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Chapter 33,018

Protozoan parasites of the Orthoptera, with special reference to those of Ohio I Introduction and methods

Semans, F.M.

Ohio Jour Sci 36(6): 315-320


Accession: 033017463

A distributional and ecological study was made of the protozoan parasites of Ohio Orthoptera, including a few from the Lake Michigan sand dunes of Indiana, exclusive of the domestic cockroaches (1) and the wood-eating roach (2). The purpose of the study was to determine the distribution of the protozoan parasites in all available species of Orthoptera in a given region, and to learn something of the relationship between life history and ecology of parasite and life history and ecology of host. A classified, annotated list of the protozoan parasites of the Orthoptera of the world was compiled from the literature, a key for the identification of the protozoa was constructed, and a complete bibliography was assembled.

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