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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 32494

Chapter 32494 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

, Current Opinion in Neurobiology 4(2): 231-236 (1994)

Neglect A deficit of modality non-specific orienting mechanism?
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 23(1-2): 1590 (1997)

Neglect and visual language
, Robertson, I H, Marshall, J C Brain Damage, Behaviour and Cognition Series; Unilateral neglect: Clinical and experimental studies 233-255 (1993)

Neglect as a disorder of prior probability
, Neuropsychologia 46(5): 1566-1569 (2008)

Neglect dyslexia Attention and word recognition
, Farah, M J , Ratcliff, G Carnegie Mellon Symposia on Cognition; The neuropsychology of high-level vision: Collected tutorial essays 173-214 (1994)

Neglect hemispheric specialization behavioral components and anatomical correlates
, Goodglass, H And A R Damasio (Ed ) Handbook Of Neuropsychology, Vol 2 Xv+436p Elsevier Science Publishers B V (Biomedical Division): Amsterdam, Netherlands; New York, New York, Usa Illus 357-374 (1990)

Neglect in rats following unilateral lesions of caudal pcm
, Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 32(4): 1088 (1989)

Neglect of radial and vertical extrapersonal space in unilateral temporo-parietal lesion
, Neurology 48(3 Suppl. 2): A58 (1997)

Neglect recovery after rehabilitation treatment a cbf spect study
, Neurology 41(3 Suppl. 1): 184 (1991)

Neglect within and across regions of space
, Neurology 46(2 Suppl. ): A156 (1996)

Neglect-like visual exploration behaviour after theta burst transcranial magnetic stimulation of the right posterior parietal cortex
, European Journal of Neuroscience 27(7): 1809-1813 (2008)

Neglected and underutilized wheat crop as genetic resources for improvement of the quality
, Modern Variety Breeding For Present And Future Needs: Edings Of The 18th Eucarpia General Congress, Valencia, Spain, 9-12 Ember, . . 87-88 (2008)

Neglected aspects of exploratory and investigatory behavior
, Psychobiology 18(1): 16-22 (1990)

Neglected complete fracture-dislocation at the cervico-thoracic level without neurological deficit
, Injury 29(5): 385-389 (1998)

Neglected congenital dislocation of the patella case report
, Contemporary Orthopaedics 25(1): 45-49 (1992)

Neglected diseases in the news: a content analysis of recent international media coverage focussing on leishmaniasis and trypanosomiasis
, Plos Neglected Tropical Diseases 2(5): E234-E234 (2008)

Neglected fathers in the aetiology and treatment of sexual deviations
, International Journal of Psycho-Analysis 72: 573-584 (1991)

Neglected harvest
, Discovery and Innovation 7(4): 328 (1995)

Neglected infections of poverty in the United States of America
, Plos Neglected Tropical Diseases 2(6): E256-E256 (2008)

Neglected landraces of collard from the Carolinas
, Genetic Resources And Crop Evolution: 6, 797-801 (2008)

Neglected opportunities in apoptosis research
, Trends in Cell Biology 5(2): 55-57 (1995)

Neglected transverse lie with uterine rupture
, Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics 252(3): 159-160 (1993)

Negligible binding of the ace substrate benzoyl-Phe-Ala-Pro by serum proteins
, FASEB Journal 10(3): A100 (1996)

Negligible effect of spatial precuing on identification of single digits
, Journal of Experimental Psychology Human Perception and Performance 20(5): 1037-1054 (1994)

Negligible effects of capacitance on coronary vascular resistance in anaesthetized dogs
, Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) 481P: 15P (1994)

Negligible effects of moderate food intake and meal composition on exercise performance
, Journal of the American College of Cardiology 19(3 Suppl. A): 246A (1992)

Negligible effects of prostaglandins pg f 2 alpha and d 2 on sulfur 35 release from ferret trachea in vitro
, FASEB Journal 3(3): A608 (1989)

Negligible kinetic and dynamic interaction between fluvoxamine and alcohol
, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 49(2): 178 (1991)

Negligible metabolism of etoh by rat gastric mucosa
, Gastroenterology 100(5 Part 2): A798 (1991)

Negligible removal of lidocaine during arteriovenous hemofiltration
, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring 12(2): 154-156 (1990)

Negligible risk of horizontal transmission of hepatitis B virus among mechanics and salespersons in the automobile industry
, Industrial Health 29(4): 161-165 (1991)

Negligible senescence in the longest living rodent, the naked mole-rat: insights from a successfully aging species
, Journal of Comparative Physiology. B Biochemical Systemic and Environmental Physiology 178(4): 439-445 (2008)

Negotiating advance preferences for end-of-life care with patients A survey of physicians in the Department of Veterans Affairs
, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 42(11): SA3 (1994)

Negotiating future climates for public policy a critical assessment of the development of climate scenarios for the UK
, Environmental Science and Policy: 1, 54-70 (2008)

Negotiating globalized conservation a community context of exlusionary discourse
, Tropical Resources: Bulletin Of The Yale Tropical Resources Institute: 67-72 (2008)

Negotiating landscape in the Swiss Alps experience with implementation of a systemic landscape development approach
, Mountain Research And Development: 2, 105-109 (2008)

Negotiating managed care contracts Do historical and demographic risk factors predict neonatal length of stay
, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 176(1 Part 2): S123 (1997)

Negotiating of ureteral kinks and stenoses
, Journal of Endourology 7(Suppl. 1): S129 (1993)

Negotiating payments to resolve physician patient conflict the case of needlestick exposure
, Clinical Research 38(2): 736A (1990)

Negotiating remote borderland access small-scale trade on the Vietnam-China border
, Development And Change: 4, 667-696 (2008)

Negotiating rubbish in Dhermi/Drimades of Southern Albania
, Tourism Culture and Communication: 2, 123-134 (2008)

Negotiating safer sex Interpersonal dynamics
, Pryor, J B , Reeder, G D The social psychology of HIV infection : 85-123 (1993)

Negotiating strategies for capitation
, International Ophthalmology Clinics 38(3): 127-142 (1998)

Negotiating the canopy with the largest canopy animal-The orangutan
, Selbyana 19(2): 284 (1998)

Negotiating the moral order: paradoxes of ethics consultation
, Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal 5(2): 89-112 (1995)

Negotiating the public secrecy of sex in a transnational tourist town in Caribbean Costa Rica
, Tourist Studies: 1, 9 (2008)

Negotiating ureteral kinks and stenoses
, Journal of Endourology 7(Suppl. 1): S201 (1993)

Negotiation and mediation
, Rosenzweig, M R And L W Porter (Ed ) Annual Review Of Psychology, Vol 43 X+795p Annual Reviews Inc : Palo Alto, California, Usa Illus 531-582 (1992)

Negotiation of dialogue focus implications for the design of computer supported cooperative learning environments
, Bowers, J M And S D Benford (Ed ) Human Factors in Information Technology, 8 Studies in Computer Supported Cooperative Work: Theory, Practice And Design Xiii+355p Elsevier Science Publishers B V : Amsterdam, Netherlands; (Dist in The Usa And Canada By Elsevier Science Publishing Co , Inc : New York, New York) Illus 199-210 (1991)

Negotiation of the Montana-National Park Service Compact
, Rivers 5(1): 35-45 (1995)

Negotiation on fisheries subsidies at WTO Doha round
, Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi: 5, 776-783 (2008)

Negro Guanajuato, a new bean cultivar for the center of Mexico
, Agricultura Tecnica En Mexico: 1, 107-111 (2008)

Negundoside, an irridiod glycoside from leaves of Vitex negundo, protects human liver cells against calcium-mediated toxicity induced by carbon tetrachloride
, World Journal of Gastroenterology 14(23): 3693-3709 (2008)

Negyszirmu Clypeaster a matraszoellosi lajtameszbol; cas teratologique dun Clypeaster miocene de Matraszoellos
, Foldtani Kozlony: 300-302 (1936)

Nehany adat pleisztocen nagytermetu goerenyuenk faji hovatartozosagahoz; Einige Bemerkungen ueber Mustela robusta Newt Kormos bzw M eversmanni soergeli Ehik aus dem ungarischen Pleistozaen
, Foldtani Kozlony: 37-45 (1937)

Nehushtan: side effects of drugs
, International Journal of Dermatology 32(11): 790-791 (1993)

Nehushtan: the globality of cutaneous medicine
, International Journal of Dermatology 33(2): 105-106 (1994)

Neighbor effects in Ceratopteris richardii L gametophyte cultures
, American Journal of Botany 83(6 Suppl. ): 126 (1996)

Neighbor-dependent conformational states correlate with rates of transition mutations in DNA
, Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 12(6): A168 (1995)

Neighbor-stranger discrimination of yellow-throated buntings and gray-headed buntings to playback of song
, Korean Journal of Zoology 39(1): 89-97 (1996)

Neighborhood and worker protection for composting facilities Issues and actions
, Hoitink, H A J , Keener, H M Science and engineering of composting: Design, environmental, microbiological and utilization aspects : 319-338 (1993)

Neighborhood characteristics and availability of healthy foods in Baltimore
, American Journal of Preventive Medicine 35(6): 561-567 (2008)

Neighborhood criterion for improvement of mr projection angiograms
, Magnetic Resonance Imaging 8(Suppl. 1): 153 (1990)

Neighborhood deprivation and preterm birth among non-Hispanic Black and White women in eight geographic areas in the United States
, American Journal of Epidemiology 167(2): 155-163 (2008)

Neighborhood effects in forests Implications for stand patch structure and management
, Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 78(4 Suppl. ): 91 (1997)

Neighborhood effects on juveniles in an old-growth longleaf pine stand
, Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 75(2 Part 2): 79 (1994)

Neighborhood greenness and 2-year changes in body mass index of children and youth
, American Journal of Preventive Medicine 35(6): 547-553 (2008)

Neighborhood income and individual education: effect on survival after myocardial infarction
, Mayo Clinic Proceedings 83(6): 663-669 (2008)

Neighborhood interference among loblolly pine , sweetgum and broomsedge
, Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 74(2 Suppl. ): 501 (1993)

Neighborhood population dynamic models
, Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 72(2 Suppl.): 212 (1991)

Neighborhood poverty and American Indian infant death: are the effects identifiable?
, Annals of Epidemiology 18(7): 552-559 (2008)

Neighborhood psychosocial hazards and cardiovascular disease: the Baltimore Memory Study
, American Journal of Public Health 98(9): 1664-1670 (2008)

Neighborhood quality and risk for mortality Multilevel evidence from the Alameda County Study
, American Journal of Epidemiology 145(11 Suppl. ): S32 (1997)

Neighborhood residence is strongly associated with self reported dental utilization among young-old Mexican Americans and non-hispanic whites
, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 40(10 Suppl. ): SA71 (1992)

Neighborhood response toward an existing hazardous waste facility
, Majumdar, S K , E W Miller And R F Schmalz (Ed ) Pennsylvania Academy Of Science Publications: Management Of Hazardous Materials And Wastes: Treatment, Minimization And Environmental Impacts Xviii+474p Pennsylvania Academy Of Science: Easton, Pennsylvania, Usa Illus Maps 349-360 (1989)

Neighborhood safety, child care and high cost of fruits and vegetables identified as barriers to increased activity and healthy eating and linked to overweight and income
, FASEB Journal 10(3): A562 (1996)

Neighboring aliphatic/aromatic side chain interactions between residues 9 and 10 in gramicidin channels
, Biophysical Journal 72(2 Part 2): A396 (1997)

Neighboring cage fish farming affecting water and seabed quality of the Jordanian northern Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea
, Ocean Science Journal 43(1): 9-16 (2008)

Neighboring group activation of acetal cleavage A novel nonacidic strategy for the tandem formation of cyclic ethers
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 114(24): 9685-9686 (1992)

Neighboring group participation A model for enzymic catalysis?
, Golding, B. T. , Griffin, R. J. , Maskill, H. Royal Society Of Chemistry Special Publication; Organic Reactivity: Physical And Biological Aspects. 123-129 (1995)

Neighboring group participation by sulfonamido nitrogen
, Journal of Organic Chemistry 73(16): 6279-6282 (2008)

Neighboring group participation in Lewis acid-promoted and annulations The synthesis of oxabicyclo alkan-3-ones
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 115(3): 830-846 (1993)

Neighboring hydroxyl participation involving 3-, 5-, and 7-membered rings in the hydrolysis of alpha-acetoxynitrosamines
, Abstracts of Papers American Chemical Society 216(1-3): TOXI 7 (1998)

Neighboring plasmid sequences can affect Mini-Mu DNA transposition in the absence of expression of the bacteriophage Mu semi-essential early region
, Archives of Microbiology 161(5): 418-424 (1994)

Neighboring synapses of hippocampal neurons in culture have correlated release probabilities
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 23(1-2): 9 (1997)

Neighbors as partners of protected areas
, McNeely, J A Expanding partnerships in conservation 280-290 (1995)

Neighbour and environmental influences on the growth patterns of two temperate Haliclonid sponges
, Marine and Freshwater Research 59(4): 304-312 (2008)

Neighbour burrow-plugging in Ilyoplax pingi Shen, 1932 and I dentimerosa Shen, 1932
, Crustaceana 68(4): 524-526 (1995)

Neighbourhood access to open spaces and the physical activity of residents: a national study
, Preventive Medicine 47(3): 299-303 (2008)

Neighbourhood density and frequency effects in speech production A case for interactivity
, Language and Cognitive Processes 23(6): 866-888 (2008)

Neighbourhood density and genetic relatedness interact to determine fruit set and abortion rates in a continuous tropical tree population
, Proceedings. Biological Sciences 275(1652): 2759-2767 (2008)

Neighbourhood deprivation and incident mobility disability in older adults
, Age and Ageing 37(4): 403-410 (2008)

Neighbourhood fast food outlets and obesity in children and adults: the CLAN Study
, International Journal of Pediatric Obesity 3(4): 249-256 (2008)

Neighbourhood fruit and vegetable availability and consumption the role of small food stores in an urban environment
, Public Health Nutrition: 4, 413-420 (2008)

Neighbourhood perceptions of physical activity a qualitative study
, Bmc Public Health: 101, (28 Ch) (2008)

Neighbourhood socioeconomic status, maternal education and adverse birth outcomes among mothers living near highways
, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 62(8): 695-700 (2008)

Neighbouring group effects in a pummerer-type rearrangement A facile entry into 3,1-benzoxathiins
, Tetrahedron 51(24): 6819-6834 (1995)

Neighbouring points of a normal visual field are not statistically independent
, Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 35(4): 1322 (1994)

Neil Arnott--the first medical physicist
, Medical Physics 21(12): 1837-1838 (1994)

Neisseria branhamella moraxella and acinetobacter
, Baron, S (Ed ) Medical Microbiology, Third Edition Xx+1340p Churchill Livingstone: New York, New York, Usa; London, England, Uk Illus 231-247 (1991)

Neisseria cinerea is a rare cause of pediatric conjunctivitis
, Abstracts of the General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 94: 497 (1994)

Neisseria gonorrhoeae MS11-N198
, de Bruijn, F J, Lupski, J R, Weinstock, G M Bacterial genomes: Physical structure and analysis 703-705 (1998)

Neisseria gonorrhoeae Opa proteins bind host pyruvate kinase Potential role in intracellular survival
, Abstracts of the General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 97: 62 (1997)

Neisseria gonorrhoeae and chlamydia trachomatis in labor perinatal outcome and relationship to prenatal cultures
, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 164(1 Part 2): 298 (1991)

Neisseria gonorrhoeae can act as factor H-like cofactors for factor I mediated cleavage of complement component C3b
, Clinical Infectious Diseases 25(2): 386 (1997)

Neisseria gonorrhoeae employ diverse strategies to evade humoral host defenses
, Program and Abstracts of the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 31: 366 (1991)

Neisseria gonorrhoeae heme biosynthetic mutants utilize heme and hemoglobin as a heme source but fail to grow within epithelial cells
, Infection and Immunity 66(11): 5215-5223 (1998)

Neisseria gonorrhoeae in children
, Pediatric Annals 23(7): 341-345 (1994)

Neisseria gonorrhoeae in vitro comparative susceptibility to pristinamycin and erythromycin
, IXTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AIDS and THE IVTH STD WORLD CONGRESS Author IXth International Conference on AIDS in affiliation with the IVth STD World Congress : 80 (1993)

Neisseria gonorrhoeae meningitis in pregnant adolescent
, Emerging Infectious Diseases 14(10): 1672-1674 (2008)

Neisseria gonorrhoeae multi-antigen sequence typing (NG-MAST) of ciprofloxacin resistant isolates of Pretoria, South Africa
, Journal of Clinical Pathology 61(5): 686-687 (2008)

Neisseria gonorrhoeae must express ganglioside-like lipooligosaccharides to invade cervical epithelial cells
, Abstracts of the General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 94: 41 (1994)

Neisseria gonorrhoeae mutants deficient in pilin antigenic variation
, Abstracts of the General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 97: 60 (1997)

Neisseria gonorrhoeae mutants lacking outer membrane protein Rmp are deficient in invasion of human epithelial cells
, Abstracts of the General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 96: 206 (1996)

Neisseria gonorrhoeae regulate the classical complement pathway by directly binding C4 binding protein
, Molecular Immunology 35(6-7): 398 (1998)

Neisseria meningitidis PorB, a Toll-like receptor 2 ligand, improves the capacity of Francisella tularensis lipopolysaccharide to protect mice against experimental tularemia
, Clinical and Vaccine Immunology 15(9): 1322-1329 (2008)

Neisseria meningitidis capsular polysaccharide conjugates
, Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Patents 1212(2): 1876 (1998)

Neisseria meningitidis carriage in street people during an outbreak of meningococcal disease
, Program and Abstracts of the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 32: 360 (1992)

Neisseria meningitidis codes for a fk506 inhibitable and a cyclophilin type rotamase
, Abstracts of the General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 92: 102 (1992)

Neisseria meningitidis contains IS elements within the mtr operon
, Abstracts of the General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 97: 60 (1997)

Neisseria meningitidis interactions with human endothelial cells Identification of multiple adhesive ligands and molecular mimicry in meningococcal pathogenesis
, Journal of Medical Microbiology 45(3): I (1996)

Neisseria meningitidis major outer membrane protein p1 structure prediction and tentative identification of protective epitopes
, Chanock, R M , Et Al (Ed ) Vaccines (Cold Spring Harbor), Vol 91 Modern Approaches to New Vaccines Including Prevention Of Aids; Eighth Annual Meeting, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, Usa, September 1990 Xxiii+441p Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press: Cold Spring Harbor, New York, Usa Illus Paper 415-420 (1991)

Neisseria meningitidis may acquire the conjugative transposon tn916 by transformation transposition or conjugation
, Clinical Research 37(2): 441A (1989)

Neisseria meningitidis nm pharyngeal colonization in an hiv clinic
, Viii International Conference on Aids And The Iii Std World Congress Published Abstracts Submitted to The Viii International Conference on Aids And The Iii Std World Congress; Harvard-Amsterdam Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 19-24, 220p Viii International Congress And The Iii Std World Congress: Amsterdam, Netherlands Paper : 120 (1992)

Neisseria meningitidis pneumonia in a patient with aids
, Clinical Microbiology Newsletter 12(24): 188-189 (1990)

Neisseria meningitidis proctitis in a child after sexual abuse
, Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 13(4): 330-331 (1994)

Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B in a continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis patient
, Clinical Microbiology Newsletter 14(24): 188 (1992)

Neisseria meningitidis serogroup b meningitis with a negative direct antigen test
, Clinical Microbiology Newsletter 12(23): 183-183 (1990)

Neisseria meningitidis strains lacking outer membrane protein class 4
, Clinical Research 37(2): 565A (1989)

Neisseria meningitidis three case studies
, Australian Journal of Medical Laboratory Science 12(2): 65-66 (1991)

Neisseria meningitidis with decreased susceptibility to penicillin in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada
, Abstracts of the General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 94: 27 (1994)

Neisseria meningitis revealing systemic lupus erythematosus
, Arthritis and Rheumatism 35(9 Suppl. ): S359 (1992)

Neisseria mucosa endocarditis complicated by intracerebral aneurysm
, Archives Francaises de Pediatrie 50(3): 231-233 (1993)

Neisseria mucosa septicemia
, Clinical Microbiology Newsletter 17(9): 72 (1995)

Neisseria sialyltransferases and their role in pathogenesis
, Microbial Pathogenesis 19(6): 379-390 (1995)

Neisseria sicca and streptococcus sanguis i endocarditis in an intravenous drug user
, Clinical Microbiology Newsletter 13(18): 142-144 (1991)

Neisseria sicca endocarditis complicating pregnancy. A case report
, Journal of Reproductive Medicine 37(5): 473-475 (1992)

Neisseria sicca endocarditis with embolic phenomena
, Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease 15(2): 165-167 (1992)

Neisseria sicca pneumonia and bronchiectasis
, European Respiratory Journal 2(7): 685-687 (1989)

Neisseria subflava bacteremia in a transplant patient
, Clinical Microbiology Newsletter 20(15): 131-132 (1998)

Neisseriaceae isolated from unusual sites
, Clinical Microbiology Newsletter 15(12): 93-94 (1993)

, Davis, B D , R Dulbecco, H N Eisen And H S Ginsberg Microbiology, Fourth Edition Xxi+1215p J B Lippincott Co : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Usa; London, England, Uk Illus 551-560 (1989)

Neisserial infections in dialysis patients
, Clinical Microbiology Newsletter 12(2): 15-16 (1990)

Neisserial porins induce up-regulation of B-cell costimulatory ligand, B7-2 Possible mechanism behind their adjuvant activity
, Chanock, R M , Brown, F , Ginsberg, H S , Norrby, E Vaccines (Cold Spring Harbor); Molecular approaches to the control of infectious diseases 237-242 (1995)

Neissrial porin modifies the processing of phagosomes in human macrophages
, European Journal of Cell Biology 75(Suppl. 48): 75 (1998)

Neither 0 hour nor 12 hour temporal relations of 5 htp and l dopa inhibit hibernation in thirteen lined ground squirrels citellus tridecemlineatus
, Journal of Interdisciplinary Cycle Research 22(2): 95-96 (1991)

Neither CD34+ cell selection nor B cell purging allow effective tumor cell purging of hemopoietic cell grafts from follicular non Hodgkins lymphoma patients
, British Journal of Haematology 93(Suppl. 2): 245-246 (1996)

Neither L-arginine nor L-NAME alter neurologic outcome following global ischemia in cat
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 21(1-3): 997 (1995)

Neither NMDA nor L-type calcium channel blockade prevent alcohol-induced neurodegeneration
, Alcoholism Clinical and Experimental Research 22(3 ABSTR Suppl. ): 64A (1998)

Neither a mentalist nor a reductionist be!
, Biofeedback and Self-Regulation 14(3): 185-193 (1989)

Neither acetaldehyde act nor acetate ac can mimic the cerebral arteriolar of venular constrictor actions of alcohol in the brain
, FASEB Journal 3(3): A433 (1989)

Neither age nor aetiology are decisive for the prognosis of acute pancreatitis
, Digestion 56(4): 299 (1995)

Neither alcohol or phenol, degrade Gortex vascular graft
, Anesthesiology 79(3A): A870 (1993)

Neither an activated erythropoietin nor a CSF-1 receptor induced the differentiation of pluripotent progenitors
, Experimental Hematology 22(8): 685 (1994)

Neither antinatriuresis nor angiotensin II contribute to cyclosporin-induced hypertension acutely
, Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 8(12): 1407-1408 (1993)

Neither atenolol nor alinidine, added to thrombolytic therapy, reduces the incidence of arrhythmias during the first 24 hours of acute myocardial infarction
, Journal of the American College of Cardiology 21(2 Suppl. A): 396A (1993)

Neither cgrp nor the olfactory nerve is necessary for production of tyrosine hydroxylase in the olfactory bulb
, Chemical Senses 16(5): 520-521 (1991)

Neither coronary nor forearm flow reserve predict exercise ST depression or symptoms in patients with chest pain and normal coronary arteries
, Journal of the American College of Cardiology 0(SPEC ISSUE): 201A (1994)

Neither cyclosporin-A nor verapamil reverses doxorubicin, vincristine, or colchicine resistance of the human papillary renal carcinoma cell line ACHN
, Proceedings of the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 34: 324 (1993)

Neither cytokeratins nor glutathione-S-transferase is the major target antigen of autoantibodies to soluble liver antigen in autoimmune hepatitis
, Hepatology 28(4 Part 2): 548A (1998)

Neither diet selection nor type of soy food significantly affect bioavailability of isoflavones fed in a single meal to young adult females
, Journal of Nutrition 125(3 Suppl. ): 805S-806S (1995)

Neither early separation stress nor environmental enrichment selectively reverses behavioral effects of prenatal cocaine
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 19(1-3): 1853 (1993)

Neither eicosapentaenoic nor docosahexaenoic acid lowers triglyceride levels in normal subjects
, Clinical Research 41(2): 126A (1993)

Neither erythromycin nor cisapride affect colonic functions in normal human volunteers
, Gastroenterology 110(4 Suppl. ): A751 (1996)

Neither extracellular calcium nor alpha 1 receptor stimulation are required for reactive oxygen mediated contraction in the pulmonary artery
, American Review of Respiratory Disease 139(4 Part 2): A55 (1989)

Neither fresh red cell transfusion nor colloid infusion improves gastric mucosal acidosis in septic patients
, Clinical and Investigative Medicine 19(4 Suppl. ): S16 (1996)

Neither green nor white asparagus spears are affected by supplemental nitrogen
, Hortscience 29(7): 732 (1994)

Neither human hephaestin nor ceruloplasmin forms a stable complex with transferrin
, Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 103(6): 1849-1855 (2008)

Neither intestinal sequestration of bile acids nor common bile duct ligation modulate the expression or function of the rat ileal bile acid transporter
, Hepatology 26(4 Part 2): 292A (1997)

Neither intrathecal sufentanil nor intrathecal sufentanil plus nalbuphine cause hypotension in laboring parturients
, Anesthesiology 81(3A): A1153 (1994)

Neither ir nor mass spectrometer measured end tidal carbon dioxide accurately estimate carbon dioxide partial pressure in small ventilated animals with lung injury
, Clinical Research 38(1): 196A (1990)

Neither large nor small Intermediate-sized food items for the cubs of the Patagonian gray fox
, Canadian Journal of Zoology 76(12): 2281-2284 (1998)

Neither lymphokine activated killer lak cell activity nor tumor necrosis factor tnf mediated tumor cell lysis is altered by inhibitors of nitric oxide synthesis
, Proceedings of the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 32: 251 (1991)

Neither multiple tumors nor portal hypertension are surgical contraindications for hepatocellular carcinoma
, Gastroenterology 134(7): 1908-1916 (2008)

Neither nitric oxide NOR PGE-2 synthesis mediate the effects of cytokines on fetal islets
, Cell Transplantation 5(5 Suppl. 2): 29 (1996)

Neither nitric oxide nor PGE2 synthesis mediate the effects of cytokines on fetal rat islets
, Transplantation Proceedings 29(4): 2012-2018 (1997)

Neither Notch1 expression nor cellular size correlate with mesenchymal stem cell properties of adult articular chondrocytes
, Cells Tissues Organs 187(4): 275-285 (2008)

Neither oak nor alder, but nearly The relationships of Ticodendron based on rbcL sequence data
, American Journal of Botany 81(6 Suppl. ): 149 (1994)

Neither prenatal stress nor neonatal handling alter rats performance on the Morris water maze
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 20(1-2): 1442 (1994)

Neither response to IVIG nor to IV anti-D predicts the response to subsequent splenectomy in ITP
, Blood 90(10 Suppl. 1 Part 1): 458A (1997)

Neither serum ferritin nor the number of red blood cell transfusions affect overall survival in refractory anemia with ringed sideroblasts
, American Journal of Hematology 83(8): 611-613 (2008)

Neither simvastatin or pravastatin influence plasma glucose, insulin, or fibrinogen levels Results of two randomized, double-blinded trials
, European Heart Journal 15(ABSTR Suppl. ): 223 (1994)

Neither skin tests nor serum enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay tests provide specificity for protamine allergy
, Anesthesia and Analgesia 82(2): 386-389 (1996)

Neither subdiaphragmatic vagotomy nor area postrema lesions block anorexia following colon inflammation in the rat
, Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 19(1-3): 584 (1993)

Neither the presence of metabolic syndrome as defined by the IDF guideline nor an increased waist circumference increased the risk of microvascular or macrovascular complications in Japanese patients with type 2 diabetes
, Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 79(3): 427-432 (2008)

Neither universal screening for hepatitis B or repeat screening of high-risk patients is cost effective
, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 174(1 Part 2): 406 (1996)

Neither ursodeoxycholic acid nor tauroursodeoxycholic acid protects rabbit hepatocytes from toxic bile acids
, Gastroenterology 98(5 Part 2): A600 (1990)

Neivamyrmex curvinotus, n sp from South America
, Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society 66(4): 411-413 (1994)

Nek a novel murine protein serine tyrosine kinase primarily expressed in the nervous system
, Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Suppl. (16 Part F): 108 (1992)

Nekite river canada spawning channel 1988 operations
, Canadian Data Report of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (753): I-III, 1-17 (1989)

Nekite river central coast british columbia canada spawning channel 1989 operations
, Canadian Data Report of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (793): I-IV, 1-27 (1990)

Nekite river spawning channel 1990 operations
, Canadian Data Report of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (834): I-IV, 1-13 (1991)

Nekolik poznamek k teorii o antecedenci; quelques remarques relatives a la theorie de lantecedence
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