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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 33006

Chapter 33006 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Galindo, M.F.; Rehn, J.M.H.; Bindokas, V.P.; Jordan, J.; Ghadge, G.D.; Roos, R.P.; Miller, R.J., 1995:
Protective effects of TGF-beta-1 on beta-amyloid neurotoxicity in rat hippocampal neurons

Zucali, J.R.; Moreb, J., 1993:
Protective effects of TNF and IL-1

Liou, S.Y.; Takahashi, M.; Takagi, H.; Takashima, M.; Itoh, C.; Imm, W.B.; Kunihara, M., 1993:
Protective effects of U-92032, a novel T-type calcium channel blocker, on cerebral ischemic injury

Takahashi, M.; Takagi, H.; Ito, C.; Suenaga, H.; Liou, S.Y.; Kunihara, M., 1993:
Protective effects of U-92032, a novel calcium blocker with anti-peroxidative activity, on cerebral ischemic injury

Bastos D.S.lva, M.; Dessy, C.; Coghe, J.; David, J.L.; Lekeux, P., 1998:
Protective effects of WEB 2086 and ketoprofen on PAF-induced changes in the morphological ultrastructure of blood platelets in calves

Weyrich, A.S.; Ma, X.L.ang; Lefer, A.M., 1992:
Protective effects of a P-selectin specific monoclonal antibody in myocardial ischemia and reperfusion

Gumieniczek, A.; Hopkala, H.; Zabek, A., 2008:
Protective effects of a PPAR gamma agonist pioglitazone on anti-oxidative system in testis of diabetic rabbits

Anaise D.; Madariaga J.; Gonda A.; Ishimaru M.; Anderson E.; Shabtai M.; Waltzer W.C.; Rapaport F.T., 1989:
Protective effects of a calmodulin inhibitor on the microcirculation of cold stored livers

Guo,; Mead, P.S.; Palladino, M.; Lefer, A.M., 1994:
Protective effects of a monoclonal antibody against lipid A in a murine model of endotoxic shock

M.X.L.; Rothlein R.; Lefer A.M., 1991:
Protective effects of a monoclonal antibody mab against icam 1 on myocardial injury and endothelial dysfunction in cat myocardial ischemia and reperfusion mi r

Stengs, C.H.M.; Klis, S.F.L.; Huizing, E.H.; Smoorenburg, G.F., 1998:
Protective effects of a neurotrophic ACTH analog on cisplatin ototoxicity in relation to the cisplatin dose An electrocochleographic study in albino guinea pigs

Ohara, F.; Sugimoto, T.; Yamamoto, N.; Ohkubo, K.; Maeda, K.; Motoyama, Y.; Tanaka, H., 1996:
Protective effects of a new Na+/H+ exchange inhibitor, FR168888, on cardiac ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats and dogs

Liao P.; Johnson G.IIi; Lefer A.M., 1989:
Protective effects of a new potent thromboxane receptor antagonist in eicosanoid induced sudden death

Fay, M.; Jampy Fay, M.; Akarid, K.; Gougerot Pocidalo, M.A., 1993:
Protective effects of a non toxic double stranded polyribonucleotide -Poly U against immune oxidative injury Role of thiols released by activated macrophages

Shimada O.; Kimura Y.; Kamata T.; Ikegami K., 1989:
Protective effects of a novel calcium antagonist having anti peroxidative activity against ischemia reperfusion injury of rat heart

Nomoto K I.; Katoh H.; Sawada K.; Shoji T., 1989:
Protective effects of a novel class 3 antiarrhythmic compound e 4031 on life threatening arrhythmias during early phase of ischemia in coronary ligated dogs

Sakurai, E.; Sahara, T.; Kinoshita, N.; Kojima, K.; Sugai, T., 1993:
Protective effects of a novel nitrate compound, N-3393 on cerebral anoxia or hypoxia

Lowe, K.C.; Akande, S.L.; Bonnett, R.; White, R.D.; Berenbaum, M.C., 1992:
Protective effects of a novel perfluorochemical emulsion in photodynamic therapy

Nanji, A.A.; Sadrzadeh, S.M.H.ssein; Khettry, U.; Thomas, P.; Yamanaka, T., 1993:
Protective effects of a novel quinone derivative, -3- -2-nonyl-2-propenoic acid on experimental alcoholic liver injury

Takemoto, F.; Uchida, S.; Igarashi, R.; Nosaka, K.; Mizushima, Y.; Kurokawa, K., 1995:
Protective effects of a novel superoxide dismutase on ischemic acute renal failure in rats

Wang, K.S.; Monden, M.; Kanai, T.; Umeshita, K.; Ukei, T.; Nakano, H.; Gotoh, M.; Mori, T., 1992:
Protective effects of a PAF antagonist against liver injury induced by warm ischemia or cold preservation

Qiu, Yumin; Galinanes, Manuel; Hearse, David J., 1993:
Protective effects of a potassium channel opener on the recovery of the heart subjected to continuous low flow warm cardioplegia

Bonina, F.P.; Puglia, C.; Frasca, G.; Cimino, F.; Trombetta, D.; Tringali, G.; Roccazzello, A.; Insiriello, E.; Rapisarda, P.; Saija, A., 2008:
Protective effects of a standardised red orange extract on air pollution-induced oxidative damage in traffic police officers

Heidemann, S.M.; Asi Bautista, M.C.; Meert, K.L.; Sarnaik, A.P., 1996:
Protective effects of a thromboxane synthetase inhibitor in rat endotoxemia

Johnson G.IIi; Tsao P.; Mulloy D.P.; Lefer A.M., 1989:
Protective effects of acidified sodium nitrite in myocardial ischemia with reperfusion

Rose, U.M.; Bindels, R.J.M.; Jansen, J.W.C.M.; Van Os, C.H., 1993:
Protective effects of acidosis during anoxia in renal proximal tubule cells

Trafton, J.A.; Sapolsky, R.M., 1994:
Protective effects of acidosis on metabolism and ATP levels in cultured cortical neurons

Horiuchi H.; Nagata I.; Komoriya K.; Takeshita T., 1990:
Protective effects of active vitamin d 3 on endotoxin lps shock in mice

Meerson F.Z., 1991:
Protective effects of adaptation and some prospects for the development of adaptational medicine

ZhangJingYu; ZhaoJieXu, 2008:
Protective effects of adeno-associated viral gene transfer of BDNF on the hippocampal neurons

Tamura, Yutaka; Nakaue, Kousuke; Masuda, Naomi; Shiomi, Hirohito, 1996:
Protective effects of adenosine against glutamate-induced cytotoxicity in cultured cortical neurons

Ely, S.W.; Berne, R.M., 1992:
Protective effects of adenosine in myocardial ischemia

Numagami, Y.; MullenJ.Jr.; Ohnishi, S.T., 1995:
Protective effects of aged garlic extracts on brain ischemia and spinal cord injury in the rat

Shinmura K.; Tani M.; Ebihara Y.; Nakamura Y.; Asakura Y., 1992:
Protective effects of alpha 1 adrenoreceptor blockade on reperfusion injury in isolated rat hearts

Kaneko, S.; Maeda, T.; Kaneko, S.; Akaike, A.; Shimohama, S.; Kimura, J., 1996:
Protective effects of alpha-7 neuronal nicotinic receptor agonist on glutamate-induced neurotoxicity in cultured cortical neurons

A.T.waijri, A.S.; A.D.ohyan, A.D., 1995:
Protective effects of alpha-tocopherol on gastric mucosal injury by ischaemia-reperfusion in rats

Moffat M.P., 1989:
Protective effects of amiloride on the response of canine purkinje fibers to ischemia and reperfusion

Suda T.; Matsuike T.; Bun Y.; Tanaka T.; Torii K.; Masaki H., 1989:
Protective effects of amino acid combination with l alanine against alcoholic hepatic disorders

Ammons, W.S.eve; Lin, Yue, 1996:
Protective effects of an N-terminal fragment of bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein in animal models of Gram-negative sepsis

Nakajima, S.; Kawabata, T.; Kawakami, M.; Shimamura, T.; Iwaki, K., 1997:
Protective effects of an active endothelin receptor antagonist, S-0139, in rats with monocrotaline-induced pulmonary hypertension

Nagashima, K.; Karasawa, A., 1995:
Protective effects of an adenosine A-1-receptor antagonist and hydration against cisplatin-induced acute renal failure in rats

Loftus T.M.; Marangos P.J., 1990:
Protective effects of an adenosine receptor agonist in animal models of parkinsons disease

BaekSeungHae; ParkMin; SuhJaeHee; ChoiHyeSeon, 2008:
Protective effects of an extract of young radish cultivated with sulfur and of sulforaphane on carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicity

ChanYuetWa; LeungPingChung; CheChunTao; FungKwokPui, 2008:
Protective effects of an herbal formulation of Radix Astragali, Radix Codonopsis and Cortex Lycii on streptozotocin-induced apoptosis in pancreatic beta -cells an implication for its treatment of diabetes mellitus

Prigent Sassy, C.; Heudes, D.; Bruneval, P.; Jouquey, S.; Belair, M.F.; Oberval, D.; Hamon, G.; Bariety, J., 1993:
Protective effects of angiotensin I converting enzyme inhibition on glomerulosclerosis and albuminuria in ageing and streptozotocin-induced diabetes in rats

Sassy, C.; Heudes, D.; Jouquey, S.; Auberval, D.; Belair, M.F.; Hamon, G.; Bariety, J.; Bruneval, P., 1993:
Protective effects of angiotensin I converting enzyme inhibition on glomerulosclerosis and albuminuria in aging and streptozotocin-induced diabetes in rats

Grimm, D.; Elsner, D.; Peter, C.; Bruckschlegel, G.; Riegger, G.A.J.; Kromer, E.P., 1996:
Protective effects of angiotensin-type-1-receptor antagonism against isoproterenol -induced cardiac injury in rats

Chen T Y.; Greene E.; Black K.; Frostell C.G.; Robinson D.R.; Zapol W.M., 1992:
Protective effects of anti o polysaccharide and anti lipid a ha 1a monoclonal antibodies on the ovine pulmonary circulation

Kuriyama, H.; Naka, H.; Waki, M.; Kurumatani, N., 1996:
Protective effects of anti-oxidant on ischemic injury in rat retina

Van Stubarg, A.; Deby, C.; Dupont, G.; Roseeuw, D., 1995:
Protective effects of anti-oxidants on ozone-induced cell damage in human keratinocyte cultures

A.T.wajri, A.S.; A.K.uwaiter, S.A.; A.D.hayan, A.D., 1996:
Protective effects of antioxidants and OH scavenger on gastric mucosal injury induced by ischaemia-reperfusin in rats

Balahoroglu,R.; Dulger,H.; Ozbek,H.; Bayram,I.; Sekeroglu,M.R., 2008:
Protective effects of antioxidants on the experimental liver and kidney toxicity in mice

Chirino, Y.I.; Sánchez-González, D.Javier.; Martínez-Martínez, C.Maria.; Cruz, C.; Pedraza-Chaverri, Jé., 2008:
Protective effects of apocynin against cisplatin-induced oxidative stress and nephrotoxicity

Lin, Y.; Dawson, S.; Sterling Scott, R.; Xie, Y.S.; Hou, X.; Lee, C., 1993:
Protective effects of aprotinin on ischemic rabbit myocardium

Inoue, T.; Kubota, A.; Kanesaki, H.; Horii, I., 1993:
Protective effects of arotinoid on cyclophosphamide toxicities on immune system

Hanzawa, K.; Ohzeki, H.; Moro, H.; Hayashi, J.; Eguchi, S.; Nakajima, T.; Makibuchi, T.; Naritomi, H.; Nishiura, M.; Miyashita, K., 1995:
Protective effects of artificial blood substitute against cerebral ischemic injury

Johnson G.IIi; Tsao P.; Lefer A.M., 1989:
Protective effects of authentic nitric oxide in myocardial ischemia mi with reperfusion

Pelikan, Z.; Fouchier, S.; Van Oers, J.; D.K.okkenberg, M.C., 1998:
Protective effects of azelastine and levocabastine on the immediate nasal response to allergen challenge

Murayama, N.; Uramoto, H.; Ohno, T., 1997:
Protective effects of bFGF against brain injury

Morita, Y.; Murayama, N.; Inoue, T.; Ogino, R.; Ohno, T., 1993:
Protective effects of bFGF against neuronal damages in in vitro and in vivo

Fischer, S.; Renz, D.; Schaper, W.; Karliczek, G.F., 1994:
Protective effects of barbiturates on hypoxic cultures of brain derived microvascular endothelial cells

Uramoto, H.; Murayama, N.; Masumura, M.; Ohno, T., 1996:
Protective effects of basic fibroblast growth factor against traumatic brain injury in vivo and in vitro

Yao, K.; Karasawa, A., 1994:
Protective effects of benidipine against myocardial damage following ischemia and reperfusion in the isolated perfused rat heart

Yao, K.; Karasawa, A., 1993:
Protective effects of benidipine during ischemia and reperfusion in the isolated perfused rat heart Possible involvement of endothelial protection

Higo K.; Karasawa A.; Kubo K., 1989:
Protective effects of benidipine hydrochloride kw 3049 a calcium antagonist against experimental arterial calcinosis in rats

Shirakura S.; Karasawa A.; Kubo K., 1989:
Protective effects of benidipine hydrochloride kw 3049 against experimental cerebral ischemia and hypoxia

Imai R.; Kainoh M.; Ueno S.; Nishio S.; Nakadate T.; Endo T., 1992:
Protective effects of beraprost sodium bps trk 100 a stable prostacyclin analogue on blood brain barrier and endothelial cells

L.B.Y.; Yang B F.; L.W.H., 1990:
Protective effects of berbamine on myocardial reperfused damages in isolated working rabbit hearts

Liu, Y.; Yu, H.; Zhang, C.; Cheng, Y.; Hu, L.; Meng, X.; Zhao, Y., 2008:
Protective effects of berberine on radiation-induced lung injury via intercellular adhesion molecular-1 and transforming growth factor-beta-1 in patients with lung cancer

WangQiWen; WuQiDuan; ChenYiZhi, 2008:
Protective effects of beta -asarone against myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury in cultured cardiac myocytes

BaoLi; YaoXinSheng; YauChinChin; Tsi,D.; ChiaChewSern; Nagai,H.; Kurihara,H., 2008:
Protective effects of bilberry extract on restraint stress-induced liver damage in mice

Gomez Alamillo, C.; Cases, A.; Haas, J.; Romero, J.C., 1997:
Protective effects of blockade of angiotensin II and endothelin in the renal actions of the inhibition of nitric oxide and prostaglandin

Van Dijk F.; Green E.J.; Dietrich W.D.; Busto R.; Mccabe P.M.; Markgraf C.G.; Globus M.Y T.; Alonso O.; Ginsberg M.D.; Schneiderman N., 1991:
Protective effects of brain hypothermia on behavior following global cerebral ischemia in rats

Tatsuno, T.; Tanihara, H.; Honjo, M.; Inatani, M.; Ikeda, K.; Nakayama, C.; Noguchi, H.; Honda, Y., 1998:
Protective effects of brain-derived neurotrophic factor against retinal damage by exposure to constant light

Reibel, S.; Larmet, Y.; Le, B.T.; Carnahan, J.; Nawa, N.; Marescaux, C.; Depaulis, A., 1996:
Protective effects of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in two models of epilepsy in the rat

Ibi, M.; Maeda, T.; Kaneko, S.; Akaike, A.; Sawada, H.; Shimohama, S.; Kimura, J., 1998:
Protective effects of bromocriptine against reactive oxygen species-induced neurotoxicity in cultured mesencephalic neurons

Su-Jian-Hua; Zhang-Li-Ping; Chen-Yu-Fang; Tang-Jin-Rong; Xiao-Hang; Bao-De-Cheng, 2008:
Protective effects of buflomedil on sciatic nerve crush lesion in rats

Nakayama, T., 1995:
Protective effects of caffeic acid esters against H-2O-2-induced cell damages

Ren, Y.S.; Ma, T.G.; Wang, H.B.; Yu, S.Q., 1993:
Protective effects of calcitonin gene-related peptide on myocardial cell injury and calcium and magnesium contents following severe hypoxia and simulated reperfusion

Matsuda S.; IIda Y.; Kamisaka K.; Maezawa H., 1989:
Protective effects of calcium antagonist nitrendipine on calcium ionophore a 23187 induced liver cell injury

van Zwieten, P.A., 1993:
Protective effects of calcium antagonists in different organs and tissues

Neumayer, H.H.; Kunzendorf, U.; Schreiber, M., 1992:
Protective effects of calcium antagonists in human renal transplantation

Buser, P.T.; Wagner, S.; Wu, S.; Higgins, C.B.; Wikman-Coffelt, J., 1991:
Protective effects of calcium antagonists on energy and substrate metabolism during ischemia and reperfusion in hypertensive myocardial hypertrophy

Cosenzi, A.; Carraro, M.; Sacerdote, A.; Benazzi, M.T.; Bocin, E.; Artero, M.; Faccini, L.; Bellini, G., 1994:
Protective effects of calcium antagonists on renal function during strenuous exercise

Weinstein D.B., 1990:
Protective effects of calcium channel antagonists in experimental models of atherogenesis and vascular disease

Piwnica A.; Menasche P., 1989:
Protective effects of calcium channel blockers in cardiac surgery

Deray G.; Dubois M.; Martinez F.; Baumelou A.; Jacobs C., 1989:
Protective effects of calcium channel blockers on drug induced nephrotoxicity

Yano Y.; Taniguchi M.; Tanaka T.; O.S.; Kubo I., 1991:
Protective effects of calcium on cell membrane damage by polygodial in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Evangelista, S.; Cianchi, G.; Zecchi Orlandini, S.; Martini, M.; D.G.udio, A.R., 1997:
Protective effects of capsaicin in E coli toxin-induced intestinal damage in rats

Milner, L.S.; Yskiew, M.; Sadeghi Nejad, A.; Linshaw, M.A., 1997:
Protective effects of captopril in rats with spontaneous glomerulosclerosis treated with growth hormone

Matsui, H.; Morishima, I.; Hayashi, K.; Numaguchi, Y.; Toki, Y.; Okumura, K.; Ito, T., 1998:
Protective effects of carvedilol against adriamycin cardiomyopathy

Webb, C.L.; Yue, T.L.; Feuerstein, G.; Lysko, P.G., 1993:
Protective effects of carvedilol, a new antihypertensive, at neuronal sodium channels

Bi, J.; Jiang, B.; Liu, J.Hui.; Lei, C.; Zhang, X.Li.; An, L-Jia., 2008:
Protective effects of catalpol against H2O2-induced oxidative stress in astrocytes primary cultures

Chahine R.; Mateescu M.A.; Roger S.; D.C.amplain J.; Nadeau R., 1990:
Protective effects of ceruloplasmin against free radical injury in rat heart

Yasui, M.; Kawasaki, K., 1993:
Protective effects of cholecystokinin octapeptide against hypoxia/hypoglycemia-induced neuronal dysfunction in the SHRSHP hippocampal slices

Naka, Y.; Roy, D.K.; Marsh, H.C.; Scesney, S.M.; Ryan, U.S.; Stern, D.M.; Liao, H.; Michler, R.E.; Oz, M.C.; Pinsky, D.J., 1996:
Protective effects of complement blockade in an isograft model of lung preservation and transplantation

SuJunFang; LinMingYu; LiChangQing, 2008:
Protective effects of compound Kangxianruangan on liver injury in mice induced by concanavalin A

Naghizadeh, B.; Boroushaki, M.Taher.; Vahdati Mashhadian, N.; Mansouri, M.Taghi., 2008:
Protective effects of crocin against cisplatin-induced acute renal failure and oxidative stress in rats

Yao-Hong-Yi; Chen-Ji-Qiang; Du-Xiao-Gang; Zhang-Hui; Deng-Yang-Mei; Xie-Qiang-Min, 2008:
Protective effects of cryptoporus polysaccharide on lipopolysaccharide-induced lung injuries in mice

Lizasoain, I.; Fernandez Tome, P.; Leza, J.C.; Lorenzo, P.; Moro, M.A., 1998:
Protective effects of cyclic GMP on the neuronal death induced by SIN-1 in the presence of superoxide dismutase

Xin, H.B.; Zhang, B.H.; Shen, H.J., 1994:
Protective effects of cyproheptadine on myocardial reperfusion injury in isolated rat hearts

Amanvermez, R.; Tunçel, Oür.K.; Demir, S.; Kefeli, M.; Bek, Yüksel.; Celik, C., 2007:
Protective effects of cysteine, methionine and vitamin C on the stomach in chronically alcohol treated rats

Seki, H.; Iwai, K.; Ohta, K.; Yachie, A.; Matsuda, A.; Miyawaki, T.; Taniguchi, N., 1993:
Protective effects of cytokines on radiation-induced death of lymphocyte subpopulations

Katoh S.; Akita T.; Abe T.; Kamiya K.; Kodama I.; Toyama J., 1990:
Protective effects of deferoxamine on reperfusion injury of neonatal rabbit hearts following global ischemia

Hargis B.M.; Lindsey D.G.; Caldwell D.J.; Hinton A.Jr; Corrier D.E.; Deloach J.R., 1992:
Protective effects of defined and mixed cecal flora on salmonella typhimurium colonization in the crops of broiler chicks

Metwalley, H.E.; Melies, A.E., 1995:
Protective effects of desferrioxamine on cadmium induced liver and kidney toxicity in rats

Fouad, A.A.; Eldin, N.A.S.; Eweda, M.H., 1995:
Protective effects of desferrioxamine on cadmium induced testicular toxicity in rats

Shaik, I.H.; George, J.M.; Thekkumkara, T.J.; Mehvar, R., 2008:
Protective effects of diallyl sulfide, a garlic constituent, on the warm hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury in a rat model

Kato, A.; Minoshima, Y.; Yamamoto, J.; Adachi, I.; Watson, A.A.; Nash, R.J., 2008:
Protective effects of dietary chamomile tea on diabetic complications

Benhamou, P.Y.; Mullen, Y.; Clare Salzler, M.; Sangkharat, A.; Benhamou, C.; Shevlin, L.; Go, V.L.W., 1994:
Protective effects of dietary fatty acids on autoimmune diabetes in nod mice

Clark, W.F.; Parbtani, A.; Davidoff, A.; D.S.lis, H.; Huff, M.W.; Philbrick, D.J.; Holub, B.J.; Paul, L.C., 1995:
Protective effects of dietary flaxseed in a rat-renal transplant rejection model

Hara, A.; Abiko, Y., 1996:
Protective effects of dilazep and its derivative, K-7259, on myocardial derangements induced by long chain acylcarnitine

Koike, A.; Katoh, S.; Akita, T.; Abe, T.; Kodama, I.; Toyama, J.; Hotta, Y.; Takeya, K., 1994:
Protective effects of dimethyl amiloride against ischemia-reperfusion injury 31P-NMR study in isolated rabbit hearts

Koike, A.; Katoh, S.; Akita, T.; Abe, T.; Kodama, I.; Toyama, J.; Hotta, Y.; Takeya, K., 1994:
Protective effects of dimethyl amiloride, a Na+/H+ exchange inhibitor against ischemia-reperfusion injury of rabbit hearts 31P-NMR study on ion dynamics and energy metabolism

Pons, L.; Droy Lefaix, M.T.; Leguere, N.; Guillemain, J., 1997:
Protective effects of diosmectite from alterations of mucosal permeability and morphology of rabbit ileal loops induced by Escherichia coli enterotoxin

Rose Jones, N.; Richards, J.; Ostrowski, L.; Playle, R.C., 1997:
Protective effects of dissolved organic carbon against physiological disturbances of waterborne silver on rainbow trout

Redmond, H.P.ul; Shou, J.; Daly, J.M., 1992:
Protective effects of early traumatic immunosuppression

Yamagata, K.; Ichinose, S.; Miyashita, A.; Tagami, M., 2008:
Protective effects of ebselen, a seleno-organic antioxidant on neurodegeneration induced by hypoxia and reperfusion in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rat

Zhang, X.Q.; Chen, Z.Q.; Zuo, D.P.; Zhao, Y.; Gao, Y.H., 1996:
Protective effects of electro-acupuncture on focal cerebral ischemia Reperfusion injury in rats

Pang, I.H.; Wexler, E.M.; Walters, R.J.; Reyes, M.; Reyes, A.; Shade, D.L.; Nawy, S.; Stanton, P.K.; Kapin, M.A., 1996:
Protective effects of eliprodil in retinal and neuronal cells and tissues

Lowe K.C.; Akande S.L.; Bonnett R.; White R.D.; Berenbaum M.C., 1991:
Protective effects of emulsified perfluorochemicals in experimental photodynamic therapy

Roux, S.P.; Qiu, C.; Sprecher, U.; Osterwalder, R., 1998:
Protective effects of endothelin receptor antagonist in experimental aortic cross clamping

Altavilla, D.; Urna, G.; Sardella, A.; Squadrito, F.; Calapai, G.; Campo, G.M.; Caputi, A.P., 1992:
Protective effects of endotoxin tolerance in tumor bearing rats

Yuan, J-Hua.; Li, Y-Qing.; Yang, X-Yun., 2008:
Protective effects of epigallocatechin gallate on colon preneoplastic lesions induced by 2-amino-3-methylimidazo[4,5-f ] quinoline in mice

ChenShuQiang; XuYouJia; YuChen(etal), 2008:
Protective effects of erythropoietin by epidural injection on neurocyte apoptosis and relative proteins after spinal cord injury in rats

YuanXiangLi; LiuKe; MaoXingAi; TangBeiSha, 2008:
Protective effects of erythropoietin on focal cerebral ischemia-reperfusion in rats and expression of P53 protein

Pietranera, L.; Saravia, F.E.; Roig, P.; Lima, A.; D.N.cola, A.F., 2008:
Protective effects of estradiol in the brain of rats with genetic or mineralocorticoid-induced hypertension

Zhang, Y.; Shi, J.; Rajakumar, G.; Simpkins, J.W.; Day, A.L., 1997:
Protective effects of estrogens against focal brain ischemia

Teepker, M.; Fischer, S.; Krieg, J.C.; Vedder, H., 1997:
Protective effects of estrogens on hydrogen peroxide induced cell death in HT22 hippocampal cells

CaoWei; ChenWeiJun; SuoZhiRong; YaoYaPing, 2008:
Protective effects of ethanolic extracts of buckwheat groats on DNA damage caused by hydroxyl radicals

Lee, J.; Kwon, W.; Jo, Y.; Suh, G.; Youn, Y., 2008:
Protective effects of ethyl pyruvate treatment on paraquat-intoxicated rats

O'neill, M.; Canney, M.; Feeney, C.; Earley, B.; Leonard, B.E., 1994:
Protective effects of exifone, a free radical scavenger, against ischaemia-induced hippocampal neurodegeneration in the gerbil

SuTong; LongRuiJun; WeiXiaoHong; WangJunHong; LiYuan, 2008:
Protective effects of exogenous nitric oxide on oxidative damage in oat seedling leaves under NaCl stress

Nakamura, T.Y.; Kobayashi, K.; Okamoto, T.; Goshima, K., 1992:
Protective effects of extracellular matrix and cytoskeleton on oxygen-free radical toxicity on cultured mouse myocardial cells

Ahmed,M.B.; Hasona,N.A.S.; Selemain,H.A.H., 2008:
Protective effects of extract from dates and ascorbic acid on thioacetamide-induced hepatotoxicity in rats

Zhang, Y.N.; Zhang, J.; Huang, G.Q.; Gu, C.Y.; Chen, W.Z., 1997:
Protective effects of extract of Ginkgo biloba of lysophosphatidylcholine induced damages of vascular endothelial cells in vitro

Hatanaka, N.; Kamiike, W.; Morimoto, Y.; Shimizu, S.; Miyata, M.; Yoshida, Y.; Matsuda, H., 1994:
Protective effects of feeding and of fructose against hypoxic damage in the perfused liver

Corrier D.E.; Hargis B.; Ambrus S.; Hinton A.Jr; Deloach J.R., 1992:
Protective effects of feeding used poultry litter and lactose litter on salmonella enteritidis colonization of leghorn chicks and hens

SonYoungHee; JungWonKyo; JeonYouJin; KimSooKi; LeeChiHo, 2008:
Protective effects of fermented onion juice containing higher amount of querectin aglycone against oxidative stress by 2,2-azobis dihydrochloride treatment in Sprague-Dawley rats

Milner, L.S.; Smith, D.; Yskiw, M.; Linshaw, M.; Blumberg, J., 1998:
Protective effects of fish oil, pentoxyfylline, and vitamin E in rats with spontaneous proteinuria

Takahashi K.; Lam T.T.; Buchi E.R.; Edward D.P.; Tso M.O.M., 1991:
Protective effects of flunarizine on pressure induced ischemic injury in rat retina

Lee, Jeong Hoon, 1993:
Protective effects of fosfomycin on the experimental nephrotoxicity induced by cyclosporine A

Ito, T.; Kimura, T.; Furukawa, M.; Yamaguchi, H.; Goto, M.; Nakano, I.; Nawata, H., 1994:
Protective effects of gabexate mesilate on acute pancreatitis induced by tacrolimus in rats in which the pancreas was stimulated by caerulein

Kaneko, M.; Matsumoto, Y.; Suzuki, H.; Suzuki, S.; Kobayashi, A.; Yamazaki, N., 1994:
Protective effects of gamma-glutamylcysteine ethyl ester on free radical damage

Lee, Y.W.; Lee, W.H., 2008:
Protective effects of genistein on proinflammatory pathways in human brain microvascular endothelial cells

Liu-Cun-Gang; Li-Jin-Heng; Sun-Sheng-Li; Cao-Xiao-Mei, 2008:
Protective effects of ginkgolide B on cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury in rats

Oh, K.W.n; Kim, H.S.ang; Wagner, G.C., 1998:
Protective effects of ginseng total saponin on methamphetamine-induced dopaminergic neurotoxicity

Ye, R.; Han, J.; Kong, X.; Zhao, L.; Cao, R.; Rao, Z.; Zhao, G., 2008:
Protective effects of ginsenoside Rd on PC12 cells against hydrogen peroxide

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Protective efficacy of type-1 fimbriae in view of different cell signalling events against S typhimurium induced infection

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Protective efficacy trials

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Protective encapsulation of micronutrients for ingestion by avian species

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Protective enclosures for seeds

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Protective epitopes on diphtheria toxin

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Protective equipment in the laboratory

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Protective eye shield for dental patients

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Protective eyewear of young athletes A Joint Statement of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Ophthalmology

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Protective eyewear with removable nosepiece and corrective spectacle us patent 4810080 march 7 1989

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Protective face shield attaches to headmirror

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Protective factors for cognitive decline in a Japanese American community

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Protective feedthrough

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Protective filters in the prevention of asthenopia at a video display terminal

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Protective function against infection of food

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Reinshagen M.; Patel A.; Sottili M.; Davis W.; Mueller K.; Nast C.; Sternini C.; Eysselein V.E., 1992:
Protective function of the sensory nervous system in the rabbit colon

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Protective garment for hip

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Protective garment for operation in contaminated areas us patent 4856113 august 15 1989

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Protective garment for the hip

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Protective garment providing protection against blood borne pathogens

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Protective handle and adapter for use with a surgical lighting fixture

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Protective head cover for animals

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Protective heat shock stimulates transepithelial sulfate transport by LLC-PK1 cells

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Protective hemodynamic and hormonal actions of hypertonic saline are prevented by prostaglandin synthase inhibition

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Protective immunity following vaccination with the galactose specific adherence protein of entamoeba histolytica is mediated in part by adherence inhibitory serum antibodies

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Protective immunity in coccidioidomycosis

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Protective immunization against the protozoan parasite eimeria acervulina with recombinant eamz250 protein using live escherichia coli as the antigen delivery vector

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Protective immunization in the H pylori SS1 mouse model of infection

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Protective immunogenicity of synthetic peptides selected from the amino acid sequence of Bordetella pertussis toxin subunit S1

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Protective influence of enalapril on renal function in cholesterol enriched diet rats after subtotal nephrectomy

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Protective influence of lactoferrin on mice with Staphylococcal kidney infections

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Protective influence of vasoactive intestinal peptide on neurogenic pulmonary oedema

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Protective instrument for suturing

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Protective intraluminal sheath

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Protective jacket

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Protective kit for medical sharps and method for using same

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Protective mask

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Protective mask and method of manufacture

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Protective measures against slides and rockfalls

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Protective measures for domestic wild fish a task for professional and hobby researchers

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Protective measures for the correct handling of anticarcinogenic agents in research production and application

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Protective mechanism against reactive oxygen species

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Protective mechanism of teprenone in the isolated vascularly perfused rat stomach

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Protective mechanism of zinc against cadmium induced rat testicular cancer

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Protective mechanisms of dissolved organic carbon against the physiological effects of copper and cadmium on trout

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Protective mechanisms of the angiotensin II type 1 receptor blocker candesartan against cerebral ischemia: in-vivo and in-vitro studies

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Protective mechanisms of the gastric mucosa

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Protective medical boot and orthotic splint

Lamont, W.D., 1995:
Protective medical boot with pneumatically adjustable orthotic splint

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Protective medium for preserving vital tissue, especially teeth

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Protective methylation of immunoglobulin and t cell receptor gene loci in lymphocytes prior to induction and selective demethylation after gene activation

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Protective monoclonal antibodies to diphtheria toxin

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Protective motor behavior in patients with bilateral knee osteoarthritis

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Protective mucosal immunity elicited by targeted lymph node immunization with a subunit SIV envelope and core vaccine in macaques

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Protective needle cover

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Protective nephrostomy in the treatment of blunt trauma to a congenital hydronephrotic kidney: experience in three patients

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Protective neuronal mechanisms in the rat gastric mucosa activated by paf inhibition by capsaicin treatment and morphine

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Protective or destructive role of IL-6 in the arthritic joint in C57BL/6 mice?

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Protective oxidation effects of Rhododendron sp to SO2 stress

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Protective package for caramel apples

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Protective pad for post operative recovery us patent 4829613 may 16 1989

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Protective peptide antigen

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Protective pigments

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Protective plasmodium falciparum hybrid proteins which contain part-sequences of the malaria antigens HRPII and serp, the preparation and use thereof

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Protective potency of UVB sunscreen against UV-induced immunosuppression

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