress by macromolecular crowding: disordered dehydrin proteins are highly resistant to structural collapse
, Plant Physiology 148(4): 1925-1937 (2008)

Mimicking the rotary movement of objects in space
, Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 37(3): S527 (1996)

Mimicking the structure of natural ecosystems to optimise resource use in dryland polycultures
, Journal of Experimental Botany 49(Suppl. ): 41 (1998)

Mimicking the vanadium bromoperoxidases reactions Mild and selective bromination of arenes and alkenes in a two-phase system
, Tetrahedron Letters 35(40): 7429-7432 (1994)

Mimicry and dominance in the t cell response to self proteins
, Imhof, B A , S Berrih-Aknin And S Ezine (Ed ) Lymphatic Tissues And In-Vivo Immune Responses; Tenth International Conference on Lymphatic Tissues And Germinal Centres in Immune Reactions, Compiegne, France, July 1-5, 1990 Xx+1007p Marcel Dekker, Inc : New York, New York, Usa; Basel, Switzerland Illus 637-642 (1991)

Mimicry and ultrastructural analogy between the semi-aquatic grasshopper Paulinia acuminata and its foodplant, the water-fern Salvinia auriculata
, Amazoniana 13(1-2): 47-58 (1994)

Mimicry between hepatitis B virus DNA polymerase and antigenic targets of nuclear and smooth muscle antibodies in chronic hepatitis B virus infection
, Hepatology 24(4 Part 2): 284A (1996)

Mimicry between hla b27 and bacteria a spurious finding or the link connecting hla b27 and arthritogenic bacteria
, Van Der Ploeg, L H T , C R Cantor And H J Vogel (Ed ) Immune Recognition And Evasion: Molecular Aspects Of Host-Parasite Interaction; P And S Biomedical Sciences Symposium, New York, New York, Usa, June 3-5, 1988 Xiii+315p Academic Press, Inc : San Diego, California, Usa; London, England, Uk Illus 53-60 (1990)

Mimicry between the hepatitis B virus DNA polymerase and the antigenic target of antinuclear antibody in chronic hepatitis B virus infection
, Journal of Hepatology 25(Suppl. 1): 82 (1996)

Mimicry in Cleridae
, Coleopterists Bulletin 48(2): 115-125 (1994)

Mimicry in Trypanosoma cruzi: fantasy and reality
, Current Opinion in Immunology 3(4): 507-510 (1991)

Mimicry of 1st-phase insulin secretion by insulin-lispro in NIDDM Effect on glycemia and thermic effect of the meal
, Diabetologia 39(Suppl. 1): A223 (1996)

Mimicry of a Paederus species by a species of Languriinae in Java
, Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 130(1556-1559): 63-65 ( 1994)

Mimicry of erythrocyte function Hemoglobin adsorbed to surface modified ceramic particles exhibit physiological oxygen lability
, FASEB Journal 7(3-4): A688 (1993)

Mimicry of molecular interactions by phage-displayed peptides
, Physiological Chemistry and Physics and Medical NMR 27(4): 242 (1995)

Mimicry of protein recognition
, Abstracts of Papers American Chemical Society 198: MBTD 122 (1989)

Mimicry of the calcium-induced conformational state of troponin C by high pressure and low temperature
, Biophysical Journal 70(2 Part 2): A438 (1996)

Mimicry of the radical pair states in photosynthetic reaction centers
, Photochemistry and Photobiology 61(5 Suppl. ): 58S-59S (1995)

Mimicry of viral epitopes with retro-inverso peptides of increased stability
, Developments in Biological Standardization 87: 283-291 (1996)

Mimics and magnets: the importance of color and ecological facilitation in floral deception
, Ecology 89(6): 1583-1595 (2008)

Mimics of galactofuranose and galactopyranose
, Abstracts of Papers American Chemical Society 214(1-2): CARB 75 (1997)

Mimics of secondary structural elements of peptide and proteins
, Tam, J P And E T Kaiser (Ed ) Ucla (University Of California-Los Angeles) Symposia on Molecular And Cellular Biology New Series, Vol 86 Synthetic Peptides: Approaches to Biological Problems; Glaxo-Ucla Colloquium, Park City, Utah, Usa, January 31-February 4, 1988 Xxi+347p Alan R Liss, Inc : New York, New York, Usa Illus 257-266 (1989)

Mimics of sialyl Lewis X Design, synthesis and biological activity of a series of malonate-substituted galactocerebrosides
, Abstracts of Papers American Chemical Society 212(1-2): MEDI 132 (1996)

Mimics of the EPSP synthase intermediate Synthesis and evaluation
, Abstracts of Papers American Chemical Society 207(1-2): AGRO 26 (1994)

Mimics of the structural elements of type III group B Streptococcus capsular polysaccharide Part III Two repeating units with -1-carboxyethyl groups replacing sialic acids
, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 7(5): 647-650 (1997)

Mimodromius onorei n sp from Ecuador and new data on some other species of the genus
, Nouvelle Revue d'Entomologie 10(4): 349-357 (1994)

Mimosa poisoning in a heifer
, Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences 22(1): 134-136 (1993)

Mimosa pudica L - a herbaceous flora for several ailments
, Flora And Fauna (jhansi): 1, 59-60 (2008)

Mimosa species in Mexico
, Boletin de la Sociedad Botanica de Mexico 0(58): 149-152 (1996)

Mimosaceae of district Jaunpur
, Journal Of Living World: 2, 31-38 (2008)

Mimosestes nubigens established in California
, Pan-Pacific Entomologist 69(2): 190 (1993)

Mimosine a reversible g1 s phase boundary cell cycle inhibitor decreases p34cdc2 p58cyclin a proline directed protein kinase activity in mda mb 453 breast cancer
, FASEB Journal 6(5): A1933 (1992)

Mimosine administration in goats effects on lactational performance and metabolism in early lactating alpine does
, Journal of Animal Science 69(Suppl. 1): 392 (1991)

Mimosine administration in goats performance and metabolic status of kids fed milk from mimosine treated does
, Journal of Animal Science 69(Suppl. 1): 391-392 (1991)

Mimosine and dihydroxypyridine dhp administration in goats effects on peripheral blood metabolites and regulatory hormone concentrations
, Journal of Animal Science 70(Suppl. 1): 317 (1992)

Mimosine and dihydroxypyridine dhp administration in goats response to propionate and urea load test as measurement of hepatic function
, Journal of Animal Science 70(Suppl. 1): 317 (1992)

Mimosine blocks activation of ribonucleotide reductase in mammalian cells
, Cell Structure and Function 20(6): 552 (1995)

Mimotope mapping as a complementary strategy to define allergen IgE-epitopes: peach Pru p 3 allergen as a model
, Molecular Immunology 45(8): 2269-2276 (2008)

Mimotope/antimimotope probing of structural relationships in platelet glycoprotein Ib-alpha
, Blood 86(10 Suppl. 1): 83A (1995)

Mimotopes of human platelet glycoprotein IB/IX
, Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Patents 1215(1): 621 (1998)

Mimotopes representing an epitope on the gp120 protein of feline immunodeficiency virus
, Immunology 92(Suppl. 1): 55 (1997)

Mimotopes representing the alpha determinant of HBV
, Immunology 92(Suppl. 1): 54 (1997)

Mimulus and mountain lions Discovering ecology in Montana schoolyards through SYEFEST
, Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 76(3 Suppl. ): 306 (1995)

Mimulus guttatus in the area of the Fulda River meadowlands near the city of Fulda
, Hessische Floristische Briefe 46(1): 9-12 (1997)

Mimumesa unicolor , a wasp new to the British list, with observations on related species
, Entomologist's Gazette 45(2): 107-114 (1994)

Mimus polyglottos Northern mockingbird
, Birds of North America 0(7): 1-25 (1992)

Min Chueh Chang - October 10, 1908-June 5, 1991
, Biographical Memoirs. National Academy of Sciences 68: 45-61 (1995)

Min K channels are formed by the coassembly of at least 12 min K monomers
, Circulation 92(8 Suppl. ): I114 (1995)

Min K does not specifically activate endogenous chloride channels in Xenopus oocytes
, Biophysical Journal 68(2 Part 2): A22 (1995)

Min in the life of a river; selecting the optimal record length for the measurement of turbulence in fluvial boundary layers
, Geomorphology 68(1-2): 77-94 (2005)

MinK channels A minimal channel protein with a maximal impact
, Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry 3(5-6): 270-276 (1993)

MinK enhances functional expression of HERG-K+ currents in CHO cell co-transfection studies
, Circulation 94(8 Suppl. ): I163 (1996)

MinK mutations cause arrhythmia susceptibility by suppressing and altering IKs function
, American Journal of Human Genetics 61(4 Suppl. ): A11 (1997)

MinK residues determine selectivity of I-sK potassium channels Is there a P-region analogue to shaker
, Pfluegers Archiv European Journal of Physiology 434(5 Suppl. ): R106 (1997)

MinK-induced outward currents in Xenopus oocytes recorded with the macropatch technique
, Biophysical Journal 70(2 Part 2): A276 (1996)

Minactivin compositions and antibodies to minactivin
, Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Patents 1175(3): 1784 (1995)

Minamata disease: A 1989 update on the mercury poisoning epidemic in Japan
, Environmental Geochemistry and Health 13(1): 35-38 (1991)

Minamata disease: a story of mercury's malevolence
, Southern Medical Journal 84(11): 1352-1358 (1991)

Minamestane Antineoplastic aromatase inhibitor
, Drugs of the Future 18(6): 510-512 (1993)

Minature motorized annular hand held dental saw
, Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Patents 1187(4): 2697 (1996)

Mind and brain in psychiatric treatment
, Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic 58(4): 427-446 (1994)

Mind and healing Removing the obstacles which have inhibited enquiry
, SAMJ (South African Medical Journal) 83(5): 312-313 (1993)

Mind and inferential thought Reflections on psychogenesis
, Archivio di Psicologia Neurologia e Psichiatria 54(3): 337-348 (1994)

Mind and the neurosciences
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 22(1-3): 242 (1996)

Mind and vision
, Alternative Medicine 3(2): 73-114 (1989)

Mind bomb 1-expressing intermediate progenitors generate notch signaling to maintain radial glial cells
, Neuron 58(4): 519-531 (2008)

Mind matter and epidemiologic method in assessing the relation between diet and disease
, American Journal of Epidemiology 132(4): 825 (1990)

Mind of Basque society in drug addiction
, Revista Espanola de Drogodependencias 18(2): 93-132 (1993)

Mind the gap: the role of time between sex with two consecutive partners on the transmission dynamics of gonorrhea
, Sexually Transmitted Diseases 35(5): 435-444 (2008)

Mind the gap physical education and health and the frame factor theory as a tool for analysing educational settings
, Physical Education And Sport Pedagogy: 4, 345-364 (2008)

Mind, brain, and electroencephalography
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Mind, society, and the growth of knowledge
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