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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 32895

Chapter 32895 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Guo, B.; Yin, M.B.; Skenderis, B.S.; Voigt, W.; Frank, C.; Wrzosek, C.; Rustum, Y.M., 1997:
Potentially novel targets to reverse multidrug resistance Augmentation of nascent DNA fragmentation and shift of cell cycle delays

Chalub, E.; Wolff, L.; Giayetto, V., 1995:
Potentially pathogenic environmental Mycobacteria in AIDS-patients

Petersen, L.A.; Lee, T.H.; O'neill A.C.; Cook, E.F.; Brennan, T.A., 1992:
Potentially preventable adverse events identified by physician self report and medical record review demographic and resource utilization data

Latvala, S.; Pietila, T-E.; Veckman, V.; Kekkonen, R-A.; Tynkkynen, S.; Korpela, R.; Julkunen, I., 2008:
Potentially probiotic bacteria induce efficient maturation but differential cytokine production in human monocyte-derived dendritic cells

Akhurst, T.; Mazumdar, M.; Larson, S.; Macapinlac, H.; Imbriaco, M.; Fong, Y.; Kemeny, N.; Cohen, A., 1998:
Potentially resectable colorectal cancer What does that equivocal FDG PET report mean to me as a referring physician?

Draper, B., 1991:
Potentially reversible dementia: a review

Pinsker, W., 1993:
Potentially safe and effective new treatment for migraine?

Mcgrady, J.; Matheron, M.; Sanchez, C.; Rethwisch, M.; Bess, V.; Matejka, J.; Tilt, P., 1992:
Potentially sustainable desert lettuce production systems

Guven, A.; Jones, R.A.an, 1993:
Potentially tautomeric 1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-1,4-dioxo-5H-pyridazino indole

Stonik, I.V.; Orlova, T.Y.; Begun, A.A., 2008:
Potentially toxic diatoms Pseudo-nitzschia fraudulenta and P calliantha from Russian waters of East/Japan Sea and Sea of Okhotsk

Giacobbe, M.G.; Oliva, F.; L.F.rla, R.; Puglisi, A.; Crisafi, E.; Maimone, G., 1995:
Potentially toxic dinoflagellates in Mediterranean waters and related hydrobiological conditions

Joseph, A.B.; Wroblewski, B.A., 1993:
Potentially toxic serum concentrations of desipramine after discontinuation of valproic acid

Frusca, T.; Soregaroli, M.; Valcamonico, A.; Ruggeri, G.; Madeddu, P.; Benigni, A., 1995:
Potentially useful markers in identifying a population at risk for preeclampsia

Bilitewski,B.; Schirmer,M.; Schingnitz,D.; Hoffmann,G., 2008:
Potentials and applicability of different biowaste treatment methods for solid fuel productions

Seguin, G., 1989:
Potentials and future of various soils of bordeaux france in view of economic competition in the year 2000

Blumberg, M.S., 1991:
Potentials and limitations of database research illustrated by the QMMP AMI Medicare Mortality Study

Pantaleo,A.; Pellerano,A.; Carone,M.T., 2008:
Potentials and multi-criteria assessment of small scale CHP plants fired by energy crops in Puglia region

Fowler, S.C., 1990:
Potentials and pitfalls of force time measures of behavioral responses to cns active compounds

Claessens, R.; Oyen, W.; Koenders, E.; Tibben, J.; Massuger, L.; Corstens, F., 1992:
Potentials and pitfalls of indium labeled and iodinated proteins for scintigraphy of infectious disease and malignancy

Sahn, D.J.; Ricou, F.; Rothman, A.; Swensson, R.; Sideris, E., 1990:
Potentials for application of intravascular ultrasound imaging ivus for evaluation of anatomy and interventional catheter therapy of congenital heart disease chd

Lewin, B., 1990:
Potentials for change

Ismail,S.; Tohiran,K.A., 2008:
Potentials for integration in oil palm plantations

Kruse, A., 1990:
Potentials in old age

Olbrich, E., 1990:
Potentials in old age personal and social process in their development

Nweke, Ken, M.C., 1992:
Potentials of AGRIS for the documentation of agricultural information in Nigeria

Veneroni, S.; Costa, A.; Faranda, A.; Salvatori, P.; Silvestrini, R., 1994:
Potentials of a biological characterization to monitor radiosensitivity in oral cavity cancer

Kholmovskaya, M.B., 1991:
Potentials of and prospects for using thermography in phthisiology and pulmonology

Nashabeh, Wassim, 1998 :
Potentials of capillary electrophoresis in biotechnology A quality control perspective

Bolis, G.; Scarfone, G.; Ferraris, C.; Zanaboni, F.; Presti, M.; Scarabelli, C.; Danese, S.; Giardina, G.; Malpignano, M.; Favalli, G.; Mangili, F.; Valsecchi, M.G.; Daidone, M.G.; Silvestrini, R., 1994:
Potentials of cell proliferation in the management of patients with ovarian cancers Outcome of an ongoing prospective randomized clinical protocol

D'souza S.F., 1989:
Potentials of co immobilizates in biochemical processing the current state of the art

Sidorova, N.A.; Volchenko, N.N.; Saribekyan, E.K., 1991:
Potentials of cytology in the determination of treatment induced pathomorphosis in breast cancer

Galyavich, A.S.; Oslopov, V.N., 1991:
Potentials of doppler echocardiography in heart diseases

Luyun, Virginia, S., 1994:
Potentials of freshwater pearl culture in the Philippines

Baeyens, W.R.G.; Ling, B.L., 1991:
Potentials of luminescence analysis an overview

Evdokimov, V.G.; Khoruzhev, A.G.; Evdokimova, E.V.; Sutyagina, E.V., 1991:
Potentials of multifactor nonmedicinal and medicinal prevention of arterial hypertension in a health center of a large industrial enterprise

Huang,Z.L.; Wang,B.W.; Pace,R.D., 2008:
Potentials of phytochemicals in disease prevention and health promotion

Hrytsenko, O.M.; Kobzar, A.Y.; Todorova, V.I.; Venher, P.I.; Krasyl'nikova, V.I.; Kuryk, M.V., 1992:
Potentials of phytotherapy for the treatment of children and improvement of their health status in sanatoriums

Byrnes, B.H.; Christianson, C.B., 1991:
Potentials of polymeric coatings to produce controlled release nitrogen fertilizers

Marutani, Mari, 1994:
Potentials of sunn-hemp as green manure in vegetable productions in Guam

Adewolu,M.A., 2008:
Potentials of sweet potato leaf meal as dietary ingredient for Tilapia zilli fingerlings

Anshelevich, Y.V.; Gurvich, T.R.; Gurvich, M.R., 1989:
Potentials of the clinicopharmacological analysis of the functional state of the autonomic nervous system

Oganov, R.G.; Chazova, L.V., 1992:
Potentials of the primary prophylaxis of ischemic heart disease

Shadrin, S.A.; Kharitonova, L.A., 1989:
Potentials of thermography for the early diagnosis of functional and inflammatory diseases in children

Olatunji, O.; Daodu, A.M., 1990:
Potentials of using sorghum in the production of weaning foods

Koyama, H.; Inaba, M.; Nishizawa, Y.; Ishimura, E.; Imanishi, Y.; Hino, M.; Furuyama, T.; Takagi, H.; Morii, H., 1994:
Potentiated 1,25(OH)2D3-induced 24-hydroxylase gene expression in uremic rat intestine

Engleman, E.A.; Hingtgen, J.N.; Zhou, F.C.; Murphy, J.M.; Aprison, M.H., 1989:
Potentiated 5 hydroxytryptophan response suppression following 5 7 dihydroxytryptamine raphe lesions in rats tested in a model of depression

Marrelli, S.P.; Khorovets, A.; Childres, W.F.; Bryan, R.M.Jr, 1998 :
Potentiated EDHF mediated dilations in the rat middle cerebral artery following ischemia/reperfusion

Marrelli, S.P.; Childres, W.F.; Shine, H.D.vid; Bryan, R.M.Jr, 1997:
Potentiated P-2U purinoceptor mediated dilations in the rat middle cerebral artery following ischemia/reperfusion

Fominykh, V.A.; Alkhanov, V.A., 1997:
Potentiated anesthesia in angiographic examinations

Danzebrink, R.M.; Gebhart, G.F., 1990:
Potentiated antinociceptive effects in a model of visceral pain by intrathecal coadministration of an alpha 2 adrenoceptor agonist and a 5 ht 1b or 5 ht 2 receptor agonist

Hofman, W.F.; Ehrhart, I.C., 1989:
Potentiated constrictor response to serotonin in cyclooxygenase inhibited dog lung is reduced by prostacyclin

Oohashi, M.; Uchiyama, T., 1995:
Potentiated effect of reserpine and 6-hydroxydopamine on the hyperglycemic response to glucagon in rats

Kudo, G.; Tahara, A.; Shin, H.; Kokue, E., 1993:
Potentiated embryotoxicity of pyrimethamine by folic acid

Gibson, G.D.; Bigler, R.D.; Hubbell, H.R., 1989:
Potentiated lymphokine activated killer lak cell activity generated by low dose interleukin 2 il 2 and mismatched double stranded rna ampligen

Hong, J.H.; Lee, S.H.; Kang, H.J.; No, K.M.; Chang, S.Y.; Chung, J.M., 1996:
Potentiated necrotic death by NGF in a glucose-deficient environment

Patrick, C.J.; Berthot, B.D., 1991:
Potentiated startle during active and passive anticipation of an aversive stimulus

Cleal, A.; Corsi, M.; Feniuk, W.; Gaviraghi, G.; Toson, G.; Treszise, D.; Trist, D., 1989:
Potentiating action of 5 hydroxytryptamine 5 ht on electrically induced contractions in the mouse urinary bladder

Tokamysova, E.S.; Kairakbaeva, G.M.; Nilov, V.I., 1993:
Potentiating action of hexachloran and sodium nitrite on rat erythrocytes

Kudryashov, I.E., 1994:
Potentiating action of vasopressin is not blocked by ketamine

Kostka, P.; Xu, B.; Skiles, E.H., 1998:
Potentiating effect of Mg2+ ions on the degradation of S-nitrosocysteine in vascular tissue

Song, Y.; Shryock, J.C.; Belardinelli, L., 1996:
Potentiating effect of acetylcholine on isoproterenol-stimulated L-type Ca current Role of guanylate cyclase and protein kinase C

Caron, N.; Simon, F.; Kramp, R., 1991:
Potentiating effect of atrial natriuretic factor on hemodynamic and renal responses induced by a volemic expansion in the rat

Wei, H.; Liu, Z.; Lu, Y.; Rosenstein, B.; Lebwohl, M., 1998:
Potentiating effect of benzo pyrene on ultraviolet radiation-induced 8-hydroxy-2-deoxyguanosine in purified DNA and human epidermoid carcinoma cells

Moriyoshi, Y.; Shiratori, K.; Watanabe, S.; Takeuchi, T.; Shimizu, K.; Change, J.H., 1989:
Potentiating effect of cck and secretin on exocrine pancreas in rats

Baik, E.J.; Kim, E.J.; Lee, Y.Y.; Lee, S.H.; Moon, C.H., 1998:
Potentiating effect of cyclooxygenase inhibitor on kainic acid induced seizure

Maj, J.; Rogoz, Z.; Skuza, G.; Wedzony, K., 1995:
Potentiating effect of fluoxetine on the MK-801-induced hyperactivity in rats

Suzuki, H.; Seno, N.; Hosoki, R.; Yanagisawa, M.; Saito, K.; Otsuka, M., 1993:
Potentiating effect of peptidase inhibitors on a C fiber-evoked response in the isolated spinal cord preparation of the neonatal rat

Desai,S.K.; Gawali,V.S.; Naik,A.B.; D'souza,L.L., 2008:
Potentiating effect of piperine on hepatoprotective activity of Boerhaavia diffusa to combat oxidative stress

Melvik, J.E.; Dornish, J.M.; Larsen, R.O.; Borretzen, B.; Oftebro, R.; Pettersen, E.O., 1990:
Potentiating effect of the reversible protein synthesis inhibitor p 1015 on cis diamminedichloroplatinum ii induced cytotoxicity

Hayashi, M.; Imai, Y.; Yamaki, K.; Tomoda, H.; Omura, S.; O.I.hi S., 1990:
Potentiating effect of triacsin on the biosynthesis of platelet activating factor in rat leukocytes

Sansom, S.C.; Marcelo, M.; Hall, D., 1998:
Potentiating effects high glucose and epidermal growth factor on the release of arachidonic acid in human glomerular mesangial cells

Tsuzuki, K.; Takeuchi, T.; Ozawa, S., 1991:
Potentiating effects of a nootropic drug aniracetam on the glutamate receptor subunits glur1 and glur2 expressed in xenopus oocytes

Katsumata, K.; Katsumata, Y.; Ozawa, T.; Katsumata, K., 1993:
Potentiating effects of combined usage of three sulfonylurea drugs on the occurrence of alloxan diabetes in rats

Pham, I.; Fournie Zaluski, M.C.; Corvol, P.; Roques, B.; Michel J B., 1991:
Potentiating effects of endogenous atrial natriuretic factor with retrothiorphan a neutral endopeptidase inhibitor in normotensive and deoxycorticosterone acetate salt hypertensive rats

Shoji, T.; Goto, K., 1990:
Potentiating effects of endothelin and bay k 8644 on twitch contractions of the field stimulated rat vas deferens

Matsumoto, Y.; Ozaki, Y.; Kariya, T.; Kume, S., 1990:
Potentiating effects of endothelin on platelet activation induced by epinephrine and ADP

Hanauer, G.; Hermerschmidt, M.; Goetz, E.; Melchers, K., 1997:
Potentiating effects of pantoprazole on the effect of antibiotics in the Helicobacter mouse model

Ma, L.; Chow, J.Y.C.; Cho, C.H., 1997:
Potentiating effects of passive smoking on acetic acid-induced gastric ulceration in rats

Burchall, J.J.; Bushby, S.R.M.; Cullen, R.; Dunkley, M.J.W.; Ferone, R., 1989:
Potentiating formulations us patent 4795639 january 3 1989

Anderson, R.J.; Cloudsdale, I.S.; Lamoreaux, R.J.; Schaefer, K.; Harr, J., 1997:
Potentiating herbicidal compositions

Waldum, H.L.; Hammer, T.; Sandvik, A.K.; Sylte, R.; Schulze, B., 1997:
Potentiating hypergastrinemic effect by the peroxisome proliferator ciprofibrate and omeprazole

Meester, B.J.; Welsh, N.J.; Shankley, N.P.; Meijler, F.L.; Black, J.W., 1994:
Potentiating interaction between adenosine and 5-N-ethylcarboxamidoadenosine in the guinea-pig atrioventricular node

Muto, Yuko; Urushidani, Tetsuro; Nago, Taku, 1996:
Potentiating interaction between i and cyclic AMP in gastric acid secretion requires actin microfilaments

Barrachina, M.D.; Martinez, V.; Wei, J.Y.; Tache, Y., 1997:
Potentiating interaction between leptin and CCK to reduced food intake in lean mice

Ruehl, A.; Hurst, S.; Blennerhassett, P.; Collins, S.M., 1993:
Potentiating interactions between interleukins 1 and 6 in rat myenteric plexus Effects on tritiated noradrenaline release

Welsh, N.J.; Ngambi, G.L.O.; Shankley, N.P.; Black, J.W., 1996:
Potentiating interactions between noradrenaline and angiotensin II in rabbit femoral artery are dependent on order of agonist incubation and assay conditions

Feldman, S.A.; Fauvel, N.J., 1991:
Potentiation and antagonism of vecuronium by decamethonium in man

Niu, Y.P.; Xiao, M.Y.; Wigstrom, H., 1997:
Potentiation and depression following stimulus interruption in hippocampal slices from young rats

Fregnac, Y.; Debanne, D., 1993:
Potentiation and depression in visual cortical neurons A functional approach to synaptic plasticity

Hirano, T., 1990:
Potentiation and depression of synaptic transmissions between cerebellar granule and purkinje cells in culture

Sillito, A.M.; Jones, H.E., 1992:
Potentiation and depression of the strength of the transfer of the retinal input in the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus

Debanne, D.; Gahwiler, B.H.; Thompson, S.M., 1995:
Potentiation and depression of unitary synapses in the rat hippocampus in vitro

Canli, T.; Detmer, W.M.; Donegan, N.H., 1990 :
Potentiation and diminution of a pavlovian ur rabbit eyeblink as a function of the cs us interval in training and testing

Scharfman, H.E., 1997:
Potentiation and hyperexcitability in entorhinal/hippocampal slices of adult rat after exposure to brain-derived neurotrophic factor

Omatsu, M.; Sjodin, R.; Albuquerque, E.X., 1994:
Potentiation and inhibition by ethanol of NMDA-evoked whole-cell currents in cultured rat hippocampal neurons

Naganobu, K.; Kawasaki, H.; Ito, K., 1991:
Potentiation and inhibition by ryanodine of calcium induced constriction in rat mesenteric resistance vessels

Aoshima, H.; Tenpaku, Y., 1997:
Potentiation and inhibition of GABA receptors expressed in Xenopus oocyte by lipid hydroperoxide and food additives

Aziz, K.A.; Cawley, J.C.; Treweeke, A.T.; Zuzel, M., 1996:
Potentiation and inhibition of PMN reactivity by products of platelet granule release

Willenbrock, R.; Heim, M.; Schiller, P.W.; Tremblay, J.; Hamet, P., 1989:
Potentiation and inhibition of anf activity by its analogs

Laszlo, F.; Boughton Smith, N.K.; Whittle, B.J.R.; Moncada, S., 1993:
Potentiation and inhibition of endotoxin-induced vascular injury in rat intestine by nitric oxide synthase inhibitors

Ahmad, Mushtaq, 2008:
Potentiation between pyrethroid and organophosphate insecticides in resistant field populations of cotton bollworm Helicoverpa armigera Lepidoptera Noctuidae in Pakistan

MushtaqAhmad, 2008:
Potentiation between pyrethroid and organophosphate insecticides in resistant field populations of cotton bollworm Helicoverpa armigera in Pakistan

Poli, G.; Chiarpotto, E.; Biasi, F.; Aragno, M.; Danni, O.; Comoglio, A., 1990:
Potentiation by 1 2 dibromoethane of lipid peroxidation and irreversible hepatocyte damage due to carbon tetrachloride

Buckner, C.K.; Fedyna, J.S.; Krell, R.D., 1990:
Potentiation by 3 4 diaminopyridine dap of histamine in isolated guinea pig trachea

Shibata, K.; Abdu, P.; Goto, E.; Komatsu, C.; Furukawa, T., 1995:
Potentiation by C-type natriuretic peptide of angiotensin II or water deprivation-induced water intake in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Young, K.W.; Young, J.M., 1993:
Potentiation by DTT of histamine-induced -IP accumulation in rat cerebral cortex

Lei Y H.; Barnes, P.J.; Rogers, D.F., 1991:
Potentiation by a nitric oxide synthase inhibitor l name of neurogenic bronchoconstriction in guinea pigs in vivo

Maass, A.; Kostenis, E.; Traenkle, C.; Mohr, K., 1994:
Potentiation by alcuronium of the antimuscarinic effect on N-methyl-scopolamine in guinea pig left atrium

Iorio, L.C.; Chipkin, R.; Cohen Winston, M.; Coffin, V., 1989:
Potentiation by anticholinergics of the inhibition by d1 receptor antagonists of conditioned avoidance responding car in rats

Kurata, S.; IIjima, T., 1998:
Potentiation by arginine-vasopressin of the L-type Ca2+ current in guinea-pig ventricular cells

Guiramand, J.; Blanc, E.; Jallageas, M.; Recasens, M., 1997:
Potentiation by basic fibroblast growth factor of excitatory amino acid induced phospholipase C stimulation in developing hippocampal cultures

Zhang, L.; Hosoi, M.; Khanna, M.; Weight, F.F., 1998:
Potentiation by butanol of recombinant human 5-HT3 receptor-mediated ion current in Xenopus oocytes

Blagoeva, P.; Mircheva, Z.; Balansky, R., 1991:
Potentiation by caffeine and ethanol of tobacco smoke genotoxicity in vivo in mice

Han, D.; Ogita, K.; Yoneda, Y., 1992:
Potentiation by calcium ions of tritiated mk 801 binding

Shin, H.C.; Raymond, S.A.; Oh, U.T.; Strichartz, G.R., 1992:
Potentiation by capsaicin of lidocaines tonic and phasic impulse block in isolated rat sciatic nerve

Bourson, A.; Moser, P.C., 1989:
Potentiation by dihydropyridine calcium channel blockers of physostigmine induced yawning in rats

Sakuma, I.; Akaishi, Y.; Fukao, M.; Yasuda, H., 1990:
Potentiation by dipyridamole of the nitric oxide induced relaxation of vascular smooth muscles the role of dipyridamole as a cyclic gmp phosphodiesterase inhibitor

Hall, J.A.; Latimer, M.; Kaumann, A.J.; Latimer, R.; Oduro, A.; Brown, M.J., 1989:
Potentiation by enoximone of selective beta 1 adrenoceptor and beta 2 adrenoceptor stimulation in human atrial myocardium

Hirota S I.; Chujo, M.; Yoshida, M.; Hayashi, T.; Takeno, K.; Saito, T., 1992:
Potentiation by epinephrine of adp induced platelet aggregation in experimental animals

Batra, Satish, C., 1996:
Potentiation by estramustine of cytotoxic effects of vinblastine and doxorubicin

Zhang, L.; Wu, C.; Akinshola, B.E.; Yi, C.; Weight, F.F., 1993:
Potentiation by ethanol of 5-HT-3 receptor-mediated ion current in Xenopus oocytes

Kirkman, E.; Marshall, H.W.; Heyworth, J.; Little, R.A., 1990:
Potentiation by ethanol of the cardio inhibitory response to activation of cardiac c fiber afferents

Leclecq Meyer, V.; Malaisse, W.J., 1997:
Potentiation by forskolin of gliquidone insulinotropic action in the perfused pancreas of normal and GK rats

Tiegs, G.; Barsig, J.; Matiba, B.; Uhlig, S.; Wendel, A., 1994:
Potentiation by granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor of lipopolysaccharide toxicity in mice

Fukuyama, M.; Kawakami, K.; Sakai, K.; Itagaki, I.; Kawano, K.; Handa, M.; Ikeda, Y., 1990:
Potentiation by heparin of shear induced platelet aggregation

Carlson, T.H.; Kolman, M.R., 1990:
Potentiation by high affinity and low affinity heparins and dextran sulfate of thrombin inhibition by antithrombin iii isoforms

Houghton, J.A.; Adkins, D.A.; Morton, C.L.; Cheshire, P.J.; Houghton, P.J., 1992:
Potentiation by interferon of 5-fluorouracil - -leucovorin combinations in colon carcinoma cells and the interaction mechanism

Schepp, W.; Tatge, C.; Kath, D.; Zimmerhackl, B.; Schusdziarra, V.; Classen, M., 1989:
Potentiation by leukotrienes c 4 and d 4 of acid production in rat parietal cells differential effects of a selective ltd 4 antagonist

Vale, F.; Castro, M.; Martins, J.C.; Rico, J.M.G.T., 1990:
Potentiation by lidocaine lido of the vasoconstrictor effect of phenylephrine phen in the perfused rat hindquarters

Nigawara, T.; Watanobe, H.; Anazai, J.; Sakihara, S.; Kageyama, K.; Nasushita, R.; Sasaki, S.; Habu, S.; Kakizaki, Y.; Kohsaka, A.; Takebe, K., 1994:
Potentiation by neuropeptide Y of LH response to LHRH in man

Fabi, F.; Chiavarelli, R.; Del Basso, P., 1994:
Potentiation by neuropeptide Y of vasoconstrictor responses to sympathetic stimulation and to noradrenaline in human saphenous vein

Seiichi, K.; Shingu, H.; Unno, T.; Takewaki, T.; Ohashi, H., 1994:
Potentiation by neurotensin of carbachol-induced tension development in CA2+-free solution in skinned guinea-pig ileal muscle

Rappa, G.; Lorico, A.; Sartorelli, A.C., 1992:
Potentiation by novobiocin novo of the cytotoxic and differentiation inducing activities of teniposide vm 26 and etoposide vp 16 in wehi 3b d positive leukemia cells

Misset, J.L.; Sekiguchi, M.; Eriguchi, M.; Musset, M.; Bourut, C.; Chenu, E.; Mathe, G., 1990:
Potentiation by oxalatoplatinum i ohp of carboplatin and of 5 fluorouracil cytostatic action

Sakata, K.; Masukawa, T.; Kuramoto, N.; Ogita, K.; Yoneda, Y., 1998:
Potentiation by particular polyamines of DNA binding of activator protein-1 in murine brain

Nishio, A.; Nakamura, Y.; Miyamoto, A.; Ishiguro, S., 1997:
Potentiation by phosphoramidon of endothelium-dependent relaxation induced by bradykinin in isolated bovine coronary artery

Kataoka, Y.; Kan, S.; Mameya, S.; Shibaguchi, H.; Yamashita, K.; Niwa, M.; Taniyama, K., 1996:
Potentiation by protein kinase C activation of GABA release from Xenopus oocytes injected with rat brain mRNA

Naganobu, K.; Ito, K., 1993:
Potentiation by ryanodine and cyclopiazonic acid of agonist- and depolarizaton-induced contraction in resistance vessels of rat mesenteric artery

Heerdt, B.G.; Houston, M.A.; Augenlicht, L.H., 1994:
Potentiation by specific short-chain fatty acids of differentiation and apoptosis in human colonic carcinoma cell lines

Cruz-Rangel, S.; Hernández-Benítez, R.; Vázquez-Juárez, E.; López-Dominguez, A.; Pasantes-Morales, H., 2008:
Potentiation by thrombin of hyposmotic glutamate and taurine efflux from cultured astrocytes: signalling chains

Muroi, M.; Tanaka, K.; Kimura, I.; Kimura, M., 1989:
Potentiation effect of beta eudesmol to depolarizing neuromuscular blockers in diaphragm muscles of mice

Jehle, A.B.; Stechschulte, A.C.; Li, Y.; Stechschulte, D.J.; Dileepan, K.N., 1997:
Potentiation effect of mast cell granules on IL-6 and IL-8 production by endotoxin-activated human coronary artery endothelial cells

Kondoh, T.; Kimura, I.; Tsuneki, H.; Kimura, M., 1990:
Potentiation mechanism of succinylcholine and channel blockers in postsynaptic n achr operated calcium transients in phrenic nerve diaphragm muscles of mice

Xu, J.Y.; Tseng, L.F., 1993:
Potentiation of -cis-dioxolane on antinociception induced by ICV beta-endorphin is mediated by NO-cGMP in the mouse

Jarvis, W.D.; Gewirtz, D.A.; Petit, G.R.; Povirk, L.F.; Swerdlow, P.S.; Grant, S., 1993:
Potentiation of 1-beta-D-arabinofuranosylcytosine -induced apoptosis by bryostatin I in HL-60 promyelocytes Quantitation of DNA fragmentation

Koch, J.E.; Hough, L.B.; Bodnar, R.J., 1991:
Potentiation of 2 deoxy d glucose 2dg analgesia but not hyperphagia by zolantidine a histamine 2 h2 receptor antagonist

Goulaouic, H.; Subra, F.; Mouscadet, J.F.ancois; Carteau, S.; Auclair, C., 1994:
Potentiation of 2,3-dideoxycytidine by hydroxyurea and thymidine on the Moloney murine leukemia virus early replicative steps

Mabjeesh, N.J.; Shefler, A.; Amir, S.; Matzkin, H., 2008:
Potentiation of 2-methoxyestradiol-induced cytotoxicity by blocking endothelin A receptor in prostate cancer cells

Steinberg, M.I.; Wiest, S.A., 1998:
Potentiation of 3 -2-benzofuranyl-2-imidazoline binding to human platelets by the monoamine oxidase inhibitor , tranylcypromine

Bedingfield, J.S.; Roberts, P.J.; Watkins, J.C., 1996:
Potentiation of 4-aminopyridine-stimulated glutamate release from rat cerebrocortical synaptosomes by -3,5-dihydroxyphenylglycine in the absence of arachidonic acid

Zhang, L.; Oz, M.; Weight, F.F., 1995:
Potentiation of 5-HT-3 receptor-mediated responses by activation of PKC

Zhou, Q.; Lovinger, D., 1994:
Potentiation of 5-HT3 receptor function by alcohols

Houghton, J.A.; Adkins, D.A.; Houghton, P.J.; Morton, C., 1993:
Potentiation of 5-fluorouracil -leucovorin cytotoxicity by interferon is at the level of DNA

Belt, J.A.; Noel, L.D.; Ng, C.Y.C.; Phelps, D.A., 1993:
Potentiation of 5-fluorouracil activity in colon carcinoma cell lines by nucleoside transport inhibitors

Chiou, T.J.; Ren, Q.F.; Grem, J.L., 1995:
Potentiation of 9-aminocamptothecin cytotoxicity by interferon gamma

Smith, J.K.; Alexander, S.P.H., 1998:
Potentiation of A2B adenosine receptor-evoked cyclic AMP generation

Ramirez Latorre, J.A.; Role, L., 1995:
Potentiation of ACh-evoked currents through alpha-4+beta-2 and alpha-5+alpha-4+beta-2 nAChRs Localization of the Ca-2+ regulatory site

Wang, X.; Van Breemen, C., 1995:
Potentiation of ACh-operated-Ca-2+-entry in fresh isolated endothelial cells with different agonists

Lodge, D.; Bond, A.; Goldsworthy, J.; Baker, S.R.chard; Schoepp, D.D.; Monn, J.A., 1996:
Potentiation of AMPA-induced excitation by selective metabotropic glutamate receptor agonists on rat spinal neurones in vivo

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Potentiators for aminoglycosides

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