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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 32976

Chapter 32976 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Doenst, T.; Taegtmeyer, H., 1997:
Profound underestimation of glucose uptake by 2-deoxy-2-fluoroglucose in reperfused heart muscle

Harrington, R.A.; Schulman, S.P.; Kleiman, N.S.; Lincoff, A.M.chael; Goldschmidt Clermont, P.J.; Joseph, D.; Sigmon, K.N.; Parker, J.; Marchant, K.; Kitt, M.M., 1994:
Profound, sustained and reversible platelet inhibition following administration of a glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitor with and without heparin in patients with unstable angina

Jacobs, M.J.; Gregoric, I.D.; Reul, G.J., 1992:
Profunda femoral artery pseudoaneurysm after percutaneous transluminal procedures manifested by neuropathy

Miller, J.H.; Allen, D.; Berce, M.B.; Benveniste, G.B.; Faris, I.F.; Ferguson, L.J.; Jury, P.J.; Raptis, S.; Quigley, F., 1991:
Profunda femoris artery as outflow using ptfe with vein cuff

Hanna, G.B.; Holdsworth, R.J.; McCollum, P.T., 1994:
Profunda femoris artery pseudoaneurysm following orthopaedic procedures

Manas, D.; Jacobson, J.E.; Pontin, A.R.; Kahn, D., 1993:
Profunda-femoris-saphenous PTFE graft A method of vascular access for hemodialysis

Dumnicka, Elzbieta, 1993:
Profundal macrofauna of the Dobczyce Reservoir in the fifth year after its filling

Voss, E.U.; Mastragelopulos, N., 1989:
Profundaplasty and profunda revascularization as an alternative to femorocrural reconstruction

Alves, E.-Ursulino; Alcantara-Bruno, R.-De-Lucena; Alves, A.-Ursulino; Alves, A.-Ursulino; Cardoso, E.-De-Almeida; Maia-Dornelas, C.-Seixas; Galindo, E.-Alves; Braga-Junior, J.-Martins, 2008:
Profundidades de semeadura para emergencia de plantulas de juazeiro

Pfeifer, M.P.; Hardison, J.E., 1989:
Profuse diaphoresis relieved by coronary angioplasty

Johnson, J.S.; Karboski, J.A.; Williams, G.O., 1992:
Profuse diarrhea after misoprostol use in a patient with a history of Crohn's disease

Kurien, M.; Raman, R.; Thomas, K., 1993:
Profuse epistaxis: an argument for conservative medical management

Mullally, B.H.; Linden, G.J., 1992:
Profuse gingival bleeding on probing and periodontal status

Roy-Chaudhury, P.; Simpson, J.G.; Edward, N., 1992:
Profuse haematuria and clot colic in thin basement membrane nephropathy

Spitz, M.C.; Clover, T.; Shantz, D.; Bainbridge, J., 1997:
Profuse sweating as an ictal phenomenon

Watanabe Kozo, 1974:
Profusulinella assemblage in the Omi Limestone, Niigata Prefecture, central Japan Studies of Carboniferous fusulinacean of Omi, Part I

Bersani, M.; Thim, L.; Holst, J.J., 1990:
Progalanin processing in porcine adrenals

Lainson, R., 1995:
Progarnia archosauriae nov gen, nov sp , a blood parasite of Caiman crocodilus crocodilus , and comments on the evolution of reptilian and avian haemosporines

Smith, A.M.; Varro, A.; Watson, S.A.; Hardcastle, J.D., 1998:
Progastrin and glycine extended gastrin-17 are overexpressed in pernicious anaemia patients

Vanbockrijck, M.; Pipeleers Marichal, M.; Heitz, P.U.; Schroeder, S.; Rehfeld, J.F.; Kloeppel, G., 1993:
Progastrin immunoreactivity in normal and neoplastic gastrin cells

Negre, F.; Fagot Revurat, P.; Vaysse, N.; Rehfield, J.F.; Pradayrol, L., 1994:
Progastrin induces autocrine/intracrine proliferative effects on pancreatic rat tumoral cells

Daugherty, D.F.; Dickinson, C.J.; Guo, Y.; Stadler, B.; Yamada, T., 1991:
Progastrin post translational processing substrate specificity of endoproteolytic cleavage reactions

Dickinson, C.J.; Guo, Y.J.; Daugherty, D.; Finniss, S.; Yamada, T., 1993:
Progastrin post-translation processing Substrate specificity of the prohormone convertases PC2 and PC3

Stepan, V.M.; Del Valle, J.; Dickinson, C.J., 1998:
Progastrin processing in primary antral G-cells is mediated by prohormone convertase 2

Bertholon, L., 1995:
Progenetic and normal developments in Ruggieria lekkii R-strategy and K-strategy in response to variable ecological parameters

Mooi, R., 1990:
Progenetic miniaturization in the sand dollar sinaechinocyamus implications for clypeasteroid phylogeny

Ito,D.S.; Sera,G.H.; Sera,T.; Santiago,D.C.; Kanayama,F.S.; Grossi,L.del, 2008:
Progenies of coffee with resistance to nematodes Meloidogyne paranaensis and Meloidogyne incognita race 2

Sindelar,J.; Frydl,J.; Novotny,P.; Cap,J., 2008:
Progenies of selected partial populations of silver fir, European larch and European beech from the Slovak Republic on the comparative research plots in the Czech Republic - potentials of importing of reproductive material

Fleming, W.H.; Mulcahy, J.M.; Mckearn, J.P.; Streeter, P.R., 1998:
Progenipoietin mobilizes substantial numbers of transplantable hematopoietic stem cells

Streeter, P.R.; Ishioka, G.; Kahn, L.E.; Lie, W.R.; Evans, R.J.; Sette, A.; Fikes, J.; Alexander, J.; Woulfe, S.L., 1998:
Progenipoietin, a chimeric growth factor that promotes the in vivo expansion of functional dendritic cells

Woulfe, S.L.; Minster, N.I.; Kahn, L.E.; Streeter, P.R.; Mckean, J.P., 1998:
Progenipoietin, a multifunctional agonist of the human fit-3 and G-CSF receptor complexes

Minster, N.I.; Kahn, L.E.; Abegg, A.L.; Bremer, M.E.; Woulfe, S.L.; Mckearn, J.P.; Streeter, P.R., 1997:
Progenipoietin, and engineered novel family of hematopoietic growth factors for the expansion of hematopoietic progenitor cells

Kahn, L.E.; Farese, A.M.; Macvittie, T.J.; Strauss Schoenberger, J.M.; Minster, N.I.; Lind, L.B.; Mckearn, J.P.; Streeter, P.R., 1997:
Progenipoietin-G promotes in vivo expansion of hematopoietic progenitor cells in mice and in nonhuman primates

Macvittie, T.J.; Farese, A.M.; Lind, L.B.; Smith, W.G.; Streeter, P.; Mckearn, J.P., 1997:
Progenipoietin-G stimulates hematopoietic recovery following myelosuppression

Streeter, P.R.; Kahn, L.E.; Joy, W.D.; Minnerly, J.C.; Pegg, L.E.; Staten, N.R.; Woulfe, S.L.; Mckearn, J.P.; Minster, N.I., 1997:
Progenipoietin-G, a multifunctional agonist of human flt-3 and G-CSF receptors

Farese, A.M.; Macvittie, T.J.; Smith, L.D.cquel; Smith, W.G.; Wulfe, S.L.; Streeter, P.R.; Mckearn, J.P., 1998:
Progenipoietins, chimeric agonists of FLT-3 and the G-CSF receptors, stimulate multilineage hematopoietic recovery in myelosuppressed nonhuman primates

Bloom, M.L.; Simon Stoos, K.L., 1996:
Progenitor and stem cell analysis of the hemoglobin deficit mouse reveals a defect in the early erythroid lineage

Wiltbank, T.B., 1995:
Progenitor cell collection efficiency in normal donors

Chang, E.; Parker, J.; Watkins, K.; Rogers, K.; Douer, D., 1994:
Progenitor cell content in peripheral blood harvested at different times after mobilization with chemotherapy and granulocyte macrophage-colony stimulating factor

Mabie, P.C.; Mehler, M.F.; Seto, S.; Kessler, J.A., 1998:
Progenitor cell differentiation is regulated both by growth factor concentration and by the timing of exposure

Grompe, M.; Whitney, M.A.; Low, M.; Riefsteck, C.; Olson, S.; Heinrich, M.; Heneveld, M.; Rathbun, K.; Bagby, G.C., 1995:
Progenitor cell dysfunction in mice with Fanconi anemia group C gene disruption

Ward, M., R.; Stewart, D., J., 2008:
Progenitor cell therapy for cardiac regeneration following acute myocardial infarction So far, so good?

Mustafa, M.M.; E.S.lh, H.; Ayas, M.; A.M.hr, M.; A.J.fri, 1998:
Progenitor cell transplantation in children with a conditioning regimen of busulfan, cyclophosphamide and etoposide

Thorgeirsson, S.S., 1998:
Progenitor cell tumors in human liver

Rybka, W.B.; Kiss, J.E.; Magalhaes Silverman, M.; Lister, J.; Lembersky, B.; Roscoe, R.; Mierski, J.; Keane, J.; Oliver, J.; Winkelstein, A.; Ball, E.D., 1994:
Progenitor cells and accelerated engraftment in chemotherapy naive patients following hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Zhu, G.; Mehler, M.F.; Mabie, P.C.; Crain, S.; Kessler, J.A., 1997:
Progenitor cells from embryonic, postnatal, and adult generative zones display different responses to EGF and bFGF, and to the BMPs

Muller, A.; Soyano, L.A.; Martinez, B.; Guevara, F.; Bracho, M.; Dejongh, C.; Ponte, B.; Acosta, C.; Landolfi, C.; Gutierrez, M.; Perera, A.; Dos Ramos, U.; Somoza, R.; D.S.efano, M.; Soyano, A.E., 1998:
Progenitor cells from prenatal fetal blood, umbilical cord blood and peripheral blood

Koc, O.N.; Lazarus, H.M.; Cooper, B.W.; Steckley, J.A.; Gerson, S.L., 1995:
Progenitor content and CD34+ cells in peripheral blood progenitor cell collections are better predictors of hematopoietic recovery than total mononuclear cell count

Abboud, C.N.; Liesveld, J.L.; Belanger, T.J.; Haug, J.S.; Stamm, C.; Reykdal, S.; Rosell, K.E.; Mos, T.J.; Dipersio, J.F., 1997:
Progenitor kinetics after cytoxan plus G-, GM-, G + GM-CSF, or PIXY321 mobilization

Maslyak, Z.; Vygovska, Y.; Loginsky, V.; Potiomkina, G.; Mazurok, A., 1995:
Progenitor markers in patients with chronic myeloid leukaemia

Gibson, P.G.; Manning, P.J.; Girgis Gabardo, A.; Hargreave, F.E.; O'byrne P.M.; Dolovich, J.; Denburg, J., 1989:
Progenitors during the late asthmatic response to allergen

Stapel, J.O.car; Ruberson, J.R.; GrossHarry, R.Jr; Lewis, W.J.e, 1997:
Progeny allocation by the parasitoid Lespesia archippivora in larvae of Spodoptera exigua

S"beva, Iliyana, 1995 :
Progeny evaluation of stallions from the East Bulgarian breed by race time

Mccombs, J.L.; Daeschner, C.W.; Heath, D.V.; Lockhart, L.H., 1989:
Progeny of a mother treated for childhood leukemia a complex chromosomal translocation and minor congenital anomalies

Borg, L.L.; Vescovi, A.L.; Blote, K.; Kyle, A.L.; Hettiaratchi, P.; Reynolds, B.A.; Mudrick Donnon, L.A., 1996:
Progeny of long-term mouse and human CNS stem cell cultures survive transplantation and differentiate into neurons and glia

Mcpeake, S.A.; Clutter, A.C.; Woltmann, M.D.; Buchanan, D.S.; Dolezal, H.G., 1994:
Progeny response to selection for postweaning average daily gain among boars with limited feed intake

Dionisio, E.E.; Eknath, A.E.; Janagap, C.C., 1995:
Progeny sex ratios in a complete diallel cross with eight strains of Nile tilapia

Willer, S., 1993:
Progeny testing Its relevance to veterinary insemination and consultancy practice

Bigler,A., 2008:
Progeny testing November 2007 Exterior as the central element of progeny testing

Boente, M.D.C.; Pasteris, L.; Cardozo, R., 1992:
Progeria hutchinson gilford syndrome case report

Yu, Q.X.; Zeng, L.H., 1991:
Progeria: report of a case and review of the literature

Arriaza, M.I.; Maira, M.E.; Mena, M.; Selman, E.; Lacassie, Y., 1993:
Progeroid syndrome due to ichthyosis associated with other anomalies Variation of IBIDS or a new syndrome?

Cohen, J., 1995:
Progestagen contraceptives

Voigt, L.F., 1992:
Progestagen oestrogen and risk of endometrial cancer

Hernandez Garcia, F.I.; Ford, S.P., 1998:
Progestagen treatment and dietary restriction affecting ovarian activity of postpartum Retinta cow

Backstrom, T., 1997:
Progestagens and CNS function

Jamin, C., 1993:
Progestational contraception Advantages

Gorins, A., 1993:
Progestational contraception Side effects

Christen, R.D.; Maclay, E.F.; Shalinsky, D.R.; Heath, D.D.; Howell, S.B., 1993:
Progestational therapy for multiple drug resistance

Ottow, E.; Schwede, W.; Halfbrodt, W.; Fritzemeier, K H.; Krattenmacher, R., 1996:
Progestationally active 19,11-bridged 4-estrenes

Rekers, H.; O.T.n Berg, M., 1990:
Progesteron only contraception with 500 micrograms lynestrenol exluton

Jindal, R.; Foxcroft, G.R., 1995:
Progesterone A mediator of nutritionally induced effects on embryo survival in gilts

Guennoun, R.; Desarnaud, F.; Robert, F.; Gouezou, M.; Schumacher, M.; Baulieu, E.E., 1997 :
Progesterone Biosynthesis in sciatic nerves and effects on myelin gene expression

Vazquez, J.M.; Martinez, E.A.; Matas, C.; Roca, J., 1998:
Progesterone accelerates spermatozoa penetration time in homologous in vitro fertilization in the pig

Payne, J.H.; Mann, G.E.; Lamming, G.E., 1994:
Progesterone action in ovariectomised ewes passively immunised against oestradiol

Meizel, S.; Turner, K.O., 1990:
Progesterone acts at the human sperm plasma membrane to initiate the acrosome reaction

Cicinelli, E.; Ragno, G.; Cagnazzo, I.; Fanelli, F.; Vetuschi, C.; Schonauer, S., 1991:
Progesterone administration by nasal spray

Tsai, H.W.; Feinstein, A.; Hong, L.S.; Lapolt, P.S.; Lu, J.K.H., 1997:
Progesterone administration on proestrus restores the preovulatory LH surge to normal in middle-aged, cyclic female rats during the reproductive aging transition

Yen, S.H.; Jea, J.C.; Pan, J.T., 1997:
Progesterone advances the diurnal rhythm of tuberoinfundibular dopaminergic neuronal activity and the prolactin surge Its possible action mechanisms

Heistermann, M.; Beard, A.; Van Aarde, R.J.; Hodges, J.K., 1994:
Progesterone and 5-alpha-dihydroprogesterone concentrations in plasma and individual corpora lutea of non-pregnant and pregnant African elephants

Martin, C.A.; Mainous, A.G.; Mainous, R.O.; Oler, M.J.; Curry, T.; Vore, M., 1997:
Progesterone and adolescent suicidality

Quinones-Jenab, V.; Minerly, A.Christina.E.; Niyomchia, T.; Akahvan, A.; Jenab, S.; Frye, C., 2008:
Progesterone and allopregnanolone are induced by cocaine in serum and brain tissues of male and female rats

Slattery, M.; Hines, G.A.; Watts, S.A., 1994:
Progesterone and androstenedione metabolism in Antarctic soft corals

Riccitelli, K.R.; Vogelsang, M.M.; Potter, G.D.; Gibbs, P.G.; Stott, G.G.; Hagstrom, D.J., 1998:
Progesterone and cholesterol profiles and reproductive parameters of low body condition postpartum mares fed a control or fat-supplemented diet

Leighton, J.K.; Wei, L.L., 1998:
Progesterone and development

Domatob, F.N.; Machado, R.; Ireland, F.A.; Faulkner, D.B.; Kesler, D.J., 1994:
Progesterone and electrical resistance effectively diagnose pregnancy in beef heifers after norgestomet re-synchronization

Stoklosowa, S.; Bahr, J.; Dryden, G., 1994:
Progesterone and estradiol secretion by Suncus murinus ovaries and adrenals in vitro

Walsh, J.; Hasler, W.; Nugent, C.; Owyang, C., 1993:
Progesterone and estrogen are potential mediators of gastric slow wave dysrhythmias in the nausea and vomiting of pregnancy

Chaudhary, S.; Sood, R.; Lakhchaura, B.D.; Sud, S.C., 1996:
Progesterone and estrogen concentrations in milk of mastitic cows

Cadorniga, C.; Bertics, S.J.; Vazquez Anon, M.; Lopez Diaz, M.C.; Grummer, R.R., 1998:
Progesterone and estrogen effects on adipose tissue lipolysis

Iqbal, S.; Thomas, A.; Bunyan, K.; Tiidus, P.M., 2009:
Progesterone and estrogen influence postexercise leukocyte infiltration in overiectomized female rats

Tuyen, D.K.; Jailkhani, S.; Madan, M.L.; Prakash, B.S.; Singla, S.K., 1990:
Progesterone and estrogen profile during superovulation in buffaloes

Ott, T.L.; Zhou, Y.; Stevens, C.; Harney, J.P.; Ogle, T.; Bazer, F.W., 1992:
Progesterone and estrogen receptor dynamics prior to luteolysis and during maternal recognition of pregnancy in ewes

Brandis, A.; Ostertag, H., 1990:
Progesterone and estrogen receptors in primary breast cancer comparison of immunohistochemical and biochemical results

Irwin, R.W.; Yao, J.; Hamilton, R.T.; Cadenas, E.; Brinton, R.Diaz.; Nilsen, J., 2008:
Progesterone and estrogen regulate oxidative metabolism in brain mitochondria

Khoury, R.H.; Wang, Q.F.; Toth, T.; Leykin, L.; Schneyer, A.L.; Sluss, P.M., 1995:
Progesterone and follistatin levels in follicular fluid correlate with fertilization and pregnancy outcomes in IVF patients

Omar, H.; Ramirez, R.; Arsich, J.; Gibson, M., 1995:
Progesterone and human umbilical and placental vascular tone in vitro

Stephenson, D.C., 1990:
Progesterone and immunosuppression during pregnancy

Godfrey, R.W.; Hensley, E.L.; Collins, J.R.; Wheaton, J.E., 1997:
Progesterone and luteinizing hormone levels in hair sheep after estrous synchronization with either progesterone or prostaglandin F2alpha

Sato, A.; Isobe, M.; Horiuchi, T.; IIzuka, K.; Hisada, S.; Ito, K.; Masuda, S.; Yoshida, S.; Hoshino, T.; Suzuki, M., 1994:
Progesterone and medroxyprogesterone acetate accelerate the chronic nephropathy in female F344 rats

Silva, F.M.reira Da; Burvenich, C.; Massart Leen, A.M.; Heyneman, R., 1994:
Progesterone and neutrophil respiratory burst at parturition in cows

Sheldrick, E.L.; Flick Smith, H.C., 1990:
Progesterone and oxytocin decrease prostaglandin f 2 alpha secretion and oxytocin receptor concentration in the ovine uterus in vitro

Chen, M.C.; Song, W.O., 1995:
Progesterone and placental acetylcholine modulated by maternal pantothenic acid status in rats

Dunlap,K.A.; Erikson,D.W.; Burghardt,R.C.; White,F.J.; Reed,K.M.; Farmer,J.L.; Spencer,T.E.; Magness,R.R.; Bazer,F.W.; Bayless,K.J.; Johnson,G.A., 2008:
Progesterone and placentation increase secreted phosphoprotein one in uterine glands and stroma for histotrophic and hematotrophic support of ovine pregnancy

Jasonni, V.M.; Amadori, A.; Santini, D.; Naldi, S.; Ceccarelli, C.; D'anna, R.; Lomonaco, I.; Leonardi, J.; Sturlese, E., 1997:
Progesterone and progestins effect on EGFR staining in normal and pathological human endometrium

Del Vecchio, R.P.; Sutherland, W.D.; Lewandoski, T.R., 1996:
Progesterone and prostaglandin production by bovine luteal cells incubated in a perifusion culture system and treated with recombinant bovine interleukin-1-beta, LH and indomethacin

Stein, D.G.; Fulop, Z.L., 1998:
Progesterone and recovery after traumatic brain injury An overview

Dekeratry, D.R.; Ducker, T.E.; Clench, M.H.; Mathias, J.R., 1993:
Progesterone and relaxin disrupt the migrating myoelectric complex of the small intestine in rats

Leiser, R.; Schaefer, A.; Hegele Hartung, C.; Krebs, C.; Beier, H.M., 1995:
Progesterone antagonist onapristone and its morphological implications for the development of the early placenta in the rabbit

Spitz, I.M., 1993:
Progesterone antagonists An overview and therapeutic applications

Michna, H.; Gehring, S.; Nishino, Y.; Schneider, M.R., 1993:
Progesterone antagonists From biology to the clinic

Michna, H.; Nishino, Y.; Schneider, M.R.; Louton, T., 1991:
Progesterone antagonists an assay on the mammary gland predictive of inhibiting potential in mammary carcinoma

Michna, H.; Schneider, M.R.; Nishino, Y.; E.E.reby M.F.; Kuehnel, W.; Mcguire, W., 1990:
Progesterone antagonists induction of terminal differentiation and cell cycle blockade in experimental mammary tumors

Spitz, I.M.; Bardin, C.W., 1989:
Progesterone antagonists on the horizon

Michna, H.; Schneider, M.R.; Nishino, Y.; Kuehnel, W.; Mcguire, W.L., 1990:
Progesterone antagonists preclinical data favor an innovative treatment strategy for breast cancer

Kelly, R., 1990:
Progesterone antigestagens and prostaglandin metabolism

Keck, C.; Neulen, J.; Breig Lauel, S.; Breckwoldt, M., 1996:
Progesterone as marker for late onset adrenogenital syndrome

Lequin, R.; Olsen, D., 1995:
Progesterone assay for the AuraFlex immunoassay system

Ren, K.; Wei, F.; Dubner, R.; Murphy, A.; Hoffman, G.E., 1998:
Progesterone attenuates inflammatory hyperalgesia in lactating rats

Bishnoi, M.; Chopra, K.; Kulkarni, S.K., 2007:
Progesterone attenuates neuroleptic-induced orofacial dyskinesia via the activity of its metabolite, allopregnanolone, a positive GABA(A) modulating neurosteroid

Levy, M.N.; Yang, T.; Utian, W.H.; Goldfarb, J.; Gorodeski, G.I., 1996:
Progesterone attenuates the estrogen-induced increase in coronary flow

Winn, R.J.; Sherwood, O.D., 1992:
Progesterone augments relaxins effects on cervical softening in ovariectomized gilts

Lenasi, H.; Plemenitas, A., 1992:
Progesterone binding components in the plasma membrane of the filamentous fungus Cochliobolus lunatus

Morrill, G.A.; Ma, G.Y.; Kostellow, A., 1997:
Progesterone binding to plasma membrane and cytosol receptors in the amphibian oocyte

Ukena, K.; Tsutsui, K., 1997:
Progesterone biosynthesis in the rat cerebellum

Goodwin, G.; Robinson, B.; Majzoub, J., 1991:
Progesterone blockade of cortisol stimulated corticotropin releasing hormone gene expression in primary human trophoblast cultures

Lehman, M.N.; Berriman, S.J.; Gu, X.H.; Shih, A.S.W.; Moenter, S.M.; Evans, N.P.; Dahl, G.E.; Karsch, F.J., 1992:
Progesterone blocks Fos expression in gonadotropin-releasing hormone neurons during the estradiol-induced GnRH surge in the ewe

Mazzone, T.; Krishna, M.K.; Lange, Y., 1993:
Progesterone blocks intracellular translocation of free cholesterol derived from ester in macrophage foam cells

Harris, T.G.; Evans, N.P.; Dye, S.; Skinner, D.S.; Robinson, J.E., 1996:
Progesterone can block the LH surge when introduced immediately after a stimulatory oestradiol signal, but not prior to the onset of LH surge release

A.D.han, M.I.; Tehrani, M.J.lilian; Thalmann, R.H., 1994:
Progesterone can regulate GABA-B receptors in the cerebral cortex by a non-genomic mechanism

A.D.han, M.I.; Thalmann, R.H., 1993:
Progesterone can regulate GABA-beta receptors in the cerebral cortex

Jaiswal, B.S.; Tur Kaspa, I.; Eisenbach, M., 1998:
Progesterone causes human sperm accumulation by hyperactivation and trapping, but not by chemotaxis

el-Maraghy, M.A.; el-Badawy, N.; Wafa, G.A.; Bishai, N., 1994:
Progesterone challenge test in postmenopausal women at high risk

Hibino, S.; Sugino, E.; Kohno, T.; Fujimori, S.; Nemoto, H.; Ichihara, Y.; Sato, Y., 1997:
Progesterone compound and use thereof

Kumar, P.K.S.resh; Mehta, V.M.; Janakiraman, K., 1993:
Progesterone concentration and luteal cellular changes during oestrous cycle of Marwari goats

Winter, T.; Glatzel, P., 1991:
Progesterone concentration in the peripheral blood of cows with normal or disturbed puerperium

Libersky, E.A.; Boatman, D.E.; Bavister, B.D., 1994:
Progesterone concentrations of reproductive fluids in the golden hamster during the peri-ovulatory period Implications for in vitro fertilization

Mann, G.E.; Lamming, G.E.; Fisher, P.A., 1998:
Progesterone control of embryonic interferon tau production during early pregnancy in the cow

McFadyen, I.J.; Raab, G.M.; Macintyre, C.C.; Forrest, A.P., 1989:
Progesterone cream for cyclic breast pain

Farmer, C.J.; Isakson, T.R.; Renner, K.J., 1994:
Progesterone decreases extracellular serotonin in the ventromedial hypothalamus and midbrain central grey in estrogen-primed ovariectomized rats

Thomas, B.A.; Anzalone, T.A.; Rosinia, F.A., 1995:
Progesterone decreases the MAC of desflurane in the nonpregnant ewe

Robinson, J.E.; Evans, N.P., 1998:
Progesterone delays the luteinizing hormone surge in the ewe by increasing the time taken to read a stimulatory estrogen signal

Camier, B.; Maudelonde, T., 1992:
Progesterone dependent endometrial proteins and proteases

Szekeres Bartho, J.; Varga, P.; Kinsky, R.; Kapovic, M.; Chaouat, G., 1991:
Progesterone dependent immunomodulation during pregnancy

Mandler, R.N.; Domalewski, M.; Whitlinger, D.; Seamer, L., 1990:
Progesterone depolarizes spinal cord cells of the wobbler mouse and normal littermates

Mueller, E.; Arbeiter, K., 1991:
Progesterone determination using enzyme immunoassay incorporating magnetic separation

Kim, E.K.; Keller Wood, M., 1996:
Progesterone does not interact with glucocorticoids to alter blood pressure

Meunier, M.; Mondain Monval, M.; Caillol, M., 1990:
Progesterone effects on lh secretion in vivo and in vitro in the brown hare lepus europaeus

Thomas, A.; Kim, N.B.; Amico, J.A., 1994:
Progesterone effects on oxytocin expression in the paraventricular nucleus of the lactating rat

Auger, A.P.; Blaustein, J.D., 1994:
Progesterone enhances an estradiol-induced increase of Fos-immunoreactivity in localized regions of female rat forebrain

Lee W S.; Smith, M.S.; Hoffman, G.E., 1990:
Progesterone enhances fos expression in lhrh neurons during an lh surge

Frye, C.A.; Walf, A.A., 2008:
Progesterone enhances performance of aged mice in cortical or hippocampal tasks

Sullivan, J.M.; Mcbrayer, J.; Shala, B.; Miller, L.; Lener, J., 1993:
Progesterone enhances vasoconstrictor responses in post-menopausal women receiving estrogen replacement therapy

Montemayor, M.E.; Giometti, C.S.; Taylor, J.; Roy, E.J., 1990:
Progesterone facilitated lordosis behavior does not appear to be correlated with modification of protein patterns in ventromedial hypothalamus of the female rat

Murdoch, W.J.; Van Kirk, E.A.; Isaak, D.D.; Shen, Y., 2008:
Progesterone facilitates cisplatin toxicity in epithelial ovarian cancer cells and xenografts

Dodd, J.M.; Flenady, V.J.; Cincotta, R.; Crowther, C.A., 2008:
Progesterone for the prevention of preterm birth: a systematic review

Collins, P.; Jiang, C.; Sarrel, P.; Poole Wilson, P., 1992:
Progesterone has calcium antagonistic properties in the rabbit coronary artery

Frye, C.A.; Mermelstein, P.G.; Debold, J.F., 1990:
Progesterone immobilized on bsa implanted in the vta but not the hypothalamus facilitates sexual receptivity in hamsters

Turcotte, J.C.; Auger, A.P.; Meredith, J.M.; Blaustein, J.D., 1995:
Progesterone implants in the ventromedial hypothalamus increase Fos-immunoreactivity in female rat brain following systemic estradiol treatment

Vongher, J.M.; Frye, C.A., 1998:
Progesterone in conjunction with estradiol has neuroprotective and restorative effects of an animal model of Alzheimers disease

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